Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 3 Afterword

Editor: Daxar


Ebisu Seiji here. Thank you very much for picking up this book.

Now then, we’ve embarked on volume three of [Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai]. This is also a first for me, realizing the difficulties involved with keeping a series going. Still, I am very delighted that we’ve come this far.

To the people who read this from the very start, or to the people who picked up the third volume on pure whim, I would be very happy if you thought that you spent your time well.

The premise of the story this time isn’t different at all. The little sister loves her big brother way too much but she can’t be honest about it. However this time, we have the newly introduced doujin industry and also the all-girls school, so I think that we’ve managed to widen the horizon quite a bit. And, in the middle of that, while the two of them are starting to grow more and more, I, as a writer, also wanted to grow with them.

Just as before, I want to thank my editor Kobayashi-san for making this release possible. After working countless hours on the rewriting, I once more realized that it would be very hard to create a novel alone. In my novel, I also wrote the editor with that in mind but I still wanted to say it out loud here.

This time as well, my illustrator Gintarou-san drew very magnificent drawings. Seeing Suzuka wear a maid outfit (+ also where she lifts up the skirt on the cover), I was grinning for almost a whole hour just looking at it.

Although I am not an M (I really am not okay?), the moment I saw these illustrations I thought “Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if Suzuka was my partner,” something like that. To all the people that thougt “This illustration looks so good, I’ll pick it up because of that,” I wholeheartedly ask you to become friends with me. I would do exactly the same after all. It seems like I really was enchanted by my illustrator.

Speaking about Gintarou-san, just recently I had the opportunity to finally meet him in person and talk with him. Him being a soft, handsome person, even someone like me with low communication skills had a fun time talking with him. At the same time, with the both of us having a foot fetish, we had a heated discussion which ended with something like “Knee-socks are good and all but thigh highs are the best!” Just being able to talk with someone about that made me really happy.

Oh, it seems like this turned into something like a diary entry of a maniac it seems.. In the end, I just wanted to once more say my thanks to my illustrator.

Finally, I wanted to give my thanks to all the other important people that allowed me to release another volume, and allowed me to make this a series in general. Really, thank you very much. Not to forget all the readers that supported me the whole way through. Having official started this as a series, I have received my first fan-letters. To not disappoint all my fans, I will give it my best to continue with all my might.

(Although I will give it my best to satisfy everyone, I will give no comment on the route that I have decided on!)

Now then, I sincerely hope that we can meet again in a future volume—-

7th of March, 2017. Ebisu Seiji

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