Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 3 Epilogue

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In case not everyone is going to read the Afterword after this, I’ll just keep it short here. I wanted to express my thanks to everyone who has given us so much positive feedback. You guys are the best! Stay tuned for more updates!

Editor: Daxar


“I’m sorry for making you wait, desu!” Double Peace-sensei said as she came towards our seats with small steps.

This is approximately a few days after the competition.

“We’ll do a celebration party, desu!”—She said, so she reserved a small corner in a maid cafe in Akiba for us. Mai and Suzuka also came with me by the way.

“…Huh? Why are they….?” I realized that Double Peace-sensei brought other people with her.

At first, I thought that they were staff members but they immediately called out to me.

“Good day to you, Towano-sensei. No, Master.”

“U-Uh……wearing such a cosplay…..!”

To my surprise, it was the Kanzaka siblings. And they were even wearing the staff’s maid costumes, too. Everyone else was just as surprised as me, it seemed

“Why are they here…? And what are these clothes?!”

“I really wanted to apologize once more. Not just with words, but with actions also. Since Towano-sensei likes maids, Ahi told me that something like this would be a good idea. That’s why we are here.” The older sister said as she pointed at her clothes.

However, I was too shocked to really get into it. Instead, I turned to the person that invited us.

“D-D-Double Peace-sensei?! W-What is going on here?!”

“Now now, they wanted to do this, desu. Since I knew that you liked maids, I merely told them. And, what do you think about Runa-chan’s appearance?” Saying that, she stepped aside and pushed the person hiding behind her up front.

“Hey, Ahi….! Stop, this is embarrassing….!!!” In contrast to the older sister, the little sister was glaring at me with a red face.

She was trying to stretch down her miniskirt as her legs were shaking. Seeing her unusual girly attitude, paired with her fitting clothes, my heart skipped a beat.

“O-Onii-chan…! Why are you keeping quiet while your face is turning red…..!”

At that moment, Suzuka’s voice called me back to reality. Turning around, there she was, pouting and looking up at me with a displeased expression.

“Y-You’re wrong!” I stuttered.

“It really troubles me that Onii-chan likes maids so much….! Maybe I should wear maid clothes more often at home as well so that you won’t get excited every time you see them….!”

“Again, it’s not like I specifically like maids or anything…..!”

“Hey Yuu! If you really like them so much, then I can wear them anytime any day you want, you know!”

“Don’t just jump into our conversation to make things worse! I never said anything about me having a maid fetish, you know?!”

“Eh? So in the end Sensei doesn’t like maids after all, desu?”

….Like I said! Can you not ask it in a way that makes me seem like a pervert if I were to answer honestly!

While the surroundings started to get chaotic like usual, the older Kanzaka sister walked towards me.

“Now, please order us to do whatever you want. This isn’t just because we are wearing maid clothes. Reading your novel made me fall in love with it and it left me with a great impression. Please make me your disciple and use me however you feel like.” She bowed down with a serious expression.

“D-Disciple?! W-What the hell are you saying?!”

“I am also debuting as a light novel author. But, this time I am painfully aware of our difference in skill. I have to level-up more. That’s why. And it should be obvious that a disciple must listen to her master’s orders.”

“That’s clearly not obvious though?! And I can’t just go and take disciples, don’t you think?!”

“I will do anything. Even something erotic if Sensei wants me to.”

“Y-You! Don’t think that you can just use my Onee-chan merely because you’re her teacher!”

“Can you not make all of this an established fact out of the blue?!”

“O-Onii-chan….!” “Y-Yuu, you really are….!”

“Again, why are the two of you also going with the flow to make me seem like the bad person here?!”

W-What’s going on here?!

As I was lost as to what to do, I saw Double Peace-sensei grinning at me with an expression of glee.

“Now now, basically, the two of them have fallen in love with Sensei, desu.”

“No, that clearly is not the case?!”

“And me too, after what happened, I started to like Sensei even more than before, desu!”

“Again, don’t just jump in because you think it looks like fun!”

“Eh? I am serious though, desu?” She answered with an honest expression which made me freeze up. “Sensei accepted my everything, desu. At that time, I was happy from the bottom of my heart…..after what you’ve done for me, any girl would start to fall in love, desu,” Being told that with her straight smiling face, my face went hot in an instant.

W-Why am I reacting like this? Double Peace-sensei is acting like it’s normal, but she only sees me this way because she thinks that I am Towano Chikai….

“Sensei even accepted my way of drawing as lovey-dovey! I will continue to draw even more erotic drawings from now on, so please look forward to that, desu!”

“Well, I think that it’s great for Sensei to get so enthusiastic but I think it’s better for you to realize that this clearly isn’t lovey-dovey at all…” I retorted as the younger Kanzaka sister walked over to me.

“I’m well aware of the fact that Ahi has been sending you erotic drawings. I will do the same from now on so I’ll be asking for your opinion on that, if you would.”

“W-What?! What weird things are you asking from me now all of a sudden?!”

“Since you know about my circumstances, I won’t let you walk out of my life like this! You even made Onee-chan your disciple so don’t leave me out of this! I will not permit any sexual harassment though!”

“No no no! Listen to me?!”

“It’s not fair if it’s just Ahi! Or don’t tell me, you two….!”

“Don’t make up any weird misunderstandings, okay! There’s nothing between me and Double Peace-sensei!”

“Ehhh?! Did you forget about our passionate time when we were alone together, desu?!”

“Like I said?! Can you not add fuel to the fire just for laughs and giggles?!”

“Sensei. As your disciple, I also request some passionate time together.”

“Your character is getting inconsistent!!!”

“You people! Don’t just forget about Yuu’s number one fan here!”


“…….Why did it turn out like this…..Haaaa”

In midst all of this, Suzuka also jumped in.

“Well, Onii-chan, can you tell me about this passionate time in more detail please?” Hearing Suzuka’s freezing cold words, I turned around in fear.

“W-Well, that was something like a joke from Double Peace-sensei, ahahaha…..”

“Is that so. So Onii-chan is liked by so many people, I see.”

Uh ohh, her gaze is so cold. In cases like this, I never know why exactly she is mad at me but I definitely have to apologize or I will never hear the end of this!

“S-Sorry! But that really was just a joke from her…! Well, the Kanzaka sisters seem to be serious to certain degree but—” I tried to talk my way out of the situation but….

“Well, it’s fine.” Suzuka seemed to have given up on scolding me. “I’m well aware that I’m special in Onii-chan’s eyes, so I can take my time…”

“Uhm, Suzuka-san?”

“From now on, I look forward to more love-packed stories from Onii-chan. ” Her cheeks were slightly flushed and she looked away as she said that.

….Eh? W-What’s she on about? I have no clue what she means by that…

“Ah, and also, Onii-chan.”

As I was still in confusion, Suzuka continued as if she remembered something.

“T-That being said, t-these way too indecent things are a no-go. We can do that when we are more familiar with that….!”

“These things you say….?

For some reason, she averted her bright red face, picking up her juice-filled glass. She then bit on the straw. Being the only one completely lost in this chaos, I couldn’t do anything other than stand still.

In the following moment, I was reminded of one certain possibility.

….Don’t tell me she….does she still think that I actually like this fiendish stuff……

Having arrived at that conclusion, I felt a shock run through my body.

“S-Suzuka! You’re wrong! It’s really not like that!!!”

Even while I was in the middle of screaming that out loud, I could already feel the other four spearheads pointing towards me once more.

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  1. Wow!, you guys are fast! thanks for translating this novel!
    and thanks for another translated volume!


  2. Poor Yuu. They never listen to the reasoning of the harem protagonist. It’s a law of the universe at this point.
    Thanks for translating.


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