Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 2 Chapter 2

It was my fault that my little sister and I went on a date

Part 1:

”Really now…..How careless can you be, Onii-chan….?”

”I have no excuse……”

Suzuka was looking down at me with crossed arms. I was sitting on my knees, trying to beg for forgiveness while she lectured me. Of course, the reason for the lecture was the incident after which Mai started to question if I was really Towano Chikai.

After that, I failed to clear up her disbelief and ran way home. And greeted with Suzuka’s face, I decided to spill the beans.

……..And of course she was pissed. No, this is even worse that just being pissed.

”Haaaa, it feels like the one thing I was afraid about finally happened…..”

“Sorry….This is all on me.”

“We can’t help it at this point. Rather than that, we have to think of how to deal with this situation.”

It’s really reassuring that Suzuka is keeping a calm head in this situation but isn’t that the duty of the big brother….?

As I thought about that, I felt like tears started to build up in my eyes.

“Let us reorganize the current situation. Onii-chan, please explain the details how it went down one more time.”

“A-Ah, yeah. I took my new manuscript with me to school. Mai happened to find that and asked me why Towano Chikai’s writing style and the one in the manuscript didn’t match up.”

“Taking your manuscript to school is one thing but why did she happen to see it so easily?”

“Well, I didn’t expect her to sneak out of gym class and look into my bag……”

Thinking about it, I really was careless to assume that she wouldn’t go so far huh….

”Isn’t Onii-chan too soft when it comes to Himuro-san in the first place?”

“I don’t mean to……”

“No, looking at it objectively, you really are spoiling her. You are always together as classmates after all….and to add to that, she is always clinging at you….Even I am always together with Onii-chan but….”

“Even I am….?”

“Ha?! N-No, it’s nothing! Never mind that! My point is that you should be a lot stricter regarding Himuro-san!”

“Even if you say that……You know how it went down with her becoming a stalker right?”

—If I don’t let her research me, she will leak the fact that I am Towano Chikai to the whole student body.

As she decided upon that rule, I had no choice but to give up and let her conduct these stalker activities.

“Ugh…..B-But, I still think that Onii-chan is too kind to Himuro-san….”

I don’t particularly think that I am really forgiving regarding her activities but it seems like Suzuka is still unsatisfied. I mean, looking at the fact that Mai is basically just trying her best to write an interesting novel (even though her meanings to do so are a little bit questionable), I can’t help but be a little bit resistant to acting cruelly towards her. Maybe I can clear that up if I just tell her honestly….

“D-Don’t tell me….Onii-chan is….uhm….being conscious of Himuro-san….?”

“Eh? Well, of course I would be, right?”

I can’t just ignore the fact that she is a total stalker, you know?

“I-It can’t be…?! So Onii-chan really does……?!”

“You’re looking a bit pale there, are you okay? And what was that last part? I really do…..what?”

“D-Don’t make me say something that terrifying!!!”

“What the hell are you on about?!”

Suzuka on her end just kept on muttering stuff like “C-Calm down, me….” or “Something like that is impossible….”. What’s up with her….?

“A-Anyway….For now, we will have to focus on the problem lying in front of us. And….What was her reaction when you tried to talk your way out of it, Onii-chan?”

“For now, I apologized to her and said that it was a manuscript from a long time ago and so on….”

But, as she answered to that with “That’s why the quality is so low here”, that really left behind some scars….

“Seeming like she still wasn’t satisfied with that, she kept saying the same things again and again.”

“If Onii-chan really is Towano Chikai……you mean?”

As I nodded, Suzuka seemed to be thinking about something.

“I see. Judging from these words, she was feeling that something was off but didn’t have any definite proof on that, right?”

“Exactly as you say it. I think that she was still at the level of [Something is off] but nothing more. If she had some proof or the confidence, she would’ve never let me go like that.”

If it really was like that, I doubt that I would’ve made it home in one piece.

“Yes, that makes sense. It would’ve been taking it a bit too far if she was assuming that you weren’t Towano Chikai just because of the literary style. However, once the seed of doubt has been planted, it will only start growing if we don’t do something. The existence of a reasonable basic doubt for that might not even be that important anymore.”

Yeah, Suzuka might be right about that. Even if she doesn’t have a solid reason for her disbelief or if it’s just out of a whim, it’ll only bring us problems in the greater run. It doesn’t matter if it’s logical at all. No matter how much one tries to ignore it, it’ll always stay in the back of your mind. It’s really apparent in this case, since I couldn’t dispel her doubts completely.

“So that means that no matter what Onii-chan says to convince her, the chance that’ll she will completely trust you is pretty low….”

Listening to Suzuka’s reasonable deduction, I could only grind my teeth.

What should we do then….? No matter how much I tried to think about that, I couldn’t come up with anything.

“I understand.”

Still, it seems like Suzuka came up with something.

“So, before she really finds out, we have to clear up her doubt completely.”

“And what are you thinking about?”

“Yes….Ehe, ehehe, ehehehehe……”


All of a sudden, Suzuka started laughing weirdly as she was spacing out.

“Isn’t this a chance….rather than a problem….? If this works out, then I will….with Onii-chan….ehehehehehe….”

“H-Hey Suzuka?! Return to your senses please?!”

I took both her shoulders and shook her slightly.

“Ha?! W-What is it?! W-What happened, Onii-chan?!”

“That’s clearly my line though?! I thought that you suddenly went tripping because of your laugh….And what did you mean about that chance thing from before?”

“W-What do you mean?! I clearly said that rather than a pinch, this is clearly a pinch though?!”

“That’s both the same?! So we are still in a pinch after all?!”

“No need to mind these minor things! R-Rather than that, I thought of something that might help us out in this situation!”

“Say what?!”

Seriously…? I wouldn’t expect anything less from my super human little sister.

“Certainly! With his method, we will surely dispel any doubts that Himuro-san has and it will also result in me being all flirty with Onii-chan…… Ehehehehe, two birds with one stone!”

“Eh…? Two birds with one stone…? What exactly is the second bird in this situation…?”

“I-It’s just a saying! You don’t have to pay attention to every little detail, okay?!”

“EEEH?! Now it’s my fault?!”

I’m not really satisfied like this though?!

“L-Let’s forget about that now. Like I said, there is a method but it will strongly depend on Onii-chan.”

“Yeah, it was my fault to begin with. I’ll do anything.”

“Eh? A-Anything?! T-Then how about a k-k-k-k-ki…….ss on the forehead?!”


“Noooo?! I-It’s nothing! I can’t rush things here, me! And Onii-chan! Don’t say stuff like [I’ll do anything] so easily!”

“EH?! It’s my fault again?!”

W-What did I do?!

After she glared at me with flushed cheeks, she put one hand on her chest and started taking deep breaths. She said stuff like “Really, Onii-chan is just….” again….did I say something wrong…?

“And? What exactly is this method? What am I supposed to do?”

“Simply put, you have to show Himuro-san something that can’t be transferred verbally.”

“I see. And what would that be?”

Listening to my question, Suzuka took a deep breath with flushed cheeks. And—

“O-Onii-chan should just be flirting with me…..please!”


What….did she just say? I think I heard something about flirting right now…?

“…..Flirting?! With flirting you mean….being all lovey-dovey with each other and so on?! W-W-What do you mean by that?!”

“P-P-P-P-Please calm down! I-I-I-I-I will explain myself immediately!”

She might be saying that but she herself doesn’t seem all that calm either?!

“D-Don’t jump to conclusions! There is a big reason for that! F-For now, please listen carefully!”


As soon as Suzuka asked for that, I straightened my back and focused on her voice.

“A-A-Alright! To make sure that Himuro-san believes you that you are Towano Chikai, you have to perfectly act like Towano Chikai would. A-Are you still with me?!”

“Y-Yes, sir!”

“O-Okay! So the only logical thing to do is act like the author Towano Chikai that wrote such a little sister novel would. To be precise, you have to act like you love little sisters, really really love little sisters…… act like you love little sisters the most in this world!!!”


“Basically, you have to show Himuro-san how you love little sisters so much that you can’t help it, just like Towano Chikai would! Like this, there’s no mistake that you’ll clear up Himuro-san’s doubts! T-To achieve that, you will have to be all flirty with your real little sister! A-Although it is not in my best interest, I have no other choice but to help you as the real author!”

“W-Wait a second, please?”

“What is it!”

“So you’re saying that….to dispel Mai’s doubts, I will have to do flirty stuff with a little sister…..to be precise, you…..and make Mai see that?”

“Y-Yes, that would be the gist of it.”, she agrees with a red face.

So it really is like that? Truth be told, her idea really makes sense if you think about it but….being all lovey-dovey with my real little sister is a bit……

No, no, in the end, it is my fault that it turned out like this! I don’t have any right to disagree. I will flirt with Suzuka then if it needs to be done!

However, there’s one thing I shouldn’t get any weird ideas about—

“Suzuka, are you fine with that?”

“W-What do you mean?”

“Being all flirty with me, even if it’s just acting?”

To Suzuka, I am always a non-reliable, troubling big brother after all. Well, even though our relationship somehow changed for the better after becoming her stand-in, before we weren’t that close at all. It was my fault to begin with, so it wouldn’t be all to weird for her to dislike the idea of acting so close to me.

“T-There’s no problem! Thinking that I would be able to act all flirty with Onii-chan, I couldn’t be any happier……”

“Thinking what?”

“T-Thinking about it, the twin-tails hairstyle is pretty good in his own way, right?! That’s why there’s no problem at all!”

I didn’t really get her point but she said so with flushed cheeks.

Basically, she isn’t really a big fan of it but still puts up with it for my sake….? Of course….if even I had a problem with us being all flirty, that must be even more so for Suzuka. Yeah, it totally makes sense.

…..Sorry, Suzuka. I’m sorry that your idiot big brother pulled you into this situation. And if she’s going so far just for me, then I have to do my best as well!

“I got it. If it’s come this far, I’ll give it my all. Let’s show Mai how lovey-dovey we can be!”

“J-Just what I would expect from Onii-chan! I like your spirit! Let’s flirt to our hearts content!”

“Yeah, I’m probably troubling you with that but please put up with it since it’s just an act….”

“N-No, it’s not like it’s troubling me…..and it doesn’t have to be an act as well….”


“It’s nothing! Onii-chan has to act like he really loves little sisters….and flirt with his little sister all day! That’s how we will do it!”

“Y-You’re right. Since it’s just acting, there’s nothing more to it!”

“Y-Yes! Being all flirty with one’s little sister happens all the time after all!”

“Yeah!” – “Yes!” is what we both said to each other while laughing.

Somehow it feels like we were talking past each other but this is probably caused because of the high tension of this situation so….can’t help it! Ahaha! For now, gotta focus on solving the problem! No need to think about the small stuff!

“W-Well then, we should probably start putting up a detailed plan, including all the scenes and scenarios we have to show Himuro-san! Before all of that, we have to think up a name for our operation!”

“Eh? What do you mean name?”

“From this point onward, we will call this operation [It’s obvious that the little sister novel author is someone that loves little sisters plan]! I-I hope you will agree with me on that, Onii-chan!”

“O-Okay….? But, is something like that really necessary?”

“O-Of course it is! We have to sum up the current situation in one short phrase after all! Now, how about you say it out loud as well, Onii-chan?!”

“Y-Yeah. It’s obvious that the little sister novel author is someone that loves little sisters!”

“Ahahahaha.” Once more, Suzuka and I were laughing at each other again.

While keeping the same atmosphere, our meeting continued until the late evening.

Like this, the curtains to our joined operation opened up.

Part 2:

“Nagamin, Nagamin, it’s fine here so please take care of organizing the bookshelves~”

Next day in the afternoon, I was at my part-time job again in a certain bookstore while Esaka-san was clinging to by back, probably slacking off.

“Isn’t this the job of Esaka-san?”

“Shifts often change in the heat of the moment, you know~”

The person that was spouting theses irresponsible words was a certain loli and the daughter of the shop-owner, making her my senpai. Even though you could barely see her as a kid from grade school, she was a university student in reality and with her loli appearance plus sometimes weird attitude from time to time, she really was a person you’d better take your distance from if you didn’t want any weird misunderstandings from the people around you.

“Since a customer is personally requesting you, I have to answer them~”

“Since when did this bookstore change into a host-club?!”

“It’s a request from our lovely Mai-chan after all, so it’s only natural for her Onee-chan to make her wish come true~”

It really troubles me that she kind off is an Onee-san, even though she looks like a grade school kid…..

Rather than that, it really is Mai who came, huh. I hurried over here after the ceremony at school ended, seems like it’s all going according to the plan.

“I understand. I wouldn’t want to trouble the other costumers anyway.”

With these words, I made my way to the bookshelves. But, for some reason, Esaka-san was still clinging to my back. So you’re not here to trade shifts with me after all….

Leaving Esaka-san behind at the counter, I turned around towards the bookshelves and not one minute later, Mai appeared in front of me.

“You won’t get away anymore, Yuu! You clearly hiding something, aren’t you? Today is the day that you will tell me everything so prepare yourself!”

…….After that incident, Mai was always like this. She always came running to me, saying “You’re hiding something from me!”. And she probably won’t stop until she finds out…..or if I get her to believe me once and for all. Let’s start the operation then.

“No, really, I told you already right? That I wasn’t hiding anything.”

“How naive! You won’t convince me with these shallow words!”

“Even if you say that….Oh I remember!”

While putting a book in a bookshelf, I acted like I remembered something and took out my smartphone.

“Ohh yeah! Today is the day that I have to pick up my little sister, ahaha. I completely forgot about that, ahaha.”

“Didn’t Suzuka-san’s school ceremony end already? She should probably be at home by now.”

“N-Nah, since she’s the student council president, she has some other stuff to finish up after all.”

“Is that so? Isn’t it too early to go pick her up then? It’s not even close to getting dark outside.”

“R-Recently, a lot of bad things happened around this time as well….”

“….Sounds fishy.”

Even I thought that my acting was pretty bad……Can’t help it. I have to keep up the act and smile.

“Anyway, I’m sorry Esaka-san but is it alright if I leave a bit early today?”

“Mhm~? Oh yeah you mentioned something like that. I’m OK with it~ I’ll even forget your debt if you let me meet Ahegao Double Peace-sensei~”

“I told you that would be impossible, ahaha. I will take an extra shift then.”

“Mhm, even though Nagamin is a super popular author, he really is stingy sometimes~”

Listening to her childish “Stingy~ Stingy~” in the background, I hurriedly put off the apron and said “I’ll take my leave then” while almost running out of the shop.

“H-Hey, wait, will you?!”

Of course, Mai followed after me. It would be a problem to our plan if she wouldn’t, though. Somehow avoiding to get caught by her, I arrived at the prestige all-girls school Hakuou that Suzuka attends. Since the shop is pretty close to it, it didn’t take me that long at all.

“…….Mou! Yuu really is hiding something after all! It must be something related to the secret of your novel….if only I knew of it….. then….”

“I-I don’t know what you are talking about, ahaha. I am the Towano Chikai in flesh and blood, aha!”

Like this, the school gate of Suzuka’s school entered our vision. Just as planned, Suzuka was waiting next to it and went stiff for a second as she saw me.

“T-Thank you very much for coming to pick me up, Onii-chan. And Himuro-san as well, good day to you.”

Maybe because of her nervousness, her cheeked seemed a bit red. Picking Suzuka up is something that we did a long time before but this is all an act we want to show Mai, so we can’t help it. Nearing Suzuka, I whispered in a small voice and….

“It’s finally time. We’ll start now!”

“Y-Yes. Let’s do our best…..Start the operation!”

With that, we started with our first activity.

“N-Now, let’s return, shall we? Oh, all of a sudden, I took Suzuka’s hand, ahahaha?”

Making it seem as natural as possible, I reached out with my hand. As I did so:

“I-I will do so as well, hoping that we walk home like that, all lovey-dovey, haha.”

With stiff movements, Suzuka also reached out with her hand and connected it with mine. Although it seemed a bit weird, we didn’t have any time to care about that all too much. We will go home together like this, to show Mai that I really love little sisters.

“….You too….why are you suddenly shaking hands?”

“N-No, this is not a handshake…! We’re holding hands while walking home together, ahaha.”

Mai’s expression didn’t change one bit and she kept on looking at our hands. As I followed her gaze, I realized that both Suzuka and me were using our right hand….we’re really only shaking hands, oi!

“Oops, you were right, haha! Just a small mistake. Now, let’s go home, shall we, ahah?”

I frantically took Suzuka’s left hand. Why are you getting distracted like this, me.

Suzuka on her end was just blabbering to herself, saying “I-I’m holding hands with Onii-chan…ehehe”. She must be suffering after all….please put up with it….!

“Suddenly holding hands with Suzuka-san…..what happened to you?”

“W-Well, recently, I just have the urge to do so, you know. I mean, I am the author of that little sister novel after all, so that’s to be expected, right?”

I answered just as we planned beforehand because we expected Mai to ask something like that.

“D-Don’t tell me, that’s how….with Suzuka-san…?”

“Yeah. Normally, we’re only this flirty in places where no one will see us after all. Lately, I’ve been thinking that since I am that little sister novel author – Towano Chikai, it might be okay do to in public as well?”

“Wha-?! I knew beforehand that you liked your little sister….but you’re going this far…?! So you’re really putting your poisonous fangs into her young body?!”

While looking at us with a frightened expression, she took out her [Nagami Yuu research notes] notebook out and started writing something in it.

“Nagami Yuu is….an extraordinary fiend after all….using his little sister to improve the quality of his novel…..”, was what she was mumbling, while taking notes with a disgusted expression….

Shit….! Do as you please! If this results in you trusting me that I am Towano Chikai, I will be a fiendish big brother or whatever you want!

“S-Suzuka-san? Is what Yuu just said really the truth…?”

Lifting her head up from her notes, now it’s Suzuka’s turn to answer her questions.

“Ehe, ehehe….Onii-chan’s hand….ehehehehehe”

However, Suzuka was still spacing out. Her laugh was something that I’d never expected to hear from her and she looked up in the air.


Trying to bring her back to reality, I strengthened my grip on her hand. As I did so, Suzuka let out a weird “Hya-?!” and brought her head down to look at Mai.

“Eh? …..Ah, yes! That’s right! Onii-chan is always like this!”

“So it really is like that….”

Yeah, looks like it’s working! Now the finisher….!

“S-Still, it really is hot outside today, ahaha. Once we get home, let’s take a nap together like always, haha?”

“T-That sounds good. I look forward to using Onii-chan’s arm as a pillow to sleep on.”

With this, she should finally realize that I love little sisters. How’s that, Mai? Do you finally believe me that I really am Towano Chikai?

“Y-You too….you even do something like that on a regular basis….?!”

“Y-Yeah, I am Towano Chikai after all. I like little sisters after all?”

As I answered her question, Mai only muttered “Even if you’re siblings, there’s no need to report that to me….” but I was fine with that if she just believed us.

This should be enough to clear up any doubts that Mai had about me, right? I looked at her facial expression to check. However, Mai still had an expression that seemed to be lost deep in her thoughts, I couldn’t get a clear answer from that.

“H-Hey, Mai.”

“What is it?”

“You….are you still doubting me that I am Towano Chikai…?”

Going “There’s no way, right? Ahahaha” in my head, I decided to ask her directly.

To my surprise, Mai wasn’t looking all that relieved and still kept on taking looks in her notes.

“…..It’s true that Yuu really loves his little sister…”

“….That so.”

Even if you say that, I never remember clearly stating that though?

…..No, no! It’s fine if she just believes that I do! Yeah!

“Still, something doesn’t quite fit yet.”

“Eh? And what is that?”

“You should be satisfied with being all flirty with your little sister like this, right? There’s no need to write such a light novel then. When I think like that, something really doesn’t add up….Yeah, you’re still hiding something from me.”


Listening to Mai’s reasoning (?), I was astonished.

Why?! Normally, you would be agreeing with me here, right?! Why are you thinking like that?!

“And, the both of you are acting weird as well….like you’re words and actions are really machine-like.”

Ah, I can’t really deny that.

“Yeah, it really is fishy! It really has to be something connected to the secret of your novel! Spit it out already!”

“Again, I’m not hiding anything!”

I tried my best to hide my irritation but I think that I kind of failed at that.

Shit…. so our operation is still no-good after all?!

“Onii-chan, you’re shoelaces aren’t tied together.”

At that time, Suzuka’s small voice woke me up and she strengthened her grip on my hand.

As I was about to scream “W-What?” back to her while crouching down, I realized that her head was close to mine.

She followed up with a “Please keep your voice down for a bit.”

(“W-What happened? My shoelaces are tied together, though?”)

(“I know I know. Rather than that, it seems like Himuro-san isn’t quite convinced yet.”)

(“A-Ah yeah, to think her doubt would be so deeply rooted… I feel like rather than having one or two reasons, she’s probably basing it on a feeling.”)

(“Feeling….So basically, she’s seeing right through our acting.”)

(“I can’t give you any proof for that but it feels like she can’t shake of that feeling of doubt yet.”)

(“We’re being seen right through now, is it. Since Onii-chan isn’t showing his love for little sisters from the bottom of his heart, Himuro-san isn’t satisfied yet, you know?”)

(“I-I do think that I’m doing a very good job at appealing to that, though?”)

(“It clearly isn’t sufficing. Just like Himuro-san says, you gave out a weird vibe during our acting.”)

(“No, it’s the same for you as well, right?”)

(“I am very aware of that. In my case, it’s not necessarily my feelings for Onii-chan that I’m lacking but rather my inability to honestly show them….”)

(“Feelings, you say? Amazing. You’re really giving it your best here, aren’t you….”)

(“Y-Yes! That’s why, Onii-chan has to strengthen his feelings for little sisters as well! Keeping that in mind, you have to make it seem like you love nothing more in this world than your little sister!”)

That’s some enthusiasm. So my thoughts weren’t enough, it seems. Apparently there’s some sort of wall in my heart that hinders me from giving in to loving little sisters.

…..Listen? This is an emergency situation okay?! Remember that!

(“Sorry Suzuka, our failure goes on me this time.”)

(“N-No, the blame belongs to the both of us. We just have to show Himuro-san how much more lovey-dovey we can be!”)

(“I got it. We’ll keep this failure as a reference to make our next plan a success the next time! …….But, even if I say next plan, we’re almost home already…..Ah, don’t tell me.”)

(“Yes, that’s right. Let’s go with Plan D.”)

—Plan D. Hearing that term, I instinctively swallowed my spit.

Last night, we simulated all the different possible outcomes of our plan. If it succeeded, if it failed…..and what we would do if we did indeed fail. Plan D is one of these possible derivations.

(“G-Got it. I will burden you again with that, is that really fine with you?”)

(“O-Of course. I am a also responsible for all of this and looking after Onii-chan is the duty of a little sister, right? …..And rather than burdening me, I should be thankful to Himuro-san for creating another chance to be all flirty with Onii-chan—”)

(“Eh? Thankful?”)

(“I-It’s nothing! We will do it as planned and—”)

“Hey? How much longer are you trying to fix your shoelaces? Is there a problem?”

However, as soon as Mai raised her complain, we stood up in an instant.

“N-No, it’s totally fine!”

“Really? ……Huh? Were there any shoelaces on your shoes, Yuu?….”

“R-Rather than that, let’s hurry on home, okay? It won’t do us any good to stand in the middle of the street in such a heat!”

Switching the topic, I started walking again. Of course, Mai followed us shortly after with an “H-Hey, wait for me!”, adding “Now I’m convinced that your hiding something!”.

“Muu! If you’re not going to confess soon, I’ll search through every little thing in your room!”

Arriving at the crossroad near our home, Mai said something very ominous.

Mai’s mansion and our house are very close to each other, so normally this would be the point when we’d separate but it seems like she’s keen on coming with us today.

….Well then, now or never.

“N-Nope. We have to make preparations for tomorrow, so I don’t have the time to play with you.”

“Preparations, you say? …. You have some plans for tomorrow?”

That was the starting sign for Plan D. I calmed myself down and said the phrase that I had prepared for this situation.

“I-It’s a date.”

“And? …….D-D-D-Date?! H-Hey! With whom?!”

“O-Of course, with Suzuka!”


Mai was fiddling with her hands. She was blushing crazily but her movements came to a sudden stop after I had revealed my date partner.

“Our plan was to conduct some research as well, so we decided to do so while being all lovey-dovey on a date! We were going to prepare for that today, so I can’t hang out with you.”

Yes, the content of Plan D(ate) was to make Mai see us being all flirty on a date together to clear up the doubt that’s still lingering in her heart! It’s going to be a full-on assault alright!

……Going on a date with my little sister because of that and flirting all the time. With that, even Mai would believe me that I am indeed Towano Chikai!

“D-Date…with Suzuka-san….are you really doing that?”

“Y-Yes! Our relationship as siblings was pretty close from the beginning anyway so going on a date is nothing unusual! Ehe, ehehe…..”

Well then, time for the finishing touch!

“Anyways, since this a research as well, we won’t take you with us!”

“H-How come?!”

“If you were to follow us on our date, the secret techniques of Towano Chikai would be revealed! It’s a top secret research after all!”

Of course, I only said that to strengthen her curiosity, making sure that she will come after us. Though, knowing the girl named Himuro Mai, that would’ve probably happened without my previous statement anyway.

“I-I can’t pass on something like that! I have to hurry and make the preparations to follow you!”

Seems like she took the bait. She’s even admitting it….

“Now that I’ve told you, we’re going to be on our way now. You should go home as well.”

“I-I can’t help it, I guess! Since I have other things to attend to, I will let you go for today!”

“I’ll just say this now but don’t you dare follow us, alright? By the way, we are going to meet up in Yotsuba Park at 1 pm and start our date from there on out but don’t you never ever follow us, okay?!”

I was basically telling her to come at this point, saying stuff like that.

“I got it already! …Ah, wait! What time are you guys meeting up again? I’ll put it in my notes so tell me one more time please!”

Since we have to make sure that Mai definitely follows us on our date, we told her again but…. somehow, seeing her take notes so seriously and everything makes me kind of feel bad….

“A-Alright! I’ll go home for now! See you tomorrow!”, she said, seeming very excited.

Did she even realize that she said “See you tomorrow”?…..

“Anyway, with this, we can be pretty sure that she’ll follow us on our date tomorrow.”

“Well, we basically declared everything she has to know so….”

Being only the two of us now, we were talking more openly about our plans.

“Still, I really gave it my best there but it still resulted in failure, huh…..?”

“T-That’s right. I do think that Onii-chan really gave it his best today but you will have to try even harder tomorrow!”

Looking at it with a calm state of mind, I’m doing something really bad, ain’t I? Going on a date with my real-life little sister Suzuka and being all flirty…..this won’t end well for me, I assume…..

“Onii-chan, are you listening?”

“Ah, yeah. I’m listening.”

……Oh, I don’t have the time to be thinking about that.

I didn’t manage to clear up Mai’s doubts, so things would end bad if the date tomorrow didn’t work out as well.

“….Yeah. I will make sure that Mai believes me. Suzuka, I’m sorry but I will have you be all flirty with me tomorrow, okay?”

“O-O-Of course! You don’t even need to ask me for that……!”, she says with flushed cheeks.

You, are you really alright? When everything is over, I’ll do anything you want me to!

“Ah…..to think that Onii-chan would be asking something like that…. I really have to be thankful to Himuro-san. Thank you for doubting Onii-chan….”

Suzuka seems to be muttering something in a small voice but she probably has to mentally prepare herself for tomorrow.

“Alright, let’s go home now and come up with a detailed plan, okay? Let’s show Mai how close we are!”

“J-Just what I would expect from Onii-chan! Such splendid enthusiasm! Ahh…..being able to hear such phrases out of Onii-chans mouth…. I couldn’t be happier…..”

“H-Hey! You’re face is really red?! Are you alright?!”

I know that I’m asking a lot from you but please put up with it!

“I-I’m fine! A fine chance like this might never occur again after all! I will definitely make our date the best date ever!”

Taking my hand, she adds “It’s time for a meeting! Let’s hurry on home!”.

Suzuka started walking ahead and pulled me after her. Seeing her profile from behind, I felt my heart beat accelerating.

…..She really is cute, huh. Of course, there’s no deeper meaning to that….

“What are you spacing out for, Onii-chan? We don’t have that much time!”

“I-I know!”

Being pulled after her, somehow I understood the feelings of people that actually like little sisters…..a really tiny bit, okay?

Part 3:

The following day, approximately 10 minutes after 1 pm in the afternoon.

I was standing beneath the big clock in Yotsuba Park, waiting for Suzuka. Looking at the people taking a walk and the street workers next to the park, seeming pretty happy with their lives. I, however, didn’t feel that great at all. I was in a bad mood because it was the day that I would go on a date with my real-life little sister, although it was just an act. Still, I had made up my mind to do this, so I couldn’t just pull out last second.

Then, because of what else am I so disheartened you ask?

“……… stare……..”

Well, that’s because in the shadows of the tree a few meter away from me, someone is hiding……basically, stalking me in broad daylight. Of course, I was talking about Mai.

….Do you really think that I cannot see you? I can see you perfectly, you know? The tree isn’t even big enough to hide your body completely…are you taking this serious or not? Why even bother taking a tree that’s in clear sight for me? Or is showing yourself to the person you’re stalking a new technique?

……is what I would normally retort but I’m really not in the mood. You’re wearing private clothes I’ll give you that but other than that, you’re not really secretive. Thinking about the fact that we did our utmost to make you follow us in secret….this is somehow really frustrating.

“Onii-chan! I-I’m sorry for making you wait!”

As I was thinking that, I saw Suzuka coming towards me with small steps. Even though I see her private clothes every day, she looks even more dressed up in this situation.

“N-No, I just arrived myself.”, I answered with an all too-well known phrase.

Saying it out loud in a situation like this, it’s pretty embarrassing alright. You might wonder why we arrived at a different time even though we live in the same household but that’s because acting out a scene like this makes us look even more lovey-dovey.

“It seems like…. Himuro-san has arrived as well.”

“It looks like she thinks she’s perfectly hidden from our view…..”

“It doesn’t matter. N-Now, let’s start our date, Onii-chan.”

She takes my arm with her usual stiff movement while she says so. Feeling the warmth of her hand, followed by the softness of her skin, I straightened my back in nervousness.

“Weeeell, I’m really happy to go on a date with Suzuka like this, ahaha.”

“M-M-M-M-Me too! It still feels like a dream, being on a date with Onii-chan!”

An old couple passing us looked at us with a pleasant smile but I can’t get that to my head right now.

How is this? We’re really flirty, right? I am the light novel author Towano Chikai that loves little sisters after all! Something like this is to be expected, ahaha!

Trying not to be distracted by Suzuka’s soft feeling, I focused on Mai that was starting to move closer to us. Just as planned. And like that—

Our weird date started.

Part 4:

“So, where are we going now?”

Having left the park behind us, I asked Suzuka. That’s because I have no clue what places we’re going to visit. Originally, I was the one that was supposed to put up a plan together for our date, since I was the main reason the whole situation came together. However, Suzuka mentioned that it would be better if she would decide on the places since that would create a more natural atmosphere, rather than simply acting out a scene. Like this, we would act more natural when certain incidents might happen.

The first time I listened to that reasoning, I thought “That’s really like Suzuka.”

“S-Since this is our long-awaited date, we have to make it a real one and not just acting!”

I really admire her enthusiasm, yeah.

“I have decided on a worthy place for our date after being troubled, trying to think of one. This is our first real date after all, so it should be a memorable place where we would be able to flirt all we want. It really was hard work.”

“I see…..Mhm? Memorable?”

“At first, I thought of something like an amusement park. Going on a Ferris wheel together would be the best situation for that after all. However, it seems like it might be impossible this time.”, she answered.

As she said so, Mai showed some sort of shocked expression, followed by a whistle. Of course, there was no sound of that whatsoever.

…..At least try to hide behind that light pole please…

“There’s also the possibility that Mai might lose us when we’re paying the entering fee for the amusement park.”

“Yeah, you’re right. And even if we were to ride the Ferris wheel, Mai wouldn’t be able to see us anyway.”

To my statement, Suzuka muttered “Ferris wheel…..such a shame.”

“So, what place did you chose in the end?”

“You should be able to see it now. Look, over there.”

Looking at where Suzuka was pointing, I saw a big shopping mall in front of the train station. It was only recently built as well, being one of those combined business institutions.

I see. We can go shopping there, eat something while taking a break and go around in a couple-like atmosphere.

“It might not be the best choice there is but I couldn’t help it this time. However, if it’s that place, I can be as flirty as I want with Onii-chan….!”, she says while her grip on my hand strengthens a bit.

“……You’re right. Let’s finish this today.”

“I’ve been thinking that I didn’t mind if we were to stay this close though……”


“N-Never mind! Let’s hurry up! The first thing to do is shopping!”

Just as she said, the first thing we were facing was a long line of little shops. Knowing beforehand that there would be shopping event in any way, I merely nodded in agreement.

Accessories and other small things, normal and western clothes and also miscellaneous goods paired with furniture. A perfect place to execute our operation.

“W-We will go into that store.”

However, I froze up at the shop that Suzuka was pointing at with her finger.

“An underwear shop for women….? D-Don’t tell me…. we’re going to go in there?!”

“Y-Yes. I will say this beforehand but my selection is solely based upon the best result for our operation. At first, I thought of just going for western-clothes but the flirty impact with that might not be enough to convince Himuro-san after all. On the other hand, if we were to go to an underwear shop, the appeal of you being a little sister lover would be transmitted way stronger! I-I mean, you get to decide the underwear for your little sister!”

S-She might be right about that but I was a bit hesitant, confronted with such a out of the ordinary choice.

……We never talked about something like this?!

Before I could voice my doubts though, I heard the voice of Mai from behind me.

“Mhm? This seems weird….Yuu’s face seems to stiffen up?”

…..R-Right. I can’t be such a coward now. We are in the middle of our date operation!

“I-I got it. With this, our appeal would be much greater than just with normal clothes!”

“S-Since this is a date, deciding on the underwear of the partner is only natural! That being said, let us hurry up!”

Being pulled after Suzuka, we entered the shop. The eyes of the employees and other guests were fixated on us but I couldn’t be bothered with that now.

“….So, what should I do?”

“N-Nothing special. Onii-chan only has to decide on underwear that might fit me. That would be plenty flirty.”

I understand. “Something like this might fit you pretty well, don’t you think?” or “Eh, that’s no good!” or “Wow, that’s really cute!” like phrases would give off a good appeal.

—-The problem is, doing it with underwear is one thing but….

“Yuu is going to decide on the underwear that Suzuka-san has to wear? A fiend through and through…”

Mai is also keeping her eyes on us…. So since we’re here already, I got to pull through.

“Mhm, stuff that might fit Suzuka…..Uhm….”

Being confronted with all these different variations on colors, shapes and types, my head was starting to hurt.

Since this is the first time for me, I had no idea what to choose…

“H-How about this one?”

Deciding on one pair of panties, I handed it towards Suzuka.

“L-Let me see?! ……Eh?”

When she turned her view on the panties, her body started trembling. The panties I chose were plain and white. However, the one thing that made it special was the face of a cute bear printed onto it.

“W-What is this? What do you mean with that…..Onii-chan?”

“Eh? It gives off a wholesome cuteness and I thought that they might fit you pretty well…?”

“They are clearly made for little children! I graduated from these after entering middle-school!”

Ah, now that she says it….

“Saying that this might fit me…..so you really think of me as just a kid….!”

“No you’re misunderstanding! I didn’t mean it like this!”

“…..? What happened? It seems like the atmosphere changed around them…..?”

Seeming to realize that we were close to breaking out in a dispute, Mai voiced her surprise again, which entered Suzuka’s ears as well.

“Woooow, they are so cute! I wanted you to chose something like this!”, Suzuka tried to smooth over.

However, as she said so to me, her face wasn’t smiling at all and she muttered “Repeat it!” under her breath.

“I’m happy to hear that! But, there might be something even better for you, right?”

Connecting the conversation, I gave in to the pressure Suzuka was emitting.

…..T-Thinking about it, the bear panties really were a bit too childish. It seems like I got too confused with all of this. Got to think calmly.

“Think calmly…..”, I continuously whispered as I was searching for another pair that might fit her.


“Oh? H-How about this one?”

The next pair I chose was striped with white and pink— the so-called shimapan.

“This one is a bit better but why exactly this one?”

“You were wearing similar ones that one time we were doing the research on panchira, right? They were fitting you that time so—”

However, I hurriedly closed my mouth.

“O-Onii-chan….! You still remember that time….!”

“N-No! It’s not like that!”

T-This is bad…..! Not to mention the act, even remembering the type of panties makes me too much of a pervert doesn’t it?!

“I-It’s fine, isn’t it?! Forming this into an appeal of [Isn’t the type of panties that you always wear just fine?] makes it even better, don’t you think?!”

“No I really think that we should think of something different, Suzuka-san?!”

Trying to get away from the shimapan topic, I once more turned back to the panties in front of me.

Of course, the appeal of that might actually work out pretty good but I don’t feel like my soul would keep up with that. No other choice but to change the topic!

“A-Aren’t these ones a pretty good fit as well?!”

Without even making sure what I was grabbing, I took another pair and showed them to Suzuka. As I did…..

“S-So Onii-chan really like the more adult-like panties?!”

“Eh? Adult-like…?”

I turned my head to look at the panties in my hands.

They were black, very small and almost see-through.

“Ah! No, you’re wrong! I took the wrong ones!”

“….No, it makes sense. It is Onii-chan after all. Panties like these would fit Himuro-san or Double Peace-sensei much better…..But, they really are lewd…..”

Seemingly not listening to my excuses, Suzuka keeps on looking at the panties.

At that time, I heard the words of Mai again behind my back.

“What are they doing, I wonder? The atmosphere suddenly changed?”

These words woke me up and reminded me of our original goal of coming here in the first place.

“W-Well, sometimes it’s fine to go a little bit further beyond, right? They would really fit you. Yeah.”

Although I tried my best to be all flirty will her, recommending such erotic panties to my middle school little sister is really a fiendish act, right?

Instead of answering me, Suzuka was just standing there with flushed cheeks. She then continues to line up all the previous panties and asks me:

“So, which one of these does Onii-chan like the most?”

Of course, finally deciding on a pair is the perfect scene for making us look like we’re flirting but….

I really upset Suzuka with the bear panties….The shimapan would be a safe choice but that would hurt my honor and the black erotic ones are still too early for Suzuka.

—-Isn’t every possible choice going to end bad for me?!


In front of me was the face of Suzuka that had an expectant expression.

Behind me was the gaze of Mai that felt like she was saying “What are they doing?”

No choice but to chose something now….

Shutting my eyes and saying “This one!”, I reached out with my hand. In that moment, I felt an ominous feeling next to me.

“S-So Onii-chan really is an ero-devil after all….”

The panties that I had in my hand were the erotic black ones, explaining why Suzuka was glaring at me with flushed cheeks just like before.

….Shit! Of course it had to be these! But, never mind that!

“Well, since it’s you we’re talking about, I thought that the more adult-like ones would fit you much better!”

“I-I see. Onii-chan really is pervert. But….if you say they fit me…”

“Of course! They perfectly fit you! I can guarantee that! There’s no problem if you’re still a middle school student! That’s why…. uhm….take these!”

While raising my voice to make the appeal even more clear, I felt like crying deep within my heart.

Shit….Even if you think of me as a fiendish perverted big brother, it’s fine if this clears up the doubts that Mai has! Don’t falter, me!

Turning around to look at Mai’s reaction, I saw that she was shaking her head like she was agreeing to something while taking notes in her notebook. Was my appeal a success?! Then, time to finish this!

“Since I am your big brother as well, I would really like to see you wearing them sometime—”

“U-Uhm, excuse me. You are bothering the other guests so I kindly ask you to leave.”

At that point, a shop employee come to us and threw me out of the shop.

…Thinking about it calmly, that was a logical decision, huh. Saying such stuff out loud in a shop for women makes me look like a degenerate. It might’ve even been at the level where they could’ve called the police…..

Contemplating about that incident, I saw Suzuka coming out of the shop. However, she just passes me without saying a single word, her face being as red as a tomato.


“Please wait here for a moment……I will go to the toilet to calm myself down.”

I-I see. Well, it must’ve been really embarrassing for you right? Makes sense….

Waiting for a short while, Suzuka comes back, still as red as before and takes my arm without saying anything again, maybe because she still was irritated.

….I gave it my best just now….but was that enough to make our operation a success? I was about to turn around to check for some sort of reaction but….

“Of course it is a failure. You were trying to hard for that appeal so there’s no way that Himuro-san would be satisfied with something like this.”

Yeah figures…..

Leaving the underwear ship behind us, we made our way to our next event destination. Still having a strong grip on my arm, Suzuka whispers “Please pull yourself together for the next one.”

“…..Well, can’t be changed now, I guess. We just have to give it our all for the next occasion. Let’s show her how flirty we can be.”

“You’re right. Time for a recovery.”

As soon as she finished her words, we arrived at a row of food shops and stands. Various shops were lined up next to each other and in the middle was a wide open area. There were also a lot of other couples walking around so we won’t stand out here if we were to be flirting.

“Since we came here, it’s got to be that right?”

Just to make sure, I checked the content of our next event.

“Yes, you can’t have a date without eating something together. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time—-No, never mind that! This is the standard [Feed each other] event that is necessary for dates, making it the perfect change to appeal to Himuro-san!”

“Understood. Since this is our first time, how about we pick something that is easy to feed to someone else, right?”

Mhm, something easy…huh? That is…

“Uhm, Suzuka, how about some ice-cream from that store over there?”

“Ah….Yeah….Being fed with ice-cream from Onii-chan…..”

“Alrigh, I’ll buy some then. What flavor do you want?”

“Ah… I would like chocolate then.”

“OK. I’ll get some vanilla then.”

Buying two portions of ice-cream, I sat down on a bench next to Suzuka.”


Preparations clear. Looking at my portion, I thought about our following actions. Just like Suzuka said before, I have to make an appeal this time so adding the phrase “Say Ahh” is a must. But, how will I find out the timing for that?

“Hey, Suzuka?”


Raising my voice, Suzuka let out a weird voice.

“W-What happened?”

“N-N-N-Nothing at all! Thinking about feeding each other…..with Onii-chan made me nervous…”

“I-I see. I’m sure that you’re uncomfortable but this is a do-or-die situation. I’m giving it my best as well.”

“Y-Yes. So…for now, I will start eating the ice-cream…”, she said and started licking her portion.

For now, I’ll follow her actions…..Yeah, it’s sweet and delicious.


I could clearly feel the intense stare of Mai, which was still following us.

Alright, now’s the time. Making sure that Mai can hear me, I raised the volume of my voice.

“Hey, Suzuka. Would you mind if I got a taste of your chocolate ice-cream?”

“N-No it’s totally fine! W-W-W-W-W-Would it be fine if I got a taste of yours as well?”

“Ah, yeah of course. I’ll take some then”

“O-O-O-O-Okay. T-Then… say a-ahhhh”

Suzuka reaches out with her hand while saying the phrase that was necessary in this situation. The ice-cream wasn’t in the original state anymore, indicating that she already took a bite from it.

…..Isn’t this….a so called indirect ki—–hey, what am I thinking about?! Put yourself together me! This is for our operation! For our appeal!


I took a bite from her ice-cream as well.

A-Alright! I don’t care about the embarrassment or the taste! I manged to pull through this time!

“Y-Yeah, very delicious. Now, it’s Suzuka’s turn. Here, say ahh”

I reached out with my ice-cream in hand towards Suzuka.


However, Suzuka’s face has gotten red like never before and it looked like she was close to crying.

“W-What happened, Suzuka? Everything okay?”

“Onii-chan’s ice-cream……….! Onii-chan’s ice-cream……!”

Is she really fine, I wonder?! I was still concerned about her when I heard Mai’s voice.

“Hm? It looked like they had a nice atmosphere but isn’t Suzuka going to do it as well?”

It seems like her voice also entered the ears of Suzuka as she straightened her body once more and said:

“I-I will do it. If I don’t do it now, when will I…! Ah but…. an indirect kiss with Onii-chan! Indirect….!”, she muttered with a small voice.

She looked at me with earnest eyes.

“H-Here I go then…! A-Ahhh….!”

She seemed to have made up her mind but…she didn’t open her mouth enough and the distance between us was to big to feed her.

“M-My body won’t move how I want it to because of my tension….”

“Ehm…should I come closer then?”

“I-It’s okay. Just…give me some time please…. And, would you mind if you held onto this for a moment…”

As she said so, she handed me her ice-cream and repeatedly took deep breaths.

“D-Do your best, me…..A chance like this might never come again….! Going on a date with Onii-chan….feeding each other and an indirect kiss….!”

“U-Uhm if you don’t hurry up….the ice-cream will…”

“I-I am well aware of that! T-This time for sure….!”, she says, trying for a second time.

She was looking at me full of vigor but it looks like she can’t do it in the end. When I thought that she would take the one lick, she immediately pulls back with flushed cheeks, forcing me hold out my hand over and over, making me feel like I was in some sort of tease-play.

Continuing like that for some time, the expected result happened.


“Ah….! N-No!?”

The melted ice cream cruelly dropped on the floor.

“The indirect kiss with Onii-chan…!”

Just when I thought what she was about to do, she reached out with her hand for the ice-cream until I hurriedly stopped it.

“W-What are you doing?!”

“D-Don’t stop me, please! Have you never heard of the three-seconds rule?!”

“That’s not the point! It doesn’t matter now that it had melted anyway!”

In that moment, Suzuka’s chocolate ice-cream met the same fate.



I took out a pocket tissue and cleaned up the floor, throwing the tissue away in a garbage bin after I was finished.

“Uhhh…… Why am I always always like this….at an important time like this…”

When I returned to the bench, Suzuka was seriously depressed. It even seemed like an aura was building up around her. Feels like the atmosphere around her is affected by her mood…..

“D-Don’t be so down on yourself….You gave it your best, right?”

“No, I am disgusted at myself….”

“No worries, I messed up as well. The failure is on the both of us. And thinking about it, it was fine since I was the doing it, remember? We just have to show that to Mai after all.”

“N-No, if we both don’t succeed, we can’t call this a true date!”

Really, your sense of responsibility is something else….

“Also, we don’t know if we convinced Himuro-san with that yet.”

I slowly turned around to look at Mai. She was writing something in her research notes but it was unclear if it was positive for us or not.

With all our troubles thus far, I seriously hope that she is finally convinced. That would take a big burden of Suzuka’s shoulders and mine.

“I-It’s no good. At this rate, we will fail!”

As I was lost in my thoughts, Suzuka suddenly stood up.

“W-Woah?! W-What’s with you?!”

“Onii-chan, let’s go to the next one! Even though the goal was to be all flirty with Onii-chan, I haven’t managed to do it once yet! I won’t let it end like this! I have to be all lovey-dovey with you or else…..!”

“D-Don’t push yourself too far, okay? With our last event, we might have even convinced her after all.”

“No, that isn’t the problem! We both made mistakes, you know?! Only if we both work together and flirt with each other, then our mission will be a success!”

……She’s right. My little sister is someone with a strong sense of responsibility and a ideologist.

And also, not wanting it to end like this is the correct answer here. We don’t know if we cleared up Mai’s doubts yet and giving in won’t change anything.

“Sorry. I was wrong. Let’s finish this with our next event and satisfy Mai, alright?”

“That’s my Onii-chan! Let’s flirt to our hearts content!”

Going “With that being said!”, Suzuka took my arm once more and started walking.

“H-Hey, Suzuka?! Where are you going now?”

As I asked her, she merely answered with “Isn’t that self-explanatory?” and continues.

“The place where I can be as flirty with Onii-chan as I want!”

As a result, we went to a game center in the shopping mall.

“Since we came here, that means that now it’s the [Play together]-part of the date, right?”

Originally, we thought of three essential parts to our date: Shopping – Eating – Have fun together. However, I didn’t imagine Suzuka to chose a game center for the last one.

“That’s right. There’s something I wanted to do here.”

Suzuka wants to play a game….? is what I thought of at that moment but Suzuka pointed to something completely different.

“Ahh, a photo booth? I see.”

“It’s a machine where couples often take photos together, right?”

“Photos huh….good idea.”

“Fufufufufu, ever since I have known of their existence, I always wanted to take a photo with Onii-chan….I can’t let this chance slip away!”, she said as she strengthened her grip on my hand.

S-Somehow, it feels like her enthusiasm has gotten even higher?

“Ehm, so we have to stand in front of the machine and close the curtains, right?”

“Wait a second? It just came to my mind but if we close the curtains, Mai won’t be able to see us being all flirty, you know?”

“We just have to talk like we were flirting with each other loudly enough for Mai to hear it!

“R-Really?! Sure, such an atmosphere would be recognizable from the outside but….”

“Rather than that, how do you use this machine?”

Having never been in a game center before, she sure was lost on a lots of things. Using a photo booth is a first for me as well but I’m familiar with the handling of one.

“Stand here. You will be on that screen there, you see? After deciding on a pose, you just have to press that button and it will take a picture. It’s like a photo for your identity card or something like that.”

“What is this pattern that goes around the screen?”

“Ah, that’s the frame. There’s a great variety of them so you can choose whichever you want.”

There really are a lot that are shown here. A simple white one, cats and dogs and other animals, stars, falling snow, game characters and so on. Since this is a date, we really have to pick this one.

“How about the one with the hearts? It’s perfect for couples and it perfectly fits for our plan, I think.”

“J-Just what I would expect from Onii-chan! You really know a lot. Please take that one then.”

Hehe, I am taking this operation very serious after all.

“Ehe, ehehehe…..If I were to show this to Himuro-san, she will have to admit defeat! Ehehehe…..”

“Yeah, with this, she has to believe me that I love little sisters and—– …..Huh? Defeat?”

“H-H-H-H-Hurry up and take the picture please!”

“A-Alright alright”

Being urged by Suzuka, I put in all the settings….. Alright.

“I’ll take it now, okay?”

“W-Wait a moment, please.”

However, I was about to press the button when Suzuka suddenly stopped my hand.

“Just now, Onii-chan was talking about deciding on a pose, right? I think we have to decide on one that really shows our lovey-dovey atmosphere, right?”

Oh…now that she says that, it really makes sense.

“E-Ehm…. Then in this case….”

After hesitating for a moment, I put my arm around her shoulders.


“S-Sorry! This is a very basic thing to look all lovey-dovey though!”

“I apologize. It’s not that. I was just surprised that’s all. And I think that this is still lacking!”

“Eh? Lacking….?”

“N-Not just the shoulders but….my whole body….”

“Whole body, you say? That would mean that I would be giving you a hug…don’t tell me, you want me to do that?”

“I-If we want to look all flirty….something like this is a must-do!”

Even though her cheeks were flushed red from the embarrassment, she looked at me with serious eyes.

“I-I got it. You’re right. Something like this is a basic thing to show that I love little sisters!”

“Y-Yes! It’s obvious!”

“Makes sense” – “Yes, it does.”

“Ahahaha”,we laughed awkwardly.

“T-Then, I’ll do it now….”

“P-P-P-P-Please do!”

She was faintly shaking as I slowly pulled her closer to me. Finally, I wrapped my arms around her small body. A nice smell. N-No! She’s really soft. That might be true but no! I was confused.

What exactly am I doing? I’m hugging my little sister. I see—


“A-A-A-A-Are you okay, Suzuka?!”

This is bad. I don’t really know what happened but my brain cells melted there.

“Onii-chan……Onii-chan?……Ehe, ehehehhehehehe……”

It seems like it’s the same for Suzuka?! But this is the perfect lovey-dovey scene, no mistaking it!

Look at us Mai! Burn this into your eyes! Realize that I really love little sisters!

……………..No no no no! She can’t see us through the curtain?! Then what should I do?!

R-Right! This is a photo booth! A certification photo!

I started reaching out with my hand towards the button…..however…

“Ehe, eheheh, ehe?”

I only moved a little bit but it looked like Suzuka might collapse at any moment. It seems like all strength left her body and she was about to fall back with a smile on her face.

“Ah, that was risky…..and….woah?!”

While holding up Suzuka, I lost my balance for an instant.


That was close. I barely managed to get my arm between the ground and Suzuka.

However, as a result of that, I realized that I was looking at her from above, making it look like I was holding her down.

“….Eh? Onii-chan….? Eh? Eh?!”

After a few seconds, it seemed like Suzuka realized the situation we both were in at the moment. She started shaking as she look up to me with a red face. I was trying to pull back but my gaze was glued to a certain spot. In that moment….

“O-Onii-chan…? What are you…..Kyaaaa?!”

Suzuka’s skirt was lifted up where she was lying, making her panties very visible to me.

I-It’s not like I am captivated by her panties though?! I was looking at her panties before when we did the panchira research so there’s nothing special about it okay?! Still…you know. The circumstances now are a little bit different….

Y-You….why are you wearing these black erotic panties?! Thinking about it, they are the ones that I chose in that underwear shop, right?!

“H-H-H-How long are you planning on staring, Onii-chan you idiot!”

She fixed her skirt in panic when she screamed that. Hurriedly standing up, I asked her.

“Y-You…..why are you….”

“Asking me something like this so calmly…..Onii-chan, you’re the worst!”

“No you’re wrong! This is a misunderstanding! It was an accident! I was trying to help you! It’s not like I was interested in your panties or anything! Still, they are a bit….”

These aren’t things that a pure 3rd year middle-school student should be wearing, you know?!

“Y-You’re wrong! It’s not because Onii-chan told me that they would fit me or anything! This is…for our operation!”

“O-Operation?! Why for something like that?!”

“O-Our goal for this date is to be lovey-dovey after all. I thought that it would help if I bought the underwear that Onii-chan specifically chose for me! That’s why I bought them at the store and changed into them when I was in the toilet.”

Now that I think about it, you went to the toilet…..for something like this….?

“I was just mentally preparing myself. It’s not like I was hoping for a situation where Onii-chan would be able to see them or anything!”

I-I see. So basically, she was trying to set the mood for herself….

I don’t really know why but I feel really relieved. There’s no way that she would wear them on a normal occasion. Such strange….and erotic ones…..

“…..Onii-chan? What are you thinking about?”

Being called back to reality by Suzuka’s freezing voice, I suddenly stiffened up.

“O-Onii-chan really is a pervert…..!”

“Y-You’re wrong?! It’s not what you’re thinking!”

I was trying to erase the scene from before from my memories. However, no matter how much I try to erase it, it gets carved into them even more……..doesn’t this really make me a pervert after all?!


“S-Sorry Suzuka! I’ll definitely forget it so please forgive me!”

“I-It’s not like that. Well, I wish you would forget about it but…I’m sorry.”, she said while lowering her head. “I-I remember now. Because Onii-chan was hugging me, I got so happy—-No! I got so nervous and you saved me when I collapsed, right? And I even called you an idiot….”

“N-No, it’s my fault for seeing your panties….Let’s both just forget about it!”

We were both nodding to each other with flushed cheeks. What were we doing again?

“Ah! The photo! What about the photo?!”

I remember. As I checked for it…

“Ah, it already took one. Seems like I happened to press the button by accident.”

As I explained the circumstances to her, I realized that there was a print-out button. As expected, the inside of the heart-themed frame was empty. Is this a photo of a ghost or what?

“I-It can’t be…. The first photo together with Onii-chan….something like this…”, she was while trembling. “O-Onii-chan. Let’s take one more! This time, we will take a good one and—”

But, at that time, a heard the voice from Mai from beyond the curtain.

“I heard a scream just now but what might you two be doing…? D-Don’t tell me….Yuu is attacking Suzuka-san…? Is that it?! Should I report this to the police….?!”

T-This is bad….! I have to talk my way out of this!

“N-Noooo, we were taking a lovey-dovey photo! How about we leave now, Suzuka?”

As I said so with a loud voice, Mai said “I-I have to hide!” and it seemed like she was running away.

“Now’s our chance! Come, Suzuka!”

“B-But….my commemoration photo of our date….!”

“At this rate, our operation will fail! We have to hurry!”

Taking the hand of Suzuka, we passed through the curtain.

“Ah………why did it have to turn out like this…..Even though I have to be all lovey-dovey with Onii-chan….”

“No, I really think that you gave it your best just now…. Seems like it worked on Mai after all.”

It worked almost so good that I was almost labeled a criminal.

“I don’t care about Himuro-san anymore! It’s finally our first date together but we didn’t manage to flirt with each other at all, right?! Something like this…..”, she muttered with tears in her eyes. “I don’t want it to end like this! Onii-chan! Let’s keep going! The next one will work for sure!”

“Huh? The next one? I thought that our operation would end here?!”

“Our operation isn’t over until we were flirting with each other!”

As she said so, she once took my arm once more and pulled me with her.

“C-Calm down! Where are we even going now?!”

“T-The ultimate place to gather flirting experiences!”

Even though she didn’t really explain anything, I was pulled along by her enthusiasm and decided to keep quiet and go with her.

“There is no other tool that makes it easier to flirt with each other!”

Her cheeks being slightly red, she pointed at that ting in front of us.

After what happened before, Suzuka pulled me with her to a certain cafe inside the shopping center. Having ordered what she wanted, it was currently standing in front of us on the table we were sitting at.

One glass, two straws. In the truest sense, a drink for couples.

“T-That makes it easy to understand, alright. Rather, almost too easy…..”

If we were to drink something like this together, we’re basically declaring to our surroundings just how lovey-dovey we are. Although this is the best item we could’ve asked for, really drinking it is a bit…..and even with my little sister….

“I’m surprised that you knew of a shop that had something like this.”

“I-I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I didn’t have any experience with that before.”

“I see. I’m sure that if we were to do something with so much impact, we’ll eradicate the last bit of doubt that Mai might still have.”

“E-Exactly. This time for sure, let’s flirt with each other!”

Suzuka muttered “It’s fine as long as I calm down…..” with a small voice.

“….Then, let’s start, huh?”

“Y-Yes. I-I am in your care.”

Suzuka and I started drinking at the same time.

Who was the first person to think of doing this? Must’ve had a screw loose in their head— is what I thought, trying to hide my embarrassment and I somehow managed to pull through.

Although Suzuka’s expression seemed to be plagued by nervousness, she actually managed to pull through this time.

“Ehehe, we finally managed to be lovey-dovey…..”

Fazed with Suzuka’s cute smile, I couldn’t mutter anything besides “Y-Yeah.”

W-What is this weird feeling…. My heart is beating even more than when I was being fed by her or when I was hugging her…..? C-Calm down, me! The operation isn’t over yet, so stop thinking about that.

Oh right. What about Mai? Is she looking at us? With this, you have to finally be satisfied right?

Thinking that, I turned my eyes towards her. The last time I checked, she was in front of the fast food restaurant across from the cafe we were currently in, watching us. However, the scenery that entered my eyes made me forget about that weird feeling from before.

“Isn’t that…..?”

Just as I thought, there were to men, having a conversation with Mai. She seemed to be saying something like “Go somewhere else” with a bothered face, additionally waving with one hand as well. However, the two men merely smiled frivolously and kept on getting closer to her. They were clearly trying to pick her up.

“Wait here for a moment.”

Only saying these words to Suzuka, I left the cafe and walked towards Mai.

“Hey, hey, it’s fine right? It’s boring to be all alone, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, yeah, have some fun with us.”

“Like I said, I’m not interested. Leave me alone….”

Mai was trying her best to make them leave her alone but the two guys were merely smiling at that. The moment one guy was trying to land his hands on her shoulders, I stepped in.

“Sorry, I made you wait. Mai.”

“Eh? Y-Yuu?!”

Without answering her, I turned towards the two guys and said,

“Sorry about that guys but she’s with me.” while looking at them with a face that said “And get lost already.”

The two guys were a bit confused at my sudden appearance but they clicked their tongues and went their own ways again.

……Haaa, I’m glad that this was resolved without any trouble.

“Why are you here….”

Mai was opening her eyes in astonishment. Having a tear in her eye, she must’ve been scared right?

“Listen here….you have to be a little bit more cautious. You know that guys like these appear more frequently during the summer vacation, right?”

As I was lecturing her, she didn’t seem to listen at all and merely hurried to take her ribbon off her hair.

“I-I don’t you who you are but thank you very much!”

“….What? You…..what are you say—-?”

“To save a woman you have never seen before, you can really be proud of yourself. Just what I would expect from Yuu—–no, from a stranger like you!”

“What are you on about now?!”

Don’t tell me…is she trying to act like we don’t know each other so that we wouldn’t be suspicious of her?! And just changing your hairstyle a little bit won’t make it less obvious for me to recognize you?!

“W-Well then, I have some urgent business to attend to so….”

“Ah, Wait!”

Without giving me a chance to stop her, Mai was running away at the speed of light.

You know, aren’t you trying a little bit too hard here? We already knew that you were following us after all…..

Well, whatever, I decided to head back to the cafe but as soon as I turned around, I heard a familiar voice.

“What exactly does this mean?”

“Suzuka? Why did you come here, I told you to wait, right?”

Although she should’ve been waiting in the cafe, Suzuka was currently standing in front of me.

“I saw that Onii-chan was talking to Himuro-san after all. We didn’t even finish the drink……And also…..”

Before the situation went south even more, I explained the situation to Suzuka.

“…..I understand. What a good thing to do.”

“What happened? Your facial expression is still pretty dark…….”

“No…. Even if it couldn’t have been helped, you went to Himuro-san’s aid in the middle of our precious date…..So, you really do feel that way towards her….?”

I couldn’t hear everything she said because she was muttering something with a small voice but her face seemed to be very uncomfortable.

……Don’t tell me, is she mad because I showed myself in front of Mai while she was following us?

I couldn’t really help it this time though?

“A-Anyway, what should we do now? Mai probably isn’t around anymore.”

I was trying to change the topic but Suzuka merely answered “That’s right…”.

“Really, what’s wrong with her?” was what I wondered when it happened.

“Ah, if it isn’t Sensei and the Imouto-san, desu! I’m so happy, desu!”

“He? D-Double Peace-sensei?! Why are you here?!”

Just when I thought that I recognized that blonde-haired beauty, she already came walking towards us. Of course, it was our illustrator Ahegao Double Peace-sensei.

“Well, I came here to buy some things, desu. And I happened to see Sensei as I was walking around. What a coincidence!”

Coincidence one way or the other, her timing really is on a different level.

“By the way, why are Sensei and Imouto-san here? Ah, might this be a date?!”

“N-No! Y-You’re wrong?!”

In fact, it was a date but since Double Peace-sensei isn’t involved in all of this, there’s no need to tell her the truth.

“T-That’s right. This isn’t a date. We merely came here to buy some stuff.”

Maybe thinking the same as me, Suzuka joined in as well.

“I see, desu. Since we’re already here, how about we go shopping together?”

“N-No that’s a bit….there are some circumstances….”

We are in the middle of our operation after all and being all lovey-dovey in front of Double Peace-sensei is something I really wanted to avoid. And where the hell did Mai wander off to?

“Mu? Come on, desu~ It seems like Mai also came here so let’s all go together!”

“Eh? Y-You saw her?!”

“Yes. I saw her over there at the stairs, looking like she was close to crying, you know? I’ll bring her here, so wait a moment, desu.”

Just as she said that with a beaming smile, she walked away, only to return shortly after with Mai in tow.

“See! Since we’re all together here, let’s go, desu!”

While Double Peace-sensei seemed to be in a good mood, the same couldn’t be said for the rest of us. Mai didn’t even fix her hair yet….

However, even though her ribbon was still missing, her way of talking was the same as usual.

“To meet you all here, what a coincidence!”

Well….yeah, we didn’t exactly have any other chance but to go along with that….but how do I say it, you really are incompetent sometimes….

Part 5:

In the end, we all went shopping together without mentioning the date. Suzuka herself seemed to have acknowledged the fact that continuing our operation would be impossible.

So, did we manage to clear up the doubts of Mai in the end or not? While Suzuka and Double Peace-sensei were chatting about something, I started talking to Mai with a small voice.

“Hey, Mai. Are you still doubting me that I really am Towano Chikai?”

“What are you on about so suddenly?”

Maybe remembering the thing from before, her cheeks were slightly more red than a second ago.

“Well, it’s painfully clear that you really love little sisters….Ah, I saw that from time to time, so it’s not like I was tailing you guys or anything!”

“Thanks for that…..”

In my head I was screaming “Just as planned!” but I had to conceal my true feelings in front of her for now.

“But…..something is still missing….”

“What exactly?”

“It’s true that the Towano Chikai I have in mind really does love little sisters but it feels like Yuu is still hiding something. I don’t know what exactly that is but it gives me an uncomfortable feeling.”

After all we did, she still doesn’t trust me?!

“…..I know! D-Don’t tell me your love for little sisters is so big that you forced Suzuka-san to write a little sister moe novel while you were snickering behind her? If that’s the case, that would mean that Suzuka-san is Towano Chikai…..?”

“Wha-?! T-T-T-T-That’s just ridiculous!?”

No matter how much I try to cover it up, I almost collapsed because of her words.

Why is it that although her reasoning is wrong most of the time, she always arrives at the correct conclusions?! As always, she really only goes after her feelings and she looks at me while saying “You’re hiding something”. She really has me in the palm of her hand now.

If she was thinking something like that even before our date, why did we even have to go through all that trouble today?!

“O-Onii-chan? What are you talking about with Himuro-san?”

“Oho, your secret talk is really suspicious, desu!”

Maybe because we were whispering to each other, Suzuka looked at us with a doubtful expression.

For now, we shouldn’t be talking about that topic.

“N-No, it’s nothing. By the way, Double Peace-sensei said that she wanted to buy something but what exactly would that be?”

“A swimsuit, desu! Thinking about Summer, there has to be a swimsuit event after all! I came here to buy one for my research, desu! Wouldn’t that be useful for Sensei’s research as well?”

At that moment, Suzuka started to strengthen her grip on my clothes.

“Are swimsuit scenes in light novels that important?”

“A-Ah, yeah you could say that. It’s typical for that time of the year and it’s pretty useful as a fan-service scene after all, so it’s not an understatement to say that it is basically essential.”

“Exactly, desu! What good luck to meet Sensei here! I would really appreciate it if Sensei would pick out a swimsuit for me, desu!”

Double Peace-sensei suddenly said something like that out of the blue.

“Eh? Why would I have to?”

“Since there’s a high chance that a swimsuit scene will happen in Sensei’s novel as well, you have to put some research into that now! Additionally, I want to know the taste of Sensei regarding swimsuits.”

At that one phrase, both Suzuka and Mai showed a reaction.

“No, it’s not like I need that—”

“Like Double Peace-sensei said, this will surely turn out into a good research. That being said, I will join in as well. It’s my duty as a little sister.”


“Yuu’s taste in swimsuits?! I can’t ignore that, being his number one fan!”

“Hey, why are you suddenly so motivated?!”

“Fufufufu, alright, desu! Let’s make a competition on who will hit the taste of Sensei the best!”

“Alright!” where the answers of the girls, completely ignoring my own opinion.

……It feels like every time the three of them are gathered in the same place, stuff like this always happens…..

Part 5:

Currently, I am waiting in front of the dressing room in a swimsuit shop. Since my own opinion was completely rejected, I had no choice but to give up. At the very least, this will probably turn into a good research for Suzuka’s novel so I should cooperate with her, since I am her stand-in.

“Sensei, are you still there, desu?”

From beyond the curtains, I heard Double Peace-sensei’s voice.

In front of me were three stalls for people to try the clothes. From the left, it was Mai, Suzuka and then Double Peace-sensei.

“Fufufu, I will be the first one then, desu”

At that exact moment the curtains opened, I couldn’t hide my embarrassment and almost choked.

“Wha-, Wha-!”

“How is it, Sensei? I thought that Sensei might enjoy something like this, desu!”

Double Peace-sensei was striking a pose in front of me with a big smile on her face, wearing nothing less than a school swimsuit. The color was not blue like it was with normal ones but a clear white and on her chest area was written [Ahegao Double Peace].

“W-What’s up with that swimsuit?”

“W-Well, thinking about swimsuits, school swimsuits are a must, desu!”

“I’m not talking about that! Why do they have something like this in their shop?!”

“Fufufufu, I thought that something like this might happen, so I brought it with me beforehand, desu!”

That doesn’t explain anything though?! And what do you mean with something like this?! Why would you come to a swimsuit shop with a swimsuit?!

“Fufu, judging from your reaction, it seems like you really like this one, desu!”

Since the swimsuit was a pure white, it really emphasized Double Peace-sensei’s body line so I was really troubled on where to look.

“Well, since we are talking about Sensei here, it seems like I took the right fetish route, desu!”

“What do you mean by that?!”

While I was still busy retorting her strange statement, Mai suddenly raised her voice.

“Yuu! Now it’s my turn!”

The curtains opened in one motion, leaving me with a mere “Ugh….” as a reaction.

“Hehe! How’s this? Since I, your number one fan, chose that, I’m sure that I must’ve hit your liking, right?”

As always, she was puffing out her chest. However this time, that’s really bad, in a lot of meanings!

Although one could classify Mai’s clothes as a bikini, the size was way to small. The bikini was barely covering her chest area and you can almost see everything!

“Y-You-! W-What clothes are you–?!”

“I can’t help it! This is a competition after all! In light novels, swimsuits like this are often used after all…..And what clothes are you wearing?!”

Looking at Double Peace-sensei’s swimsuit, Mai clearly seemed irritated.

“What’s this?! Putting your name on that is totally unfair! I thought we would only use swimsuits from the shop here?! Cheating! You’re cheating!”

“No no, we never decided on a rule like this, desu? It was supposed to be a pure swimsuit contest after all, so this is totally fine, desu! Rather than that, aren’t you taking it a bit too far with that swimsuit, Mai?”

“I don’t want to hear that from you!”

“No, you both need to listen to your own words here….”, I muttered, trying to break up the conflict.

……Really, I was worried already when you were talking about a swimsuit competition but it’s really troubling me how far the both of you are taking this.

The only person missing was Suzuka but I really hoped that she won’t take the direction of the other two.

“It has gotten really noisy…did something happen?”

As soon as I thought about her, she raised her voice and opened the curtains, leaving the dressing room.

Seeing her appearance, I muttered “Eh?” without thinking. For some reason, Suzuka was also wearing a school swimsuit. In contrast to Double Peace-sensei’s hers was the normal blue color and without a name tag.

“Why are you wearing one as well….?”

“T-This is….Double Peace-sensei told me that Onii-chan would like something like this, so I couldn’t help it…..It is a competition after all….”

“I don’t really have a school swimsuit fetish or anything though?!”

It’s not like I dislike it though. If I had to choose, then of course I’d say that I like them!

Looking at Suzuka, fiddling with her hands and flushed cheeks, I suddenly felt that weird feeling from before again and I hurriedly averted my eyes. Ugh….is this the power of a school swimsuit?!

“Then, since everybody presented their choice, can you tell us which one fits your tastes the best?”, Mai said.

E-Even if you ask me to choose here….

Looking at it with a calm mind, not one of them was wearing a “normal” swimsuit. That being said, there was only one choice.

“From all of you, it’s Suzuka alright…….It’s cute after all…..”

“Eh?! It’s Suzuka-san’s victory again?! I even chose something that looks fine in public!”

“I wouldn’t really call this a swimsuit you could wear in front of other people though?!”

“You would be able to wear my cosplay in front of others though, desu?”

“No you can’t! And you even called it a cosplay just now!”

Mai seemed to be quite dissatisfied with the result.

Looking at the winner, Suzuka was…..

“Ehehe, ehehehehe”

She was fiddling with her own hair, her face as red as a tomato.

Part 6:

Well, like this, the swimsuit competition ended rather safely. After that, the three of them tested out a few other swimsuits and bought one in the end.

Thinking about it, I also bought one for me but I doubt that there will be a chance where I get to use it….

“Hm, we came here originally to test out swimsuits for our research but how about we go somewhere with our newly bought ones?”

It seemed like Double Peace-sensei was thinking the same thing as me.

“That’s right. A pool event or the like would probably turn into great research date for a light novel.”

“If we’re thinking about a research…we really have to go somewhere.”

“Yes, a pool might be a good idea, desu. However, since it’s summer right now, I really want to go to the sea! That would surely be an even better resource of data, desu!”

“Again, why are you so sure of that….”

It’s true that the sea was a good suggestion but there would be a lot of problems in regards to that.


I realized that Mai wasn’t saying anything for a while now.

……She even seems to be staring in my direction, what’s up with her?”

“Hey….you’re basically saying that it should be a place where we can play with our swimsuits, right?”

“Y-Yeah, why do you ask?”

Instead of answering me, she was merely muttering to herself:

“If we were together for a whole day, I would probably find out something about his secret…..”

I should’ve realized it at that point but her next words blew all my caution away.

“Then, how about coming to my holiday villa?”

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