Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 1 Chapter 2

My sister reaches for the highest heights

Part 1:


“Oh what is this? You seem to be tired, Sensei~“

This happened on a certain day. I was working in the backyard at the bookstore Maruneko. As always, Esaka-san came to see me. She is my Senpai at work, as well as the daughter of the shop owner. While she is a university student, her appearance looks more like that of a grade school kid. Because of that and her sometimes childish nature when it comes to otaku stuff, people around her often are in the danger of looking like lolicons.

“Well, yes. Recently I don’t get much sleep because I’m continuing to write light novels.“, I answered while biting my teeth.

Since I’ve met with the novel of Suzuka, I’ve used her as a reference for my own novel but in my current situation, I can’t seem to get forward. Especially since her novel was such a big hit, I had to keep working even harder and my sleep time suffered from that. Still, it’s an endless circle of rejection, rewriting, rejection, rewriting and so on every day.

“Haha, just what you’d expect. After selling almost 30.000 copies, even the great Author-sensei got endless work piled up behind the shadows~“

I can only groan at these words of zero ill-intent. Esaka-san already knows that I’m the light novel author, Towano Chikai (but not the fact that I’m just a stand-in of course).

Before Suzuka’s novel got released, Esaka-san always told me to look after the new arrivals. I told her without thinking twice that she should order some more of them. At that time, she asked me why I thought so and why I knew the story and everything. That’s why I couldn’t hide it anymore. Even I think that I’m an idiot, I gave it my best so that nobody would find out….. Haaaa. Since it already came to that, I wholeheartedly asked her to keep quite about it. She seemed like a person to play pranks but since she won’t do anything that harms others around her, I decided to trust her.

“Since this is a central bookstore, more and more demand keeps on coming~. With this, we’ve topped our sales again~. I’m thankful for that Nagamin~.“

“W-Well, thanks for that…..“

“Still, you’ve really become popular recently~. At this rate, there’s no need to chose improving over sleep~.“

“No, no. Working hard without slacking off is also important.“

The thing is, even though I keep on writing and writing, I’m still in dire distress.

“I see~. Even with all the stress, the Sensei keeps on working here~ Nagamin, you really are a cute one~.“

Since I’m normally not good with people showing me their good will, I hastily change the topic of our conversation.

“By the way, Esaka-san. What happened with the register? Are you skipping work again?“

“Nah, I’m on break right now~. I came because I have business with Nagamin~“

“Business, you say….do you mean….? And don’t start clinging to me! It’s already too small in here!“

“Now, now, never mind that, please~ Introduce me to Ahegao Double Peace-sensei~“

“So it was that after all! How often do I have to tell you that?! Introducing or whatever, even I haven’t met him in real life yet, you know!“

“With a relationship like you two, you should be able to meet up anytime you want.~ I beg youuu, please let me meet Ahegao-senseiiiiii.~ As one of your dearest fans, you can do that right?~“

“Dearest fan, you say…..no! You didn’t even read my novel yet, right?! Saying stuff like [You know that I don’t like reading printed stuff riiiiiiight~] and so on!“

„How rude~. I bought and [saw it] though….~.“

“You only looked at the illustrations right?! Why do you want to meet Sensei that badly?“

“That’s pretty obvious~. I’m a huge fan of Ahegao-sensei after all~.“

“You know that he mostly draws erotic stuff right?!“

“Fufufufufu, there are no boundaries when it comes to cute drawings, you know~“

While pressing her cutting board like chest on me, I felt like I heard these words before. I thought I understood her actions before but the interests of this person are solely concentrated on the illustrator field after all.

“Haaa, never mind that, please give up. I have other worries right now.“

As I was getting annoyed, I heard the notification of my smartphone that I’d gotten a new mail. It was from Suzuka, asking to meet up with me.

“Oh yeah, it’s almost curfew time.“

“Curfew~? There were times when you were working longer than today~?“

“Ah, no. It’s not my curfew but my sister’s.“

It’s not really a curfew. To us, it’s more the time that I go pick up Suzuka from school to walk home with her. My old man made that rule since he didn’t want Suzuka to walk home alone in the dark alleys.

“Ah, I see~. You had a sister right~.“

“Yes, I do. You already met her as well.“

“Oh yeah, a few times in the shop, right~. Never mind that, Nagamin really is amazing~. To have a little sister and still release a light novel with such title~. As a fellow otaku, I respect that~.“


I wanted to scream my disagreement at her this instant but she mustn’t know the truth.

“B-But it’s not like I have any hidden desires….“

“Does your sister know that~?“

“For now, yes.“

“Not ruining your relationship like that, your sister must be really understanding. You have to treasure her okay~?“

I let out a dry laugh after hearing her statement and left my work as she followed up with an “Hurry and pick her up already~“

Since I was working overtime anyway, I decided to listen to her and left. As I stepped outside the book store, I sped up my pace and went to the school Suzuka attends, Hakuou Girls Academy. The school wasn’t that far from the bookstore anyway but I didn’t want to get in another fight with my old man so I made sure to be on time.

“As always the school is so clean and everything. Just like one would expect from a prestige rich girls school.“, I muttered as I looked through the gate.

With a clear white design, everything looked so unreachable for a commoner like me. Entering the building that was to the side of gate, I told the person the reception that I wanted to pick someone up. Getting the permission to go inside, I took a seat at a nearby bench and waited for Suzuka to arrive.

While waiting, I took out the novel of her and started reading it again. Even though I’ve read it close to 15 times now, I still don’t get the reason why it’s so interesting. Because the protagonist is so cool; because the little sister is so cute. These are the facts but I still feel like there’s something else. But I don’t know what exactly that is. I even looked at reviews and such online but I didn’t find anything else there. Honestly…. how did you write such an interesting novel? As I was dwelling in my thoughts, I noticed Suzuka coming over to me from the school.

Standing up, putting up my hand like when saying [Over here!] but I stopped midway.

“Suzuka-sama, tomorrow, please have dinner with us aswell.“ “Suzuka-sama, I am aware that this isn’t worth anything but please accept it.“ “Suzuka-sama“ “President Nagami“ “Onee-sama…“

As it looks like, Suzuka was surrounded by at least 5 people as she was walking in my direction. They were gathering around her with an enthusiastic nature and faintly red cheeks. Being in the middle of the group, Suzuka was very calm while dealing with them.

“This girl…..she really is popular.“

As I was standing there admiring the scene, a single female student noticed me and turned around.

“Ah it’s Suzuka-sama’s big brother.“ “Eh, big brother?“ “This person is Suzuka-sama’s big brother?“

“A good day to you, mister big brother.“ “It is a pleasure to become acquainted with you, mister big brother.“

As I realized it, they were all coming towards me and bowed down. To be called “Mister big brother“ by them somehow feels good…

“Hey Suzuka, I came to pick you up…….hey, why are you pulling my hands?!“

“Well then, everyone, I will take my leave here.“

As I was about to call out, she came to me, took my arm and pulled me away from the group of students.

“H-Hey! Wait a second Suzuka! Why are you in such a hurry!?“

“I couldn’t keep watching when Onii-chan was clearly entranced by my fellow students.“

After leaving the gate behind, Suzuka finally let go of my arms.

“No, It’s not like I was staring at them or anything….“

“So you weren’t even aware of it. That’s why having you pick me up has it’s merits and demerits….“

Suzuka whispered at the end so I couldn’t really get it. The one thing I knew was that she was glaring at me as we were walking side by side.

….What’s up with that?

“Onii-chan, did something interesting happen at school?“, Suzuka asked as were walking.

Thus far, every time I picked her up from school, we were merely walking next to each other without talking. Since I became her stand-in, that changed drastically though. She also often came into my room because she had some questions regarding her novel. Looking at it, our relationship really changed.

“No, nothing out of the ordinary. At work, I got teased by my Senpai again.“

“I see, so that person was there again. Onii-chan has to pull himself together a bit more. How did you end up revealing the fact that you were Towano Chikai? At this rate, you’ll let out that the fact that you’re only a stand-in.“

“Look, I’m sorry. I have reflected on that. But I won’t make the same mistake twice. And even though she doesn’t seem like it, she will definitely keep the promise, I’m sure.“

“Why don’t you just stop working there? If it’s about the money, I have enough because my novel sold so well.“

“Well yeah, but that’s your money right? And I even took the job so our old man wouldn’t be suspicious of the sudden increase of our money.“

“You’re not wrong about that but…. it still worries me. It seems like she has picked an interest on you. Even though, I want to believe that you won’t be tricked by her sweet words and young looks.“

“What rude words are you even saying?! Against me and even Esaka-san?!“

“Onii-chan, it can’t be but might you be a pedophile?“

“What kind of worries are you having, oi?!“

How did this happen that my little sister accuses me of being a lolicon?!

“Can’t help it since you didn’t have any relationships with women yet, I suppose.“

“What are you saying to your pure, no girlfriend Onii-chan?!“

That was a criticism I didn’t want to hear.

“Never mind that, just be careful from now on, please.“

“….I get it okay. But no matter how you feel about it, I still am your stand-in. Maybe it would be better for you to take your role?“

“How often do I have to explain that?“ If Onii-chan didn’t become my stand-in, I couldn’t have become a novelist. This Towano Chikai person is me and also Onii-chan. We are two people in one, you remember?“

Yeah, going with logic, it makes sense. But the way she said it just now, that we were two in one, that sounded really good.

“Oh by the way, how is it going with the second volume? Did you talk with Shinozaki-san about it? Since we are two in one, you ought to tell me that as well, right?“

“Hm? You are talking with Shinozaki-san via the phone right?“

“Well it’s more like chatting about little things and so on. She told me that she would talk about the important stuff via email.“

Really, why are we even talking via the phone….this woman….

“Now that you say it, this Shinozaki-san is a woman right? I found out just recently.“

“Oh, didn’t I tell you?“

“No, you didn’t. I wrote the emails thinking that she was a man until she told me [Sensei should know that I am a woman though?] so I was really surprised.“

Suzuka’s eyes suddenly got really cold.

“And? What is it? Is she really beautiful after all?“

“Huh? No, well, she really is a beauty to behold but…“

“That makes sense. It’s Onii-chan after all. And what intention do you have, happily talking to her via the phone even though it’s got nothing to do with the work, hm?“

H-Huh? Is she getting jealous per chance?

“A-Aren’t you making a great mistake here?! Since we are only talking about pointless things, I’m not having fun in the least though?!“

“To think, that the editor would be a woman, and a beauty to add…. What bad luck…..“

“She’s not listening?!“

She seems to be muttering in a bad mood…so the best course of action would be to change the topic of the conversation as fast as possible.

“A-Anyway, since I didn’t hear anything about that second volume, I wanted to ask you about that.“

“I just finished the outline and I will start writing soon. There are no problems so far.“

Hmu. I didn’t expect any less from the person that sold 30.000 copies. What a bold statement.

“That’s good to hear then. Since you’re a pro now, you have to look after your physical condition alright?“

“I know that very well, thank you. Are you really one to talk about that?“

“Me? What do you mean?“

“Yesterday, the lights in your room have been on until late in the night, right? You’ve been staying up late again, don’t you?“

Being told that so directly, I flinched.

“I-I can’t help it. The deadline for the next contest is coming closer…“

“Until now, you never stayed up late that often, did you?“

That’s…. since I read your novel, my usual quality doesn’t satisfy me anymore. I need more time, honestly.

“At least try to get up yourself in the morning so that I don’t have to wake you up every time.“

“I will try my best….“, I muttered, trying to evade further lectures.

Having arrived at our home, our conversation abruptly came to an end. I didn’t get any useful information out of her after all but I can’t help it, I guess. The important thing is, I won’t get anywhere if I don’t keep on writing.

Later that evening, I had the novel of Suzuka in one hand and took notes in my writing software. That, of course, resulted in me getting woken up by Suzuka with a clearly displeased face.

Part 2:

“Haaaaaaa. Finally finished.“

The next day after school. Having survived all my classes, I was running on a low battery. Since I had some time until my part-time job, I decided to take a quick nap….


But, at that moment, an unusual event occurred. The characteristic sound that you can hear after school suddenly stopped. Wondering what happened, I raised my head. Everybody around me was frozen and had a surprised look on their faces.

(……Is it my imagination? They seem like they’re looking over here)

Following their gazes, I turned in front of me.

“Looks like you finally woke up.“

A voice came in from above my head.

“…..You’re not still half-asleep, are you?“

A female student with a grim facial expression was standing in front of me. Big eyes filled with a strong will. A slender body and a presence that knows exactly what it wants. To sum it up, an undeniable beauty.

“Who?“, I mumbled, probably because I was half asleep.

I would regret these words pretty soon. Hearing my words, the beauty in front of me opened her eyes with an displeased expression and answered in a shaking voice.

“To think that you wouldn’t know me….?!“

…..That’s right, this person in front of me was a famous person in this school.

“Hi-Himuro Mai?!“

“Thank you for remembering my full name.“, she answered after tilting a head a bit.

Seeing that, I really thought she deserved to be called cute. There’s no way that somebody wouldn’t know her in the entire student body. Even though she was still, like me, a first-year, her popularity exploded almost instantly. There was even the rumor that she brutally pulverized the older students that confessed to her. It became something like a legend. I heard that because the way she turned them down was so severe, they all still have traumas about it. Because of incidents like these, she became a being that no man tried to approach. [Ice Queen] or [Impregnable fortress] were nicknames she got as a result, making it seem like someone had a death wish if you wanted to approach her. The person in question though lived her life without paying attention to any of it.

“W-What do you want with m-me?!“

I was panicking. I never even spoke one word with her.

“I have something to talk about with you. Come with me for a second.“

Suddenly, the classroom got noisy again.

“Something to talk about…with me?….you?“

Not even waiting for my answer, she left the classroom. I was zoning out for a second but because I had so much to live for, I hurriedly followed after her. Leaving the classroom behind, I heard an explosion-like uproar. I will probably be questioned to the extreme tomorrow.

“We can talk here without having to attention to anyone eavesdropping on us“, she said after we arrived in front of the door to the rooftop.

“Oi, entering the rooftop is prohibited, remember?“

“I got a key so it’s fine. If it’s locked, I can easily open it. And if it’s not locked, then we just happened to enter here without thinking about it, right?“

“This is the same as saying that since you wear a skirt, it would be fine if anyone saw your panties as a result of that, you know?“

“W-What?! What are you saying all of a sudden! Can you only think about erotic stuff like that, you pervert!!“


I’m sad that I can’t really disagree with that. While having slightly red cheeks, she stops glaring at me and enters the rooftop. Looking at the blue sky, my field of view immediately widened.

“And? What do you want to talk about?“

“Hmpf. You…. You have quite a weird personality. Every other man that would stand in front of such a beauty like me would be at least a little bit nervous, you know?“

“Don’t call yourself a beauty. That hurts your image, you know.“

“D-Don’t say that! It’s a given fact that I am cute. Or what? Do you prefer it if girls don’t call themselves cute?“

“No, not really….“, I answered her.

She sighed and continued:

“You probably also think that I’m cute right? Now, now, if you get on your knees and start barking, I’ll make the exception and pet your head.“


As I see her stretching out her arms like that, I couldn’t think of anything to retort. In my head, I mercilessly stamped her as an Ojou-sama type of person.

Hearing the rumors and seeing her actions, that’s the logical conclusion.

Still, after listening to her words for a bit, it seemed like the image I had was a bit off. True, she was a beauty above beauties and her actions might be a bit scary but still, she had a lot of openings. Nonetheless, I decided that it would be better to keep my distance from her.

“W-well, if you would excuse me…“

“H-Hey! Wait a second, where are you going?!“

As I was on my heels, she turned around frantically and grabbed my should while almost screaming out of confusion.

“I thought I’d go home for now….“

“W-Why?! I said that I had business with you right?“

“Like I could keep up in a conversation like that?!“

“No you’re wrong about that! T-That…was..just the prologue! The prologue!“

“Why do we need a prologue!?“

“Because…… I thought that I needed to gain an advantage…..or it would be frustrating….“

While fiddling with her fingers, she muttered that.

“And? What is it? I have a part-time job I have to attend soon so I would like to end this as quick as possible.“

“Hey, don’t just take the main role in our conversation! And if you have work, say that earlier! I would’ve hurried up with the prologue!“

“No, no. Just start without it anyway!“

“Being a stingy man won’t make you popular.“

She started rummaging in her bag and took out a certain thing.

“The thing I wanted to talk about is this…“

“Eh? T-This is….?!“

The thing in her hand was without a fault the novel of Suzuka.

“Of course you would know what this is, Towano Chikai-sensei.“


Continuing with her words, I was shocked.

“W-W-W-What is this? Is something wrong with that novel?“

“Ah, trying to hide it won’t help you, okay? I know very well that you are Towano Chikai.“, she said with self-confident words.

H-How did she find out?! Nobody should know this except Suzuka, Esaka-san, Shinozaki-san and the people I met on the awards ceremony.

“Thinking about it, that’s a lot of people, isn’t it?!“

“W-What? Don’t retort while thinking to yourself, okay?“

W-Wait, let’s think about this calmly. The only reason she would know of my identity is….

“You…were you also at the awards ceremony?“

“Hehe. Correct. To be precise, the party after that.“

“Please wait a moment. Outsiders shouldn’t have been allowed to take part in that though?“

That must mean that she was an important person that took part in the awards ceremony….

“Don’t tell me…. you…“

“Haha, you finally caught up. Yes, my pen name is….“

“You were one of the speakers on the stage, weren’t you?!

“How did it end up like that?! You’re not wrong about the speakers being present at the party but still!“

“I-I don’t know…. You’re a normal high school student right? Why were you there then?“

“You’re one too damn it!! Why didn’t you think about the possibility of me being a light novel author as well?!“

“A-A light novel author?!“

Being surprised by my reaction, her face couldn’t stop getting red and she started glaring at me.

“What’s up with that [I can’t believe that] reaction? Even though I’m such a famous author!“

“Famous actor….Well then, what’s the name of your novel?“

“I debuted with [The witch that never laughs.] and now I’m writing [Sky Magic Guardian]. Did you ever hear of [Sukamaga] ?“

“W-Wait a second! So that means……!“

“Yes, that’s right. I am that famous author! Enryu Homura!“, she announces while letting out a big laugh.

I instantly froze up.

“Volume one instantly sold 10.000 copies. An anime adaption followed almost after that. Going at this pace, I’ll even get a movie!………Hey, are you even listening?“, she asked while tilting her head at me.

Being unable to answer her, I just stood there, grabbing my uniform. After a while, I managed to take out my memo book and said:

“I’m a big fan of yours! Please give me your autograph!“, I screamed while turning towards Enryuu Homura-sensei. I even bowed down to her. A perfect 90 degree angle.

(TLC: Japanese people normally only bow with that angle if they fucked up somewhere, or if they’re talking to a much, much, much, much more important person than themselves.)

“A fan….you say?“

Regardless, Homura-sensei continues in a shocked tone.

“Uwu…What a shame….To think that you were a fan of mine?!“

To my surprise and disbelief, she showed me a weird reaction while her face was getting as red as a tomato.

“Huh? Why are you getting mad?“

“Of course I’d get mad! After that insult!“

“I-Insult?! No, I’m really a big fan of yours and…“

“Not to say an autograph…? That….That’s…That’s what I want from you!“

After hearing her scream out something like that, my eyes opened wide.

“Eh? What do you mean by that? You are Enryuu Homura, right? Why would you want an autograph from yourself? Huh? What…?“

“What are you spacing out for?! What I want is the autograph from Towano Chikai-sensei!“

“Huh?! Why would you want an autograph from her?“


“Ah. No, never mind that! Why do you want one from me anyway?“

“That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?“

My mind went blank thinking about her possible reasons as her clear voice cut through my train of thought…

“Because I’m a big fan of Towano Chikai-sensei!!!“



“That being said…Can you h-hurry up and give me your autograph? On this white paper, if you would. With an [For my number one fan] on the top please and an [Dear Himuro Mai] at the bottom!“

While holding the white paper in front of me, she unmistakably said so.

“Wait a second, p-please. A lot of things are happening in my head…“

“What? Why are you so confused?“

I try my best to get a hang on the current situation.

“U-Uhm so firstly…. you…Himuro Mai are the popular light novel author Enryuu Homura-sensei right?“

“Yeah, that’s right.“

“And knowing that I am Towano Chikai, you’re saying that you’re a big fan of mine?“

“That’s what I’ve been saying that whole time.“

“Why did it become like this?“

“That’s a weird question all right. Is there a reason that’s saying something like that is impossible? And by the way, if I’m a popular author then you’re a famous author, you know?“

Now that she’s saying it, that feeling didn’t really sink in yet.

“Since this is connected to the aim that I originally had, so I’ll give go all the way and explain it for you“


With an expression that said “Just keep quiet and listen to me“, she continued.

“I’m going to say this upfront but for me, light novels are my everything. I’m giving it my best to write a supreme light novel.“, she stated as she laughed wholeheartedly. “But once day, I came into contact with your novel, Towano Chikai-sensei. First, I wasn’t really interested in reading your novel after knowing the title…but after it won the first place, I forced myself to read it. After reading through it, I was shocked. I was certain, that this is a god-like novel.“

I was about to shout right “I know right!“ but stopped mid-way. That was close….way too close. I expected nothing less from a professional author like Enryuu Homura-sensei though.

“That really smashed my pride as a light novel author. Even though I had high sales and high quality, to be beaten by a newcomer like you was just….. At first, I thought of killing you and right after that myself out of pure envy.“

“Dying is pretty scary, though…“

“Well, your novel was so interesting that I couldn’t stop my jealousy from leaking out. The little sister is ridiculously cute and the big brother is just way too cool. As I came to my senses, I was already on my home after buying 15 copies of your book.“

“How many copies to do you need?!“

“There are many possible uses for them. One for appreciation, one as propaganda, one for my storage, one for the bath, one for the curry…….“

(TLC: Yes, she said curry. Don’t ask me…)

“They all sound pretty useless to me though?!“

“Never mind that now, I planned to study your book in and out, to find out why it was so interesting. My wish was to write a novel that could keep up with yours.“, she said while her eyes were shining with a mysterious charm.

“I read your book countless times. I could cite every word and every sentence right here, right now. I soon realized that even that wasn’t going to cut it. I don’t know the secret behind the fun of your novel. I rea-lly have to re-sear-ch the au-thor af-ter a-ll is what I thought.“

Listening to these words, at that moment, I felt like a lightning hit me. To research…the author?

“So…Your g-goal is?…“

“Yes. That’s why……from here on out, I will research your routine, every day that is. Like that, I will absorb your techniques and make them my own!“

Saying that, she stuffed out her chest and struck a pose. The shaking of her uniform was great and all but I didn’t really have the option to admire that. Wanting to find out the fun behind it is fine but I am trying my best there as well and I still don’t have a clue, you know?!

“H-Hey, strictly speaking, what are you planning on doing?!“

I myself already had a bad precognition but I was clinging to that thin ray of hope that I having a misunderstanding.

“Hehe, that’s pretty obvious, don’t you think? To know everything about you! How you live your daily life, what you eat and drink, in what clothes you sleep every night, where you start washing yourself in the bath and so on!

In that moment, I got the chills of a life time.

“Eh? P-Please wait a second…. Isn’t that like being a stalker…?“

“S-S-S-Stalker?! W-What are you even saying?! It’s not like that!“

“R-Right?! There’s no way right?!“

“Y-Yeah! I just want to know your entire being, that’s all!“

“That’s exactly what a stalker would say though?!“

T-This is bad…. She wants the same thing as me…. but her way of going at it is too fucked up….! I would do a lot if that would upgrade my quality…but becoming a stalker is a bit too much!

“W-What? I would do anything if it was connected to light novels! It’s your fault for giving it a name!“

“Why is it my fault now?!“

“While smashing my pride to bits…. you also stole my heart….That’s why….“

She stopped for a second, trying to hide her red face, before continuing…

“You better take responsibility….“, she whispered while lifting her head a little bit.

That attack was unfair…..I barely managed to hold myself back, being confronted with such a cute reaction!

“L-Listen, Himuro…what exactly do you mean by that??“

“U-Uhm, for now….I’d like an autograph, a handshake, a picture and…“

“Restrain yourself a bit! And as if that was meant merely as the greed of a fan!“

“B-But I’m a fan after all. And we can skip that whole responsibility thing if you’d tell me your secret right here, right now, you know? Now, now, tell me….“

“As if I could tell you that?!“

I want to know that myself! Because of that, I didn’t get a good nights sleep at all for the last month!

“Uwu…. well…I didn’t think I’d get to hear your secret that easy.“

“No….that’s not what I meant by that….Ah shit, we’re not on the same wavelength.“

….Wait a second? She just said that she would thoroughly research me right? I’m only a stand-in though, so how would she ever learn that secret if she only researched me and not the original writer Suzuka?

“Listen, Himuro, don’t get mad at me but it wouldn’t help you even if you knew the secret, you know?“, I said out of pure kindness. After all, it really was a waste of her time.

“Hmpf, even if you say that, you’re just scared that your secret will be made public right? I’m sorry to shut down your hopes but I’ll definitely fulfill my aim.“

Being unaware of my aforementioned kindness, she sticks out her tongue…..He, this is bad. For her because she got the wrong research object and for me because I can’t correct her.

“Now then, Let’s start the research.“

Saying that, she once again put one of her arms into her bag, bringing out a notebook. On the title page was written [Towano Chikai research notes]……I shivered as I saw that.

“These are your research notes. I already started this morning. Even in class, I kept watching you. Not to forget in your hated subject math….“

“Don’t use me as an excuse to slack off!!!“

“When retorting, Towano Chikai has the tendency to change his way of speaking.“

(TLC: Meaning that he normally uses formal(polite) language. When retorting, he changes that to a more informal(“rude“) way of talking.)

“You’re taking notes in front of the person you’re stalking?!“

“Well, just looking at you won’t give me any new information after all. For now, I’ll have you answer me a few questions, alright?“

“Kuh….. what is this….“

I really thought about running away but….“

“In the event that you’re running away, I’ll start spreading the facts that you are Towano Chikai on the school grounds, okay?“, she says with a terrifying tone.

“Isn’t that blackmail?! That’s unfair!“

“I told you that you have no freedom of choice in this, right? I’ll have you know that even I am not keen of having to use that last resort though. It would shorten my time that I could be alone with you to properly research you if your fans increased here on school grounds, you see?“

“Both of your reasons are just too self-centered!!“

“I’m just thinking ahead is all.“

She really was self-centered. Even if she’s undoubtedly cute, her ideas and that [Towano Chikai research notes] book in her hand destroyed even that.

“That being said Towano Chikai-sensei, I will be in your care from now on!“

“Listen to me for Christ sake!“

Part 3:

“Weeeeell~ That’s what I’d expect from Sensei. To have such a cute fan.~“

After that, coming to my part-time job just in time, I was working while listening to Esaka-san.

“This girl…~ She’s been waiting for over an hour now.~ And she came here to ask you a lot of questions.~ She’s an eager one alright.~“

“She’s not my fan at all.“

“Hm? So she’s your girlfriend~?“

“No. She’s just a stalker.“

Esaka-san started laughing at my cold statement.

“Shit, this isn’t something to laugh about, you know?“

“It’s hard being a prominent person, huh~“

My shoulders dropped at her nonchalant comment.

“But, you know.~ If it’s really that bad, should I give her a warning~?“

“…No, so far nothing really happened, so it’s fine.“

“That’s that then.~ Still, if anything happens, you can always consult your Onee-chan, okay?~“

……Says the legal loli. I’m gonna be honest but I don’t see anything but a female grade school kid in front of me. And I don’t feel like letting this girl take care of Mai is a good idea.

She pats me on the back and goes:

“You can go home now, shouldn’t let her wait for any longer.~“

I didn’t really get her point but I decided not to complain.

“Ah, Yuu. Is your job already over?“

Putting of my apron and leaving the backyard, I saw Mai approaching me from the book shelves. By the sound of that, it really sounds like a thing a girlfriend would say….if it wouldn’t be for the notebook in her hand. The title on that notebook was [Nagami Yuu research notes].

“Ah, yeah, a bit earlier than usual.“

“I see. Today it was earlier than usual, huh……“

Weirdly enough, she even has to take notes on that….I think that this information doesn’t add up to the reason why the book is so fun…but Mai just answered:

“Since I don’t know which information is important, I want to know everything.“

Does that really help you in writing a good light novel, I wonder? Since it’s Mai, that Enryuu Homura-sensei after all, I wouldn’t be surprised. Now… what if I would do the same with Suzuka…. and what exactly am I thinking about?! Isn’t she negatively influencing me?!

Exiting the store with me, Mai and I made our way home. Yes, my home.

“Hey, are you really coming to my house…?“

“That was the promise, right? What are you saying after all that time?“

There really was a promise like that…. No I was just pulled into that without my consent.

“Since I’m gonna keep my promise, you’d better keep yours.“

“I get that but….the balance is clearly off here!“

“And where exactly? Outside, I can’t talk to you like I would with Towano Chikai-sensei, you know? You even had me change the name of my notebook after all.“

“But that’s already it…. I had a lot to take care of so that your stalker activities wouldn’t cause any harm.“

“D-Don’t say stalker activities! I’m just collecting data! Data for my research! I don’t know in what kind of house you life for example! And as a fan, I have the right to know that!“

“Even if you say that…“

“What’s the harm?“

“Well, it’s fine I guess. Still, why are you calling me Yuu?“

“What’s wrong with that, Yuu?“

“Exactly that. Why can’t you just call me normally?“

“You said that I shouldn’t call you Towano-sensei though?“

“Then why aren’t you calling me Nagami? Even I call you Himuro.“

“I don’t like to be called by my family name. And calling others by their family name is a no-go as well.“

What’s up with that…. I don’t call any other people except my family members with their given name.

“I-It’s not a big deal. In other countries, they call each other with their given names all the time.“

“This is japan though…“

Going in circles like this, I finally saw my home in the distance. Imagining the face that Suzuka will probably make, my feet get heavier and heavier with each step.

“Nuu? What’s wrong, Yuu? Have we arrived?“

“Ah, yeah. This is it.“

Seeing where I pointed, Mai wrote something in her notebook again. She even took a picture.

“….What are you doing?“

“This is important information. I’m sure that depending on the house you live in, your personality will be greatly influenced because of that.“

“That really makes you seem like a thief….“

“It’s fine. I’m not thinking on where to break in first.“

“As if I could trust your words in that regard!“

Trying my best to stop her from walking on the wrong path in life, I slowly open the door of the entrance.

“Welcome back, Onii-ch–“

As always, Suzuka was welcoming me back but this time, she froze up after seeing Mai. Well, that’s to be expected, I guess.

“Who might this be?“

“Ah. This is my classmate Himuro. Mai, this is my little sister Suzuka.“

“Ah, it is nice to meet you. My name is Himuro Mai and…..Yuu?! You had a little sister?!“

“Mai….? Yuu….?“

I was glared at from two sides. Since talking here wouldn’t help, we all went to the living room instead.

“Why did you keep quiet about that? If that Towani Chikai has a little sister, that would’ve changed everything.“

“Since I knew that you would react like that, I decided to keep quiet about it.“

While Suzuka was preparing some tee, Mai and I were talking while sitting on the couch.

“So that means…that everything in your novel….happened? That would explain a lot.“

“No, that’s definitely not it!“

“You seem to have a good relationship…..“

Having a blank face, Suzuka brought in the tea she prepared. Giving me continuous side glances, I knew that this would be bad later…I can feel the lecture coming already….

“Thank you very much, Suzuka-san. The tea is very delicious.“

“For now, drink the tea. After you’ve seen my room, you better go home. It’s pretty late already.“

“I know that very well. It’s fine since my mansion is close by.“

“Room….? What do you mean, Onii-chan?“

While her words may have seemed calm, her mood was clearly getting worse by the second.

“Hey, Suzuka-san. Are you aware of the fact that Yuu is a light novel author? Not to say a really famous one. I’m a pretty popular one as well but I couldn’t help becoming a fan of his. Ehehehehe“

Hearing that statement followed by a laugh, Suzuka’s face clearly twitched.

“Y-Your sister clearly seems disinterested. Let’s go to your room already.“

Trying my best not to get in contact with Suzuka, I took Mai with me upstairs. As we entered my room, she had a surprised expression on her face.

“O-Ohhh. So this is your room, huh.“

“It’s pretty normal, isn’t it? My room isn’t anything special.“

“Even if you say that, since this is my first time entering a man’s room, I wouldn’t know any better….“

“Is that so? …. Hey, taking photos is clearly not okay?!“

“Uwu…..can’t help it, I guess. I’ll just burn this view into my memories then.“, she says while looking at every little corner in my room, until she suddenly came to a stop.

“Oh? Suzuka-san came with us?“

“Yes. I can’t leave Onii-chan alone with another girl after all.“

Not having realized it, Suzuka was standing in the threshold of my room.

“H-huh?! Does that mean that Yuu really….?!“

“My brother is a beast after all.“

“H-Hey?! S-Suzuka?!“

“So that was true after all?! Going after my skirt and panties after only meeting me today… just how much of a pervert are you?!“

“N-No, you’re wrong! This is a misunderstanding!“

“Onii-chan…? What’s this about skirt and panties? Can you explain that to me in more detail please?“

“Like I said, that’s a misunderstanding!“

“B-but I won’t back down now. If it’s for my aim, I will endure any kind of erotic plays that you force me to do!“

“Don’t force yourself if you’ve gotten this red already!“

“Onii-chan? Is it alright if I call the police now?“

“Don’t just jump in like that! And don’t take out your phone!“

“Oh…so today I’ll become a woman….. But it’s for my light novels….If I knew that it would end up like this, I would’ve worn a cuter pair of panties….“

“Don’t spit out weird things like that while lying sideways on my bed!!!“

“Hello? Is this the police? An intruder has entered my home…“


“Nagami Yuu pushes me onto bed while laughing [It’s useless even if you scream. Nobody is coming to save you. He he he he] Driven by desire, he reaches out his hand towards my chest…..“

“Over there! Don’t just take notes while adding false accusations!!“

“Onii-chan…no. Nagami Yuu-san.“

“Why did you change that?! Why are you looking at me with these eyes?“

“Ah! Don’t tell me….to raise the quality of your novel….ramming your poisonous fangs into her, you even did this and that to Suzuka-san as well?!“

“What do you mean [As well]?! And no human being has those poisonous fangs you talk about?!“

“About that…. please let me remain silent on that.“

“Why aren’t you disagreeing with her?!“

“Hey…Yuu. Is it okay if I call the police now?“

“Don’t end up in a loooooooooooooooooooooooop?!?!“

I retorted with all my might.

For now, I pushed them both out of my room and pulled Mai with me towards the entrance.

“You go home now! This is as far as this goes today!“

“Muu, unfair. You erotic devil. Ero-Yuu!“

“I will seriously prohibit you from entering this building, you damn stalker!“

“I-I get it already. I’ll pull back for now. We will continue our conversation tomorrow at school then.“

She looked at me with a fake tear in her eyes but earnestly put her shoes on shortly after. Seeing that, I crouched down next to her.

“Then, let’s go.“

“Huh? Go where?“

“I’m escorting you home. It’s already gotten pretty dark outside after all. Letting you go home alone is a no-go.“

As I stood up having finished putting on my shoes, Mai had a surprised look on her face.

“T-T-There’s no need for that! I told you that my mansion was pretty close?!“

“It’s not a problem of the distance but the time. Well then, Suzuka, I’m going out for a bit.“

“Himuro-san. Please be careful. Don’t ever let Onii-chan come into your house, okay?“

“What kind of warning is this?!“

“I don’t want a member of my family to turn into a criminal after all.“

“I-Is that it?! Is that how you got all the girls……“

“As if!! Ah, forget it already! Let’s go!“

Saying that, I left the house. Mai followed shortly after that.

Part 4:

“U-Uhm, eheheh, thank..you.“

“……It’s fine. I wanted to ask you something anyway.“

“Something you wanted to ask?“…was what she answered and I continued while walking next to her.

“Your reason for going so far is because you want to know how I got my novel to be so interesting and fun, right?“

“What’s this after all this time? That’s what I said from the start.“

“But… Will researching the writer really bare any fruit in the end? Wouldn’t it be fine to just analyze the novel after all..is what I think.“

Going “You’re pretty naive“, she answers me.

“Even if I analyze the novel, my subjective view will always mix in. If I ask myself [Why is it so interesting], it will always turn into [Why is it so interesting for me]. I’m not saying that that’s wrong or anything but the final result is still different.“

“N-now that you say it…. There are times where I think that this or that part is interesting but people will sometimes think differently about that specific scene or act.“

“Exactly. You can’t help that. That’s exactly why I think that the information directly from the author is the one that is the closest to the truth, don’t you agree?“

O-Oh, so this is the way that Enryuu Homura-sensei thinks, huh? That’s a reason I can get behind.

“You’re really amazing after all. That’s what I’d expect from a pro like you.“

“But you’re the same after all! And it’s not like my way of thinking is the only one that is correct.“

“No, I also think that you’re right. It became a good lesson. Thanks for that.“

“L-Lesson? Well, it’s not that I mind. But as thanks, you could tell me the way you think about your own novel.“

“No, I’ll pass. That’s impossible after all.“

I can’t answer her since I’m not the real author. Not like I could tell her that, though.

“Hmpf, fine then. In the end, you’re still going to tell me everything!“

Burning with passion like never before, she suddenly comes to a stop. As I started to wonder, I realized that we probably arrived at our destination….This is?

“Is that the mansion that recently got renovated here…? Pretty huge alright….“

I look up the building that stands before my eyes. The original building was already huge but that has changed drastically it seems.

“Thanks for walking me home. I’ll make sure to write this in my notebook as well.“

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I don’t care how much you dramatize that though.“

“Nagami Yuu is….being a [take-home wolf] and plans to enter my home…..just like we found out earlier….“

“Why are your dramatizing in that direction?!“

“I-I’m just joking. I’m seriously thankful for today though. I’ll see you tomorrow okay?“

I saw her off while she trotted into her mansion. This is going to be a pain in the ass in the future, was what I thought. I didn’t think that suddenly a stalker would show up. And with the same passion as myself. Being a professional author really has it’s problems.

“Well, gotta work with what you have“, I sighed as I gripped my hand.

If you want to find out why the novel is so interesting, you have to understand the mindset of the author….huh? Luckly, I am in a position where this is pretty do-able. Picking up my speed to get home faster…..I forget a crucial part in my plans.

“Onii-chan? I hope you will explain yourself now…“

What greeted me as I returned home, was the sight of Suzuka sitting behind the entrance.

Part 5:

“And? What do you personally think makes your novel interesting?“

Facing each other, I explained the situation to Suzuka and asked her for her opinion. Since I was at a loss myself, I honestly told her everything, from Mai being that famous Enryuu Homura, to the fact that she’d go so far as to stalk me because she wanted to find out what made Suzuka’s novel so interesting. While making the food for dinner and even while eating that, she continuously glared at me while saying stuff like “I see.“ or “Himuro-san is really beautiful after all.“ or “Her breasts were really big as well“. After we finished eating dinner, she seemed to have calmed down a bit, making it possible for us to have a decent conversation about it……her expression didn’t really change though.

“What is this so suddenly? With what kind of aim do you ask that?“

“No, well, Mai asked that countless times…so yeah, on the outside I am Towano Chikai, right? Wouldn’t it be really suspicious if I couldn’t even answer a simple question like that?“

The truth was, that nobody wanted to know her secret more than me but this time, I chose Mai as an excuse.

“And what if I told you, were you just going to tell it to her? You really are honest, aren’t you? Going so far as calling each other by your given names, you must have good relationship.“

“I was forced by her to do that….. and besides, if I could just give her a straight answer, she’d probably stop her stalker activities, don’t you think?“

“Uwu….that might be true..but…“

After muttering that, she took a deep breath, sighing before she continued.

“How did it even come to this? Just when I finally got a shared topic to talk about…. why did such a beautiful person have to appear in front of Onii-chan…“

“What does this have to do with her outer appearance….?“

“A lot…..and even a stalker? She’s going to follow you everywhere, right? Onii-chan? You might even give in to her temptations.“

“Temptation..you…. I said that it’s fine. I will keep her stalker activities in check after all.“

“That’s not what I’m talking about.“

Then what exactly are you talking about…?

Even if I asked her, Suzuka would probably just avert her head and keep quiet…

“In any case, to release me from her clutches, you’d best answer my question as fast as possible.“

“I don’t know myself.“


“I thought I told you that from the very beginning. That I was possessed while writing the novel. This is why even I can’t tell you why it’s so interesting.“

“N-No, wait. To think that the author himself wouldn’t know the answer to that question is just….“

“Now that I think about it, my novel is still insufficient. I always thought that something was missing….it wasn’t like I was completely happy with it myself, and there was somebody else that thought it was f-i-n-e.“

“Who in the world said something like that about the first-place winner anyway?“

“Onii-chan, I’m a little irritated right now, so can you keep quiet for a bit?“

S-Scaryyyyy. I never felt so scared before because of mere words.

“Since an enemy like Himuro-san appeared, I can’t be slacking off.“

How did she turn into your enemy like that? I’m the one who is suffering, remember? Is it because Mai is also a fellow author?

“But….I don’t know exactly what I’m missing, what I should change in the second volume… nothing comes to my mind.“

So she still isn’t satisfied even after creating a perfect little sister rabucome and landing a big hit? Wait a second, this isn’t the time to voice my respect! I wanted to know about her secret but our conversation took a full turn! I couldn’t really think of anything lacking..but leaving her alone in that regard was something I couldn’t do, so I raised my voice.

“Hey Suzuka.“

“What is it onii-chan?“

“When you’re searching for that thing you’re lacking, do you mind if I help you?“

“……Excuse me?“

Having a shocked expression on her face, Suzuka looks right at me.

“W-Well, it’s that, you know? I can’t really do nothing if you’re looking so troubled. I heard it after all. And I’m your stand-in, so it’s only natural, right?“

I thought that helping her find out what she was lacking would connect me to the reason why the novel is so interesting.


“No, well, two heads think better than one right? I know that I’m not really in the position to assu-“

“No that’s not true! Please, help me!“

…..Stopping me mid-sentence, Suzuka almost screamed out. Thinking that I’d definitely get rejected, I was a bit shocked.

“U-uhm, I know I was the who asked in the first place but are you really fine with that?

“Yes. Onii-chan’s ideas will surely be a great help.“

Taking out a notebook and a pen, she immediately started writing on it.

“Well then, please tell me the points and aspects that my novel lacked.“

“Eh? Ah…but….even if you ask me…I can’t think of anything on the spot.“

“That certainly can’t be it. No, if anything else, only Onii-chan would be able to pinpoint these things.“

“What’s up with this pressure?! Why do you put so much faith in me?!“

“Huh?! Well…that’s because….yeah! Since you’re a light novel author as well, I figured that you would be able to help me!…..Or what is it? Do you mean to tell me that you blurted out something like that without having any ideas at all?“

Hitting exactly where it hurt, I couldn’t do anything besides shrink. At this rate, acting like an ideal big brother might only end up deducting a lot of points…..Not like I had a lot from the beginning though. I turned my head and desperately tried to think of something….

“T-That’s it! How about asking Shinozaki-san for advice?“


“Yeah. She is the person that’s closest to you in terms of writing your novel. Asking your editor in times like these is the best starting point.“

I saw that written on the internet after all…..since I never had a personal editor….

“But is that fine to ask for advice because of something like that?“

“That’s nothing to worry about. It’s her job after all. Well? Let’s go.“

Pushing Suzuka out of the living room, we made our way to her room. After starting up the notebook, we wrote an email for Shinozaki-san.

“I wonder if she’ll be disturbed because I need her help.“

“Well, she is a bit special yeah….but since it’s about light novels, I think that she’ll earnestly listen to your request…? Let’s wait for…tomorrow I think. She’ll probably have answered by then.“

Just having finished my assumption, a notification sound came Suzuka’s notebook.

“Oh, an answer just came in.“

“Just now?!“

W-What is this……doesn’t she have anything else to do….?

“W-Well, the faster the better. And? What did she say?“

“Let me see…..[It’s admirable of you to try to aim even higher, even though your sales were off the charts. Now, you say that you want to make your novel more interesting but I think that you might want to flesh out a few parts.]“

“Wow, just what you’d expect from a professional editor. Coming up with an advice like that.“

Reassuring Suzuka that she’d made the right decision, she continued to read the content of the mail.

“[For example a few of the service scenes. There aren’t really any shortcomings but in my opinion it wouldn’t hurt to make them a bit more lewd.], she says“


I-Isn’t there quite a turn of the conversation?

“I’ll continue for now. [To be precise, how about adding a few panchira-scenes? That’ll please the average reader. Not only doing it via illustration but also going in detail in the book itself that is.]“

“W-Wait a second!!!“

What ridiculous vocabulary is this person throwing out so suddenly?!

“[I know that there are probably a lot of other possibilities but how about you think about that one for a bit?]….That was all.“

Having finished reading the mail, Suzuka turns around to face me. Was it my imagination or did the atmosphere in the room suddenly got a lot colder?


“Ah! T-This is…I’m sorry! This person is a no-good in the e–“

“What exactly is this panchira thing?“


The second I wanted to jump on my knees to procrastinate in front of Suzuka, she stopped me mid-sentence.

“I have never heard this panchira word before.“

“Eh? Really? To have never heard of that…“

…..Granted she goes to a prestige Ojou-sama school…but still….This level of innocence is a bit weird…

“And? What exactly does this panchira thing mean now? She said it’s service for the readers?“

Having apparently really no clue, she earnestly ask me such a question. In what world does the brother have to explain such a thing to his little sister….

“No, no, no, no! Just forget about that! That was probably meant as a joke by Shinozaki-san!! Yeah, that must be it!“

“Why would an editor like her make jokes now? You definitely know what this panchira thing is right? Please explain it to me.“

“E-Explain?! Panchira?!“

“Yes. Since Shinozaki-san said it, it must be an important vocabulary concerning light novels right?“

“Well, it’s not like it’s completely unrelated but…“

“If that is so, then I must know what it is.“

Uwuu….don’t look at me with these earnest eyes please….Telling her isn’t wrong….it’s the explanation of it.

“W-Why don’t you just search for it on the internet?“

“Huh? But you already know it, right? Onii-chan? There’s no reason for me to do that when you could just tell me right now.“

“Y-You’re not wrong about that but….this is this and that is that…“

“What’s wrong? I though that you wanted to help me?“

Ugh…. these words really pull on my heart…..

“Now that we’re talking about it, you’re probably still mad that I became a professional light novel author before you. That’s why you refuse to help me…“

“I’m not mad though?! It’s true that I’m really envious and frustrated but I’m not mad at you just because of that!“

“Then there’s no problem, right? Teach me about this panchira thing, please.“

S-Shit…. Since it’s come to that, I can’t decline her anymore. She’s going to find out anyway, so it’d be better to tell her as her big brother!

“I-I get it, I’ll teach you about it! But! Keep in mind that this is just for your research….for your novel only, okay?!“

“Yes, of course.“, she answers me as she tightly grips her notes.

I slowly open my mouth.

“Firstly, it’s important to tell you that the word panchira is an abbreviation.“

“I see. So it’s just like FAQ or like the word advertisement often turns into ad.“

“Yeah. And this abbreviation consists of two words. The chira part of panchira means that something is visible for a short amount of time.“

“I see, I see. Something is visible for a short time…..“

“And the pan part of panchira is an abbreviation for….panties….“

“Hmmm, Is that so… panties……..huh?“

Hearing my words, her pen suddenly stops. Ah….. now that I’ve said it, I have to pull through!

“Yes! So panchira means that the panties of a girl are visible for a short moment, most of the time without the girl even realizing that!“

“Is this supposed to be a bad joke, Onii-chan?“

Suzuka looks at me with a face full of scorn…Shit, why is it that even though I merely explained it, I’m met with these eyes?!

“You’re wrong! That’s really what it means! This scene is often used in light novels to fire up the readers and such!“

“I don’t get it. Shinozaki-san said that the readers would appreciate more fan-service, right? Why is it considered service when one can see the panties of a girl?“

“Well because you…..“

You’ll get happy. You’ll get happy when you see the panties of a girl. That’s the undisputed truth of this world…….But what the hell am I even saying?!

“What’s wrong? Was it a joke after all?“

“Ahhh for Christ sake! Because it makes us happy! Since most of the light novel readers are in my range of age, you get aroused easily after all! Nothing more, nothing less!“

Contempt me as a pervert big brother for all I care! What I’m saying isn’t wrong in the least!

“Because it makes you happy, you say….“

Contrary to my expectations, Suzuka actually takes notes.


“Onii-chan…do you also feel happy when this panchira thing happens?“

Her next words straight up shocked me.

“H-Huh?! W-What are you even sayi-“

“If what you just explained was the truth, then it must be like that, right? Since you’re a light novel reader, and a boy. And you also like writing them, after all. Regarding all that, you must be happy after all when it happens, right?“

W-Well of course I don’t hate it…. if I had to say, I like it. I would even be thankful if it happened to me! But do you really think I could proudly announce that in front of my little sister…? I surely can’t.

“So I was right after all.“

“I didn’t say anything though?!“

“But I understand it now, what the word panchira means…. that explains why there are so many scenes in your books…..“

“Heeeey, Suzuka-saaan?!“

“So you get happy if it happens…..But to have my panties be seen is…..uwuuu but….but…“

“Excuse me but can you listen when other people are talking? I’m begging you!“

Tss, she doesn’t listen to one word I say….she keeps on talking to herself…..Ah…in her head, she probably already labeled me a [panchira loving pervert]…..I feel like I can literally hear my respect as a big brother being squashed….

“I’m sorry, Onii-chan. Can I ask you to leave my room?“

…..?! I even got kicked out of her room….not that I can’t understand her feelings. She doesn’t want to be in the same room as her panchira loving big brother…. that’s to be expected. What should I do after this…?

Part 6:

At the moment, I’m heading towards the kitchen on the first floor. I needed to drink something to calm myself down or I’d probably collapse on the floor. Suddenly, I can hear the sound of the door opening so I turned my head towards the source.

“Onii-chan, are you there?“

“Huh? Suzuka? Why are you even-?!“

Before I could’ve finished my words, I froze up. I realized that Suzuka changed her clothes. Until now, she wore short pants…but now, for some reason, she changed into a skirt. Not to mention a super short one…. She had one of those, this girl… That’s just barely covering the important parts, oi.

“Hm? What happened, Onii-chan? You have a face like you met a bear on a mountain.“

“H-Huh?! No….that’s my line?! What’s up with your clothes?!“

While looking at her revealing clothes, Suzuka answered with a calm expression.

“This…I want to research this panchira thing right now. That’s why I changed.“, she let out these unreasonable words.

“Eh?! Research…you say?“

“Yes. Since I want to put it in my novel, I have to gain some experience first-hand after all. I want your help as well, Onii-chan.“

“No, no, no, no….wait a second. I don’t understand a thing you’re saying….“

“Why is that? You also raise the quality of your novel by gaining different experiences, right?“

“Well, yeah but…..panchira research?!“

I don’t get it. I don’t get the connection at all. You can’t normally gain any experience with panchira, right? Mixing light novels and real life is bad after all. And what exactly do you want to research about panchira anyway?!

“Since I’ve never experienced this panchira thing, I wanted to know how it feels like. To be seen, or to see it. Please, teach me, Onii-chan.

“So…that means that you want it to happen right now? You basically want me to…see your panties…?“

I see, my head has gotten crazy now. I can hear weird stuff after all. Well, got to go to the hospital, I guess.

“If I remember correctly, you can do this….I can grab my skirt to raise it a bit so that you can see-“


I quickly stopped the hand of Suzuka that was grabbing her skirt.

“A-Are you an idiot?! Can you stop with that?! This isn’t something a girl should be doing in front of a boy you know?!“

“I most certainly am not joking.“

Certainly, looking at her calm face, it didn’t look like she was joking at all.

“I want to improve my novel. To achieve that, I have to have the resolve. Truly, I can’t go around, showing people my underwear. That’s why I’m asking you, Onii-chan.“


Listening to her honest words, even I can’t help faltering. To be ready to do almost everything in order to write an interesting novel. That’s the same resolve that I have. Admitting that, I can’t think of any words to turn her down.

“This is merely an act. Nothing else. That’s why I’m begging you, Onii-chan. Work with me please.“

To think that Suzuka would earnestly ask for my help, that’s a first all right. And I can’t keep my attitude when she asks me so straight-forward.


I take a deep breath to calm myself down. This is just for collecting data. It’s important to write a novel of high quality. It’s nothing different from trying to act how a light novel protagonist would.

“I get it, I’ll help you.“

“Onii-chan….thank you very much.“

Seeing her resolve, I steeled mine as well. It’s just for collecting data…even if that consists of acting out a panchira moment! Yes, even if it consists of me seeing the panties of my little sister!

“….Alright, there’s one thing that’s important before we start. There’s a difference between a panchira and you lifting the skirt up yourself, remember that.“

“I see. There’s a surprising depth in these things.“

Suzuka takes notes on that, while I continued.

“And? What exactly do you want to research about panchira?“

“Mainly the situation that induces it, I would say. In what circumstances, to be precise.“

“I see. So a simple approach it is. Suzuka, try sitting down right here.”

Suzuka goes “Like this?“ while taking a seat on the living room floor. As she does that, her skirt rolls up, revealing her panties clearly for me to see.

…….Striped. The so-called shimapan.

(TLC= literally means striped-panties)

So she wears panties like these……….and what exactly am I commenting on in this situation?!

“I see, that really makes my panties be visible.“

(insert illustration)

“You really are calm about this…“

Really, no matter how much I steeled myself for this, it’s still embarrassing.

“Huh? What’s wrong, Onii-chan? Why are you averting your eyes?“

“W-Well, even if it’s helping you, kind of, it still feels wrong to just keep on staring, you know?“

“Still, I don’t have anything else I can ask here. Can’t you just keep watching a little bit more?“

That’s got to be the first time every a girl asked the lucky boy to keep watching after her panties are revealed. I forced myself to turn my head and continued to look at her panties…..it’s impossible after all!

“Again, why are you looking away?“

“If I keep on looking, my eyesight will get worse.“

“We’re not talking about a TV-screen here.“

“It’s the thought of it that counts!“

“Don’t say it like my panties resemble the direct sunlight….Could it be….that you’re happy while seeing my panties?“

That statement made me almost stand up with shock.

“T-There’s no way, alright?! Even if it’s panties we’re talking about, they still belong to you, right? My sister?! It would be weirder for me to be conscious of it!“

I focus my eyes on her panties again, telling me countless times that they belong to my blood-related little sister. Doing that, I managed to calm down. All right.

“Hmpf! There’s no way an older brother would get excited after seeing his little sister’s panties!“

“Hmh, so that’s it. Then tell me about other situations where the panchira happens.“

“Yeah, no problem. Can’t have you misunderstand this crucial vocabulary.“

Having taken my embarrassment under control, I propose another situation.

“Picking up something, while only bowing your upper body is also a thing.“

“I see. Like this then.“

She turns her back to me and acts like she would pick something up. Since her skirt is so short, reaching out with my hand just a little bit would reveal her panties completely. Ha, nothing impossible.

“It’s also possible when you’re crouching down to match your line of sight with a child.“

“Like this? …..Yes, that makes them visible.“

No matter what she does, since her skirt is so short, her panties are almost always revealed instantly.

“Trying to reach out for a high place with your hands is also pretty simple.“

“I see.“, is what she says after trying it out for herself.

If you just match your line of sight a little bit, it perfectly reveals everything. To wear such a mini-skirt is a sinful act against all men…It will get them aroused way too easy.

“Other options are sitting on a chair with your legs pulled up for example.“

“Like this? Can you really see them like that?“

“Don’t worry. Looking like this, you can see a triangle part of the panties. Even that counts after all.“

“Eh? Oh, you’re right. So that’s also a way to induce a panchira.“

“Don’t give any space when wearing a mini-skirt. Boys are always aiming for that panchira moment after all.“

“That’s very interesting, alright. Just what I’d expect from Onii-chan, being very passionate about this, aren’t you?“

“Ha?! W-Wrong! That’s not what I specifically think! It’s what all boys think! Don’t get any weird ideas!“

“Is that so?“

“Guh….And? I’m sure this turned into a good lesson for your novel, right?! So, what now? Are you satisfied?“

“Yes. I understood that there are a lot of things one has to keep in mind about panchira.“

“I’m glad then.“

“Also, judging from your reactions, I understood why this panchira is considered a fan-service scene.“

“Don’t say that!“

Shit…it feels like I lost something important as a human being….

“Still, do you feel like you can write the second volume even more interesting now?“

Yes, that’s right. This was my goal after all……Well it’s not like I think that all this panchira talk would change things dramatically…..

“Yes, I don’t understand everything but I think I’m going into the right direction.“

“Are you serious?“

What exactly is this thing that she was unsatisfied with after all? I thought that I would be able to understand after all that…but it feels like I’ve gotten further away.

Being tired after all that, I leaned on the sofa in our living room. It feels like the stress and fatigue finally caught up with me. Suzuka on her part keeps on taking notes. She’s pretty tough after all.

“Thanks to Onii-chan, I feel like I can put this experience in good use concerning my novel. I’m really thankful for today.“

“Ah, yeah. It’s fine if I could help…..“

I couldn’t keep my eyes from closing any longer. This feeling of exhaustion is just too strong. I wanted to take some mental notes on panchira as well…but my mind stopped working.

“Well then, I will return to my room.“

Remembering a crucial thing, I forced my body to wake up one last time before finally drifting off.

“Wait, Suzuka.“


I called out to her, telling her to stop for a second. I forgot something I wanted to tell her.

“This mini-skirt….never wear that outside, okay? It’s too short. I will help your research no matter how often, so don’t show other people your panties just for the sake of researching panchira.“


I realized too late what I just blurted out…. I just don’t want Suzuka to turn into another Shinozaki-san…..As I tried my hardest to put my head up, I heard Suzuka.

“….What are you saying? That’s just self-explanatory.“, she said after looking straight at me.

“Well…it’s fine as long as you understand.“

“I won’t do something like that, really. I only did it to collect data. And also-“, she starts as she turns around and opens the door.

“—–I won’t do something like that with no one besides Onii-chan, you know….?“

Being left alone, I pondered about Suzuka’s last words.

“Yeah, I wish you’d really cut me some slack….“

Huff….. What a chaotic day this was. And I didn’t even make any progress at all….

“And…what should I do about the novel for the light novel contest?“

I haven’t made any progress at all lately after all.

Thinking about that, I fell asleep on the couch.

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