Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 1 Chapter 3

Even so, it is still too early for my little sister to play eroge!

Part 1:

「That’s what I’ve been saying. If there’s no room to put in more fan-service scenes, at least give her the guts to go full naked. What about it? It’ll be a masterpiece, right? Fu, fufufu」

“I can’t really laugh about that though….“

This happened on a certain evening. I was in my room, talking on the phone for more or less an hour. My phone partner was Shinozaki-san from the editorial department. The reason for that was originally work related…..but every time in turns into a talk about the most random things….

“And what was that about the second volume? I thought we wanted to talk about that…..“

「What are you talking about? We will be discussing these things via email as always.」

“So why are you going so far as to call me! It’s never anything work related, you just keep blabbering about the things you want!“

「I can’t help it, can I? I don’t know why but when we’re texting each other, it seems like I’m talking to completely different person. You’re writing-style is so stiff and serious after all. The only method to gain more intimate is to talk via phone.」

Well……if she argues with that, I got no possible objection. In reality it’s not just a matter of [Seems like] but it really is a different person.

“But for an editor like Shinozaki-san, is there really a reason to create this much of an intimate relationship?“

「Hey hey, it really troubles me if you ask something like that. Of course, getting in contact with you this directly, I can look into the person you really are. It’s something like a duty for me to look over your state of mind.」

Hmmmm, so that’s what this is about. She’s a pro editor after all. Strangely, I can consent to that.

“And since you can look into my state of mind, from your standpoint, what exactly am I feeling right now?“

「I get it, you want me to show you my qualification as a pro editor. Hmpf, I see. You can’t hold back your sexual desire, right? I won’t say anything, so just let it all out. I’m sorry that I can’t help you anymore than this since we’re only talking on the phone right now. Since I don’t have any experience, it might get a bit dull, so I want you to forgive me.」

“You completely fail as a professional editor!!“

This is the worst. In many ways. Cutting the phone call, I lay down on my bed.

“Shit, again she stole so much time from me because of a useless phone call….“

Thinking that I’m already short on time, I raised myself up and headed towards my notebook. On the screen, around twenty pages of my manuscript were visible.

“…..this will get rejected anyway. So why do I care.“

Putting the manuscript in my [rejected] folder, I closed my writing software…..How many more will it take…? I’ve been continuing to write lights novels for three years now after all.

“But well….I get the reason why though….“

Suzuka’s novel comes to my mind….Every since I received the shock of her super interesting novel, I’m not satisfied with my own quality anymore. As long as I don’t get on par with the fun of her novel, I will surely never become a professional light novel author. Well….not knowing her secret is also a big part of why I’m so troubled right now.

“Onii-chan? Do you have time right now?“

Just as I thought about her, I can hear a knocking sound on my door, followed by the sight of Suzuka entering my room.

“Hm? It’s fine but what do you want at such a time?“

“Yes, well, I have a favor to ask of you.“

Since I became her stand-in, Suzuka would come into my room like that from time to time to ask me something. Of course, we don’t talk about anything besides light novels.

“Tomorrow, we have no school right? You don’t have any plans at the moment, do you Onii-chan?“

“Ah, nothing besides the usual no.“

“Then how about we go out together?“

“Go out? Where to?“

“No I don’t have any place I want to go to specifically. I just thought it would be nice to go out from time to time with you…just kidd-“

“Ah, so you mean something like a date then?“

I spoke out too soon. Going “I really did it now!“ in my head, I prepared for the worst.

“D-D-D-Date?! W-What are you even saying, Onii-chan?!“

“A-Ah, I’m sorry! You’re wrong! Being sleep-deprived almost every day now, my mind couldn’t keep up with my words!“

Suzuka glared at me with a red face while I tried to talk my way out of this situation. It’s true that I never had gotten on a date with a girl before…still we’re talking about my sister here! Get a grip, me!

“I-It’s not meant like a date. Don’t get any weird ideas. Since I wanted to put a scene where the siblings go out together in my second volume, I thought it’d be nice to collect some data on that!“

“Y-Yeah, that makes much more sense!“

That was way too close….It’d be nice if she wouldn’t be disgusted by me…

“If you say it like that, I have no reason to decline. And? Where to do you want to go?“

“Well, I’d like Onii-chan to take care of that.“

“M-Me?! Why?!“

“In the second volume, the big brother decides on place as well, after all.“

“E-Even if you suddenly say that….“

“I’m fine with whatever you choose. Still, I am hoping for a place where a relationship between a man and a woman can blossom….so a place without a lot of people around would be most desirable for me.“

“That’s a pretty high hurdle for me though?!“

No matter how I look at it, this is supposed to be a date, right?….Ah! That was close! This is all for the sake of her novel! Suzuka and I are only doing this to collect data, okay?!

“I-I don’t know any places like that, though?“

“Can’t help it then, I suppose. I don’t mind if it’s a place that you like…….For me, it’s fine as long as I can go out with Onii-chan after all…..“

“Hm? What was that?“

“…….I said that I wasn’t surprised that you wouldn’t know of any places like that.“

“You’re completely right but isn’t that a bit cruel to say?!“

Somehow, Suzuka seemed a bit disappointed when she said that…..Still, what to do. The only place I like that comes to my mind is that after all…. but since this is a research for light novels, isn’t it pretty fitting?

“I got it. Leave the place to me.“

“Thank you very much. Then tomorrow will be our date——-excuse me. Our research. I’m looking forward to working with you.“

With these words, she lowers her head to me. Was it just my imagination or did her face look faintly red with a happy smile just now? Maybe because she can collect data?

“Still, your deadline for the second volume is pretty close, isn’t it? Is it fine to collect data this close to it?“

“There’s no problem. I have decided on the plot and everything. Since I have my notes, I can still change small things on the spot.“

Oh yeah, I remember. She always seems to hold her notes close to her. She seems to have written a lot in there after winning the first-place but I never really saw or heard what she actually wrote in there. I thought that in there, I might find the secret to the fun of her novel….but since she refused my request with teary eyes, I couldn’t keep on investigating after all….Still, I’m curious.

“Well then, since I have to make preparations for tomorrow, I shall excuse myself for now.“

“Preparations, you say…It’s not like we’re going to a super fancy place you k—-“

Before I could finish my words, Suzuka already left my room.

“She seems really fired up for tomorrow. I’m sure that she wants to turn the second volume into a big hit a swell…..“

Thinking that I should pick up the pace for my own novel too, I laid down on my bed.

Looking at the ceiling, I wondered if I would be able to discover something about the fun of her novel tomorrow….but I realized something at that time.

“She said that she had to make preparations….might she be talking about preparing a lunchbox…?

Since I thought of treating Suzuka to something because I had some money from my job, I had to tell her clearly that we don’t need anything for lunch. I stood up from my bed and made my way towards her room. I knocked on the door, only to be greeted by silence.

“Huh? She’s not here? Heeey, Suzuka-?“

This time, I put more strength into knocking on the door. Still, the result remained the same…..Huh? Did she go down on the first floor?

“And this… She left the lights on. Can’t help it, I guess…“

Realizing that, I decided to turn them of and opened the door.

But, the next moment, I froze up at the ridiculous and unbelievable sight on front of me.

“…This is a bit too flashy isn’t it. Since Onii-chan’s clothes are always pretty simple, I would really stand out like that…..But this is a bit too plain isn’t it? I need something that fits the feeling of Onii-chan’s plain clothing.“


Standing in front of a mirror in her underwear, she keeps holding different pieces of clothing in front of her. Were there always so many clothes scattered in her room? There were so many pieces that almost no place to stand was left. Even on her bed, the amount was just too much.

“Yes, this might be good…but isn’t the skirt a bit short. Onii-chan even said that I shouldn’t wear skirts this short outside after all…..yeah, let’s pick a different one. I don’t like it when they’re this short anyway………?“

Ah, this is bad, our eyes met. After a few seconds pass, Suzuka starts shaking furiously….Not like I was any more calm than that. Finally, my body was starting to move. My entire existence was telling me that this would end bad if I wouldn’t run away.

“I-I’m going to take my l-leave here….“

Only getting out these words, I started my retreat. The reason for having my eyes fixated on Suzuka wasn’t because she was sitting there in her underwear, okay?


Suzuka absentmindedly sank onto the floor. Hugging the clothes she had in her arms, like she wanted to hide her body. As the shaking of her body grew stronger by the second, her face was the reddest I have ever seen.


“Onii-chan….you’re the worst!“

Confronted with these reasonable words, I cut the limiter of my own body and screamed with all my might.

“I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!“

I made my way to the door at full speed and ran towards the stairs.

What the hell am I doing?! Seriously, what am I doing here?!

“Even if it was an accident! Even if I didn’t do it purpose! Staring at my sister while she’s changing is something only a perverted, low-life big brother would dooooooooooooooooo!“

I bowed down countless times in my head while rushing down the stairs. However, in that instant, I certain string of thought came into my mind.

“She….really has an attractive body….Even if the breasts came a little bit short….“

As I muttered these words, I felt like my legs left the ground. Ah, this must be a divine punishement…..

Naturally, in that moment, I fell straight down the stairs.

Part 2

“W-We’re here! This is Akihabara!“

“I see.“

The next day, we arrived at Akihabara. Of course, the reason why Suzuka’s voice sounded so cold was as clear as day to me after what happened yesterday.

“….Uhm, are you still mad?“

“….If this is about yesterday, then no, I’m not.“

“I-I see. Then let’s immediately start with collecting data th-“

“But, there is one thing I’m curious about. Why exactly are we here?“

Suzuka said that with an extremely unpleasant expression while looking around Akihabara.

“Well, this place doesn’t seem to be a top spot where couples would go to build up a nice atmosphere.“

“That’s because this is a place for otaku after all.“

To be completely blunt, this place is the exact counterpart to these spots.


“T-that’s because you said that we could go to the places that I like after all…and I thought of this place for you….“

“What do you mean [for me]“?

“I mean, since this is about light novels, wouldn’t a place for otakus be perfect? But you don’t know much about that right? That’s why I decided that going to Akiba would be a good decision.“

(TLC: Akiba = Akihabara)


Ugh….her sigh hits really hard. Not to mention her stare. I guess going to Akihabara for a (sort-of) date was really a bad idea after all….

“Onii-chan really is Onii-chan after all….“

“Somehow…I’m sorry…Should we change the location after all?“

“No, it’s fine. You chose this because of me right? That’s why I’m fine with collecting data here in Akihabara.“, she said with a tone that indicated that she might’ve just given up.“And this is also because of the advice from Shinozaki-san….there are these doujins here after all.“

“Now that you say it, did she send a mail after that?“

“Yes. That’s why I look forward to collecting data on that. Please show me the places that otakus like Onii-chan often go to.“

“The places that I often go to….?“

“Yes, since Onii-chan is an otaku after all, this is perfect, don’t you think?“

“You’re not wrong…but I feel like we drifted away quite far from our original goal.“

“Whose fault do you think this is? And maybe this is for the best after all. This is a good chance to collect a lot of data on what Onii-chan normally does when I’m not around.“

“How is this going to be any useful for your second volume again?“

I turned around my head to retort her but Suzuka already entered her research mode and kept her memo notebook ready to start writing.

“Well then, let’s start our tour.“

“I-I got it. This is perfect, though. There is something I wanted to show you anyway.“

She asked “Something you wanted to show me?“ and we making our way to the center of the city.

“There are a lot of people, aren’t there.“, Suzuka said, seeming amazed.

Exactly like she said, on a day like this, the city is overflowing with people.

“Ah, you’re not really familiar with such a crowd of people right, so make sure that you don’t get separated, okay?“

As I started walking like that, Suzuka suddenly grabbed my hand.


“It would be bad to get separated, so I can’t help it. It’s a precautionary measure.“

Sounding slightly unwilling, the force on her hand said otherwise.

“Y-You’re right. That would be a problem.“

While wondering how many years it has been since we held hands like this, I put some more strength into mine. Of course, I didn’t mention the fact that my heart beat accelerated because of the soft feeling of her hand.

And that’s how the two of us started walking towards the places that I had decided upon. The first place was the bookstore I often visited in my spare time. From here, I bought most of my light novels that I brought home.

“Are all the books that are line up here light novels…?“, she said with an astonished sounding voice.

Of course, seeing it for the first time must be quite a sight. But, to the astonished Suzuka, I said “Look over there.“ and she turned her head.

“What is it? I-Is that….?“

Where I pointed was the specific light novel corner, where the best-selling novels where lined up. And of course, the novel that was lined up was….

“My novel?“

“Yeah, that’s right. Ah, look. Someone just bought a copy right now.“

We just witnessed a customer picking up her novel and bringing it to the cash register.

“As a writer, you should burn this scenery into your eyes. Ah, they’re already refilling the copies and enlarging the sell space of it. That’s how popular your novel is, you see?“

“By chance, was this what you wanted me to see…?“

Well, I didn’t really plan that far but I thought that since we’re here already, I wanted her to see this scenery. Since this is Suzuka we’re talking about, I wouldn’t imagine her coming here on her own.

“No, that must be wrong. There must be another reason behind that.“

“Why’d you assume that on your own?! And so self-confidently?!“

“I can already tell what you are thinking after all.“

S-Scary….Why can she read my heart like that?….

“Still, I really wanted to show you just how popular your novel is but-“

“Ha…no matter what, Onii-chan is always Onii-chan after all.“

She sighed again but her face somehow looked a bit happy.

“I understand. Thank you very much. To make sure that your efforts will not be wasted, I will give it my best for the second volume as well.“, she laughed.

Looking at her smiling face like that, which seemed cuter than normal, I could feel my cheeks getting a bit hot. Seems like her mood improved too, so it’s fine, I guess.

“Well then, let’s continue collecting data in Akihabara. Show me the next place, please.“

“I-I got it so don’t stress me like that…..But is this really helping your research? The places that I chose and everything?“

“It’s fine, okay? Don’t hold back on me.“

Since she said so, I showed her a lot of different places after that.

Part 3:

Our next stop was a doujin shop. The industry for doujin might be higher than for mangas but since I didn’t really dove into the deepness of them, I wasn’t all that familiar. Still, I would sometimes check out the doujins related to light novels. Suzuka wasn’t really familiar with doujin to begin with and that’s why it’s no wander that she was surprised by the sheer scale of the basics.

Other attractions that we went to were game shops, otaku meet-up shops and anime shops.

Of course, since she saw them all the first time, Suzuka enthusiastically took notes of it all.

“So Onii-chan visits all these places when he comes to Akihabara.“

“That might be true…but I feel like my privacy is getting exposed here…..“

“No, that is certainly not the case.“

Suddenly, my phone started ringing out of the blue. I looked at the name of the caller.

“Huh? Who is calling me……oh it’s Mai“

As I blurted out that name, I could’ve sworn that the strength of Suzuka’s grip on my hand grew stronger.

“Hello? I’m sorry but at the moment I’m in Akiba, so I would appreciate if you would call me again lat-“

「What?! Why didn’t you invite me then?! I just thought of continuing my research since we don’t have school today, so I called you!」

Because she started screaming like that, I quickly put the phone away from my ear.

“Even if you say that, there’s no way I could’ve known your plans, so I can’t help it, can I?!“

「Plans you say…. if it’s for the sake of collecting data, I have all the time I want. If you wished for it, I’d even travel the world with you for a week or two. That’s why, you can always invite me for anything, okay?!」

Normally, one would be super happy to be told something like that from the beautiful Mai but knowing that this involves stalker activities really destroys my immersion!

「Ah, forget it! I should’ve paid more attention to your activities and plans after all! Oh yeah, on top of your closet is a little bit of space right? I’ll set up a live-camera there! That’s how I’ll be able to keep your life in check even better!」

“Am I some kind of wild animal or what?! And while we’re at it, change something about your stalker thinking style already! Also, it would be fine if you’d just come to Akiba right now, isn’t it?! We don’t have any definite plans right now anyway so-“

But, at that moment Suzuka snatched away the phone in my hand and immediately cut the call.

“Hey! What are you doing, Suzuka?!“

“That’s what I’m supposed to say. We’re finally together on our date———-my mistake, on a research for light novels right now, so why are you calling Himuro-san over?“

“W-Well, that might be true…but suddenly cutting the call is a bit….“

“It’s not like she had any urgent business, right? You will see her at school anyways. It’s fine if she doesn’t come here.“, Suzuka said while seeming a bit pissed off.

She then put my phone into her bag.

“Well then, let’s continue.“

“Uhm, what about my phone….?“

“Since you don’t need it right now, I will hold onto it.“

Feeling that any resistance would be futile, I gave up on protesting. I will probably never hear the end of this when I see Mai again at school…….

“Onii-chan, don’t sigh like that and continue to show me around, please.“

“I get it already….But even if you say that, I’ve ran out of ideas of places to show you…“, I said as I checked the time on my watch.

“…..Oh it’s already noon, huh? Shall we eat something for now?“

“Yes. But is it fine that I didn’t prepare any bentou?“

It would be weird to bring a bentou when going to Akihabara. Thinking that, I brought Suzuka with me to a certain place. Coming to Akiba and thinking about food, there’s only one place.

Part 4:

“Welcome back, Mister! Madam!“

Opening the door, we were greeted by a group of smiling maids, waiting at the reception. Of course, the place we went to was a maid cafe. Coming to Akiba to learn more about otaku culture and not visiting one of these would be a waste after all.

“What’s up with this establishment….“

After being led to our seats, Suzuka seemed really lost while looking around.

“Onii-chan….is this perhaps one of these rumored sex establishments?“

“Wa-?! What an extreme thing to say!“

I wonder if that Maid-san that just passed us heard that…? I gave her a warning in a small voice.

“This is just a normal restaurant. The employees wear maid clothes only as an extra part of entertainment.“

“I don’t understand the reason for that one bit. Say it in words that I can understand please.“

“Listen, okay? Maids are pretty popular in the otaku culture, you know? But it’s pretty difficult to meet them in actual real life, you see. Born from that problem was the system of a maid cafe. Since the waitresses wear maid costumes, it became easy for us to meet maids in real life.“

“But…why do the clothes have to be so frilly and the skirts so short?“

“Well, that’s because they are maids after all?“

“I don’t think that maids wear these clothes in reality though.“

“Did you ever see a maid in real life?“

“At school, we sometimes see someone’s maid when they came to pick that student up.“

R-Really now. Well, it is a prestige Ojou-sama school after all….

“The feeling those maids give off are more noble…and the skirts are longer as well..“

“Ah, well yeah, they are the real thing after all. The maids in this restaurant are more trained to satisfy the desires of the otakus, you could say….“

“I see, they get happy being served here. So this means that Onii-chan also gets happy being here, served by all these maids.“

“Why are you using me as an example in this case?!“

“Now that we’re at it, It seems like Onii-chan grew quite accustomed to this store. Is it right to think that you often visit maid cafe in your spare time?“

“Well, i do come here from time to time to take a break and relax. It’s like wanting to feel the otaku air on your skin….kind of. But, don’t get any wrong ideas. It’s not like I specifically like maids or anyth-“

“So you don’t like them, then?“

Being faced with that question from Suzuka, I gulped without answering any words. If I had to chose between the two, of course I’d say that I like them. The maid attribute is really nice after all….

Now that I think about, in my novels there are a lot of maid characters, aren’t there?

“So you really like them after all? You visit this place because of the girls that wear maid clothes, after all. It really explains the reason why Himuro-san calls you a ero-monster.“

“T-That’s a misunderstanding! I don’t have an obscene aim like that!“

“Then I will call you an ero-devil.“

“Don’t move me up a rank!!!“

“Really….Onii-chan is always like this…“

Suzuka looks at me with her nonchalant eyes as she mutters her usual complains but still takes some notes in her memo notebook…

Using this a a sort of reference is fine and all but why do you have to put it like this…?

“Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama, have you decided on what you want to order already?“

Coming to us with a perfect timing, a maid asked us for our order. For now, I’ll order something as our lunch. Since Suzuka wasn’t all that familiar with maid cafe menus, I decided to order for the both of us.

“This otaku culture really surprises me very time. It’s really weird that, even though it isn’t the real thing, they get so happy because of these clothes. It really is miraculous.“

After having ordered, Suzuka muttered these words while looking after the maid.

“The special attribute that is the most easily displayed is the outer appearance after all. Taking on these clothes is the easiest way to [become] a maid. This is also the reason for doing cosplay.“


Well, since I didn’t expect her to know that, I immediately started to explain.

“So there’s also something like that. Do you like cosplay as well, Onii-chan?“

“Asking if I like it…. well if I like it, naturally I look at it. Especially, if it’s cute and such things.“

“I see…Onii-chan likes girls that cosplay….yup“

“Like I said, is there a reason to make a memo on something like that…?“

And it’s not like I really admire it but I certainly don’t dislike it. But, rather than that….

“And? We really saw a lot of things today, so do you think that you’ll be able to put that data into the second volume?“, I asked Suzuka while she was still taking notes.

“Yes. I learned a lot about the likes and dislikes of Onii-chan, and I even got to go out together with Onii-chan after such a long time which makes me very hap-“

Suddenly, Suzuka stopped mid sentence and gasped.

“N-No! It’s nothing! T-The research was a success, yes.“, she squirmed with a red face.

I feel like she said something before but I couldn’t here it clearly because the maids were greeting some guests that entered the cafe.

“Is that..so? I’m glad then. I was worried at first because not a lot of people really care about otaku culture.“

“Eh, ah, yes that’s right. Cough But there is still something that’s missing.“

“Huh? What’s still missing?“

“I asked you to show me the places that Onii-chan always goes to in Akihabara, right? If so, then there’s still one place missing.“

A place we didn’t go to yet? We should have seen all the spots of my usual routine.

“Once you said that you’ll go to Akihabara, and when you returned you were carrying a big box-like thing in a bag, right? What was that exactly? We didn’t see any store that sold these this morning.“

…Box? The second I thought about it, I realized what she was talking about.

It must be…..A package with an eroge?!….Now that I think about it, there was a day when I returned from Akiba with an eroge that I bought and Suzuka caught me as I wanted to sneak up the stairs. At that time, she didn’t say anything about it though…..how did she even remember that…? How good is her memory…?!

“And? We didn’t go there yet, did we?“

“W-Well, isn’t that probably a game or something…?“, I said, trying to sneak my way out of this situation.

It’s true that I sometimes go to these eroge shops but I didn’t think about bringing Suzuka there for her research…..

“All the shops we went to prior did never hand out boxes that were that big though.“

She really payed close attention to that….

“I-Is that so? Was there even something like that? I can’t remember anything like th-“

“Onii-chan, you’re hiding something from me, right?“

Being on point as always, I felt the cold sweat on my forehead.

“Onii-chan is always pretty easy to understand so hiding is isn’t going to work. Take me to the shop that sells the content of these boxes if you would. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a perfect research.“

Ugh….this perfectionistic sister of mine….Still, can I really just take her to a shop that sells eroge…?

“Wait Suzuka. That was..how do I say it…something completely unrelated to light novels. There isn’t an age restriction concerning light novels right?“

“So, judging from that, the content of that box is something related to age restrictions.“


All of a sudden I was pushed against a corner.

“Now, I will have you show me every place that you visit when you’re alone. This is an important research for my second volume after all.“, she said, not allowing refusal.

There’s no way for anybody to decline her in that atmosphere. At first, I was shaking my head….but I gave up and steeled myself for what was about to happen.

Yeah, Suzuka is a professional light novel author after well, so she should at least be familiar of eroge. They have a deep connection after all! Probably!

“I get it already. I’ll take you there. But don’t complain in the end okay?“

“So it’s a place where you have to give me a warning beforehand. Is it really such a dangerous place?“

“No, not really dangerous..but…“

It’s true that the store isn’t a place where girls should carelessly enter. I can’t help it though, I guess. In the end, this is necessary for the data that Suzuka is needing to write the second volume even better.

“We’ve kept you waiting, Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama.“

As our orders arrived in that moment, we focused on the food instead.

Part 5:

“We’re here.“

Leaving the maid cafe behind us, we arrived at the front of the shop.

“Isn’t this the game shop from before?“

“Yeah. We didn’t go on the second floor, did we?“

Indeed, the shop we’re looking for is on the second floor. On the first floor, it’s just a normal game shop but…

Taking the bewildered Suzuka with me, we went up on the second floor. In that instant…


In that instant, Suzuka swallowed her breath. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand her reaction. On the second floor of the shop, there’s a whole eroge corner after all. There were boxed neatly line up, posters on the walls, and even big panels of doujin characters. In the truest sense, an eroge shop.

“What…in the world is this?“

Grabbing my clothes, Suzuka brought her body closer to mine. It was a similar reaction to when little girls enter a haunted house. Well, we’re talking about Suzuka here, who didn’t know what a panchira was until a few days ago, so I guess that’s to be expected. Still, this reaction might be a first for me. Eroge can be really scary apparently.

“As you can see, this is a shop for eroge. An eroge is…well a game with a lot of erotic elements.“

“I can see that….! I can’t believe that there would be such a huge amount of indecent images and such…! What the hell is this place..?“, she shivered while hiding behind me with a beet red face.

I decided to offer her an advice.

“Hey, hey, I thought I told you that I don’t wanted to hear any complains about this place, right?“

“There are limits to that…! Why do you even come here, Onii-chan…? I thought these things had age restrictions and everything….“

“Well yeah, these things are originally for people above 18 years. It’s okay though since this shop doesn’t check the ages of the customers.“

“I wouldn’t agree that this is okay though….“, she murmured while glaring at me with her red cheeks.

She’s clearly pissed off….

“Can’t help it, you know? It isn’t rare that protagonists from newer light novels are into that after all. To understand their feeling and everything, I, too, have to play these eroge, you see….“

“Don’t say it like it’s your destiny. No matter the reason, Onii-chan still plays these obscene games at home…“, she said, while holding a box in her hand which showed the image of a girl being touched here and there by tentacles.

“Wha-! No, it’s not like that! I’m not playing eroge because of the reason you have in mind right now?! It’s just as a sort of research or something like that!“

“I don’t get it…“

Yeah, when talking about eroge, there are a lot of variations and such. Clearing that up for Suzuka might become a bit difficult. Especially in her current state, I highly doubt she would really listen to me. I can’t think of any situation where one would talk about eroge just like that anyway.

“Anyways, we came here because you wanted to, right? Let’s finish up the research and go home? Okay?“

“Uwu…I didn’t expect Onii-chan to be this much of an ero-overlord…“

“Why do I feel like I went up a rank again?!“

“But…I understand. I have a mountain of things I want to say but let’s focus on collecting the necessary data. And? Where are the games that Onii-chan always buys?“

“Please don’t say these things that could stir up a lot of misunderstandings….“, I answered while Suzuka was writing in her memo notebook again.

I wouldn’t want to turn this into a lecture of all things in a place like this. I took Suzuka with me to the shelves that I often chose my games from.

“Uhm….the maker of these games is pretty popular. I also played a few of the more famous ones, which had a good rating online.“

“As far as I can see, the covers of the games sometimes resemble the covers of light novels.“

“Exactly, that’s why I said it earlier. Also, not every game is automatically an ultra-hardcore eroge. To give you a proof, there are even novels and anime adaptations that have an eroge as their source material or even get adapted into one.

“Anime adaptions…..? Scenes from such games with be shown on TV….?“

“N-No! They get properly separated! It’s the same with light novels.“

(TLC: Because there are also ero-only light novels as well)

“Wouldn’t it be fine then to just release them in light novel form?”

Being faced with a question like that, I can only sigh while saying “Naive aren’t you“.

“Even if the fan-service scenes are merely meant as a bonus, they are still an important part. After all, everyone would love to see an erotic scene with a character they really like. To answer these expectations, we have eroge!“

“Can you not say such embarrassing things in broad daylight please.“

Saying such things that completely shattered my confidence, she looked at the eroge box in her hands from a few angles, then put it back and started taking notes again.

“Well, I certainly get a similar feeling like the fan-service scene you recently taught me. Since these games strengthen the factor of even more, I wonder if you could explain it to me for this game.“

“I wonder if this is a good idea…..“

Talking about eroge in a highly analytic sense kind off seems embarrassing after all.

“Haaa, as always, men are always like this, especially Onii-chan.“

“Don’t say it like I’m a prime male example!“

“And, Onii-chan? Can you tell me which one fits your preferences the most? Is it this? Or is it th-“

Since I was at a complete disadvantage here, I decided to change the topic.

“N-Never mind that, this should be enough for your research right? After all, girls like you shouldn’t really be at an eroge shop….Should we go home now?“

“Why now? The research isn’t finished yet. After all-“

After a short break, Suzuka continued with another game in her hand.

“There’s another girl right over there after all.“


I turned around after hearing Suzuka’s words and….

“You over there! Don’t buy that piece of trash! Even though it is a full priced work, the amount of ero CG aren’t nearly enough! And the composition is awful as well, desu!“

(TLC: CG = images in visual novels, eroge / desu = normally used in formal language, which makes it seem out of place here. This person also uses some mix between English and Japanese accents, which is pretty difficult to transfer into English)


For some unknown reason, an unbelievable beauty was standing in front of the eroge corner, lecturing another customer with her weird sounding speech.

“If you’re going to buy something, at least buy an earlier work from the same maker, desu! They are far superior after all, desu! Now, look over there on that shelf and…. there’s nothing! Employee-san, what is the meaning of this, desu?!“

“We’re terribly sorry but we just sold out everything….“

“This is unworthy of an eroge shop, desu! Even on the day of release, desu! This is the enemy of popularization of eroge, desu!“

She even lectured the people working here with an incredible heat. Both the guest and the employee seemed like they would start crying any second.

“Just what I would expect. In such a particular place, there a bound to be people with weird personalities.“

“No, no, no, no! That’s an irregular for sure! Something like this wouldn’t normally happen in an eroge shop, okay?!“

What’s up with this person anyway? Seeing a foreigner in a place like this is a rare occurrence anyway but she was basically screaming which eroge was good and which wasn’t. Really, what is even happening….my brain is unable to comprehend the sight I’m seeing right now. I painfully understood that this is something I shouldn’t get involved in at all costs. Because of that, I pressed Suzuka on, trying to leave this place as fast as possible…but…


In that moment, the eyes of the blonde beauty caught mine by pure chance. She came running to us the very next instant, probably because I was staring at her like crazy.

“W-Woah! S-Sorry! It’s not like I was ogling you are anyth-“

“Are you perhaps Towano-sensei, desu?!“


As I was trying to talk my way out of this situation, she screamed an unexpected name.

“You really are Sensei, desu! There’s no mistaking it, desu! You look exactly like the one on the photo from the awards ceremony, desu!“

“A-Awards ceremony photo?! No wait…who even are you…?“

“I never thought I would meet you here like this! As I thought, the eroge gods are my allies, desu!“

I was left in utter confusion as the blonde beauty in front of me brought her hands together and started praying to these so-called gods.

Wait a second….. if what she says is the truth…then…

“Onii-chan….might this person be…?“

Perhaps having caught on as well, Suzuka grabbed the sleeve of my shirt with even more strength than before.

“U-Uhm, I’m sorry but might you be…..“

“Ah, excuse me, desu. I just got excited from finally meeting you. It’s nice to meet you. I’m the illustrator that is responsible for the drawings of your light novel, Ahegao Double Peace-sensei, desu!“, she said, as she even posed with an double peace in front of her pace.

But since her expression wasn’t anything like an ahegao, it didn’t seem like her name actually fit.

“EH?! Y-You are…..uhm……that Double Peace-sensei?!“

“Wrong, desu! You have to call me with the ahegao part as well, desu! That’s the main part after all!“

“What is?!“

“Exactly when you do the ahegao, the double peace part holds an impure meaning, desu!“

“Why are you even stressing that?!“

“Still, to think that I would meet you here…..that really surprised me, desu!“

No, no, no, no. To think that Double Peace-sensei would be such a beauty, with her blue eyes and blonde hair, which clearly symbolizes that she’s a foreigner…..

“I really thought that Double Peace-sensei would be a man. To think that you were a woman…..“

I can’t really blame Suzuka for being at a loss of words. I, too, thought that she would be a man, so I could understand her feelings. I was pretty zoned out of the situation at this point but I started to realize all the stares from the other customers, so I decided to take these two by the hands to a more desolated corner of the shop.

“What’s wrong all of a sudden, desu? Sensei?“

“No, it would be pretty bad if people found out that I was in fact that Towano Chikai, you see…“

“Is that how it is, desu? My voice was too loud, desu.“

“No, likewise, I’m sorry as well for pulling you so suddenly. Still, i didn’t think that THAT Double Peace-sensei would be… you know… a foreigner like you.“

“Ahahaha, yeah you might be right about that, desu. Still, there is no need to worry. I can speak Japanese quite fluently and even though my origins might be from England, my heart is that of a Japanese person, desu!“

“Ah, so your from England then. I must admit, your Japanese is very good though.“

“Yes, I learned it perfectly from eroge, desu!“

“F-From eroge, y-you say?“

“Yes! Eroge are my bible after all, desu!“, she said while pushing out her voluptuous chest.

Suzuka and I looked each other in the eyes and decided to not further dive into that topic.

“U-Uhm, by the way, why exactly are you here?“

“I came here to buy new released eroge, desu. But the person next to me was about to buy an eroge and I couldn’t ignore that so…tehehe.“, she said while her face was getting red. Seeing that my heart almost skipped a beat.

“Sensei as well, why are you here, desu? Not to mention that beautiful girl next to you, might she actually be your little sister, desu?“

“Nice to meet you….My name is Nagami Suzuka.“

“Oh my, how polite! Please call me Ahegao, desu!“

“No, no, no, no! Please don’t ask for such a high hurdle from my sister!“

“Why, desu? Is the name Ahegao Double Peace a problem per chance, desu? That’s no good. You should be more proud of such words that the Japanese language can produce! Oh, how beautiful the Japanese language is, desu!“

“I’m not really proud of it though?!“

“I have been meaning to ask that but what exactly does Ahegao Double Peace mean?“

“Oh my, the little sister doesn’t know, desu? It basically means that the brave heroine falls into indescribable pleasure and she-“

“Ahhhhhhhh!!! Don’t teach my sister any weird words!“

That’s too early for Suzuka after all!

“To think that I would not just meet Towano Chikai-sensei but also her sister, I couldn’t be happier, desu! Happier than that one time with the full comp CG, desu!“

While I was running out of breath, she was just laughing wholeheartedly.

“Well, we both came here to research some shops and restaurants, like this eroge shop. This research will be used for the second volume. And my sister….came with me along the way or something like that….“

“So that’s how it is, desu! To think that you would take your pure little sister to an eroge shop like this, you really are a savage, desu! Just what I would expect!“

“You’re clearly wrong about that though?!“

Well, looking at the current situation, I can’t really say she’s got the wrong idea…..And I can’t tell her the truth after all.

“Hm? Coming to an eroge shop to collect data, is that really necessary?“

“Well, I’m having a bit of a problem regarding the second volume. I have already looked into everything else, though.“

“Huh, is that so, desu? I’m troubled as well if the second volume gets delayed. After all, I’m looking forward to it very much…“

Going “Ah!” after a short while, she made an expression like she just thought of something good and continued.

“Coming to an eroge shop like this, you need to research the circumstances of eroge right? If that is so, then let me help out too, desu!“

“W-What exactly do you mean by that?“

“Fufufufu, I am an expert in that topic, you know desu? An expert, desu! Since I’m such an exupaato on that topic, I’m sure that I can help Sensei with his troubles, desu!“

“Was it just me of was your pronunciation weird just now?!“

“That doesn’t matter, desu! Close to this place is the company that I’m working at, so how about we go there and continue this talk after calming down for a bit. Now, let’s go, shall we, desu!“

“Eh, w-wait a second, Double Peace-sensei?!“

Having barely finished her sentence, she grabbed my arm and pulled me along. Feeling that voluptuous sensation on my arm, it took me a moment to return to my senses and realize that Suzuka’s arm on my sleeves were the only thing that kept me from getting swept away.

“Wait, Onii-chan! Where are you going? My research…no not that, you’re still not finished showing me around right?!“

“Hm? It is quite possible to go around Akiba alone you know? There are tons of activities after all. We’re about to go to an eroge maker company, so the underage Imouto-san shouldn’t come along , desu!“

“But if we’re going with that logic, I’m also underage, you know..?“

“You don’t have to worry about that, desu, since I am also a minor.“

“How does that make any sense?! Is it legally allowed to work in the eroge business when you’re underage?!“

“There’s no law that prohibits minors to create eroge, desu!“, she smiles, while pointing at me with her index finger.

…..That’s not the problem right here, is it?!

“Anyway, don’t just take my onii-chan with you like this!“

“But it’s for the sake of Sensei’s work, desu. Don’t hinder us, please! Or might it actually be that you’d be lonely being separated from your Onii-san? Are you a real life tsundere, desu?“

“W-What are you saying?! It’s not like I would be lonely if you’d take Onii-chan with you or anything! Onii-chan is a useless human being that can’t do his job properly without me, so being separated from him would be bad!“

You’re not really wrong there Suzuka….but these words really frigging hurt, you know?! These words would make anyone sad, especially me in this case!

“Is that so, desu? So will the Imouto-san come with us as well? Even though our destination is an eroge maker company, desu?“

“Ugh…..of course I will come with you….!“

The strength of her hand gripping mine was steadily rising, which hurt a little bit. Actually, both of my arms being pulled by two different people for a while now, even my shoulders started to hurt.

“OK, desu! Well then, let’s go!“

“You’re right. Onii-chan too, let’s start walking.“

“E-Eh?! Like this?! W-Wait, it hurts!“

But my words weren’t heard anymore by them, so we left the eroge shop behind us just like that. Even the guests and employees that looked towards us averted their eyes when I was asking for help with my gaze….Sad.

Part 6:

“Well then, please enter. Today, most of the employees are strangely all absent, so don’t hold back, desu!“

After walking for around 10 minutes, we arrived at the center of Akiba and stood in front of a mixed-living residence. On the 3rd floor was the apartment belonging to the eroge maker that Double Peace-sensei was working at, [Moon Rabbit]. Casually looking at it made it look like a normal apartment, which was clean and tidy but on closer inspection you could see eroge poster and the such.

“Onii-chan, that poster over there was the same on the box we saw a while ago in that eroge shop.“

“You’re right. And…this is that brutal tentacle eroge, isn’t it…“

“That’s right, desu! We’re a rather extreme eroge maker after all. Although they are mostly to my liking…“, she said with a faint smile on her lips.

Without being able to comment on anything, we were invited to a room in the back with an “This is it, desu.“ from Double Peace-sensei.

“Normally, we use this place as a sort of meeting room. In here, we can take out time talking. Ah, I’ll pour in some tee so wait a moment, please.“

Saying that, Double Peace-sensei left the room. I started talking to Suzuka as she was gone.

“Uhm, so why did you follow us again…?“

“Since this has to do with my novel, that’s only to expected, don’t you think? Also, I can’t leave Onii-chan alone with such a beauty and her big breasts after all.“

“Listen, I don’t think that the fact that she’s beautiful and has big breasts has anything to do with this alright…“

Is this what I think it is? Does Suzuka still think that I’m some sort of sex offender or something?

“Really, what is this….another person appeared in front of Onii-chan….Himuro-san also has a big chest, not to mention Shinozaki-san as well….“

“Wait a second, how do you know that Shinozaki-san has big breasts…?“

“After asking her via mail, she told me.“, Suzuka said as calm as ever.

I on the other hand could feel the blood rushing to my head.

“W-W-What the hell are you doing?! You…you’re not forgetting that I’m supposed to be your stand-in right?!“

Since she knew that I was a man, that could’ve counted as a really bad sexual harassment mail! And why does this person just answer every question that gets flung at her….?!

“That doesn’t matter, does it…….Why of all things…always the ones with a big chest…“, she said, clearly not listening to me. Instead, she held out her hand in front of her own chest for some reason.

For some reason, one could hear the sound of a small breeze floating through the room.

Is she maybe envious because her breast are pretty small in comparison…?

“I have returned, desu! I’m sorry but the tea didn’t turn out as planned….I don’t have anything besides coffee if that would be fine with you, desu?“

Thinking stuff like that, Double Peace-sensei returned to the room.

“Ah, please don’t mind us. Uhm, rather than that, what exactly are we doing here? You were saying that this would help our research immensely….“

“Yes. Sensei is something like a benefactor to me so I thought I had to help you out as best as I can.“

Benefactor……? Being called something like that out of the blue, I flabbergasted.

“……Onii-chan? Wasn’t this your first meeting with Double Peace-sensei? What does she mean by benefactor? Have you done something weird to her without telling me again?“

“Don’t say something like that which hurts my humanity?! I don’t know what she’s talking about as well!“

“Ah, by benefactor I mean that because I encountered the novel of Sensei, I became aware of a lot of new possibilities in my work, desu“

“New possibilities?“ “New possibilities?“

“Yes! I love the possibilities of eroge from the bottom of my heart, especially the more fiendish ones. The girls that let out their ahegao in the face of pure strength for example, aren’t they the cutest of them all, desu?!“

“No, well, even if you ask me to agree….?! And Suzuka, don’t look at me with those eyes!“

“Still, before my eyes arrived the work of Sensei, desu. It seems like fate! How can your novel be so ero if you don’t have a clear image in your head?! It feels like I had sex…!“


Being completely lost on what was happening, I looked over to Suzuka. She was staring me in the eyes with a red face that seemed to say “Don’t look over here!“

“Eh, what do you mean by that exactly…?“

“Exactly that, you know? The ero images that were hidden between the lines, the ero that was hidden but somehow not hidden in the end, things like these are what I felt, desu!“

“That’s what she is saying…?“

“I-I don’t have any memory of putting things like that into it….! And don’t just start talking to me like that!“

Listening to Double Peace-sensei’s explanation, Suzuka and I were exchanging these words in a small voice.

“Thanks to that, I realized the power of true love, desu! We decided to work on a project like that as soon as possible, desu! It’s all thanks to Sensei!“

“No, well, I don’t remember any scenes in my novel that should fuel such an R-18 eroge though….“

“Fufufufu, you really are a bad person, Sensei. No need to worry, these scenes are really clear to me as an eroge expert after all! And by the way, will there be any scenes in the second volume where they have sex?“

“Listen to people when they talk to you?!“

I knew that she would be a pretty difficult person to have a serious talk with but this is way beyond any expectations?!

“Anyway, because of that you earned a huge flag from me. If you really have trouble with your work, then I will do my utmost to help you, desu!“

Being motivated is fine and all but her bright smile really emitted friendliness.

“And? Judging from the fact that you were collecting data by going to an eroge shop, you must have trouble with certain elements, right, desu?If that is the case, please ask me anything you want to know.“

“Ah, no, it’s not like we specifically have a problem with elements or the like. It’s just that we’re trying to make the second volume even more interesting by doing a research on a lot of things…or something like that…“

“More interesting, desu? In my opinion it was already interesting enough…but what exactly might Sensei be unsatisfied about, desu?“

That was what I also thought. Suzuka wasn’t looking at me at all which made it seem like she was in a bad mood again. Hm, what should I do? Well, no other option but to speak the truth.

“No, I don’t know that myself, really. It’s just that it seems like something is missing and I wanted to find out what it is….“

“Ohoho, I see, I see, desu. If that’s the case, then I have an idea about that, desu.“

Saying something like that, I couldn’t mutter anything besides “Eh?“

“Ero-technical, your novel was magnificent but it’s not like there weren’t any unsatisfying points.“

“W-What is it? Please tell me!“

Thinking that this might actually pretty benificient, I couldn’t help blurting that out.

“That is…. the firsthand description of the ero-scene.“

She glance at me over her back while walking towards a little box in the room, taking out something like a pamphlet and putting it down in front of me.

“Please, take a look, desu.“

“No, well…“

“This shows exactly what I feel has been lacking. You will understand if you take a look, desu.“

Feeling the atmosphere that didn’t allow me to decline, I slowly opened the pamphlet. In that moment…

“Ahhhhhhhh?!“ “W-Wha?!“

While I almost died because of my cough, Suzuka was glancing over my shoulder with a beet red face, cutting of her words.

What was showing on the pamphlet was a beautiful girl, almost naked and lying on the floor. While her arms were being restrained, she looked at the viewer with wet eyes.

As if showing the skill of Double Peace-sensei, the quality of the drawing was astonishing.

“W-What in the worlds is this…!“

“A doujinshi I created after reading Sensei’s novel.“

“E-Ero doujinshi?! And this character is….“

“Yes, desu! It’s the heroine of your novel, Yuuka-chan!“

“What is this?!“

“This is exactly what I feel has been missing in your novel, desu! Your novel has been so erotic through and through but the real presentation is not there! As someone who feeds of the ero-lifestyle, this is the one thing that I can’t stand, desu!“

“And that is also why I drew it myself“ is what she added after forming her hand like a fist.

“H-How is it? Looking at this, do you also realize that the ero elements were missing in your novel? Go on, say it, say it.“

While saying that, she turned the page. On the next page was an illustration of the little sister again, being restrained on top of a bed and next to her a man with a sadistic smile on his face—–

“Wait! Isn’t that the big brother character?!“

“Of course he is! This is the pure love I was talking about! In the end, the only possible partner for Yuuka-chan has to be her big brother Ryou-kun after all, desu!“

“In that scene, now matter how I look at it, I can’t find that pure love though?!“

“Seeing the womanly part of his unbelievable cute little sister, one day, the big brother couldn’t hold back his desire….Eating up the guilt of the shaking little sister, as well as to agitate the immoral feelings of her, he craved for the forbidden fruits of her still developing body…..“

“You’re speaking perfect Japanese now?!“

“Come on, is that really that important now, Sensei? Might this mean that you don’t like the pure love types?“

“At the very least, this isn’t pure love in the slightest?!“

“Eh? Well I can’t have just randomly appear tentacles….and adding a random number of random men isn’t a great idea either, desu? Isn’t a pure love the best case here?“

“Your general idea of pure love has too many flaws, don’t you think?!“

Even though I clearly told her to stop with these words, we were not spared of the erotic illustrations of the imaginary sibling characters.


As I turned around, I saw Suzuka’s red face…..it even looked like steam was raising from the top of her head. In the middle of that, the page were it came to the real deal finally arrived in front of our eyes.


While Suzuka raised her voice in a strange manner, I looked at the page.

“D-Dyont do that! Pwease don’t look!!! T-T-T-To think that me and Onii-chan would be doing such a thiiiiiiiiing!!!“

“C-Calm down, Suzuka! They are just characters of the novel, right?!

“K-Knowing that doesn’t change a thing!?!?“

No, it clearly does?!…..is what I wanted to retort but looking at Suzuka violently shaking her head made it probably impossible since she wouldn’t be listening to me anyway.

“Hm, I’m glad the Imouto-san likes it so much too, desu!“

“Are we looking at the same person?! And why would you think that I would like that?!“

“Eh? But when you were looking at the illustration, you had a super duper earnest expression of you face, though?“

I couldn’t say anything to that, since her remark was on point. No but I couldn’t help it, could I?! I mean, it’s that little sister character, you know?! An erotic drawing of the little sister character that I liked so much while reading?! That would happen to everyone in the same position as me! That desire is a natural thing! A-And also! Double Peace-sensei is our official illustrator, right?! It has the same meaning as every other drawing she has done for us after all this time! Her drawings really are on a different lev-


After speaking in a monologue for quite some time, Suzuka’s finally snapped me back to reality. Though, her words were accompanied with her ever-cold gaze. T-This is bad….She must’ve seen that I was thinking about some really bad things….At this rate, my life at home will drastically change for the worse…I might even die of starvation because she won’t cook for me anymore…! I have to defuse her mood no matter what!

“A-Anyway, why does this even exist?!“

As one could clearly tell, I was trying my hardest to change the topic of our conversation.

“Eh? Well, like I said, I drew this while trying to let out the frustration, desu“

“T-That’s not really what I meant. Looking closely, the production value of this pamphlet is really high…and there are even some colored pages in it as well….“

“Well, I thought about selling this at the next comiket, you see.“

“So this basically is a doujinshi?! You’re supposed to be an official painter, right?!“

“It’s totally fine, desu! This has priority!“


“Well, as I told Shinozaki-san about it, she said [That would be problematic]….“

“Ah, I see. I’m glad. It seems like this person has at least a little bit of common sense in her….“

“After that though, she told me [Since I’m interested though, send it to me] and everybody liked it, desu.“

“Come on!!!“

“She said that releasing it would be bad but if it’s just for the few of us from the company, it would be totally A-Okay, desu!“

“I wonder if it would be possible to change our editooooor?!“

I felt like I was completely lost on what was happening. Suzuka was doing her usual glaring while muttering [Onii-chan is a pervert…..] with a red face. What can I do about that?!

“With that your worries should certainly be cleared up, right? The things you felt unsatisfied about were the ero-scenes after all! In that case, I hope to see a lot of R-18 scenes in the second volume, if you would, desu!“

“You’re still wrong about that! I don’t have any plans to do that!“

“While we’re at it, let’s create an eroge together! Ehehehe….“

“Why are you so happy?!“

“Mhm? You are surprisingly shy, aren’t you, desu. I even went out of my way to understand Sensei’s feelings after all, so you might as well accept me now, desu.“

“Don’t just accept things that didn’t really exist in the first place?!“

“Hmpf, I didn’t think you would be this stubborn. I can’t help it then….“, she said and brought a notebook down in front of me, booting it up and clicking on a program.

“What is it this time…? There’s nothing besides a black screen, you know?“

“We didn’t construct a title screen yet but this is technically still an eroge, desu! For your information, this is a subordinate eroge of Sensei’s novel!“

“Again, why does something like this even exist?!“

Not only a doujinshi but also an eroge…I couldn’t help but being astonished.

“That’s just how much of an impact your novel has brought upon me. I told you before that the pure ero-ness of your novel was missing, so out of frustration I happened to create this eroge, desu!“

“Are eroge things that can be created on a whim like that?!“

“Ah, of course it isn’t as easy as that, desu. This is only an early prototype. I merely created this in my spare-time when I wasn’t working or the such. It only has a playtime of about five minutes, you see.“

“A-Ahh, I see. Only something like that….“

“No worries, Sensei! Even these five minutes will completely satisfy you, desu! The CG illustrations are on the level I do for work, the text was written by our trusted scenario writer and the BGM fits the scene perfectly!“

“So many people?!“

“The scenario writer told me [Focus on our next main project instead of something like this!] but in the end, it wasn’t that big of a deal….“

“So you didn’t just put this together in your free time?!“

“Now, now, rather than that, please start the game, desu. If you do, you will completely agree with me, I can guarantee that!“, she said while handing me the mouse.

Even though the situation was highly uncomfortable for me, I couldn’t help but admire her face which was overflowing with cuteness. Not to forget the voluptuous feeling that was pressing against my back…..Well, I might as well give in now and play it. Seeing her attitude made it even harder to refuse her now this late into the game….And to be completely honest, I was kind of interested myself. This was created by a lot of pros after all. And the heroine is that little sister character I adore so much, right? There’s no way that I wouldn’t be interested in that?!

“I can’t really say no now, can I…?“, I said, as I was about to press the start button.

“I won’t allow that!“

All of a sudden, Suzuka stole the mouse from my hands on turned the notebook to face her instead.

“I won’t allow Onii-chan to see these embarrassing drawings!….Where….Where Onii-chan and I…..!“

“Like I said, they are just the fictional siblings of the novel and-“

“It’s still not allowed! Onii-chan isn’t allowed to look!“

“Don’t interrupt us now, Imouto-san. This is all research for the second volume, desu!“

“I don’t care! I won’t ever ever allow Onii-chan to see this!!!“, she said, somehow contrary to her usual calm and cold behavior.

Mhm…I guess I can’t do anything about that and give up…. I can’t just go against her will after all, even if it’s a shame. But, at that time, Suzuka said these unbelievable words….

“That’s why I will play it!“

“…..Excuse me?“

Suzuka’s words were so out of the blue, I thought I misheard her for a second. And it wasn’t me alone because Double Peace-sensei was also looking at Suzuka with a shocked expression.

“Eh? What do you mean, desu? Why would the Imouto-san play it instead?“

“Since O-Onii-chan clearly seems interested beyond the reason of research, this will be no good! That’s why, he will collect data indirectly while I will be doing the play part! This is my job as his little sister!“

“N-No, wait! What are you even saying?!“, I asked the weird acting Suzuka.

(“W-What are you doing?! Why would you even….“)

(“I can’t help it, can I….! This is for the sake of collecting data after all…! I don’t want to do this as well but I can’t help it because Onii-chan is such a pervert…!“)

(“What do you mean by that?! And why would this even be useful as research, this is just-“)

“What are you two whispering about, desu?“

Suddenly, we were called back to reality by the voice of Double Peace-sensei.

“N-No, this is just bec-“

“In any case, Onii-chan, please let the PC notebook go!“

“Fumu? I don’t really understand what’s going on, desu… I thought that the Imouto-san is weak in the face of ero.. but she goes even that far if it’s for sensei! I’m surprised, desu!“

“No, I’m the one who is surprised here…“

“And to think that Sensei would let his little sister play such a game… you really are an extraordinary pervert! I respect you even more now, desu!“

“You’re still wrong about that! And what’s this about being an extraordinary pervert…..“

While I was trying to explain myself, Suzuka already started playing.

“U…….Uhh…..“, she stuttered while her facing was gradually getting redder by the second.

Her facial expression seemed very close to breaking out in tears. Seeing her react like this, I started to imagine all the things that must be on the screen right now.

“Talking about the content of this eroge, it is probably similar to the doujinshi you showed us earlier , I assume.“

“Yes, that’s right? A straight pure love, desu!“

“Like I said, this clearly isn’t any pure love!!!“

“It’s totally fine, desu! The content is something even light-hearted girls can play after all! The targeted audience is for girls in grade-school and above, you see!“

“That’s a pretty wide target audience for an eroge though?!“

While trying my best to retort Double Peace-sensei, I could hear the tearful voice of Suzuka. Making his little sister play such a game, what kind of perverted big brother does this make me?….

“It’s fine like this, isn’t it? This is something that the real author, Sensei, should be doing, don’t you think, desu?“

Well, she wasn’t really wrong about that because in the end, Suzuka was the real author after all…. But there’s no way for me to explain that to her here and now….

“Ah, I know, let’s do it like this. Imouto-san, Imouto-san.“

Double Peace-sensei called out to Suzuka.

“Fue? W-Whuat isch it?“

Looking at Suzuka, I was really worried if she would be alright….

“I understand that you don’t want Sensei to see it directly but this won’t turn into good data, won’t it? That’s why, Imouto-san, how about you teach Sensei what is happening on the screen? Of course, the actual scene, directly!“

“Eh?! What’s happening?! W-What are you saying?!“

I couldn’t keep up with what Double Peace-sensei was blurting out. Suzuka on her end showed no movements and all and just muttered “Actual scene…“

“That’s right, desu! Like that, Sensei will perfectly understand the content of this eroge!“

“N-No, I don’t want to! Please don’t make Suzuka do anything that will only burden her even more-“

“It’s……fine……If it’s for the sake of Onii-chan……I will do….anything….Even teaching him….with my own…body….“

I-It’s no use. Suzuka’s face looked completely broken. She’s saying stuff I never heard her say in my entire life….She just recently learned about panchira and now she’s straight up playing eroge…I wonder what will happen to her. And this even is her own created character…

“Uhm….The little sister and Onii-chan are facing each other…..Her arms are bond together with rope….and she’s wearing a blindfold….“

“Again, how in the world is this pure loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!“

“The sister grows everyday as a woman….Wanting to keep her in his hands forever….the big brother steals her freedom…The only thing she hears in the darkness is the voice of the big brother…..Losing her ability to think straight…The big brother wants her to swear obedience….This is how this noble pure love story goes, desu!“

“I don’t want to know how you arrived at the conclusion that this is a noble story?!“, I retorted with all my might while Suzuka continued to explain the situation.

“A-Ah…Onii-chan is raising the chin of the little sister….and starts talking to her…[Do you want me to kiss you? Then put your tongue out for me. You bit-]


Being presented with such a vulgar scene, I couldn’t keep my voice down. No good. This is really no good! I can’t have Suzuka say these words out loud!

“Senseiii, don’t let out such a loud voice, please. That really surprised me, desu!“

“Don’t just keep calm about this whole situation! And Suzuka! It’s fine already! You don’t have to act it out!“

“I’m….fine…. I will do my best…for Onii-chan.“

You’re not really doing me any favors here, though?!

For a little while after that, Suzuka was still continuing to act out the scene in a trance-like consciousness. I couldn’t do anything besides letting out shrieks every time she used dangerous vocabulary and trying to restrain her.

Part 7:

“What an unpleasant thing we had to go through….“

“Yeah, you’re absolutely right about that…“

We were walking in the streets of Akihabara while exchanging similar words. Somehow managing to finish the eroge, we were finally released from Double Peace-sensei. How did it even come to this? Going back through the events, I really have no clue. And we both didn’t have any thinking strength left, so we decided to keep it at that.

Before we left, Double Peace-sensei said “In the end, Sensei didn’t understand the marvelous points of eroge! So frustrated, desu! I will definitely get my revenge!“ and went asking for my contact address…. I want to think that this was a bad dream…. but the heavy feeling on both of my arms tells me otherwise. I was carrying plastic bags from [Moon Rabbit] with both of my hands after all. In them were all the so far released eroge from them. We were basically forced to take them as “souvenirs“. Double Peace-sensei even asked us to visit them again if we were to come to Akiba. I couldn’t really think of Double Peace-sensei as a bad person….Yeah, she really isn’t a bad person…

“Onii-chan, I’m saying it now just for the record but please forget everything you saw in there.“, Suzuka said with her usual red-faced glare. Now that I think about it, this memory will probably turn out to be a dark part of her history, so I guess that reaction is pretty understandable.

“Nevertheless, why would you act it out like that?“

“I couldn’t help it, could I. It’s the fault of Onii-chan for getting interested in something like that…! This was all for the research…!“

“Again, how would this turn into useful data…?“

As I retorted like that, I remembered our original goal.

“Now that I remember it, we came to Akiba in order to collect data for the second volume, right? Did that really turn into good data? The first half emitted, what about that second half…“

“Yes. While it was highly unwanted from my side, as a research, it was a clear success. It became clearly obvious that Onii-chan really is a pervert after all…“

“Why do I feel like every time your research is a success, the goodwill towards me is sinking?!“

Looking at Suzuka’s profile while she was taking notes, I grew even more weary.

And just like that, we arrived at the train platform near Akihabara. Still, it seems like Suzuka acquired a lot of things on our trip to Akiba (but what that exactly is, is something I have no clue about). On my part, I feel like the things I learned are completely zero. Well, you could count the fact that I saw a super well-made ero drawing from our heroine Yuuka, which was made by Double Peace-sensei.

And…what exactly am I thinking about?! That’s clearly wrong! My original goal was to get a hang on what makes the novel of Suzuka so interesting!

Thinking about how big of an idiot I was for thinking useless stuff like that, suddenly my phone started ringing.

“Muu, I just returned it and it’s Himuro-san already….?“

“Well, we did finish our research, so don’t look at the phone with these eyes.“

….The heck? It’s not even a call but a mail. The sender is…Double Peace-sensei? Even though I just told her my address, what might she want so suddenly? I opened the mail with a bad feeling. And…the next moment….


I barely held back the urge to scream out. She sent me another ero drawing. And the content of the mail was [Until Sensei completely awakens to this desire, I will continue to send you drawings like this, desu! I won’t give up just yet!]

“This person really is…….!“, I cursed as I realized the weight of this meeting.

“What happened? Who was it from?“

“I-It’s nothing! Just a nuisance in form of a mail!“, I complained as I closed the mail.

If I were to show the contents of the mail to Suzuka, I would probably lose my place in the family….

“N-Never mind that, let’s hurry on home!“

“Ah, wait Onii-chan!“

In that moment, the train finally arrived. Of course, the fact that I saved the new drawing onto my phone was a secret nobody will ever know.

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