Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 2 Chapter 3

No matter what it takes, I will become Towano Chikai!

Part 1:

“To be able to go to the sea like this, we really have to be grateful to Mai, desu!”

“I’m very sorry that we are burdening you like this.”

“Don’t worry about it, Suzuka-san……And don’t forget, I have the important task to find out everything about Yuu’s secret during this trip after all!”

“Mai is as enthusiastic as always when it’s about research, desu!”

While the three of them were talking with each other, I was looking out of the window, admiring the landscape.

Currently, I was on the train that went towards Mai’s private villa. It’s the trip we were planning a few days prior on the date operation that Suzuka and I were conducting. Although everyone seemed to be in a good mood, I was feeling a bit torn. Having to think about two still unsolved problems in the back of my mind, I couldn’t exactly relax right now.

The first one is of course about Mai. In the end, no matter how much we were flirting at our date, we didn’t manage to clear up her doubts as of yet. In the end, she was at the point where she was thinking that Suzuka might even be Towano Chikai. Without exactly knowing how she arrived at that, the situation only grew worse as one could clearly see. When I reported that to Suzuka, she was lecturing me with “Onii-chan really can’t act like Towano Chikai after all” and she said that we have to be even more lovey-dovey on this trip, showing just how much I love little sisters.

The second one is about my entry manuscript for the next light novel contest. Since that incident with Mai, I haven’t been able to progress with it at all. To be honest, the deadline is so close that I didn’t really have to time to go on this trip at all but I couldn’t leave the thing with Mai alone after all and Suzuka was Suzuka-like as always, strongly asking me to come with her for a research on a beach scene.

…..Haaaa, I really don’t think that I would’ve been able to write anything at all, even if I was sitting in front of my PC all-day long, though.

“Mhm? What’s wrong, Sensei? Are you not feeling well, desu?”

“Eh? Ah, no, I was feeling a bit sleepy just now is all….”

“We’re finally on our trip, Onii-chan. I’ll buy you some coffee so pull yourself together for now.”

“Ah, I will go as well then, desu.”

Believing my deception, both Suzuka and Double Peace-sensei stood up from their seats and walked away.

I didn’t really mean to accomplish that though……was what I was thinking as I realized that Mai was staring at me.

“W-What is it….”

“Hehehe, I hope you’re prepared. I will be watching you all-day long during this trip to reveal the thing you’re hiding from me!” She says so to the person in question.

I don’t even want to think about the bad things that would happen if Suzuka and I don’t manage to clear up her doubts with our acting.

Still, you know….shouldn’t you just be satisfied with all the things we did?

As I was thinking that inside my heart, I started talking to Mai again.

“Hey….why are you doubting me so much?”

“That’s because you’re hiding something from me.”

“That doesn’t explain anything….I’m asking for your reasoning, you know?”

“I need to find out everything about Towano Chikai, so that’s self-explanatory.”

Well, she was a stalker from the very beginning but now it turned into an even more pain in the ass situation. One certain doubt flew into my mind. That’s right, why is she so desperate lately? Of course, there’s the incident where she saw the manuscript at school but I feel like there’s something else that I don’t know about yet.

….Thinking about it, her attitude was weird even before she saw my manuscript, right? She never went as far as to look into my bag…..is she being pressured by something?

“W-What is it…suddenly staring at me like that?…..I’m the one that’s supposed to do that, you know?!”

Even though she was glaring at me with a red face, I still continued my thoughts, not having the time to worry about her.

…..So basically, for her to become like this, something must’ve happened, right? If that was the case, since when? She seemed to behave normally after the signing session…so was it something that happened after that?…..

“Hey Mai, after the signing session, you went to meet up with the editorial department, right? Did something happen then?”

“……! W-What’s this about all of a sudden? Nothing happened, really!”

Although I was merely asking her, Mai’s facial color suddenly changed and she averted her eyes.

Seems like an excessive reaction. I was about to keep asking her but at that moment,

“We have returned. Here, a black coffee.”

Suzuka came back with the canned coffee that she bought for me.

“I-I see. So Yuu likes black coffee! That’s some new information alright!”

“Ah, no, this is just a measurement to keep him awake is all….”

While Mai was enthusiastically taking notes in her research book, Suzuka calmly retorted. She then proceeded to hand me the canned coffee and said with a small voice:

“….What are you spacing out for? We have to really act lovey-dovey during this trip so pull yourself together please.”

I couldn’t do anything but slowly nod with my head.

…….Truth be told, we really have to show Mai our flirting so I better not forget that. Still, the face Mai made earlier…. what was that about?

“Now, since Sensei’s eyes seemed to be a little more awake than before, how about we play a little game, desu?” Double Peace-sensei suddenly said.

“Game you say…..why that all of a sudden?”

“Of course, there’s a rule that when you’re on the train for a trip, you have to play a game, desu!”

“Rule….well, people often play cards or something similar, yeah.”

“Is that so?” Suzuka turned her head.

As I was remembering certain scenes I’ve read about in novels and so on, Suzuka seemed to be very interested in it, maybe because she thought of it as a sort of research.

……Isn’t there nothing like that in a prestige all-girls school?

“Fu fu fu, I thought that something like this might happen, I prepared a few things, desu!” Double Peace-sensei mentioned while rumbling around in her bag.

Like always, her preparations are ridiculously on spot.

“I don’t really mind. What do you have?”

“For one, I have card games and board games. Also, I brought portable game consoles, enough for all of us. What do you prefer, desu?”

“You even brought game consoles? Then, do you have something that we all could play together?”

“Ah, I didn’t bring something like that, desu. However, I brought a few early project eroge with me so how about that, desu?”

“L-Let’s forget about the game and just play something normal like cards!”

“Eh, is that so? Then, as a punishment, how about we make the loser take of one layer of clothes every time, desu?”

“No, we don’t need a punishment game like that!”

“Eh, but isn’t it boring just playing normally?”

“Right, desu. Then, if Sensei loses, he has to expose an embarrassing event of his past, okay?”

“Why do only I have such a risk…..”

“That….might be a good idea, yes.”

“Suzuka?! Why are you agreeing with her?!”

Although the situation seemed pretty bad for me, I somehow managed to avert a punishment game.

In the end, until we arrived at our destination, we held a card-playing tournament.

Double Peace-sensei was smiling the whole time, Mai instantly got serious and even Suzuka seemed to have fun. I was also trying to focus on the game….but in the back of my mind, Mai’s painful expression was still lingering.

Part 2:

Arriving at the station of our destination, we were greeted with the smell of the sea. Leaving the train station behind us, we took the bus for about 10 minutes before we arrived at our stop. Walking along a path located in the forest, our view finally opened up and the sea finally entered our view.

“Ohhh, it’s the sea.”

Looking at that extraordinary scenery in front of my eyes, I unintentionally let out these words. It was the same for Suzuka and Double Peace-sensei. They both had a similar expression as a soft breeze hit us.

“Over here” Mai said as she walked down the stairs in front of us.

They were even paved with a railing. Walking down a few stairs, the beach was widening and the scent of the sea grew even stronger. At the same time, the roof of a building came into our sight.

“That’s my residence.” Mai pointed with her finger.

It was even bigger than I thought it would be. With the exterior appearance being good-looking wood, it looked like a high-class building.

“….This is an incredible place, alright. Having something in a place like this, you almost seem like the owner of this beach.”

“I’m not just seeming like it, I really am. This beach belongs to me after all.”

…..What? What did this girl just say? Belongs to her…..?

As I was at a loss for words, Mai even added “It’s a private peach. You should know of that, right?” after that, losing me completetly.

“P-Private beach?! Basically, this whole beach is yours?!”

“It’s not mine but my family’s, you know. Why are you so shocked?”

“Well of course I would be! To think that something like a private beach would really exist…..”

But, wait? Mai was living in that luxurious mansion right? And even owning a private beach with a residence….is she some sort of rich Ojou-sama….?

“It’s not that big of a deal, you know? There’s even more.”

“…..That’s not the problem here, right?”

“Hmm, a private beach is marvelous, desu. We really have to be thankful for that, desu!”

“In my class, there are also girls that own a private peach but it was something like that, I see. This is the first time I see one.”

…..Somehow, your reactions are a bit weak…?

“It doesn’t really matter, right? Rather than that, let’s change into our swimsuits and go swimming!” Mai said while pointing towards the sea.

……T-That’s right. We finally came to the sea after all so let’s leave the small things aside.

“Please wait, desu!”

However at that moment, Double Peace-sensei stopped us with a rather unusual facial expression.

“Everyone, this is something like a training camp, right? We shouldn’t forget about this, desu.”

….Yeah, I remember. This trip is supposed to be a training camp alright. Light novel authors and illustrators are meeting up, trying to raise the quality of their respective works even more,basically a training camp. That means for Suzuka and me, it’s research to make the novel of Towano Chikai even more interesting.

“That’s pretty obvious. After this, we’ll conduct a research for Yuu regarding his beach scene and it’s my duty to closely observe him during that!”

“Just what I would expect from Mai, you really are into this, desu! Well then, keeping that in mind, let’s have fun with the sea today!”

“Eh? Ah, hold on…!”

As Double Peace-sensei said that, she grabbed Mai’s arm and started running towards the sea. Just a few seconds before, she was talking about this training camp seriously but a moment later, she’s back to her usual attitude…..is that really fine?

“Onii-chan, let’s go as well.”

“…..Okay.” I muttered and started walking after the others with Suzuka.

In the middle of that, Suzuka said:

“I will confirm this just to be sure but our goal for this trip is to show Himuro-san our lovey-doveyness and clear up her doubts, okay?”

“I’m well aware of that. Things will end bad if we don’t finish this now.”

“That’s good. Also, don’t forget about our other goal either, please.”

“Research for the beach-scene, right? I know I know. We’ll do it just as planned.”

“T-That’s reassuring then…. But…..to think that me and Onii-chan would go to the beach….” Suzuka said while lifting up her sunhat, looking at the horizon.

I also turned my eyes towards the sea. Clearing up Mai’s doubts, helping Suzuka with her research and working on my own manuscript. I just hope that everything turns out alright during this training camp….

“Heeeey, what are you doing? Come here already!”

“Sensei! The sea is really great after all, desu! This feeling of liberation! It’s perfect for an ero event, desu!”

….Well, with these two, there’s no way that it will go down that smooth.

Part 3:

“So Sensei, what kind of research are you planning here at the sea, desu?”

Wearing a blue, tight bikini, Double Peace-sensei asked while leaning forward. Making sure that I don’t get entranced by this view, I hurriedly averted my eyes.

After we arrived, we all changed into our swimsuits and were about to start with our [Training camp] but of course, we wouldn’t just be playing around but rather collect data. Be it light novels or visual novels, beach scenes are pretty much a standard affair so everyone except Suzuka was pretty familiar with it already. Here, we wanted to influence her research with our activities. This time though, we also have the goal of making Mai see us being all flirty, so we decided to conduct both the research and our operation at the same time.

“Now, I will have you show me the various research activities of Towano Chikai!” Mai said so with her research notes in hand, wearing a red competitive one-piece swimsuit.

“Then, let’s start, shall we.”

As I said so, I looked over at Suzuka, who was wearing a separated flower pattern swimsuit. The moment, she realized my gaze, she coughed once. That was the starting signal of our operation.

“Alright, even though I plan on adding a beach scene in my next volume, it won’t be a usual scene were we just play in the water. I want to write it somewhat differently, hence the research today.”

“Differently….you say?”

Being seemingly confused, I explained my reasoning to the other two.

“It will be a spoiler but I plan on writing a scene where the two siblings are drifting away. It’s not necessarily meant to be a serious development, I just want them to float in these uncertain circumstances.”

“Being adrift, desu!”

“W-What’s with that?!…..That’s really unexpected!”

Well, a development like this isn’t really typical in light novels alright. That being said, we thought of it as a research for Suzuka and also as a part of our operation concerning Mai. Of course, something like this was obviously coming from Towano Chikai (the real one).

“Because of that, we wanted to think about how we can experience something like this.”

“Ah, that’s why you prepared this, desu!” Double Peace-sensei said, pointing at my rear.

There was a rubber boat, blown up with air, standing at half the height of mine.

“So basically, Yuu and Suzuka-san will be riding on that?”

“O-Of course. I want to be together with Suzuka after all.” I answered.

“T-That’s right. The heroine of Onii-chan’s novel is a little sister after all. Also, it’s fine if it’s just Onii-chan and me….” Suzuka joined in on my reasoning. She was saying it while fiddling with her hands, her cheeks slightly flushed.

“Muu….if it’s just about the research, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Suzuka-san, right? Even I could ride together with him, the atmosphere wouldn’t change at all.”

“T-That won’t work! Being the little sister is more important! ……is what Onii-chan said. Right, Onii-chan?”

“Y-You’re right! It’s no good if it’s not my little sister!”

Making Mai see us being all lovey-dovey is one reason but this won’t bring in any good data if the true writer Suzuka isn’t taking part in it.

Mai was looking over, seeming clearly dissatisfied and Double Peace-sensei was smiling while saying “You two are really close siblings in the end, desu!” but let’s just start with it.

Pushing the boat into the sea, I lent Suzuka my hand and went onto it. It wasn’t all that big to begin with, so we we’re really close to each other.

“Uff, it’s smaller than I thought it would be, are you okay?”

“I think it’s good because we’re almost glued together! Yes!”

“Y-Yeah right! I can be really close to you like this!”

Of course, we didn’t forget to act all flirty in front of Mai.

“Ohh! That’s really nice, desu! A man and a woman together in a small rubber boat! Normally, rocky areas are pretty common in the sea but it won’t be a problem with this, desu! I’m sure that you two will have fun on there!”

“What in the world are you talking about Double Peace-sensei?!”

“Sensei, why don’t you cling a bit closer to Suzuka-san, desu?”

“And don’t say weird stuff like that, please!”

I expected Double Peace-sensei to spout similar words but this is too much!

“Well then, we will be on our way.”

“Wait a second! What about us?! Are we supposed to wait here?!”

“I’m sorry Himuro-san but this boat is only for two people….”

“To me, it looks like only one person is supposed to ride and this and you’re forcing the both of you in there!”

“A-Anyway, the two of us are the limit, so please understand.”

With these words, even Mai didn’t have the strength to say anything back. However, she really seemed mad as she’s furiously pouting.

…..Are you a kid?!

“W-We’ll be on our way then.”

“Have fun, desu!”

Being seen off by Double Peace-sensei, I took out paddle and started paddling. Even though I barely started, Mai’s displeased face started to get smaller and smaller as we distanced ourselves from the beach.

“Haaa….” I sighed.

During our operation, I always get a bit nervous after all.

“….With this, we’ve drifted as far as we planned. However, I do wish that Onii-chan would try a little bit harder with his appeal that he loves little sisters.”

“No, I really made the appeal pretty obvious, you know?”

“Since we’re a little bit more open on what we can do here, you could be a lot more bold, I think. F-For example, you could say something like [I want to expose my everything together with my little sister on top of the sea!]”

“W-Wait! Something like that would be the same as Double Peace-sensei’s idea before!”

“Ha?! T-That’s right! Please act like you didn’t hear that!”

With flushed cheeks, Suzuka muttered mysterious words like “T-That’s way too bold” or “It’s still to early, after all.”

Everything considered, maybe the sea made Suzuka relax a bit more than usual.

“L-Let’s forget about that for now. We managed to come here with only the two of us so now it’s Onii-chan’s turn, right?”

Being told that by Suzuka, I nodded, saying “I know I know.” Just like that date operation before, we left the preparations to Suzuka in order to make it seem more natural. Using this research scene as a pretext, it was now my duty to act all lovey-dovey in this situation.

“Currently, we are being closely monitored by Himuro-san after all. This is the best situation to make her see us.”

I’m well aware of that….but there is one big problem.

“…..How should I act from here on out to make it look like we’re flirting?”

“Wha-?! I clearly told you to think of that beforehand!”

“That’s one thing but….I really can’t think of any lovey-dovey actions right here on this boat, you know?”

I really did think a lot about this!

However, even though this is the perfect season for these beach events, I realized that there’s really not all that much one could do. Generally, in light novels or games, there is the one scene were every girl presents her swimsuit but there’s really not much else. Of course, there are things like actually swimming in the sea, playing on the beach, splitting watermelons, volleyball or a firework for example, yes. One can not really use them for the act of flirting though. That’s what makes it so hard to flirt in this situation.

“Still, it would be a waste to just float here without doing anything…!”

“I-I know that. I’ll think of something so can you please look at me?”


Now I was facing directly facing her. Maybe it was because of the situation but Suzuka’s face seemed to be a bit red.

Ugh….we ended up in this position for now but what should I do now?

“U-Uhm, y-your swimsuit is really cute….It fits you….”

“Eh? A,Ah, thank you very much…..”

In the end, I complimented her swimsuit. Of course, I couldn’t just stop here. Rumbling around in my head while thinking “Flirty….flirty…”, I decided to put my hand on Suzuka’s head and started patting it.

“Hya?! W-What are you doing so suddenly?!”

“N-No, uhm, I thought that patting your head would be a standard routine while acting lovey-dovey….”

Well, it’s normally not something you would do while being on a boat in the middle of the sea though.

“S-Standard? Is that so….?”

“If we’re talking about the world of fiction, then yes. Maybe it really is a weird thing to do in real—-”

“I-Isn’t it fine? We are being watched after all and it doesn’t feel bad either!” Suzuka said while grabbing my hand and added her own bit of strength to it.

As I once more started patting her head, she muttered a quiet “Haaaa….” and her cheeks flushed all the way to her ears. Even though this is just an operation, it really feels immoral doing something like this.

I once more started to think of more flirty situations. However, Suzuka looked up at me with drowsy eyes, which made my heart almost skip a beat. It almost looked like she was asking me “What kind of lovey-dovey things are we doing next?” and…

—–that might be true and all but what weird things am I thinking about, me?!

“O-Onii-chan? Are you done already?….”

Cough ?! W-What are you saying?!”

“…..Eh? D-Don’t misunderstand me, Onii-chan! I-I was just thinking that we won’t satisfy Himuro-san at a level like this! Don’t make it seem like I am expecting something!”

“R-Right. I’m Sorry!”

Ah, that was close! What was I thinking?! F-For now, that won’t do. Randomly starting to pat her head in the middle of the sea is way too surreal! I have to think of something better!

While I was still lost, I decided to put my hands on her shoulders for now.

“Hyaaa?! O-Onii-chan?!”

What should I do now? I feel like a kiss would be the next thing but even though this is an operation, I can’t really do that.

…..No, that doesn’t mean that I would do it if this wasn’t an act, okay?! Thinking about kissing Suzuka is really no good, so stop thinking about that! Uhm….. the other lovey-dovey things I could do here would be pushing her down—–Rejected!


This is bad. I don’t what to do from here on out.


Suzuka was looking at me as if she had a fever and she started closing her eyes.

…..Could you not do something like that in this atmosphere, please?! Ah, really! I know that I read a lot of these scenes in light novels but doing it in reality is pretty difficult, okay!

“Muh, this is frustrating, desu! You should just push her down now!”

Maybe because I was in confusion but I heard the voice of Double Peace-sensei.

“Ahh, that’s wonderful, desu! It was worth coming to this training camp after all! Sensei really is a fiend that pushes his poisonous fangs into his little sister!”

“Would you be so kind to not say such words inside my head?!”

“Hm, what do you mean, desu?”

Shit….how did this happen? Having a conversation with an illusion….have I finally lost it?

“Onii-chan….this voice is….”

“N-No, it’s not like I really want to do that! It’s just an imaginary Double Peace-sensei that keeps saying bad stuff and—–wait, why can you hear the voice her illusion as well?”

“B-Because it’s not an illusion….” Suzuka turned her head.

As I did the same, there was—–

“Ah, please don’t mind me and continue, desu!”

There was Double Peace-sensei, floating in the sea with a beaming smile.

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!” I reflexively separated from Suzuka, resulting me in almost falling into the sea.

“Ah, what happened, desu? Please hurry up and show me the scene where you finally give in to your lust and assault your pure Imouto-san, desu!”

“W-Why are you here?!”

“That’s because I swam over here to look at the both of you, desu!”

“I told you to wait on the beach, didn’t I?!”

“Fu fu fu, that is something I can not do, desu. As an illustrator, I have to burn the scene of your research into my eyes after all, desu!”

“……And since Double Peace-sensei is here means….”

“Ah, yes, Mai came as well, desu.”

Looking over where Double Peace-sensei was pointing, I saw Mai holding on to a swim ring while glaring at me with flushed cheeks.

“Y-Yuu…..you….. I thought that you were a demon of demons before but I didn’t expect you to be such a fiendish devil! So you really were about to put your poisonous fangs into Suzuka-san….”

“You’re—-not really wrong there! I really do love little sisters alright but the thing with the poisonous fangs isn’t really…..!”

“O-Onii-chan….denying it here isn’t good…..!”

Well yeah but, leaving myself aside, I can’t really let it stand that I would be making you suffer like that, right?!

“C-Can’t help it. If that really is your secret, I can’t on the sidelines!”

As Mai said that, she started moving her legs and reached out with her hand……However, it didn’t feel like she was moving at all.

“You….what are you doing?”

“Y-You can clearly see that! I’m trying to get closer to the boat so lend me your hand already!”

“Don’t tell me….you can’t swim?”

“Wha-?! I-It’s not like that! It’s just that I’m a bit incompetent when it comes to swimming!”

Isn’t that the same as admitting that you can’t swim….?

When I reached out with my hand, she grabbed it with both of own hands. At the same time, I thought I heard a sound similar to air rushing out of something.


“What are you doing, Yuu? Let me get on the boat already.”

Mai was demanding the impossible as always.

“W-What’s this all of a sudden?”

“I also want to experience a research of Towano Chikai! So let me on already!”

“N-No. This is for the personal use of me and Onii-chan—”

At that time, I heard that sound again and I started to search for the source. As I did—

“H-Hey! You didn’t put the cork onto your swim ring!”

“Eh? What……Kya!”

Looking at it closely, the swim ring was starting to deflate.

Apparently, Mai forgot to put a cork onto the ring after she let the air in…..why didn’t she realize that?!

“N-No way! Wai- save me, Yuu!”

“C-Calm down! F-For now, put your hand on the boat—”

In the moment that Mai put her hand on rim, a sound like something broke vibrated in the air.

“….Eh? W-What? What was that sound just now!”

“Uwa?! T-The boat is sinking?! Don’t tell me….”

So it was like that! Air is leaking from the surface of the rubber boat!

“Eh?! W-What do we do?! I can’t swim!”

“Like I said, calm down! At a time like this, you have to think calmly…..”

“It is an old one after all, The material probably deteriorated.”

“Suzuka?! Aren’t you a bit too calm about all of this?!”

In the mean time, both the swim ring and the boat lost all their floating power.

“Wah! I’m drowning!”


Grabbing Mai’s arm, I pulled her towards me. She did her best to come closer and we ended up in a hugging position.

“W-What should we do, Yuu?! I’m scared!”

“Don’t freak out! For now, we have to get to the shore.!”

I wasn’t sure if I could manage that alone but I had no other choice but to try!

“H-Hey, Onii-chan! What are you doing?!”

“This isn’t the time to be saying that! Rather than that, Suzuka, are you okay?!”

I knew that she was able to swim but this was an emergency situation after all!

“I will take Mai with me to the shore, so you go ahead and call for help!”

“What….? Onii-chan? What are you saying?”

“That’s the same for you! I told you to calm down but that’s taking it a bit too—– huh?” I finally realized.

Suzuka was looking at me with a disgusted face and Double Peace-sensei was smiling as always.

Eh? Why are you two making such faces in this situation?

“….Onii-chan. For now, Onii-chan should calm down.”

“Right, desu. After calming down, you should try to stand on that spot.”

“Huh? S-Stand…?”

I stretched out my legs. A gritty feeling…….you’re kidding, right?

“This apparently is a pretty shallow beach.”

Just as Suzuka said, I could see my legs while I was standing on the spot. I didn’t realize that at all……

“Haaa, Sensei really is a man after all, desu! You were really cool!”

“That is to be expected but how long are you planning to stay like this, Onii-chan?”

I remembered my current situation thanks to her words.

“Yuu….! Yuu…..!”

Mai was still clinging to me while repeating my name over and over again. At that point, I realized the soft feeling of two things pressed against my chest.

“…..Mai. Let’s walk home.”

I couldn’t help but let out a big sigh as I slowly separated myself from her.

Part 4:

“Really, why did it have to go like this….. It was finally our time to be alone….”

Suzuka was mumbling something next to me but I didn’t really listen to her.

After what happened, we returned to the beach where I was attacked by a sudden feeling of exhaustion so I decided to lay down on a blanket for a while. Mai on her end was crouching down a small distance away from me, remembering her state from a few moments before and mumbling something with flushed cheeks.

…..How did she not know that the water is shallow here if she owns the beach? When I tried to ask her, she got angry at me and said “B-Because I didn’t take a swim here yet!”

……Right now, I don’t want to do anything at all.

“You looked cool when you were trying to save Himuro-san and all but… you were really serious back then…. Does Onii-chan love Himuro-san after all….?”

“Hm? Did you say something, Suzuka?”

“It’s fine if you didn’t hear it.”

……No, please say it louder so I can actually hear it.

Since Suzuka was acting like this, I didn’t know what to do know. Because of what happened, we took a great step back in our operation after all.


At that time, Double Peace-sensei started talking with me with her smiling face as always. She’s always pretty laid-back in every situation but right now, it’s almost like she’s blinding me with that brightness.

“We finally came to the sea, desu? It’s such a waste to just lay here! That’s why, let’s continue our research for this training camp, desu!”

“Well, even if you say research…..”

“That boat scene from before was wonderful, desu. I felt an eros like never before from that! However, there are still some basic events missing for the research, I believe!”

Basic events?

As I raised up my head a bit, Double Peace-sensei said “This, desu!” and took out a small bottle.

“What is this….? Sun….screen?”

“That’s right, desu! Talking about the sea, you can’t miss the sunscreen event after all!”

“Well, talking about fan-service scenes, they are pretty popular….But, isn’t it something you put on before entering the sea…?”

“That doesn’t matter, desu. Important is the act of putting the sunscreen on, right? That being said, Sensei, if you would, desu.” She said, handing me the bottle.

“He? If I would….what?”

“That’s so obvious, desu! I want you to put the sunscreen on me!”

The moment Double Peace-sensei said that line, it felt like I couldn’t breathe for a second.

“Wai- What do you mean by putting it on you?”

“During this event, the man will rub the sunscreen on the woman while she quivers and moans, desu!”

“Well, yeah, that might be true but still?!”

“Additionally, I never had any man rub sunscreen on my body as of yet and I believe that you could use this for your research as well, desu! Do you have any experience with it, desu?”

“….Do you, Onii-chan?”

“Uwa?! S-Suzuka?! D-Don’t just suddenly start talking to me! That really surprised me!”

“That’s not important right now. Do you have it….or not?”

“Y-You’re kind off scaring me right now?! O-Of course I don’t have any experience with that.”

“Is that so. Yes, that might be so. Then, it really is necessary as a research.”


“S-Since this is for your research, I will help out as well.”

The way she says it….she really wants to do this for her data!

“Yuu will rub sunscreen on you?! I don’t have experience with that too!”

Just as I feared, Mai also turned her head and joined the conversation.

“You recovered pretty fast, didn’t you?”

“W-What about it? I can’t just be depressed about that all the time! If it’s about the research activity of Yuu, I can’t just ignore that!”

“That’s very good, desu! Everybody has decided on it then!”

“What about my opinion?!”

So my opinion really doesn’t count as always….

“Now then, let’s start the event where Sensei will rub the sunscreen on all of us, desu!”


Only at times like these you’re all agreeing in the spot….


“Fu fu fu, I will be the first one to start then, desu!”

While I was putting the sunscreen on one hand, the other girls were playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who goes first and apparently Double Peace-sensei won that contest.

“Uhm…..what should I do now?”

“Wait a moment please, desu.” Double Peace-sensei said and lied down onto the blanket.

As she was laying there, she opened the string to her bikini top, exposing her bare back.

“…And w-w-w-what the hell are you doing?!”

“Doing this is pretty much obvious, don’t you think, desu?”

“What do you mean?!”

These voluptuous bulges are too dangerous I tell you!

“Onii-chan…..! How shameless….!”

“Again, why are you getting mad at me?! Rather than that, isn’t putting off your bikini top of taking it a bit too far Double Peace-sensei?”

“That’s not true, desu. In a fan-service scene such as this, you have to directly put the sunscreen on the back, so I won’t put it back on, desu!”

She continuously urged me, saying “Hurry up and put it on me, desu!” so I didn’t have any other chance but to crouch down next to Double Peace-sensei.

“Haha, this is the first time I’m doing this but this is really exciting, desu! This will surely turn into great data the next time I will draw a scene like this!”

“T-That’s good….By the way, do I really have to do it directly with my hand?”

“Of course, desu.” “Is that so.” “Yes that is so, desu.” “Yes, makes sense.”

Ah shit! My heartbeat isn’t slowing down at all! It’s research though! Can’t help it!

Rubbing the sunscreen on my hand, I started touching Double Peace-sensei’s back.


“Can you not let out such a weird voice please?!”

I don’t have enough composure to deal with that right now! And Double Peace-sensei’s back is way too soft what’s up with that!

“I thought that such heavy breathing would be appropriate here, desu.”

“There’s nothing like that!”

“But I can’t help letting my voice out when Sensei’s hand touches me, desu. Mhm, ah, ahnnn….”

You’re lying! Definitely lying!

While I was forced to listen to Double Peace-sensei erotic voice, I continued to rub the sunscreen on her back as I noticed the angry look from Suzuka and Mai.

Ah…shit. I didn’t think that I would be touching a girls body so carefully in a situation like this—-No, don’t think, me! Free yourself from these thoughts! Keep it pure!

“…Fu, you were very skilled, desu. Just what I would expect from Sensei’s hand. A wonderful experience!”

“I-Is that so….”

At the time that it was finally over, both my body and heart were exhausted.

“T-Then, I will be next!”

Now it was Mai who switched places with Double Peace-sensei.

…..Please…..let me go…..This is taking it too far….

“Eh? ….Ah, what should I do?!”

“What happened?”

“My swimsuit…. it’s not a bikini?!”

“Well, you could lie down sideways and I could put the sunscreen on the places that are open?”

Like that, the area that I have to work on would lessen…..

“N-No good! Like that, it won’t turn into a true sunscreen event at all! Ah, I know!”

Mai made a face like she thought of something and turned her back to me. Sliding the shoulder straps of her swimsuit down, it looked like she was stripping.

“W-W-W-W-W-W-What are you doing?!”

“D-Don’t look over here! If I don’t do this, you won’t be able to put it on my whole back after all!”

That doesn’t explain anything! You’re still half naked even if you put your arms in front of your chest?!

“A-Alright, like this….”

Mai then turned her back to me and sat down while she was looking at me over her shoulder with flushed cheeks. That sight is really unfair. You could clearly see how her breast were almost leaking out from her arms even from behind and her nude back was too stimulating as well. To be honest, it was way more erotic than with Double Peace-sensei and I couldn’t look her in the eyes at all.

“A-Are you serious….?”

“W-What? I’m embarrassed so hurry up! It’s research after all!”

Shit! I can’t really stop now when she says that!


The second I touched her back, Mai let out a high-pitched scream and her whole body started twitching.

“T-That’s tickling…..! Are you doing this on purpose….! Ah, kyan!”

“I’m doing it just normally though?! And I can’t do it properly if you keep struggling like this!”

“Even if you say that….ahn, hyan!”

Although I was barely moving my hand, Mai just kept on twitching.

Somehow your skin is getting really red and you’re breathing is getting rougher by the second?!

“Haha, just what I would expect, desu! What a great technique!”

“Onii-chan….just how much of a pervert are you!”

“Y-You’re wrong! It’s her fault because she’s so ticklish!”

Why do I feel like I am always the one at fault recently?!


When we were finally finished, she was breathing even more roughly than before. Maybe it’s because she was tired but all the light from her eyes was gone and in the corner of her eyes tears were building up.

…..Well how do I say this…..this is….

“Looks like….after the act, desu.”

“Stop?! I tried my best not to think about it so don’t just blurt it out!”

“…..? What does that mean?”

“After the act is something like this, Imouto-san, desu. Basically, it’s when the woman suffered through the lust of the man and is filled with lingering despair but also pleasure and—”

“Noooooooooooo! I told you not to teach Suzuka any weird vocabulary!”

It’s still to early for her! And your explanation is way to spot-on!

“….I-It wasn’t half bad. This experience will surely help me a lot in my future novels….”

Both Suzuka and Double Peace-sensei helped Mai stand up but she was still a bit wobbly on her feet.

Let’s just leave her like that because….

“You really want to do this as well, Suzuka….?”

“O-Of course I do. As your little sister, I have to assist you in your research activities.” She said while sitting on top of the blanket.

I do understand that you have to do it since it’s your research after all but to be honest, I’m not really up to it right now….

“And I told you that you didn’t have to take off your bikini top!”

“Since the other two did it, I will do so as well. Is this alright?”

Ugh….Suzuka is being tainted with the wrong knowledge….And why do you have to put your top of as well—

“Onii-chan! Don’t look!”

“S-S-S-Sorry!” I hurriedly turned around.

What the hell am I doing?!

“I-It’s okay now.”

As I turned around, Suzuka was laying flat on the blanket with her back facing me.

…..For now, let’s just get this over with. Normally, this would be the perfect chance to make us look all lovey-dovey but the person that should be watching us was just sitting there, spacing out.

“T-Then, here I go.”

After waiting for Suzuka’s affirmation, I reached out with my hands.

“…..Nnn. Haa….”

Every time I moved my hands, Suzuka let out a small moan.

….S-Somehow, this makes my heart beat faster than when she’s talking normally. How do I say it, it feels like I’m doing something very immoral. Ah, not good! I can’t be thinking about that now. Isn’t there anything else…. Uhm, yeah, her skin is incredibly soft—Ha! What am I thinking!

“….That hand seemed to make the childish flower of the little sister bloom, sometimes softly, sometimes teasing, going along all the points on her body that bring her pleasure….The little sister finally realized her happiness of being touched and was ready to offer her flower….”

“What kind of weird narration are you blabbering in the background?!”

“Ah, sorry. I couldn’t think of any better representation, desu.”

“That’s not what I meant! Why is your Japanese even better than that of most native-speakers only when you’re saying stuff like that?!”

Maybe because I was forced to listen to her narration but my disorder only grew. For a while now, Suzuka was only making sounds like “Nnn…..Ahh…..Haaa…..” so I decided to speed this up a bit by forcefully emptying the rest of the bottle.

“Kyaa?! W-What is this?!”

“Ahh! S-Sorry!”

However, my hand slipped and the rest of the sunscreen spilled on top of Suzuka’s body. A few seconds later, her body was covered with it.

Ah….even in her hair….

“Ooooh! Suzuka-san is covered with the fluid of Sensei’s lust, desu!”

“It is sunscreen though?! Don’t make any weird changes please!”

Ah, this isn’t really the time to be saying that!

“S-Suzuka? You okay?”

“W-What in the hell are you doing, Onii-chan?” Suzuka criticized me while putting on her bikini top again.

That voice seemed less like she was mad but rather like she was just completely done with me.

“I’m really sorry….My hand slipped….”

“…..Haaa. It looks like it won’t come off unless I wash myself.”

Looking closely, it was even on her head. Seems like it really got all over her.

“I can’t really wash myself in the sea, so I would like to borrow your shower if possible.”

“That’s true….Mai, would you let us use the shower in your mansion?”


It seems like she still didn’t recover yet, so she merely turned her head around with a weird sound.

“……He? Ah! A shower, right! There’s one on the first floor at the end of the corridor, so use it as you please!”

“Thank you very much, I will take you up on that.” Suzuka said and she started walking towards the mansion with small steps…

“…..Haaa…..what am I doing….?” I dropped my shoulders.

In a lot of ways, I was self-loathing.

“But still, just what I would expect from Sensei, desu! Your enthusiasm for your research is so admirable!”

“You know, Double Peace-sensei….are you sure that you’re not actually criticizing me….?”

“If this was an eroge, the scene would’ve ended much more differently, desu.”

“As always, she’s not listening at all….” I sighed.

In that moment, I realized Suzuka’s bag which was still lying on the blanket. She brought some things like a T-shirt and towels with her so it was something like a traveling bag.

“Suzuka must’ve forgotten to take it with her…..Sorry, I’ll be going after her.”

“Eh?! Is this the shower event for the both of you, desu?!”

“I didn’t say anything like that, though?! I just wanted to bring her something she forgot here!”

“Really? What a shame, desu. By the way, Sensei? If you’re going to the villa anyway, how about you take a shower as well? There’s also quite a lot of sunscreen on Sensei’s body, desu.”

Just as she said, I realized that there’s quite a bit of it on my head and so on.

“Yeah, you might be right. I will take one when Suzuka returns then.”

“There’s a second one on the second floor, you know? How about you use that one?”

Ah, is that so? Then, I will take you up on that.

I said my thanks to Mai and took the bag with me, making my way towards the villa. Leaving our stuff in the living room, I headed towards the corridor.

The door she was talking about….there it is.

“Heeeeey, Suzuka? You forgot your towel, right?” I knocked while calling out to her.

However, no answer. Does she not hear me because she’s already mid-shower?

Thinking about it, in light novels and visual novels, the character would open the door now with an “Is she no here?”, followed by the embarrassed scream of the girl. Of course, I won’t do that, you know? I know that she’s in there after all. Not to mention that the girl is my little sister.

“I’ll leave the bag here, okay!”

Even if she doesn’t hear me, she’ll see the bag as soon as she opens the door.

“Well then, I guess I’ll take a shower as well then.”

I took out a tower for myself and made my way towards the second floor.

The same place…..means that it’s at the end of the corridor. Seems like this would be it. It should’ve been obvious so I opened the door without thinking twice. However in the next moment, my body suddenly went as hard as a rock.


“….Eh? O-Onii-chan?”

Somebody, is there…. Well somebody is not the right expression….of course it’s Suzuka. She….is naked. With pure white skin and wet long hair. Being faced with a Suzuka I had never seen before, my train of thought froze up.

“Wha-?! Why is Onii-chan here?!”

However, that voice brought me back to reality in an instant.

“N-No! You’re wrong! I-I-I-I didn’t do it on purpose! And why are you here? I thought you were taking a shower on the first floor!”

“T-The shower on the first floor seems to be broken because no water was coming out of it! Just how long are you planning to stare at me anyway?!” She said while putting her arms in front of her body and she crouched down on the spot.

She was looking up to me with a red face and a glare, forcing me to turn around instantly.

“S-Sorry! It’s not my fault! I wanted to take a shower as well! Thinking that you were using the shower on the first floor, I decided to use the one on the second floor….!”

“Why didn’t you realize that I wasn’t using the one on the first floor!” Her voice was quivering.

Of course, her body must be shivering as well. Also, Suzuka keeps making sounds like she’s close to crying. Finally, she said:

“…..O-Onii-chan is the worst….”

Pulling all the strength I had into my whole body and screamed:

“I’m so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

Overwhelmed with the situation, I broke off into a run.

…..W-What the hell am I doing, me! No matter how much of an accident it is, staring at my little sister in the shower is the lowest you can get! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

While I was recklessly running away, I lost my footing at the stairs. Confronted with the sudden feeling of myself floating, the gorgeous ceiling was expanding before my eyes and I thought while looking up:

…..Going ”Is she not here?“ and opening the door would’ve been the better choice in this situation alright….

Part 5:

“Haaaaa…..it feels as if something like this has happened before….” I mumbled as I was trying to rub away the pain on the back of my head.

After that event, Suzuka was coming out of the shower with her face being so red it might look like it would explode any second and she was glaring at me. No matter how much I tried to apologize, she wouldn’t listen to me at all. Mai and Double Peace-sensei also returned from the beach which marked the end of our research activities. While the girls were changing their clothes, I was merely staring at the sea in silence.

…….Ahh the illuminated sea is really pretty huh…..

“Oh, Sensei? You don’t look so well, desu. Did something happen?”

“Double Peace-sensei? You were surprisingly fast……..weren’t you?”

Turning around to face the source of the voice, I stopped my words mid-way. That was because Double Peace-sensei was standing right there, wearing a yukata which really surprised me.

(TLC: yukata = kimono for festivals, mostly in the summer)

“What exactly are you wearing?”

“It’s a yukata, desu! You only have to pull of the obi of it and it will result in a wonderful ero-event!”

(TLC: obi = belt of the yukata)

“I don’t feel like retorting at all. Why are you wearing that, though?”

“To go to a summer festival.”

I moved my heard once more to the source of that voice and there was Mai entering the living room. She was also wearing a yukata.

“In the city close to here, they’re having one after all.”

“Yes, desu! I heard that from Mai and I thought that we definitely couldn’t miss out on a research opportunity like this. All the girls agreed as well, desu!”

“As always, you didn’t even bother asking me for my opinion I see! Not like it really matters!”

……Wait, when she says all the girls….that means….

“I’m sorry I made you wait.”

At that moment, Suzuka appeared in the living room as well. Of course, with a yukata. I wasn’t really shocked because of her clothes but I was afraid that she might still be afraid concerning what happened earlier.

“…..Why are you staring like that, Onii-chan?”

Yup, she’s still mad….she’s glaring at me like crazy as well. But, I am happy that she’s at least talking to me.

“….Mhm? What happened, you two?”

“N-No! It’s nothing!”

Mai was looking at us suspiciously but we couldn’t really tell her about the incident earlier. Even though it might’ve been a good appeal, the timing is more than bad right now.

“Muu…..Yuu really is hiding something! Since it’s come to this….!”

She seemed to be thinking something weird again as she was looking my way.

“By the way, Onii-chan, I heard that going to a festival is a classic summer event. If that is so, then we have to go there as part of your research, don’t you think?”

The way she says it indicates that she wants to do it for her research and I, the stand-in, have to act accordingly.

“Y-You’re right. Then let’s go, to the summer festival.”

“It’s decided then, desu! Let us go this instant!”

“Eh? You want to go now?”

“Well, we wouldn’t want to arrive too late after all, desu, and instead of eating dinner here, we can eat something at the stalls there, I think!”

Makes sense. She was right about that.

Since everyone agreed to going on the festival, we left the villa and made our way to the bus stop that Mai told us about. While the sun was gradually sinking, I heard the voice from yours only that I heard all-day long.


Mid-way towards the bus stop, Suzuka started talking to me with a small voice that only I could hear. It made my whole body shiver, mainly because of what happened earlier.

“W-What is it?”

“It’s not really that important but…..isn’t there something you should be saying to me?”

That must be….about the shower incident earlier right?

“Ah……Yeah, I’m really sorry about earlier….”

“T-That’s not it! Please forget about that. I-I will also forget about it….”

Forget about it she says…..It’s not that easy you know….. How do I say it, her pure white skin….and her nonexistent but still stunningly beautiful chest–

“….What are you thinking about, Onii-chan?”


I was called back by Suzuka’s cold voice.

…..Really, what the hell am I thinking about, me!

“…..Onii-chan really is Onii-chan after all….”

“I-I don’t really know what you mean but I’m sorry! I’ll definitely forget it! I promise!”

Confronted with Suzuka’s disgusted expression, I lowered my head multiple times.

“Please do so…….And, what do you think?”

“What do I think…..? Since it’s not about that incident, what else should I be saying?”

“That’s……about my…..”

“About your…..?”

She seemed to be struggling with her next words…..but once she made up her mind, her voice had more impact than before.

“What do you think…about my yukata?!”


Well, it really fits her. She’s really cute no matter what she wears but with this faintly colored yukata that perfectly fits her, it really brings out the Suzuka-like cuteness of her. Mai is also pretty close to us, so maybe I should just honestly tell her that.

“Y-Yeah, I think that it fits you….?”

However, for some reason, it turned out rather weak.

“…..I-Is that so. T-Thank you…..”

Suzuka also broke the eye contact with me and looked away while answering.

“Ohohoho? What are you two talking about, desu?”

“Uwa?! D-Double Peace-sensei, don’t just surprise me like that!”

“Hm? Did you talk about something private? How the yukata looks or the similar….?”

“Eh? Ah, no, uhm….”

Feeling embarrassed, I tried to cover it up.

“T-That’s right. This yukata, is it something that Double Peace-sensei prepared as well? Why did you bring something like that with you.”

“Ahhh, it was about that, desu. I thought that something like this might happen after all, so I brought some cosplay costumes with me, desu!”

“You thought that something like this might happen…..?”

“Other than that, I also prepared maid clothes and a china-dress”

“Not only are you expecting the weirdest things but the direction you’re going makes me really worried, you know?!”

While retorting, I sighed in relief that I managed to change the topic.

“…..It fits me he said….Onii-chan said….my yukata…..ehehehe”

Like this, we hopped on the bus at the bus stop and headed towards the festival but in the meantime, Mai didn’t say a single thing and just stared at me.

Part 6:

“Ohh, the scale is pretty big, desu~”

After riding on the bus for about 10 minutes, we arrived at the festival. Having a shrine at the center, countless roads were going around of it with stalls as far as you could see. The amount of people wasn’t to be underestimated either, making it relatively crowded.

“It seems like the firework will be starting soon. It says here on the display board.”

“That explains the amount of people here.”

“By the way, you were talking about a summer festival research for a scene but what exactly does one do during such an event?”

Suzuka probably wanted to know what you can do in a light novel if you got a summer festival event at your hands but that’s not exactly universal.

“In the case of a summer festival like this, the goal is to come here and just have fun in general, I suppose? You might go around the stalls with somebody, making it an event that doesn’t occur every day.”

“I see….it’s true that the atmosphere here is different from your everyday event. Going around in such a place with Onii-chan….Well then, let’s go, shall we.”

Suzuka said so while putting her hand on my shirt. “I-It would be bad if we were separated here after all”, she says while averting her eyes.

It really is crowded yeah. I’m also worried that we might get separated. That’s why–


“Like this, we won’t split up in case something happens, right?”

Trying to make an appeal out of it, I took Suzuka’s hand and started walking.

“You really are close siblings after all, desu! Well then, let us enjoy this festival!”

Double Peace-sensei followed after us. Maybe because she was embarrassed, Suzuka didn’t say a single thing. Mai on her end was also walking next to me, still not saying a word.

After that, we were walking around the festival for about an hour but of course we wouldn’t be able to move on smoothly with our members.

“Sensei, this chocolate banana is really delicious, desu!…..Mhm, ahhh, lick, lick”

“Whoa?! What is that way of eating?!”

“What happened Onii-chan? You’re being flustered.”

“Fu fu fu, Imouto-san, Sensei likes this way of eating something, desu!”

“Eh?! P-Please teach me! O-Of course I don’t specifically want to make Onii-chan happy or anything but it would be good manners as a little sister!”

“OK, desu! Now then, Imouto-san, take this candied apple! ….Yes, stick out your tongue a bit more, desu, and slowly take it into your mouth—-”

“Don’t teach my little sister any weird things!!!”

It would really trouble me if Double Peace-sensei taught her some weird ero stuff…..

“Onii-chan, how do you catch fish with such a thin paper?”

“Huh? You….did you never do the the goldfish-scooping?”

“O-Of course I have a certain degree of knowledge about it but in reality….”

“I see….normally you put the scoop into the water and slowly rise it up when there’s a fish above it.”

“Eh? But….ah, it teared again. This is just impossible.”

“Of course there’s a trick to it. See…if you do it like this…”

“Ah….Incredible! Just what I would expect from Onii-chan!”

It seems like I managed to score a few big brother points here.

“Muuu! That’s cheating! This has to be a fraud!”

“H-Hey, don’t stay such stuff that would make you stand out!”

“B-But I didn’t manage to make it fall over for a while now!?”

“Well, that’s because you….”

“Ughh. Again! I’ll do it one more time! This time for sure…..!”

—- Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

“S-See! They really don’t fall over!”

“Of course they don’t, you never hit anything! And how do you manage to miss everything?!”

As always, Mai was really incompetent at stuff like that.

Passing this noisy time, I was really tired. Is this really turning into a good research? — is what I wondered. To Suzuka, just having fun like this will probably be useful data.

“Fufu……A festival with Onii-chan…”

Yep, she seems to be enjoying herself here. And, as I turned toward one street, I saw the gathering for the fireworks.

Part 7:

Finally, the three girls said something about freshening up her clothes and so on, so I had to wait in front of a big guardian dog statue.

“Ah, Yuu. Come here for a sec.”

For some reason, only Mai returned. She then took my arm and pulled me with her.

“Where are we going? And where are the other two?”

“We’ll go reserve a spot for the fireworks. I’ll show you where it is so follow me.”

Listening to Mai’s words, I thought to myself “Is that so?” and went with her. However, soon after that, I was starting to have doubts. That’s because Mai was starting to walk away from the stalls and everything, entering the thicket with no people around whatsoever.

“H-Hey, is this really a place where you can see the fire—-”

—-works? Is what I was about to say but in that moment, Mai suddenly turned around to face me. Her face where glittering with a weird light and I unconsciously started to walk backwards. But, I managed to hit a tree while doing so which allowed her to corner me.

She got me!—-is what went trough my mind.

“Fufufu, I waited so long, for this moment.”

She stretched out both of her hands forward, putting them on the tree behind me. Is this the so-called kabe-don?

…..No, wouldn’t it be called ki-don in this case? Ugh, this isn’t the time to be thinking about that!

(TLC: Ki = japanese word for tree.)

“W-What do you plan on doing?! Don’t tell me you’re going to kill me….”

“O-Of course not! You will tell me just what exactly you are hiding right here and now!”

Although it wasn’t exactly the answer I was expecting, her eyes were really serious.

“I already told you countless times but I’m not hiding anything!”

“That’s a lie.”

“I-It’s not! What exactly do you mean with secret anyway? You must’ve seen countless times that I am the little sister loving light novel author Towano Chikai, right?!”

“That might be true but there’s still a sense of discomfort lingering inside me…..And why did Suzuka-san seem so angry before?”

“That was because I happened to see her naked in the shower! It was just an accident!”

Ey, why am I telling her that?!

“Wha-?! You…..! It’s true that scenes like that aren’t rare in light novels but that’s just way too surreal!”

Being righteously scolded by her really hurts my feelings….

“Ah, really! That’s why she seemed so weird. So even if your relationship as siblings is pretty good, you also fight sometimes huh.”

“Ugh, it’s not really like that….Suzuka wasn’t that mad either….”

Trying to follow up, I somehow turned the conversation in a weird direction. Hearing that, Mai once more scowled at me.

“You really are hiding something….It must be something really important and is probably related to the secret of Towano Chikai. That’s why, tell me already. Or rather, spill it.”

It was a simple request but it seemed very strong. Rather than that though—

“I don’t have a secret or anything though.”

“Hmpf, I didn’t expect you to just tell me so easily.”

Saying that, she suddenly pulled closer to me and pressed her chest on my body. Being confronted with that soft feeling, my whole body seemed to have stopped moving.

“W-W-W-What the hell are you doing?!”

“T-That’s pretty obvious, don’t you think? I’m seducing you!”

“That might be true but is it really okay to tell that to the person in question?!”

“S-Shut it already! I’m also embarrassed you know so just tell me what you’re hiding!”

She proceeded to push herself onto me even stronger. Confronted with that plump tempting feeling, I barely managed to keep my composure.

“Y-You’re still trying to resist? If it’s come to this, I have to do it directly….!”

Mai grabbed my wrist and pulled it towards her breasts.


Realizing her intent, I somehow managed to break free from that. Putting my hands on her shoulders, I pushed her away.

“What are you trying to do?! Why are you going this far?!”

“I have to try anything to find out your secret! If I don’t, I will…..” She made her hand into a fist and her body started shivering. She had the same painful expression when we were on the train. However, she lifted her head and—

“N-Never mind that! I will let you touch my breasts as much as you want, so teach me your secret!”

“Don’t say something like that so rashly! You really are acting weird!”

“Just how much are you trying to stand in my way…! Ah, I know!”

All of a sudden, she started laughing “Fufufufu”.

“I thought of a good idea! Yuu, I will have you write on your manuscript in front of me!”


“Yes. Manuscript. That reminds me, I never actually saw you write on your manuscript. If you’re the real deal, you should be able to, right? How’s that!” She said with a triumphant look.

That is indeed important she pointed out.

“……..” I was keeping quiet.

However, it’s not like I was driven into a corner. On the contrary, I was waiting for this moment to happen.

“Ah, so you really were here, desu! Heeeey Sensei! Mai!”

Hearing a distant voice calling for us, the both of us turned towards the source. Looking at it, it was Double Peace-sensei lifting one arm while walking towards us. Following her was Suzuka.

“…I got it. It’ll be uncomfortable here, so let’s do it when we return to the villa.”

“Alright. Don’t forget these words!”

Finally separating from me with a smile, she walked towards Double Peace-sensei.

“Did something happen?”

Switching places with her was Suzuka, asking me that.

“Well, a few things, yeah…… I’ll tell you so don’t look at me like that!”

“…..Being alone with Himuro-san…you didn’t do anything that would make you feel guilty, right?”

“How did you end up at that! ….That’s not it, we got a good chance!”

“Chance…?” Suzuka said, looking at me with doubtful eyes.

“Yuu! Forget about the firework! We’ll go home this instant!”

“I know! Don’t stress me like that!”

Mai’s walking speed accelerated as she said so in a loud voice.

Wasn’t it your idea to go watch the firework in the first place…..is what I wanted to retort but I held back on that.

“Let’s go. I’ll explain it to you once we get home.”

“…..D-Don’t tell me….you both were….in the darkness? That’s impossible….”

Pushing the back of Suzuka that was mumbling mysterious words, we followed after Mai.

So the fight happens once we return….

Gripping my hand, I heard the explosions of the firework behind me.

Part 8:

“Well then, since this is a training camp, now it’s everyone’s own job, desu!”

Everybody raised their arms at Double Peace-sensei’s words, chanting “Yeah!”.

After what happened, we left the festival and assembled in the living room of the villa to start doing more training camp-like stuff. Our goal was to raise the quality of our novels in all the different ways possible. However, a call from the eroge maker that Double Peace-sensei works for came in, forcing her to do her own work and there was also the request of Mai from before.

“Fufufu, well then, just like you promised, you will show me that raw writing of yours!”

“I-I know….But you write on your own manuscript as well….”

Mai’s expression was scary. Her eyes are also scary. Feels like my blood is freezing.

Retorting her as she was focusing on her research notes more than her own manuscript, I was continuously glancing over at Suzuka. Coughing once, I received a nod. After I explained what happened with Mai, she understood. (Of course I kept quiet about the seducing part.)

Even though she seemed relieved, she still scolded me, saying “Onii-chan really is too careless! Please pull yourself together a bit more!” Since this really was a chance for the both of us though, she decided to watch over me like this.

“W-Well then, I should start with my own manuscript then.”

Facing the notebook PC I brought with me, I opened up the writing software and I started typing on my keyboard. Of course I was writing on [The story about the little sister that loves her big brother way too much to cope]. My fingers weren’t hesitating at all.

Why, you may ask. That’s because I anticipated a development like this and practiced beforehand. To check if I really was Towano Chikai or not, making me write on the manuscript is something I was expecting after all. Mai would be arriving at that as well at some point. That’s why, if I was able to write a Towano Chikai-like manuscript in front of her, that would dissolve any lingering doubt she might still have. A perfect plan!

…..Although it’s a bit frustrating that she only thought of it now… but whatever. By the way, I was the one who came up with that plan! When Suzuka heard the content of my plan, even she said “That’s a great idea from Onii-chan”. Fufufu, sometimes, even I can be useful sometimes, you know?

That being said, the part where I memorized a part of Suzuka’s real manuscript was really troublesome.


Being observed by Mai, I recited Suzuka’s manuscript word for word. The scene I was supposed to write was where the two siblings sleep in the same bed. It was a scene where the readers would be screaming at the siblings, saying “Just go out already!” and I was giving it my best to write that down.

….This is something like an exam. I just have to write down what I memorized.

Repeating these words over and over in my head, I finally finished it.

“Well, that should be enough for now, I guess?”

Seeing as Mai almost couldn’t hold herself back anymore, I asked her “Do you want to take a look?”

“Eh? I-I-Is it okay?!”

When I nodded, Mai started to gaze at the screen.

“…Just what I would expect.”

Apparently having finished reading through it, Mai said so. I looked over at Suzuka and I formed a fist.

“H-How’s this? The feeling of my manuscript.”

“Towano Chikai’s novel is really impressive after all…..Making the character so lively and interesting for the readers…just this one scene shows how interesting your whole novel is…”

That’s what I thought as well. Even if it is a novel she wrote while she was being possessed, my little sister really is amazing. But, rather than that, right now…..

“With this, your doubts must’ve been cleared up, right? I am the real Towano Chikai after all—”

“Still, there’s some sort of discomfort in me….”

However, she interrupted my words and stared straight at me.

“I watched Yuu the whole time he was writing his manuscript. The content was perfect but the impression doesn’t add up. How do I say it, like there was no tension at all…..”

Y-You’re kidding, right?! Just how sharp are her senses?!

“….Onii-chan is always like that when he’s writing though.”

Even Suzuka was following up but Mai still didn’t seem satisfied at all.

“Hmmm, Yuu really is hiding something. The manuscript was perfect but why doesn’t it feel like him at all? Hey, tell me.”

“Himuro-san, calm down please.”

As Mai was gradually coming closer to me, Suzuka stepped in between us. It happened the moment that her eyes were starting to overflow with doubt.

“Mhm? Everyone, what happened, desu?”

Not being able to read the atmosphere as always, Double Peace-sensei was coming towards us with a big smile. Then, as she started to look at us with a curious gaze….

“Mhm…? …..Alright, how about we go to sleep, desu!” She said that out of the blue.

“W-What do you mean? It’s still only 10pm, though?”

“Well, after that long trip and all our fun at the beach, not to forget the festival as well, I am a bit tired, desu. It seems like the same for everyone else. Right, Mai, desu?” Double Peace-sensei said to her.

Mai seemed to be dissatisfied but still said agreed to it.

“….That might be right. It’s still a bit early but let’s go to sleep.” She argued while pulling her body back.

It seems like….we were saved?

“We were saved by Double Peace-sensei it seems.” Suzuka voiced the thought that I had with a dissatisfied tone of voice.

“Now, now, since it’s decided, let’s hurry up to our rooms and—-oh, that reminds me, we weren’t shown our respective rooms yet, desu.”

“The bedrooms are on the second floor. There are 3 beds so it’s fine—-”

Mai stopped herself mid-sentence, muttering a small “Oh….”

“W-What should we do? I think that we’re lacking one bed….probably.”

“Hey! Looking at your expression, we can clearly cut that probably!”

“S-Shut it! I only thought of it just now, so I couldn’t help it!”

She seemed to be thinking about something but immediately turned towards as and asked “What should we do?” with tears in her eyes.

“Well, we can’t change the fact that one is missing, desu. The only thing we can do is make two people sleep together in the same bed, right, desu?”

“T-That’s right. Sharing it will solve the problem. Our beds are pretty spacey after all.”

“I see. Then, who will be the one that will sleep with Sensei , desu—-”

“Wha-?! What do you mean!”

“Eh? What happened Sensei, desu?”

“You know very well! When was it decided that I had to sleep with someone else?! At a time like this, it would be normal for two girls to sleep in the same bed, right?!”

“You really don’t understand, Sensei. For an event like this, of course the pair should be a boy and a girl, desu!”

I-I really don’t get it?! And why are neither Suzuka or Mai disagreeing with her?!

“And, what should we do, desu? I am perfectly fine with it.”

“I will sleep together with Onii-chan.”


“It would be really bad if a boy and girl were to sleep together like that. A-And also, I really don’t mind sleeping together with Onii-chan after all. Onii-chan is fine with that too, right?”

“Of course not?!” Is what I wanted to retort but I noticed Suzuka’s strong gaze.

T-That’s right. This is a perfect opportunity for us to make an appeal….

“Ah yeah, I wouldn’t mind if it’s Suzuka.”

“Mhm, then let’s do it like that, desu. Mai is fine with that too, right?”

“Y-Yeah. That would be reasonable.”

Even though she seemed to have some sort of discomfort with it, she didn’t say anything after that. Like that, it was decided who I would be sharing a bed with.

At that time, it looked like Suzuka was holding her hand in front of her chest, seemingly trying to calm herself down.

Part 9:

“Although this is an unpredictable event, I am glad that we avoided a worst-case scenario. But Onii-chan, it really troubles me if you don’t clearly speak up at times like these.”

After entering the bedroom, Suzuka said so with flushed cheeks and a pouting expression. Well, it’s true that it’s my fault that this happened.

“I wonder why we didn’t just pair up two girls together….”

“Since Double Peace-sensei was the one who thought of it, we wouldn’t have been able to talk her out of it anyway. And rather than that….” Suzuka started while sitting down on the bed. “A-A lot happened to today, so I am really tired. Let’s go to sleep for now.” She said while averting her eyes.

“…..You’re right. I really am tired. Well then, I’ll go sleep on the couch, so you use the bed.” I took a blanket with me and headed towards the couch.

“W-Wait a moment, please?! What do you mean by that!”

“Well, sharing a bed would be really bad, right? That’s why I will use the couch and—”

“T-That’s no good. It’s finally a chance—– excuse me. If you sleep on the couch, you won’t be able to rest as well as you would on the bed! There will be a lot of other activities tomorrow too!” She seemed to be nervous about something as she said so with a red face. “A-Also, it would really trouble me if I can’t sleep in the same bad as Onii-chan! If I can’t, I won’t be able to collect any data from this!”

“He? D-Data?”

“T-That’s right, it’s research. Remember the scene you wrote before where the two siblings are sleeping together? I couldn’t write that scene to my satisfaction, so this would be the perfect opportunity for a research!”

“I do think that you managed to write that scene pretty skillfully though….”

“That’s not true! It’s no good at all!”

Although she was shaking her head furiously, I was still hesitating. I know that if she really wants to use it as a research, I have to cooperate but sharing the same bed is really bad, you know…?

“W-Why are you keeping quiet? This is also some sort of insurance too.”

“Insurance? How come?”

“We don’t know if Himuro-san would come check on us in the morning. She might doubt us again if we’re not sleeping in the same bed.”

“You might be right….about that.”

“Exactly. That might really happen, taking Himuro-sans tendencies in consideration. T-That being said, it will be no good if Onii-chan and I don’t sleep together! Of course, for the research and insurance!” While saying so with a red face, she continuously tapped on the bed.

“You thought about it so far….?”

“Yes. Sleeping together with Onii-chan—to gather data! What a chance! I never expected that! One could even say that his is getting two birds with one stone!”

It feels like I’m being pulled along by her but I can’t really go against her wish if she’s that into it.

“I-I got it. Then….it’s fine, right?”

“Y-Yes! Please be gentle with me!”

As I lied down on the right part of the bed, Suzuka seemed to be really nervous as she rolled over on the left part. Pushing the light switch close to my pillow, the room went dark.

“T-Then, good night, Suzuka.”

“H-H-H-Have a good sleep, Onii-chan!”

Your tension seems to be off the charts though…..will you be able to sleep like that? Well, it’s not like I was any more calm.

Turning my back to Suzuka, I was laying sideways now.

….But still, sleeping together with Suzuka….how long has it been since I did that….?

“….Onii-chan….did you fall asleep?”

“You know…it’s only been one minute since I went onto the bed…..”

“T-That’s right.”

It seems like Suzuka really is nervous.

“Today really was hard for you.”

“….Yeah. But that’s the same for you, right?”

“That might be so. Going on a trip with Onii-chan, riding on a boat with Onii-chan, going around the festival with Onii-chan….and a-also, being seen in the shower by Onii-chan….”

“I already told you that I’m sorry!”

“A-Anyway, a lot of things happened, so of course I’m tired. But, I really have to give it even more tomorrow…..”

“Are you talking about Mai….?”

She answered “Yes” to my question.

“We will do it like always right? I will make the appeal of loving little sisters so that she’ll believe me that I am Towano Chikai….”

“Yes, that’s it. Are you not satisfied with something?”

“Well, we did it the whole day today and I even wrote a manuscript in front of her eyes but the result was still the same, you know? The date didn’t work out as well so I was wondering if we’ll ever get her to believe me….”

“We don’t have any other methods than that. Himuro-san said so as well, that the content of the manuscript and Onii-chan’s impression didn’t add up. That basically means that there’s still no definite proof for her that Onii-chan really is Towano Chikai, don’t you think?”

“It’s true that she said that but….”

“These are the facts. I’m sure that if Onii-chan would love little sisters from the bottom of his heart, Himuro-san’s doubts will be cleared up immediately.”

That’s why—she continued.

“If Onii-chan doesn’t become the same person as Towano Chikai, it will be no good. You have to love little sisters so much that you can barely cope with it…..”

I do get where she’s coming from and I’m well aware of the fact that I have to do that. But still, even though I have a little sister like you in real-life, saying stuff like that from the bottom of my heart is a bit….troublesome.

“Why are you hesitating? This is merely a play. Is it still no good?”

“There have to be some limits….you know?”

In the worst case, even though I have to act like a fiendish big brother that can’t keep his eyes of his little sister, I can’t just ignore the fact that that would make you the victim of all of this.

“Why is that? Even though it’s just an act? Is there something else? D-Does Onii-chan really love Himuro-san after all and that’s why you are hesitating….?”


Being confronted with such a sudden change of topic, I was lost.

“Why does it suddenly come to that….? There’s no way that’s happening, you know?”

It’s true that she really is a beauty but her real self is a simple stalker. How would I fall in love with her? Really….what is she thinking about. Not like her at all.

“But, why can’t you fall in love with little sisters….? Don’t tell me…is being a little sister really no good?”

You’re wrong. It’s no good exactly because you’re my little sister. You’re my precious little sister which is why I shouldn’t be looking at you with these eyes.

“Uhhh…..So Onii-chan really does….. Haaaa”

Suzuka’s sigh was wavering in the dark.

“At this rate, Himuro-san will always stay like this, you know? What do you plan on doing?”

…..Truth be told, that’s what I think as well. It is my fault to begin with that it ended up like this so I should be the one to end this. Even so—- Shit, I don’t have the right to waver here.

“It’s fine. I will go to sleep. Good night, Onii-chan….”

Suzuka ended our conversation with that, only to add one more phrase before she went silent.

“…….Onii-chan you idiot.”

Just as she said, I probably really am an idiot big brother.

3 thoughts on “Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 2 Chapter 3

  1. Just a point to note: you have left several Japanese terms untranslated and opted to put notes for them. However, this makes reading them very jarring. I would suggest leaving terms which are quite commonplace already such as ‘tsundere’ and ‘doujin’ in, and maybe ‘imouto’ and ‘onii-chan’ if you feel that they are required to convey the closeness between the siblings. On the other hand, I see no reason for you to keep terms like ‘bento’ and ‘goshujin-sama’ as they add no value to the translation other than making the text sound more weab.


    1. Thanks for the feedback! I was thinking if I should just leave the japanese terms out as well (like bento and the such). I’ll make some changes and keep that in mind for future translations.


    2. I see no issue with that. Bento for example, is a common english word, which most are probably familiar with seeing it on asian menus. To hear of a belt around a yukata would be quite out of place, and I’m glad they kept the original name. All the words they left a tl note for, I’m glad were left as is. To suggest localising ‘Onii-chan’ and ‘imouto’ is a crime upon humanity.


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