Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 2 Epilogue


“It turned out perfectly if I do say so myself! Even my editor was surprised!”

“Ah, I’m glad for you…”

This happened after our training camp in the middle of our remaining summer vacation. On a certain morning, I was at home, trying to get a few more hours of sleep as I was constantly sleep-deprived these past few days but all of sudden, I got woken up by Mai who came by without an appointment.

“The unbeatable me managed to overcome my problems! Producing something with such a quality is a given for me! You thought so as well, right? As my rival, ahaha!”

“Ah, I’m glad for you…”

Without paying attention to my half-hearted replies, Mai kept on telling me about her achievements in an arrogant demeanor.

….So basically, her new manuscript got an OK from the editor, so she came her to inform me? I really am happy for her but I wish she would just go home already and let me sleep a bit more….. but she looked so gleeful talking about all that, making it really hard for me to just interrupt her.

“W-Well, I do think that because of your advice, the battle got a tiny bit easier though….?”

Thinking back to it, my advice turned out to be something like [Become your character even if it kills you!] right….Overcoming that wall of hers with only that, her skill really is on another level.

“I’m really glad that your condition improved….yawn

“W-What’s up with you, you look so tired…were you staying up all night?”

Ever since we returned from the training camp, I was constantly pulling all-nighters, working on my entry manuscript for the light novel contest, you know…..?

Become your protagonist while writing. Keeping that in mind, I thought that I would be able to achieve that for my entry novel. But it didn’t turn out like that. Just like the times when I managed to become the protagonist of Suzuka’s novel or even Towano Chikai, I couldn’t become the protagonist of my own novel. Of course, it’s not like it was a complete failure but it certainly isn’t perfect.

….Yeah, it still felt like something was missing. Comparing it to when I became Ryou or Towano Chikai, it didn’t feel like I was not being myself anymore….what was that about in the end? Whatever, it still ended up pretty good and I managed to finish it yesterday. Trying to barely keep it in time for the the deadline, I used up all of my strength.

“……Yes I was. I was finishing up my manuscript….yawn

“Seeing my rival in such a state, I feel like the day is close where I will be reigning over the light novel world! That must be my destiny! One day, I will definitely surpass you!” She suddenly announced with a self-confident smile.

….It’s nice and all that she got her self-confidence back but rubbing that into my face this early in the morning is somehow pissing me off, alright….. Well, she was like that from the very start.

“Never mind, you finally trust me that I am Towano Chikai and I even told you my secret, right? Surely, further research on me is not necessary, right?”

That’s right. Since everything was cleared up, she must’ve lost her reason for her stalker activities, leaving me some time for myself—-

“Mhm? What are you talking about?” However, she answered me with a perplexed expression. “It’s true that I trust you and I’m grateful that you told me your secret. But, my research is not over yet. From now on, I will be researching the person Nagami Yuu.”

“….Eh? Ehhhhhhhh?! W-What’s up with that?!”

“Shouldn’t that be obvious? To exceed the individual named Towano Chikai, I have to find out everything about him! If I don’t do that with Yuu as well, I won’t be getting anywhere! How you came up with the idea for a novel like that and so on….also, your interests are sill unknown to me!”

……Wait! Wait wait wait! Wait a second! Why did it end up like this?! Just when I thought that my peaceful days would return?! A-And what do you mean by interests?!

“And….one more thing…..”

While I was lost in my thoughts, Mai’s cheeks were flushing and she fiddled with her hands as she continued.

“U-Uhm, once more…thank you for saving me….okay?”


“I-I’m talking about my problems….I really thought that I would be done for but you saved me, which made me really happy…..”

“Ah, well, yeah, no problem….”

“I-I was really happy okay?….That’s why….That’s why I…..” She was keeping quiet for a short while, her face as red as a tomato, before she said “Uh….this really is embarrassing”. She then put up her hand and pointed at me, saying:

“F-From now on, I will find out everything about Yuu!”

She said while striking a pose like she was declaring war.

“Why does it end up like that if you were so happy?!”

“S-Shut it! I’m doing this as a token of my gratitude! Yuu’s favorite type of girl or something like that, I will definitely find out about that…..! A-And with that, I will become that type…!”

Just when I was wondering what she was whispering about, she once more glared at me, saying “That being said, I hope you’re prepared!” Finishing her sentence, she left me standing there as she dashed off.

“W-What was that about…?” I was completely dumbfounded.

“…..Hmpf, so Himuro-san came here to thank you, I see….”

Hearing a voice behind me, I twitched and turned around. Sure enough, Suzuka was standing there while looking at the entrance.

S-Somehow, it feels like something like this keeps happening.

“S-Suzuka, were you listening…?”

“Since you were basically screaming, of course I had to. Even if I didn’t want to.” She says while she crosses her arms and turns her eyes towards me.

….Is this the usual pouting pattern?

In contrary to my thoughts, her expression turned into that of a smile and she continued.

“…..Well it’s fine. The match is already over after all. I won’t panic from something like this.”

She sighed one more time, seeming really confident.

Match? What is she talking about…? Well, she doesn’t seem to be mad so it’s fine.

“Since Onii-chan admitted that he loves little sisters the most in the world, Himuro-san’s approach won’t work no more.”

“Uhm…what are you talking about?”

“L-Like I said, you stated the fact that you can’t get enough from little sisters, so there is no way that you will be lulled in by Himuro-san anymore. Don’t just ask that if you already know the answer, please.”

Really, Onii-chan is Onii-chan—she said with slightly flushed cheeks but I really didn’t have any idea what she was on about….

“I love little sisters, you say…..are you talking about that time at the training camp?”

“So you really remember it. I-It’s not like I was happy about that but Onii-chan declared that at that time, right? But it’s not like I’m happy at all or anything!”

“You’re talking about my acting as Towano Chikai, aren’t you?”

“Exactly. That confession from the bottom of your heart and—acting?”

“No, like I told you, I merely adopted the personality of your novel’s protagonist and Towano Chikai, you know?”

“…..Eh?” She seemed to be really shocked about my statement. “…..Eh, uhm….I don’t really get what you mean….”

“I don’t really get what you don’t understand, though…?”

“T-That you treasure little sisters the most in the world and when you pat my head?”

“Ahh, that was when I became Ryou alright.”

“Y-You even hugged me and k-k-k-kissed me on the forehead!”

“That’s the same….It’s really embarrassing so don’t make me remember that if you would…..”

“S-So when you said that you love little sisters….?!”

“That was when I assumed the personality of Towano Chikai. I wouldn’t say these things if I was myself, you know?”


“Why are you asking about that after all that time? I told you that at that time already, right? That I was acting as a character.”

“I didn’t hear anything like that!”

“No, you should’ve! You were going like “Funya Funya” though!”

“What?! Then that confession…..!” She took a step back, seeming greatly shocked because of my words.

I didn’t know why she was so astonished about them but I suddenly remembered.

She…don’t tell me….

“Don’t tell me, you’re not thinking that these were my true words….right?”

“So you are saying that they were not your true feelings?!”

“Of course I am! As if I could’ve done all these things without becoming a siscon or little sister lover?! I don’t have a fetish like that!”

Listening to my words, her shoulders dropped in an instant and a black aura was building up around her.

…..So she really misunderstood? That means at that time, she really wasn’t listening to me!

“Acting….T-That confession of love….”

“You seem to be having some sort of misunderstanding but I really don’t love little sisters. I have a real-life one after all. I will act like it when I’m in my stand-in character though.”

I tried to explain myself but for some reason, she doesn’t answer me at all. Instead, her shoulders were trembling and she had a very fishy laugh, going “Fu fu fu fu”

….Somehow, she looks really scary right now, though?!

“Fufufu, is that so…. For crying out loud, Onii-chan….always getting my hopes up, only for it to end like this….Fufufufu”

“U-Uhm, Suzuka-san?!”



Being suddenly glared at, my back straightened and I couldn’t move a single muscle anymore.

“It seems like Onii-chan still hasn’t managed to completely become Towano Chiki after all!”

“Eeeeh?! W-Why?! Even Mai was satisfied!”

“No, she won’t be satisfied for long if you keep your acting on this half-baked level! You have to be Towano Chikai 24/7 or it will be no good! Why don’t you understand that!”

“Of course I wouldn’t?! And calm down already! You’re acting really weird!”

“That being said, Onii-chan! We’re going on a date right now! This will be an intensive training, okay?!”

“No, listen to me! I also want to get some more sleep to recover from my all-nighters these past few days!”

“If it’s Onii-chan, you will surely be fine! I believe in you…..”

“Don’t make it sound so nice! It’s really not like that and I am well aware of it!”

Is this some sort of hallucination I’m seeing because I’m lacking some sleep?! I don’t know. I really don’t know but I’m fairly certain of one thing.

….That is, that my suffering from the summer vacation is still far away from over!!!

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  1. Poor Suzuka. When will it get through his thick skull. Realize her feelings man. Rooting for them so much.
    Thanks for translating.


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