Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy Volume 2 Omake

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The “I Love You” Game

“…… Without any further ado, the theme of today’s livestream is – an ‘I Love You Game’!”

The “Ultramarine Channel” was at present broadcasting live from the clubroom. With a whiteboard as the background, Tetsuhiko, acting as host, pulled a piece of paper out of a box labelled “Mystery Box” in view of a PC’s webcam. The results of which were – this.

“I’m looking forward to this∼, Sueharu.”

As I stood by somewhere off camera, I truly felt like murdering the gleefully smiling Tetsuhiko.

Did this guy not have a functioning brain? Did he not know that our romantic relationships were currently in chaos? …… No, he had probably done this knowing that, I’d bet. As a result of the cultural festival video from before even making it onto television, the degree of attention surrounding our relationships was incredible.

That ghastly place – this dude had thrown us right back into it!

“Alright, I shall now explain the rules! Sueharu will be the only guy participating. Since we have three girls, it is determined that he will each take them on one by one.”

“‘Determined’, my ass. Why are you going off on this on your own? I never said I was going to do this.”

Tetsuhiko gave me a brief sideways glance before chuckling and resuming his spiel.

“The way this competition works is that the winner of a rock-paper-scissors match first says “I love you” to the loser, and if the latter gets embarrassed, laughs or basically fails to keep a straight face, they lose. If they do manage to, then the attacker and defender switch. The judge of this contest shall be yours truly.”

“No no no, like I said, you need to listen to me! No one’s said that they’re gonna–”

To recruit more supporters I turned my gaze towards the three beautiful girls – the pride of our alliance – waiting beside me.

“But I’ll do it, Big Brother Sueharu.”

“You’re going to do this, aren’t you, Suu-chan?”

“We’re doing this, Haru. This is an order from your Big Sister.”

“…… Wait, why do you all have so much motivation?!”

It was terrifying. What was, you asked? Well, never mind how motivated they were, it was the weird auras emanating from all three of them, which made me feel like the battle had already begun, that absolutely terrified me.

“Right then, we’re going to decide the order you all go in using rock-paper-scissors!”

The fair competition Tetsuhiko oversaw decided that Maria would go first, followed by Shirokusa and then Kuroha.

“Alright, Round 1, Momosaka Maria versus Maru Sueharu. Maria has the initiative. And so – begin!”

Maria’s cheeks reddened a little before she gazed transfixed upon me and whispered.

“Big Brother – I love you.”

Tsk…… this was not bad, not bad at all!

This felt very much more than a little embarrassing, despite the fact that Maria hadn’t been someone I considered a love interest. To me it looked as if her cuteness had increased threefold.

But I managed to resist. I endured through. Next it was my turn.

“–Momo, I love you.”


Maria’s face immediately turned so red it looked as if steam might start fuming from her. She looked down and fidgeted with her fingers in front of her chest, before eventually and suddenly she stopped.

“Big Brother, I love you too!”


Maria threw herself at me. I was tumbled off my chair. Kuroha and Shirokusa burst onto the camera feed trying to tear Maria off me. Tetsuhiko blew on a whistle, quelling the turmoil, then gave his verdict on the match. It was a loss for Maria.

“Round 2, Kachi Shirokusa versus Maru Sueharu. Sueharu goes first. And – begin!”

“–Shiro, I love you.”

“………… Oo.”


Oowaaaaaaaa!” Shirokusa wailed.

This continued on for as long as a minute, the result of which was, as you can see, Shirokusa lost.

“Round 3, Shida Kuroha versus Maru Sueharu. Sueharu has the initiative. And – begin!”

“Kuro, I love you.”

But Kuroha simply broke into a relaxed smile.

“I love you too, Haru.”

“No, I’m telling you, I’m the one who loves you.”

“Uh-uh, it’s me who loves you, and I can say that for sure.”

It was at this point when I began to get worked up in response to how little Kuroha seemed to be fazed.

“I love you, Kuro, I have since ages ago. I’d loved you for a long, long time.”

“I’ve loved you for years before that, you know? And so much more than you did me, Haru.”

“That’s not true, I–”

“–Alright, stop. This match has been decided.”

I couldn’t accept Tetsuhiko’s interference.

“What, why?! It hasn’t been decided yet, has it?!”

“Are you dumb, Sueharu?”

Tetsuhiko scratched his head and turned a blind eye to Kuroha, who was trying to suppress a smile by jiggling her cheeks.

“This match was a draw. But you know, no matter how you look at it, that back-and-forth just now was an overwhelming victory for Shida-chan.”

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