Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 3 Chapter 4

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I love Suzuka (‘s novel)

Part 1:

“F-For now, we can call this research a success. I suppose. With this, I’m sure that I can write a good scenario.” Suzuka said with flushed cheeks, never making eye contact with me.

Being confronted with Suzuka’s current attitude, I could only mutter a defeated “I-is that so….” while moving my chopsticks. After the culture festival ended, Suzuka and I went home to eat dinner. Of course, Suzuka was the one who made it.

By the way, the reason the atmosphere between the two of us is so awkward is…..well, I’d wish that you didn’t pay it any more attention. The both of us decided that we want to forget about that incident as fast as possible. That lacking but still squishy sensation—-

“O-Onii-chan? What are you thinking about?”

“N-?! N-Nothing at all?!”

“Somehow your face is a bit red….D-Don’t tell me…..!”

“Y-You’re wrong! This is….! I-I was just thinking that you can really feel the typical July heat around here….!”

“Well, that’s fine, I suppose.”

I somehow managed to cover it up, Thank god she didn’t keep asking…..Seems weird….this is the sharp Suzuka we are talking about after all. Well, not that I mind.

“R-Rather than that, I’m glad that the research turned out to be a success. We did go through a lot after all. Hopefully we can create a doujinshi that can beat the Kanzaka sisters and——”


“….Hey? Suzuka?” In an instant, I realized that she was spacing out, like she was genuinely absent minded because of something.

Her hand with the chopsticks also stopped, while the other one was motionlessly holding her bowl.

“Suzuka? Earth to Suzuka!”

“….Eh? W-What is it, Onii-chan?”

“That’s my phrase, you know? You were spacing out all of a sudden, something happened?”

“N-No, it’s nothing. I was just feeling a bit tired.”

“Ah, I see. Well, we’ve been busy with a lot of stuff recently after all. Since the culture festival is over, how about you relax a bit?”

“That’s no good. There’s still the matter with the scenario, so I can’t afford to relax right now.” Saying that, she continued to eat her food.

“Well, Double Peace-sensei is coming over tomorrow for the scenario, I suppose. Might call it something like a last spurt.”

“Yes. Uhm….you already talked to Double Peace-san about everything, right?”

I answered with a short “Yeah.” We haven’t discussed the details yet but I gave her an overview of the culture festival date theme. She said she’d think of something until tomorrow as well.

“Now then, since we finished eating, I will go clean the dishes and start working on the scenario.”

“Yeah, I know you’re tired but please give it your best….Still, let me do the housework instead.”

“Muu, the culture festival is already over….It feels really weird that I haven’t been doing any household stuff lately.”

Why do you look so frustrated about that…..Is it because you’re a perfect super human? Well, it’s not like I just plan on giving you your duties back…not until everything is finished that is.

Having conquered the lecture and everything, I was sure that it would turn out alright in the end. Now naïve I was……

The next day started with a bad incident.

“….Eh? It’s already this late?”

Waking up, I realized that it was already close to noon. Normally, Suzuka would’ve woken me up at this point, even if it was a holiday. Quickly changing my clothes, I went down on the first floor. However, Suzuka was nowhere to be found. Thinking that she might’ve gone out or something, I checked and the entrance and to my surprise, her shoes were lined up neatly next to door.

“Don’t tell me….” I titled my head.

With a bad feeling, I made my way upwards to check Suzuka’s room.

“Suzuka? Are you in there?”

No reply. Slowly opening the door, I saw that Suzuka was still sleeping on the bed. At first, I was relieved to see that nothing happened but I immediately realized that something was wrong.

“Ha……….Ha…….” Heavy breathing. A red face. Putting one hand on her forehead, I felt the burning heat.

“…..Ah? Onii-chan……?” In that moment, Suzuka seemed to have realized my presence as she slowly opened her eyes. “…..Eh? Oh, I’m sorry. I must have slept in……”

“I-Idiot! Go back to sleep! You have a fever, you know!” I pressed down Suzuka as she was trying to get up from the bed.

“…..Fever? After I went to take a bath yesterday, my head started to hurt, so I wanted to take a break and lay down on my bed….”

“It’s probably a cold……your stress from the last few days finally caught up to you….damn!”

If only I could have realized it sooner……!

“F-For now, I’ll get some medicine and something to eat. I’ll bring it to you so just try to sleep a bit.” I headed towards the kitchen.

I prepared a cup of water with a bit of medicine. Additionally to that, some thin rice porridge. As I returned to Suzuka’s room, I fed her a bit of it and helped her take the medicine. Maybe because her head wasn’t up to it, she answered everything I asked her to do very honestly.

“If your fever doesn’t go down until tomorrow, we have to go see a doctor, I guess….And if it gets worse, I’ll call our parents.” As I muttered that, I saw that Suzuka was trying to get out of her bed again.

“H-Hey, what are you doing? You have to rest now, you know?”

“But….I have to write the scenario…..It’s not finished yet….”


“The one for the doujinshi…..I wanted to write it yesterday but I fell asleep before that….”

Hearing that, I gulped.

“N-No! You have a fever……! For now, just go to sleep!”

“But….Double Peace-san is supposed to come by and pick up the scenario, right? There’s only one week left until the competition, so we’ll barely make it if we give it to her today……”

“As if I would force you through that! Regarding Double Peace-sensei, I will go down on my knees and beg her to stretch out the deadline a bit more…..”

“….This cold might not be gone so soon…..The chance that it’ll go away in one day is…..” She said but I can’t just let her do that. “I’m sure that…..Double Peace-san would wait if Onii-chan was begging her….But we still have to finish this doujinshi as fast as possible…..what if we can’t make it? I don’t want to lose because of such a reason…..”

…..S-Still…….what should we do then? Of course, I understand where Suzuka is coming from. Double Peace-sensei even said that today is the last chance we have, otherwise she won’t have the time. And if we can’t make it, that means our loss—–Suzuka’s retirement….

“That’s why….I have to write it no matter what…..”

“—–No! I still won’t allow it! You’ll stay in bed!” I once more pushed Suzuka down as she tried to get up.

I know! I really do! But, seeing her right now, almost on the edge of collapsing because of her fever, I can’t just leave her alone! Even more than her career, her well-being is the most important thing right now…..!

“You’ll stay here! I’ll do something about the scenario…..!” Although I said that, I couldn’t think of anything.

While I was struggling, I realized that Suzuka was looking right into my eyes. Her wet eyes, suffering from the fever, still with a straight gaze.

“Then, Onii-chan, I do have an idea….Can I ask you for something….?”

“W-What is it? I’ll do anything in my power—-”

“Will you write the scenario in my stead……?”

I froze up after hearing her words.

“……………..Eh? I will……write the scenario?!”

“…….Yes. We were always together when we were collecting data after all…..”

“T-That might be the case but I’m not Towano Chikai right? There’s no way that I can keep up with your quality….”

“I know that Onii-chan can do it.” Only these words, she got out with a strong voice. “Doujinshi are created by the people who liked the original work, right? Onii-chan told me that he likes my novel….Writing the real thing might be impossible but writing for the doujinshi is not, not for you.”

S-She might have a point here…..and I’m probably the only one who could take up her role in this case but….

“A-Are you really fine with that? Y-You’re putting your career into my hands—-”

“If it’s Onii-chan, I don’t mind at all….” She looked up to me with a confident gaze.

I don’t know why she’s trusting me so much. But, that trust of hers was something I could feel in that moment.

….To be honest, I don’t have any confidence. I’m not a genius like Suzuka. Just recently, I barely made it to the second round of preliminaries….I’m nothing more than a mostly average light novel writer…..Even so…..I am also her big brother, so there’s no way I can refuse.

“……! I got it. I will write it. But, you will have to stay down in bed, okay?”

Hearing my answer, Suzuka showed a soft smile as she said “Yes…..” In the same moment, I heard the doorbell ringing.

“Ah, it seems like Double Peace-san just arrived….”

“Looks like it…. I’ll go let her in. You might be anxious about it but please go back to sleep, okay?”

“….It’s fine. I trust Onii-chan……after all…..” Answering me with these words, she slowly closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

However, she looks more relaxed than before.

“Ahhh, damn! This turned into another mess!” Muttering that, I left Suzuka’s room behind me.

Now, Towano Chikai’s—-my little sisters career is resting on my shoulders.

“No choice but to do it…..Shit, I’ll definitely make it……!” Trying to push up my confidence, I headed towards the entrance.

However, there was still a certain doubt lingering deep inside my heart.

Part 2:

“I’m really sorry!”

After I brought Double Peace-sensei up to my room, I kneeled on the floor, lowering my head.

“No, please don’t say that, desu.” She might be smiling at with her normal face but I can’t just accept that. “Still, this is pretty weird, desu. Did something happen?”

“Well, you could say that I didn’t mange to come up with a convincing scenario….But, I will definitely finish it today, so rest assured!”

“So something like this happens to a genius author like Sensei as well, desu.” She said as if she didn’t have any problems at all. “I did draw a few rough scenes already, desu. After I went to that all-girls school that is.”

“….Please don’t do something like that again. That was really bad for my heart….”

“Then, you have to bring us with you next time, desu! That reminds me, the two of you somehow disappeared but where did you go—-”

“R-Rather than that, could you please show me the rough drawings you prepared?!” I hurriedly tried to switch the topic.

Double Peace-sensei then took out her sketchbook. Skimming through the pages, my eyes opened wide. All over it were drawings that would not lose against the Kanzaka sisters—–no, drawings with even higher quality than the usual one I had seen of her.

…..However, there was one aspect that I couldn’t overlook no matter how good they were.

“T-They are really well-done but….as always, they aren’t losing to the typical fiendish ero ones you are drawing all the time, I see?!”

“Eh? That’s correct?” She replied as if nothing was wrong. Retorting her like this doesn’t do much, as always.

“A date between the siblings at the ero paradise of a girls only school! Of course it would turn out so erotic like that, desu! The obedient little sister is forced to embrace the embarrassment while being seen by her friends! Ah….just from thinking about it, my adrenaline is going towards max-level, desu!” And, she let out the words exactly one would expect from her.

Normally, I would just try to avert my eyes with an “Ah, is that so.” but I couldn’t afford to do that right now. I have to face her head-on this time.

“Double Peace-sensei, I’m sorry but….this time, that route isn’t acceptable!”

“E-Eeeh?!” Double Peace-sensei dropped her shoulders as if the world was about to end.

“U-Uhm, I don’t think I said something so devastating that you have to react this way though…..”

“It was quite the shock, desu! What do you mean by not acceptable?!”

“We’re not creating this doujinshi because we want to. We have to win against the Kanzaka sisters in [Sales]. Towano Chikai’s retirement is on the line, you know?”

“I know that, desu….”

“That’s why, I think that we have to make the content something that every fan of my novels can enjoy. Having the ero aspect is well and all but not on your fiendish level. So, this time, we can’t just go with that route.”

I am well aware of the fact that I’m not doing her any favours like that. But, it’s just this time. We have to [Win] this, or else…..

“Is…that so, desu. Yup, that makes sense. Sensei’s retirement is at stake after all, desu.” She started sulking a bit. Now of all times, I was missing her carefree smiling face.

“I’m really sorry about this but can you redraw it a bit more….normal? In the meantime, I will write a fitting scenario.”

“Yes, I understand, desu. I will redraw it! A normal scene….normal…..Uhm, are blindfolds normal?”

“They clearly are not!” Although a small doubt stayed behind in my heart, Double Peace-sensei sat down in front of the table and faced her sketchbook.

Deciding that it was the best to start as well, I booted up my notebook PC and opened up my writing software.

….Now then, the general theme was decided, so I’ll surely manage to pull through, some way or another. Selling good is one important aspect but it still has to be a derivative work too. Basically, the characters should be consistent to the original as well. From time to time, I thought “This isn’t like that character at all!” while reading a doujinshi but I can’t afford to let it come up to that point.

Well, I guess that the little sister should be written like she was madly in love with her Onii-chan. The big brother on the other hand should have a certain degree of thickheadedness too. But, isn’t that weird, after they’ve finally started dating?…..No, this is supposed to be comedy…

While I was lost deep in thoughts, I started writing on the scenario. Then, I told Double Peace-sensei what I had thought of so far.

“Uhm, the place should be at the little sister’s school and they are surrounded by her fellow female students.”

“Fumu, a simple approach, desu. So, we will have to bring out mob-characters too.”

“That’s right. In the middle of that, the little sister is getting teased because she is so happy that she can go on a date with her Onii-chan.”

“So they already became a couple but she’s still being teased, desu.”

I was taken aback by her sudden words but….

“W-Well, we do have to keep the original character in mind after all. Next will be the scenes where they will go to a fortune telling or drinking tee at a cafe with real maids…..”

“Wait a moment please, desu. I’ll try drawing an outline for that…..Is that okay, desu?” Saying that, she showed me the page in her sketchbook.

“And…..why is the little sister wearing handcuffs?”

“Well, she’s proving that she is giving both her soul and body to her big brother, desu.”

“That’s not all different from before! I told you doing it like this is not acceptable!”

“Muuu….this is difficult, desu. Then, something like this?” Finally, she showed me a normal illustration.

Why didn’t she just draw it like that if she technically could. Still, that should be okay. The quality is as high as ever—–huh?

“….? What happened, Sensei?”

“Eh? Ah, it’s nothing.”

I-I wonder….comparing her fiendish drawings and this normal one, the quality of them doesn’t seem to match….Is that just a coincidence?

“Y-Yeah…For now, something of this calibre should be okay.” As I said that, Double Peace-sensei started drawing again…but with a more lonely seeming expression.

Even after that, she produced some more lewd drawings from time to time but once I told her off, she changed it for the better. As a result, her fiendish drawing style was disappearing more and more, just like that feeling of discomfort from before kept on growing. That being said, I had my hands full with the scenario, so I didn’t exactly have the time to give it too much thought.


While Double Peace-sensei was showing a painful expression from time to time, I was focussing on my own work. The two siblings finally started going out and went on a lovey-dovey date at the culture festival. Putting it in words isn’t that big of a problem but in my thoughts, that exact problem was at the size of a mountain. The elements the fans want to see. Not changing the image of the original. If it’s interesting or not. Really turning it into a love comedy. And, most of all, if it would be able to sell well.

There’s no doubt that Suzuka could write it even more interesting that I can right now. That being said, I’m not a genius like her. This is my limit.


Yet, with all these doubts, my hand never stopped. It’s not about me. I won’t let Suzuka retire. Thinking only about that, I finished the scenario.

…..To be clear, I have no idea if it turned out to be interesting, or not. I just had to think about what the readers might want to see. Can’t do nothing more than that.

“….Double Peace-sensei, I finished the scenario.”

However, she didn’t answer me. She just kept on drawing her sketches and before I realized it, there was a second sketchbook.

“Double Peace-sensei?”

“…..? Ah, yes, I’m sorry, desu. I was just so focussed. Uhm, so you finished the scenario? I’ll go take a look right now.” Saying that, she started reading it very enthusiastically.

In that moment, I had a really uncomfortable feeling, that’s why….

“U-Uhm, I will make some coffee!” As if I was trying to run away, I declared.

Since I said that, I have no chance to really brew some—is what I thought in my mind as I went down on the first floor. On the way there, I decided to check in on Suzuka’s room. After having checked that she was sleeping, I went down into the kitchen. At first, I just thought of brewing up some instant coffee but I ended up bringing out the coffee maker. Maybe I don’t want to return to my room yet—-were my thoughts as I was gazing at the coffee maker. In the next moment, my view went dark.

“……….Huh?” I woke up in an instant.

I realized that the coffee maker had already stopped and silence had returned to the kitchen.

“….Eh? D-Did I fall asleep…..?”

Hurriedly checking the time, I saw that about an hour had passed.

T-This is bad! I-I fell asleep while Double Peace-sensei was working in my room!

I put the (now cold) coffee into a cup and hurried back to my room.

“I-I’m sorry! I dozed off without meaning to—–”

However, once my eyes were seeing the scene in front of me, I was at a loss for words.


Double Peace-sensei was still drawing in her sketchbook just like when I had left her. But, the interior of the room had changed. All over the place were papers with her sketches on them, most of them though had the words [No-good.] written on them. The atmosphere around Double Peace-sensei was different as well. She had a more ghastly-like look to her. Like she was had lost all her energy.

“D-Double Peace-sensei….?”

“Ah, Sensei, desu? Welcome back….” She responded me but her drawing hand never stopped. She didn’t even raise up her head.

“D-Don’t tell me, you were drawing all this time….?”

“Yes, that’s right, desu.”

“U-Uhm, wouldn’t it be better to take a short break? I brought some coffee with me.”

Although it already got cold—-is what I wanted to add but she didn’t give me the time.

“No, I don’t have the time for that, desu.”

“B-But overworking yourself won’t—-”

“Until now, I didn’t manage to draw something fitting the image that Sensei is looking for, desu….” She had a bitter expression. When she lifted her head, I swallowed my breath. “Sensei, I’m sorry….Since I don’t have any talent, I’m troubling you like this, desu….”

“D-Double Peace-sensei?!” I panicked.

For some reason, she had tears in her eyes. That person, who always had a carefree smile on her face, was close to crying right now.

“W-What happened?! What do you mean by you have no talent?!” Seeing my confused state, Double Peace-sensei started moving her hand again, continuing to draw in her sketchbook. However, her hand was slightly shaking.

“I don’t have any talent, desu. That’s why, I have to make up for that with hard work if I want to draw something fitting Sensei’s image….”

“Eh?! W-What are you saying out of the blue?! And even if you say that, you’re working at an eroge maker company and you’re also drawing the super high quality illustrations for my light novel as well!”

“That’s….just something I happened to get by pure chance, desu.” Saying that, she took out a sketchbook out of her bag and handed it to me.

“T-This is?”

“These were drawings I made from when I started drawing.”

Saying “Please take a look, desu.”, I focussed my eyes onto the sketchbook in front of me while my heartbeat was accelerating for some reason.

“…..Wha-?!” In the next moment, I lost my ability to speak.

The reason for that were the countless drawings that didn’t look like anything I had seen from Double Peace-sensei so far. They were really badly drawn, to completely name it.

“That is from four years ago, desu.”

“F-Four years ago?! B-But, now, your drawings….!”

“At first, I had never drawn anything in my life before but when I had encountered eroge, I wanted to draw these fiendish-type scenes as well. From the bottom of my heart….After that, I kept working very hard to arrive at this point, desu.”

S-Still, from these scribbles to her current skill….in only a couple of years?! Thinking rationally, that would be impossible. But, the evidence is right in front of me. If that’s the case, just how much did she practice to arrive at her current level……?

“Why did you go so far….just for that?” Before I realized it, I had asked her a completely different question.

“Because I like it, desu.” But, she answered quite indifferently. “I like the fiendish ero-types so much, that’s why.” She snickered as she looked up to me while she still had a tear in her eye. “And, right now, I really love Towano Chikai-sensei’s novel so much which is why I’m giving it my best now. However, I am unable to fully understand the image Sensei has……With the usual manuscript, the fantasies won’t stop flowing out so why is it that now…..!”

My whole body stiffened. That’s because—-Suzuka’s novel just has so much more energy in it. I’m sure of it.

“Ah but, I will still give it my best, desu! I will definitely draw something that fits Sensei’s image!”

“……………………..Ah.” The moment I heard these words, I felt like a sharp object pierced my chest.

I didn’t know what that was. I really didn’t…but I was assaulted by a sudden pain. Double Peace-sensei is still giving it her best, with tears in her eyes. Believing that she has no talent at all, she still gives it her all to take that one step forward. Compared to that, what am I doing? Using the fact that I have no talent as an excuse, I tried to write a fitting scenario. Normally, Double Peace-sensei is always drawing magnificent illustrations for Suzuka’s novel. Still, the reason she can’t draw anything right now….it’s all because my scenario is no good, right?

…..My chest hurts. In my head, only one thought was rumbling around wildly. That something like this is not enough. But, what the hell should I do?!

We can’t lose against the Kanzaka sisters. To achieve victory, we have to release a work that can beat them. For that reason….what should I be doing. Answer me, Yuu!!

“I…….” Maybe because my head was going into overheat-mode, I couldn’t think about anything. What’s right, what’s wrong, what I should do now, I haven’t got a single clue.

However, at that moment, I heard the door opening.

“….Onii-chan….?” And Suzuka was standing there.

Part 3:


As I opened my eyes, I was laying down on my own bed. My head still feels weird and my body is sluggish.


I remembered. I caught a cold. And then, Onii-chan told me to get some sleep.


He was very worried about me and nursed me as best as he could. He brought medicine with him, made some rice porridge and stayed with me.

Ehe….sometimes he can be a bit unreliable but when it comes to it, he really is strong. Just what I would expect from my beloved Onii-chan though.


I want to meet him. Where is he? Ah, that’s right. In my stead, I asked him to write the doujinshi scenario. Since it’s him, I’m sure that he will write the best scenario there ever—-

Huh? Wait a moment, please? So, that means, he’s currently alone with Double Peace-sensei in his room?

“…I don’t want that….” Just imagining it makes my heart throb in pain.

Before I even realized it, I had already gotten up from my bed and made my way towards Onii-chan’s room. My legs were a bit wobbly but I gave it my best so I could see him….


Opening the door, he really was together with Double Peace-sensei.

No. Onii-chan belongs to me. He is my one and only, so I won’t give him to another woman. I don’t want that. Of course, I don’t!

“S-Suzuka?! Y-You! You were awake?!” Onii-chan looked at me with a shocked expression.

Why is he so surprised? I don’t know. But that doesn’t matter right now.

“Onii-chan…..” Being able to finally see him, I was so very happy. I want to feel his warmth. I want to be surrounded by his smell. Because of these feelings, I reached out with my hand towards him.

“C-Careful!” However in that moment, he suddenly hugged me.

Funya….so warm. He smells so nice….Onii-chan….

“Really, why did you leave your bed….?”

“Did something happen with her, desu?”

“She seems to have caught a cold….Excuse me, I’ll bring her back to her room.” With these words, he lifted me up and went to my room.

“A princess-carry…..”

“W-What are you saying? Is your head not working because of the fever?”

After we arrived back at my room, he slowly put me down on my bed. It’s true that my head wasn’t functioning all to well but I still wished for him to carry me like a princess again….

But….huh? Was I always able to ask him like that….?

“For crying out loud, you still got a fever so please stay in your bed, okay?”

“Ah, wait….” As he was about to go back to his room, I raised my voice and stopped him.

“What is it? Are you not feeling well?”

No, I just want to be together a bit longer—-I wanted to tell him but as I opened my mouth, I realized something.

“….Onii-chan? Why do you have such a painful look on your face?”

“….Eh? W-What do you mean?”

He was trying to hide it but that was impossible. I’m always looking at him after all.

“Is….something troubling you?”

“N-No it’s not like that…Everything is fine, you can just go back to sleep.”

“I don’t want to. Stop trying to hide it, please.” I pouted as I responded.

Even so, Onii-chan just looked at me with a troubled expression, without saying a single word.

“Don’t tell me…is it about the scenario for the doujinshi?” Hearing my words, he was starting to get nervous. “What kind of scenario did you write? ….Please, tell me. If not, I won’t go back to sleep….”

“That’s….” He still didn’t tell me.

…..? I didn’t understand that reaction. Maybe because my head was hurting. Is there something that he is having trouble over?

“There’s no need to think so deeply about it, Onii-chan….” Before I realized it, I had already opened my mouth again. “Onii-chan should just write the scenario like he wants to.”

In that moment, Onii-chan showed me a surprised expression.

…..?? I don’t understand that reaction either. Did I say something weird?

“No, something like that will definitely—”

“….? Onii-chan likes my novel, right?”

His expression turned into a bitter one.

“……! I-I like it! Of course I do! That’s why I—”

“Then, you should just write it with that feeling and it will turn out to be the best scenario ever…..!” For some reason, he swallowed his breath after I said that. “Onii-chan is my number one fan after all…..! If you write the scenario with that affection, I’m sure that you can produce the most interesting sibling love-comedy story there ever was! Ehehehe….”


Hau….just thinking about it makes me excited. Onii-chan told me that you put all the affection you hold for the original into your doujinshi. And Onii-chan’s affection for my novel should be stronger than anybody else’s! It’s that story I wrote with all my feelings for him, didn’t I?! Of course he’d write the best scenario in the whole world! Right?!

“With the power of love born between two siblings, we can win against these two people…..! Ah, I really want to see the finished doujinshi right now….! Ehehehehe, cough cough

Maybe I overdid it a bit but my head was feeling even more wobbly than before. Still, thinking about how the love between me and Onii-chan would beat our enemy, I can’t stop grinning…..!

“….? Onii-chan?”

I realized it at that moment. He was looking at me with big eyes. Without saying a single thing, he just stared at me with a passionate gaze.

T-This must be his answer concerning my feelings for him! Uhm, uhm, then, I will also make a request one more time!

“Please, create a doujinshi that is overflowing with Onii-chan’s feelings…..!” Well, it’s not like I really had to say that! Ehe, ehehehehe cough cough

“……Suzuka.” Onii-chan said as he lowered his head. “…I got it. I was in the wrong about that.”

….? Wrong about what exactly?

“It’s just as you said….Even though I feel that way, I only thought about how to win…..But, this feeling is the most important part when creating a doujinshi…”

However, seeing Onii-chan grip his hand to make a fist like that, he just looked so unbelievably cool, all my worries were blown away! I can barely hold back these urges to hug him right this moment! ….But, my body was so sluggish that I would not have been able to do so anyway. Still, I want him to spoil me as long as I still have a cold! Eh? Was I always this honest?

“Ah, shit….I really am an idiot. To think that I wouldn’t arrive at that on my own….Sorry Suzuka, this time, I will definitely write the best scenario ever!”

“Y-Yes…..!” Hearing that, my whole body twitched in excitement.

I knew from the very start that Onii-chan would be able to do it but being promised like this isn’t all to bad either!

“Alright then, I should go back now. Thank you, Suzuka. I’m alright now, so you can go take a rest.”

In that moment, Onii-chan stood up, seemingly on the way to leave the room.

….Eh? I-I don’t want that. I really want to read that doujinshi…but even more than that, I want to be together with him, since we’re finally alone together. I want him to spoil me….!


Before I realized it, I had already grabbed Onii-chan’s clothes, stopping him mid-way.

“What is it? Are you still worried about something?”

“Eh? No, I wasn’t worried from the very start….”

“T-Thanks for that….? No, not that. Is there something else?”

“U-Uhm….Before I go back to sleep, can you stay with me…..?” I said so with a clear voice. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to be so honest….but now, I have no problems with that.

“W-Well, of course I can….” After thinking for a short moment, he returned to his previous position next to my bed.

“A-Also, I want you to rub my…….”


“I-I want you to softly rub my tummy…..” To my surprise, I honestly told him my request.

I do think that it’s very childish of me but I really wanted to be spoiled by Onii-chan today.

“Uhm….like this? R-Reminds me of our childhood….” Although he seemed to be embarrassed, he softly patted my tummy….with a slow rhythm…..

“Funya……” Being in a feeling of comfort like never before, my body was relaxing more and more.

Onii-chan muttered something like “S-Somehow, today, Suzuka is acting a bit weird. Maybe because of the fever….” but I didn’t care about that at all. That’s just how good it felt.

“Onii………chan…..” Immediately after that, I started to feel very sleepy.

No matter how much I tried to dwell in this feeling of happiness just a second more, I was slowly pulled into the world of my dreams.

“….Good night Suzuka…..And….Thank you…..” I heard Onii-chan’s distant voice one more time before my consciousness faded away.

Part 4:

When I returned to my own room, Double Peace-sensei was still drawing in her sketchbook.

“Ah, Sensei? Is everything okay with Imouto-san, desu?”

Without answering her, I merely stared all the drawings that were scattered about in the room. Then, I once more took Double Peace-sensei’s very first sketchbook and checked the first illustration where she started drawing these fiendish ones.

“Uhm,, Sensei?”

….Yeah, now I get it. I’m 100% sure now. All these drawings where she went with her tastes and preferences were so much more alive than the others where she’s forced to hold back on her urges. Why did I never realize that?

“Double Peace-sensei….I’m sorry.”

“Eh? W-What happened, desu?”

“I’m really sorry that I made you go through such a hard time. I will rewrite the scenario right now.”

Hearing my words, Double Peace-sensei went “Eh?!” in surprise. Well that makes sense I guess……

“W-What do you mean by that, desu?!”

“I’ve been wrong all this time. All this time, I thought that we have to create a doujinshi that can win in sales against the Kanzaka sisters, so I did my best to write something the readers might enjoy…..And I even pushed that onto Double Peace-sensei….” But, I was in the wrong about that. “Thinking about it now, it really was crazy. I basically did the same thing as the Kanzaka sisters. Without feeling a single thing for the content, just forcing you to create a doujinshi. That’s not what we are supposed to do.”


“Just like Double Peace-sensei did all this time. Just because you like doing it—-you do it. Exactly with a work like this, we can beat the Kanzaka sisters.”

“What happened all of sudden, Sensei? Did something happen with Imouto-san, desu?”

“….I’m a real idiot, so I didn’t realize it. I was about to go down the wrong way and she strictly told me my mistake….” I let out a wry smile. However, I won’t hesitate. “Right now, I will write the scenario I want to see the most. Nothing else. That’s why, Double Peace-sensei should just draw as she likes too!”

“Eh? B-But, if I were to do that….desu.”

“It’s fine, I trust you.”

“Trust me….? But I don’t have any talent….”

“That doesn’t matter in the slightest. After all, Double Peace-sensei said that she loves my novel from the bottom of her heart, so of course she’d be able to draw the best illustrations ever!”

I’m sorry that it took me so long—-I bowed down as I once more apologized.

Just like Suzuka is putting her trust into me, I should’ve just put my trust in Double Peace-sensei. And with that, from the bottom of my heart, I will do just that!

“……….” For a moment, she kept quiet. But, the next second….“Is it really fine, desu?” She said as her shoulders were slightly shaking. “For someone like me to just draw as I like?”

Just a few moments before, Suzuka told me the most important thing when you want to create something. Keeping that in mind, I once more opened my mouth.

“Of course! Creating things just like you want to is what makes this your work, doesn’t it! That’s why, Double Peace-sensei HAS to draw what she wants to draw or it will be no good!”

With that, there is no way that we can lose. That’s why, with even more force that before, I bowed down my head with an “I beg you!”

Finally, her shoulders stopped shaking and she raised up her head

“I-I will draw it, desu! I love it after all! Sensei’s novel, from the bottom of my heart! That’s why, I can barely hold myself back from drawing!!” With tears in her eyes, she said so with a beaming smile. With that, we finally started creating the doujinshi,

“Thank you very much for today, desu!” Standing in front of the entrance, she once more turned around and bowed down.

Looking outside, it has already gotten pretty dark. All of a sudden, it was night-time. We did everything we could. Now Double Peace-sensei has to do the finishing touches and prepare for the display. There was nothing that I could do any more.

“I put you through so much pain, I don’t know how I can apologize for that.”

“No, there is no reason to apologize for that, desu! This is the first time that anyone has accepted my way of drawing like this! I was really happy….that’s why I should be the one to thank you.” She once more bowed down with a smile.

“I should be the one to say my thanks. From now on, I will pay it no attention to my skill or anything and just write it the way I want to.”

“Eh? But, Sensei has been doing that from the very start, desu?” She tilted her head.

……So she thinks of Suzuka’s novel in that way.

“Well then, I will be sure to finish up the rest, desu, so look forward to the convention next week!”

“Let’s win for sure.”


Shaking hands with her and watching her leave, I headed back into the house and up towards Suzuka’s room.

“….Ah, Onii-chan….?” Seemingly woken up because of the sound when I opened the door, she was about to lift herself up but I stopped her.

“…Thanks to you, I wrote my current best scenario ever. And Double Peace-sensei was also on fire.” That’s all I wanted to report to her.

“I’m glad….” She smiled, although still faintly. “Can you tell me what kind of scenario you wrote….?”

Seeing her beg like this, I was reminded of the old times. With a bitter smile, I told her “Of course.”

“….Ehehe, lovey-dovey siblings….Onii-chan did…..”

It was only one week until the day of our competition. But, I didn’t feel any tension from Suzuka at all.


At the same time I finished explaining, Suzuka’s breathing regulated and she soon went back to sleep as I watched her.

Part 5:

Finally, the day of the competition. Suzuka and I were standing next to each other, looking up at the hall. …..It’s now or never.

“Let’s go, Onii-chan.”

While I had similar movements to a stiff robot because of the tension, Suzuka was the complete opposite. Meeting up with Mai half-way, our group made it’s way towards Double Peace-sensei’s booth.

“It’s finally the day, desu! Let’s win this for sure!” She greeted us energetically. Of course, we felt the same.

It happened when we were busy with preparations.


“Hmpf! How formidable that you didn’t run away in the meantime!” The Kanzaka sisters came over.

“….Why did you come here?”

“We came here to give you our doujinshi. So, give me yours too. Just to check if you weren’t colouring it because you can’t win in terms of content.”

Trading our doujinshi, she took a look.

“…..Hmpf, the cover looks normal. So Ahi finally realized that she’d be better off drawing stuff for all ages——-hey, what’s up with this! This isn’t any different from what she’s always drawing! ….No, this seems to be even worse….?!” In the matter of seconds, her whole face went red and she was shaking in anger (or embarrassment?). “H-Hmpf!! So you didn’t make any progress at all, huh!? Ahhh, I see! Seems like the winner is already decided! I look forward to your statement when you retire!”

With these words, she quickly turned around and left us behind on fast feet, of course, with her older sister.

…..Don’t just announce the winner before it even started.

“Don’t worry about that. The match is only starting.”

“That’s right. ….Still, we have to think of a way to pay them back when we win.”

“Exactly, they’ll regret talking to us like that.”

“….I-I just hope that the police won’t get involved as a result of that….”

While Mai and Suzuka were discussing about that sort of thing, I retorted in a quiet voice.

…..Well, not that I have the time for that now. I have to check their doujinshi too. They might be playing foul after all—–is what I thought while I flipped over the cover but the moment I saw the content, I went “T-This is….!”

“D-Don’t tell me…this is all….R-18 stuff…?”

Double Peace-sensei seemed to have picked up my muttering as she also took a glance over my shoulder. In the meantime, I flicked through other pages and it turns out that I wasn’t wrong. They were all R-18 through the bank.

“They also created stuff for all ages…so why now?”

“That just shows how serious she is….Runa-chan….”

While I was trying to recover from the shock, even Double Peace-sensei said so with a rather surprised voice.

……To think that they would R-18 illustrations here….Well, our doujinshi is the same calibre…..but to think that they would take the risk and step onto this territory….they never created R-18 stuff after all.

“? What happened, Onii-chan?”

Hearing Suzuka’s voice, I hurriedly closed the doujinshi with a “I-It’s nothing.”

….That’s right. Double Peace-sensei and I did everything we could. Can’t change anything now so worrying won’t help.

“It’s nothing. Rather than that, let’s go check the booth if we’re ready. Double Peace-sensei?”

“It’s fine, desu. I have finished preparations….It’s about to start after all, desu.” Saying that, she pointed at all the doujinshi that were laid out on the tables, showing her usual smile.

Right now, the fruits of our labour were neatly lined up next to each other. And, it was time. The moment of truth came as the people rushed into the hall.

“Thank you very much!”

“…Thank you very much.”

Suzuka and I were standing next to each other as we were selling the doujinshi. Neither us were wearing cosplay by the way.

“Uhm, this pile over here is all gone, I see.”

“Isn’t this a very nice pace? This feels like there are more people than before.”

Just as Suzuka had stated, it felt like an endless stream of customers.

“Since Sensei’s novel is the source of our doujinshi, many people are probably interested just for that reason, desu.”

“….That reminds me, the number of circles that make doujinshi with my novel are raising in numbers alright.”

Although it had been only about one month since the Comiket, the increase was visible just from looking around.

“And, what it’s it look like over at Ambivalenz?”

I’m also interested in that. The most important part in this competition are our sales after all, so our pace is basically worth nothing. That being said—

“Can’t see it from here alright.” We were quite a ways apart so there’s no way to just check like this.

That’s why Mai went over to take a look but…

“This is bad, this is bad!”

Right on time, Mai returned….but with a panicking expression.

“W-What happened?!”

“A really long line has build up at their booth. Not only is everyone interested because they took Towano Chikai’s novel as a basis but it’s also their first R-18 doujin, making everyone curious!”

It seems like they had planned this out all along. Damn….

“W-What should we do, Yuu! At this rate…..!”

“Calm down. The competition isn’t over yet. Let’s continue like this.”

I believe in the scenario that I wrote. I have confidence that the doujinshi me and Double Peace-sensei created is the greatest love anthem for Suzuka’s novel.

“I-I’ll go take another look!” However, Mai seemed to be on edge, saying that as she ran way once more.

In the meantime, other guests came. That being said, a small doubt started to grow in my heart, fearing that we wouldn’t be able to catch up.

“Onii-chan, it’s fine. I trust you.” Suzuka might’ve felt my tension as she said so with a reassuring voice.

Seeing her smile, my doubts disappeared and I answered with a confident “You’re right.”

…..But, is the content of their doujinshi really that amazing? I didn’t get to read the content because I was taken aback by their decision to create a R-18 doujinshi. Because of that, I decided to take a quick peek.

“………..Huh?” I immediately got a weird feeling.

….Is it just my imagination? Comparing this to their other works, the quality seems a bit…..

“Ah, Sensei?! You are here today as well?!”

At that moment, I heard a voice calling for me, almost forcing me to look up.

“Eh? M-Minazuki-san?”

“Yes! Your future little sister, Minazuki Sakura!”

It was the same Minazuki-san as always alright. But, why was she here?

“Is Sensei helping out today too? If Sakura knew that, she would’ve come here first”

“W-Well, it’s something like that yeah but why is Minazuki-san here?”

“Ah, that’s right! D-Do you still have a doujinshi left?! A-Ah, good!” Seeing the doujinshi lined up on the table, she let out a loud voice. “Sakura is glad they aren’t sold out yet….W-Would it be fine if she bought three copies?!”

“I don’t mind but why do you need three?” I handed her the three copies and asked her.

“Eh, Sensei doesn’t know? This doujinshi has an insanely good reputation online, you know?!”

“Online? Reputation?”

“Yes! Just a while before, people have been saying that his doujinshi is magnificent! Because Sakura couldn’t just miss out on this, she slipped away from work just to come here!

Eh? What? Honestly, I have no clue what she’s on about. While I was spacing out though…

“Excuse me, I’d like one copy please.” “Uhm, could I have two copies please? A friend asked me to get one too.” “Yes! I managed to get here in time! Give me this one please!”

All of a sudden, the amount of guests started to rise.

“O-Onii-chan…what is….?”

“I-I don’t know. We have to act now or never though!”

Looking over, even Double Peace-sensei was fully occupied with bringing more copies over. Suzuka and I both focused on the sales again…what exactly is going on?!

“Sensei Sensei! Look, here!” Minazuki-san lightly tapped on my shoulder, wanting me to take a look at her smartphone screen.

Seeing what was written there, I went “Ah”

It was an online display board where the people who read the doujinshi already posted their opinion on it.

[This is a god-like work! Every fan should buy this!] [The little sister is too erotic! And the big brother is so savage!] [This author loves the original way too much alright.] [Aren’t these official drawings of Ahegao Double Peace-sensei? Is it alright to release that?] [I have a feeling that this is going to be a rare one. Buy this before it’s too late!] And so on…..

“Is this….”

To think that it would turn out like this…..!

“Hyaa…..what is this! This is too erotic…. Hahah” With flushed cheeks, Minazuki-san said as she read the doujinshi.

“Uhm, is it interesting?”

“Interesting or not, this work is overflowing with love for the original novel, so of course every fan wants to have that! It’s got a fiendish atmosphere to it but it reeks of the original way too much! It’s amazing!”

It totally feels like an official fiendish-type ending!—she continued before she returned to the the doujinshi. Hearing that, my whole body twitched in excitement.

“O-Onii-chan, the customers….!”

“Ah, sorry! I’ll help out too!” In a matter of seconds, we couldn’t see anything besides customers in front of us. For safety reasons, I evacuated Minazuki-san into our booth.

“G-G-Guys!” Mai returned with the same tension as earlier. “S-Something is weird over at Ambivalenz’s booth! All of a sudden, all the people are gone!”

“Eh?! What do you mean?!”

While I was giving her a surprised look, Minazuki-san just tilted her head with an “Ambivalenz…?”

“…I think Sakura heard about that….Ah, yes! They were also a circle that produced doujinshi of Towano-sensei’s novel! But, it seems like the content was no good!”

“…..Content was no good?” As I responded, Minazuki-san once more pulled out her smartphone.

“Uhm….It seems like the content wasn’t very Towano Chikai-like and not even the ero illustrations were that nice to look at!”

From the standpoint of a fan, that is really the worst—-Minazuki-san added with a smile.

….So, was that what I felt before?

“Woah, what’s up with this amount of people?! What happened?!”

“Ah, that’s right! The guests! Mai, you help out too!”

“Sakura will also help!”

“No, you ditched your job right?! You have to go back now!” Saying that, all of us focussed on giving the customers what they wanted. Our copies were being sold insanely fast but the mass of people wasn’t disappearing at all.

I didn’t have the time at all to think about the competition for now. Because of that, I wasn’t so sure if I really heard Suzuka’s quiet words:

“So, this is the power of love…..!”

Part 6:

“H-How did it turn out like this…..!”

It was after the event, when no more guests were seen in the big hall. While the others were busy cleaning up everything, we were facing the Kanzaka sisters at Double Peace-sensei’s booth.

The result of the competition was……our complete victory.

At first, Ambivalenz was ahead by quite a bit but in the end, they didn’t even manage to sell out all the copies they prepared. On the other hand, we didn’t bring enough copies. It was a huge turn-around.

“Why…..Why!” Not wanting to accept the result, the little Kanzaka sister stomped her feet in anger.

The complete and utter defeat of an elite. Well, it makes sense that it would be difficult for her to understand immediately. That being said—-

“Hey, you should be able to grasp the reason why you two lost, right?”

“…W-What? What do you mean….?”

“You read our doujinshi, right? If so, you must’ve seen all the love coming out of it, right?”

“Uhh…..but you still used these fiendish ero illustrations…..!”

“That was how Double Peace-sensei expressed her love. Sensei drew like she wanted and I wrote like I wanted to. That result is that doujinshi that beat you.”

I said as I remembered back to that day.

On that day, the both of us were just saying what we wanted, how we wanted the doujinshi to be.

In my case, I just wanted to see the scene were Yuuka would be teased and as a result would get very embarrassed. Having this cute scene in my head, my hand started moving on it’s own and before I knew it, the scenario was finished.

In Double Peace-sensei’s case, she tried her best to draw the image I told her while coming up with a name for the doujin.

That being said, only the scenario was my part, so everything else had that Sensei-like fiendish feeling to it.

Blindfolds, chokers, generally everything BDSM related. Not a surprise then, that the big brother would have a fiendish smile while the little sister was in his hands. It even involved a diversity of role plays with maids and bondage.

Basically, this doujinshi was full with her everything. Of course, it was completely different than the lovey-dovey story that I had imagined. Still, the scenario I wrote was basically a contextualized version of her drawings. The quality wasn’t half-baked and most importantly, you could feel Double Peace-sensei’s love and energy in every little drawing.

Well, the lovey-dovey aspect was there of course but only after I recommended some ideas to Double Peace-sensei, so there were my feelings for Suzuka’s novel.

“U-Uhhh……” The little sister made a fist with her hand as she glared at me with a frustrated expression. It seems like she finally started to admit defeat deep down inside her.

Contrary to our expectations, the big sister suddenly walked forward and bowed down her head.

“…I’m sorry about all of this.”

“Wai-?! O-Onee-chan!?”

“You apologize too, Haruna. It’s our loss. The promise.”

The little sister kept silent though. The older sister then once more face towards us.

“…We hurt your pride. I’m really sorry. We even said these things to Ahi.”

“Kino-chan…..It’s fine, desu. I’m not mad.”

“And also, the one that said these rude things was your little sister after all.”

W-What do you want!—-screamed the little sister with a red face.

“No, I was the one at fault because I didn’t stop her. My responsibility.”

“…..Is there any reason for that?”

“None. I was just doting my little sister.”


“Rather than that, let me apologize once more.” She once bowed down once more.

The little sister kept muttering something in a small voice.

“Haruna. Hold your promise. Apologize for the things you said.”

Finally, the little sister dropped her shoulders in defeat and said “I’m sorry….” with tears in her eyes as she looked up.

“A-Actually, I was once more reminded what it means to create a doujinshi….Your—-no, Towano Chikai’s novel really is amazing. It felt like you put all your love into it….”

Which is why—she lowered her head as she continued.

“I-I’m really sorry for all these rude things I said….”

Maybe it’s because I always thought of her as the devil but I was taken aback by her honest feelings. Turning around, I saw Double Peace-sensei nod once.

“I wasn’t all that mad from the very beginning” is what that probably meant.

…..Suzuka’s only motivation was to win anyway, so now that she had achieved that, she didn’t seem to harbour any more bad feelings towards the little sister.

“After saying all these rude things, you expect us to just forgive you like that?”

However, it seems like Mai still wasn’t satisfied as she looked down on the little sister.

“We didn’t think that you would forgive us just like that. That’s why I will tell you the reason for this whole incident.” Said the big sister.

The reason?


“Give up. Now that it’s come to this, I’ll have to tell them everything. No good in trying to hide it either.” While the little sister was panicking with a red face, the big sister calmly started explaining. “The only reason that Haruna started a fight with you is because she loves Ahi so much.”

“Eh? Me?” Double Peace-sensei said with a surprised tone.

“Yes. For Haruna, Ahi isn’t just a beloved illustrator. She’s looking up to you. Like a genius. Like a goddess. Her goal. Something on that level. But…the things she drew weren’t what she was hoping for.”

Ah, that’s why she was acting like that at the culture festival.

“Haruna tried many times to convert Ahi over to her side, to no avail. Over time, that feeling of frustration only grew stronger. Then she thought. If she were to beat Ahi, she will sure change her way of thinking….However….”

The little sister kept listening without saying a word.

“However, that wasn’t so easy. She realized that the quality of Ahi’s ero illustrations were amazingly good. Trying to catch up with her, she also tried drawing like that. But, she just couldn’t do it like Ahi could.”

“I-Is that so, Runa-chan?”


“That frustration resulted in a complex and finally jealousy towards Ahi. Because of that, their relationship suffered immensely. This competition was a result of that. She saw this as a chance to finally convince Ahi…..But, we lost.” She stopped shortly, looking at her little sister. Then, continued. “Still, I’m sure that Haruna will finally understand now. That Ahi loves her erotic stuff from the bottom of her heart. Your doujinshi is the perfect example for that. It was wonderful.”

She then looked at me and said “And you too” before she continued.

“Your scenario was also wonderful. You’re not just for show. This time, I wrote a scenario that Haruna requested but I’d like you to read my own ones too.”

“Ah, yes. Of course.”

Hearing my answer, the older sister said “I’m glad.” and she closed her mouth.

“Runa-chan….so you thought of me that way, desu?”


“But, I’m not somebody that you should be envious off. I can’t draw anything except the things I like…..I’m not a genius like Runa-chan, desu….”

“Eh? I-I’m a genius…?”

“Runa-chan might be calling me a genius but that’s definitely not true, desu. Actually, it’s the other way around. In my eyes, Runa-chan is the genius, desu….That’s why, I want to stay rivals forever.” She grinned.

Hearing these words, the little sister’s eyes got watery and she started shaking.

“I-I’ll definitely catch up to you. That’s why, I’ll win next time for sure!” She gave a tsundere answer with a brimming smile.

“Yes, I won’t lose either, desu.” Double Peace-sensei honestly answered her.

Seeing this view, I thought that I was really glad, having managed to write this scenario.

Part 7:

“Onii-chan, good work out there.”

This win was only thanks to Onii-chan. Only because he wrote such a magnificent scenario.

For him to write a siblings lovey-dovey scenario, and actually win with that, this is the best development ever! He really thought of my novel as something special!

“Nah, it’s not like I did anything special here.”

“No no, that’s not true. This doujinshi is the definite proof of that.” I took out a copy of it.

The truth is, I knew the general content of the doujinshi as Onii-chan told me about it but I hadn’t seen it until this day. After our match, I was very much looking forward to read this love-comedy he came up with. Ehehehe….

“Eh? Y-You…that’s….”

“I-It’s not like specifically wanted it or anything. I just thought of keeping it as a memory for our victory. Though, I will be so free to check the content.”

“W-?! N-No, wait!”

For some reason, Onii-chan seemed to be panicking but I couldn’t wait any longer so I flipped over the cover.

….I-I wonder how the love-comedy story that Onii-chan wrote turned out—–

“…………Eh?” I thought that but as soon as I saw the illustrations and text, my mind went blank.

……Eh? W-What is this? W-Why is the little sister wearing such a…..shameless dress? She even has a collar around her neck, paired with such a v-v-v-vulgar face….?! I-It looks like I’m inviting him…..and he is—–?!

“Nya…..! Nyanyanyanyanya…………..?!”

“Y-You’re wrong, Suzuka! T-This might be my scenario but actually, Double Peace-sensei drew these fiendish scenes so it’s not like I wanted to see such a scene or anything!” Whatever Onii-chan just said didn’t enter my ears at all anymore.

This scene continued to rumble around in my head and I felt my eyes were turning…….My body is getting hot?! W-What is happening? I don’t know! But for now, this….something like this….!

“S-So Onii-chan has such desires towards his little sister?!”

“I told you that that’s not the case! This is 100% Double Peace-sensei’s hobby after all!!”

“To think that Onii-chan would be thinking about stuff like this….!”

“I’m begging you, listen to me when I’m talking!”

These are Onii-chan’s honest feelings….! Even if it’s Onii-chan, I can’t answer him yet….! But, there will be a time when I have to give in to his desires! A-As my duty as a little sister!

“R-R-R-Really Onii-chan is just……a no-good ero devil after all…..!”

“You’re clearly mad at me so why are you grinning like that?!”

T-That’s nyat the case!!! But, uhm, seeing this doujinshi made my head spin is all! T-The content is outrageous yes but even so, the lovey-dovey atmosphere is still transmitted through all of that so I can’t help it.

“O-Onii-chan. Boys you’re age might be like that but can’t you at least try to be a bit more romantic…..!”

“You really aren’t listening to me at all!?”

While I was reprimanding Onii-chan, I decided that I would keep this doujinshi as one of my treasures for the rest of my life.

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  1. thanks for the translation!


  2. Great, the novel that won the vote seems like a funny read 😉


  3. “Boys you’re age” is absolutely wrong here. It’s “boys your age”, or rather “boys of your age”.


    1. And “doujinshi” is a plural form, so “this doujinshi” should be “this doujin” as well.


      1. 同人 (doujin): “same person,” refers to a group of people with shared interests.

        誌 (shi): short for 雑誌 (zasshi), which means magazine.

        Put these together and you get:

        Doujinshi (同人誌)どうじんし: a self published magazine or publication that caters to a specific group of people.


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