Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 3 Chapter 2

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A doujinshi competition we can’t afford to lose

Part 1:

“Should be somewhere around here.”

“Ambivalenz….ah, I see it. There it is.”

Looking at where she was pointing, I saw their doujinshi.

Currently, I was in Akihabara together with Suzuka. We came to a bookstore—to the doujin corner of that store to be precise. Our goal was, of course, to find out the combat strength of our enemies, the Kanzaka sisters.

“So you can even buy them in a bookstore like this I see.”

“Well, you normally won’t find them in a bookstore. The only ones you’ll find are from trusted companies or very popular circles. And it has to be a special bookstore too, just like this one.”

“…That means that if your doujinshi were to be lined up here, that alone would be proof of your skill and high quality.” Saying that, Suzuka had a gloomy expression but sadly, it was exactly as she had stated.

“Thanks to that though, we can check out their work like this.”

“This isn’t the time to be happy about that……and what is wrong with this amount….?”

Just like she said, the amount of doujinshi from Ambivalenz was several times higher than that of other circles here. They were all derivative comics from newer, more popular novels. Thinking back to their words from before, it was no surprise that none of them were R-18. Having such success without having to rely on erotic stuff in their works really shows how high their skill level is.

We bought a few of their releases and left the bookstore behind.

After that, we waited in a nearby cafe for Double Peace-sensei and planned how to start our reconnaissance.

“Since I’m not familiar with the source material, I probably won’t understand everything that makes it so interesting. That’s why I’m counting on Onii-chan to take that part over for me. Objectively, of course.”

“Leave it to me. Since we’re scouting it out, I’ll do it as objectively as possible.”

“That really helps. It doesn’t help me that the face of that detestable person flashes into my mind every now and then.” Her facial expression changed into a hateful one too. It seems like she’s brooding about the Kanzaka sisters.

….A few days have passed since that happened, but I still feel the anger that built up inside me on that day.

“C-Calm down, Suzuka. For now, let’s just read. Okay?” After soothing her, the both of us started reading the doujinshi.

….Let’s see, this is….oh? This is from [The frontier we’re searching for]. The original is a light novel and they worked on an anime adaption last year. The setting is an isekai-world that got connected to our modern day and both folks are considering each other as invaders, making it a battle science-fiction fantasy…..I really like that series and I always keep up with the new volumes. Now this should be interesting.

While I was thinking that, I turned the page and I was instantly pulled in. The content was an everyday story about the human protagonist and the elf heroine, going on a date between a battle. They were found by their comrades and, as a result, made fun off. With a basic outline like that, it was a normal love-comedy. Still, even with such a common development, I immediately found it interesting. After all, the original put more focus on the war theme than on such everyday events, so it makes sense that a lot of fans probably wanted to see something like this. The story did not change the characteristics of the characters, on the contrary, they were made just as lively as in the original. Even the isekai-world was perfectly integrated. And it’s not just that. The composition and speed of progression were totally accurate and the quality of the illustrations was superb.

“Ha….” After sighing in satisfaction, I closed the book. It really was interesting.

…..Ah, no no no! Don’t forget that you’re scouting out the enemy, me! T-This is bad…Our enemy really is strong….C-Calm down. You only read one book, right? There’s still a possibility that you picked one of their better ones.

With these thoughts, I took another book into my hands.

This time it’s….a superpower battle novel for boys. If I remember correctly, it had already received an anime. The content is a daily life event as well?–is what I thought at first but it turned out to be a energetic battle scene. However, it wasn’t about the leading characters but two side characters. Still, these two characters were really popular and they had a high place in the character ranking. So these two are going to fight?! Something like this would not have been possible in the original but it was a dream-match for fans that’s for sure. Taking the superpowers in the novel but also adding new ones is what made the story even more interesting. So these two can even write battle scenes like these….?

“N-No no….it might’ve been another lucky hit….!” Trying to raise up my spirits with these words, I grabbed the next book.

However, my small glimmer of hope immediately vanished as I continued reading.

A continuation of a slice-of-life anime, a side-story of a fantasy anime that could’ve counted as an official story because of how good it was, a gag manga of a popular game…..every doujinshi that I read was made with an an unbelievable quality, leaving me completely speechless.

“T-This is the worst case, alright…..”

Having finished reading through all the samples we bought, I raised my head. As I did, I saw Suzuka, completely engrossed in a doujinshi of a shoujo manga.

The only thing I could do was cover my head with my hands and mutter a quiet “Ahh, it’s over….”

“For now, we found out just how high their skill is, alright.”


A few minutes after, the two of us were talking about the results of our reconnaissance. Of course, we immediately came to a conclusion.

“…How can such an arrogant person like her produce something with such high quality…..”

“She really has the skills to back up her excessive confidence alright.”

Replying with that, Suzuka once more grit her teeth with a displeased expression.

…..The result is simple. Ambivalenz’s books are amazing. They really deserved to be called a super popular circle. To us however, that was mere misfortune.

“We won’t be winning here if we don’t put our best into it.”

“That might be so. Still, we’re not that that far behind.”

Suzuka was brimming with self-confidence but after seeing their actual skill, I could only drop my shoulders.

“Why did you go and say something like that to them anyway?”

My [Something like that] was referring to Suzuka’s declaration that she would retire if we were to lose this competition. I had already asked her about that a few times before, but I felt the urge to do so once more.

“W-Why are you asking me that again? …..I-I couldn’t help it, okay? Of course I couldn’t hold back if someone is insulting my feelings towards Onii-chan—-no not that! I mean my feelings towards my novel and my countless fans!”

But, no matter how often I asked her, the answer was still the same. Again, it’s not like I couldn’t understand her….. and that contest would’ve been fine if it weren’t for Suzuka’s extra conditions.

“….Well, it’s too late to think about that now. I mean, dropping out of the competition…..”

“We can’t do that after all. Not like I planned on doing that. I am serious.” If even the real author says that, I have no right to complain.

The situation really took a turn for the worse….. but there’s no way that I’ll let Suzuka retire as a writer. As a stand-in, as a fan and also as her big brother.

“Alright…..This will be a harsh battle but we’ll beat them for sure, Suzuka.”

“Eh? Ah, yes! That’s my Onii-chan!” The both of us once more steeled our resolve but the battlefield was still the fairly unknown doujinshi world. And the genre is comic. Without a specialist, there is no way for us to win this.

“I’m sorry for making you wait Sensei, desu!”

In that moment, Double Peace-sensei arrived at exactly the right time and sat down in front of us.

“A good day to you too, Imouto-san!….Eh? Mai didn’t come, desu?”

“The deadline for her manuscript is tomorrow after all. She told me via phone that she can’t come.”

I remember that she sounded really frustrated on the phone.

…..By the way, she didn’t say anything in front of the Kanzaka sisters, but when she heard what happened, it seems her mind went white from all the anger and she ended up in a trance for about half an hour. This is why she was really enthusiastic about this doujinshi competition and she almost gave it top priority, but I somehow managed to convince her not do neglect her own work.

“You are helping me with research, desu….? How nice of you, desu!”

“….What was that?”

“It was nothing, desu! So basically, this meeting will take place with the three of us, desu!”

“Yes. Onii-chan and I bought a few samples of their doujinshi and read them.”

“A-Ambivalenz’s doujinshi, I see. How was it, desu? What’s your impression?”

“Well, it honestly was really interesting. Every single one….” Saying that while my shoulders dropped, Double Peace-sensei replied.

“I expected nothing less, desu. Ambivalenz specializes in that. The big sister Kino-chan writes the scenario and the little sister Runa-chan is responsible for the illustrations. The reason for their high quality is exactly because they are 100% in sync. And both of them are just as skillful on their own. Especially Runa-chan, she is—-a genius, desu.” Contrary to her normal beaming smile, she said that with a serious face, reminding me once more how problematic the situation was right now.

Taking a glance at Suzuka sitting besides me, she was also listening to Double Peace-sensei with a stern expression.

“B-But we won’t lose. I bet my life as a writer on this after all,” I tried to brighten up the mood.

“….I’m sorry, desu. For pulling Sensei into this mess.”

“No, on the contrary. I selfishly accepted this challenge so I should be the one to apologize….”

To be precise, it was Suzuka who did that but she was speaking on my behalf….

“Runa-chan actually is a good girl, desu…..but at this point, I won’t keep quiet either. For Sensei’s sake as well, let’s win this!” Both Suzuka and I were listening to Double Peace-sensei’s words without saying anything, only steeling our resolve to win against the Kanzaka sisters.

….However, at that time, a certain thought entered my mind.

Now that she says it…Double Peace-sensei knew them from before, right? They were calling each other nicknames so I thought they were on pretty close terms but that incident a while ago made me wonder. Still, it seemed like the little sister tried to push Double Peace-sensei forward a bit, so exactly on what terms are they?

“Uhm, Double Peace-sensei. I want to ask you something.”

“It’s about Runa-chan and Kino-chan, I assume, desu?”

It seems like she was expecting a question like that.

“….What kind of relationship do you have with the two of them? They said that you were rivals after all….I apologize if that was a rude thing to ask.”

“No, it’s fine, desu. I also thought that I should tell Sensei about our relationship.” Saying that, she started explaining in a calm manner. “The first time I met them was at Comiket two years prior. It was the first time I participated with my circle, desu. At that time, Runa-chan came over as a guest and told me that she was a fan of my illustrations.”

“Eh? Fan?” I was surprised.

“Yes. At that time, I had barely started working in the eroge branch and she saw my illustrations as I uploaded them, which resulted in her becoming a fan of them, desu. Being told so enthusiastically like that was also a first for me, so I was really nervous at that time, desu.”

Thinking back to our conversation with the little sister, she really is completely different from the one in Double Peace-sensei’s story.

“Also, after Runa-chan saw my illustrations, she apparently decided to start drawing as well, desu. I was really touched by that. Soon after that, we got close pretty quick and she introduced me to her big sister Kino-chan too…..” Her eyes seemed like she was looking at something far away. “Eventually, Runa-chan and Kino-chan founded [Ambivalenz] and they started participating in conventions like Comiket, desu. She always said that she wanted to be on the same level as me……And I knew that she would be able to do that, desu.”


“I realized at the very beginning, desu. Runa-chan is a genius after all.” Double Peace-sensei said no completely indifferently. “Sensei must’ve seen Runa-chan’s drawing after reading through their doujinshi, desu.”

“Y-Yeah, I saw them. I totally thought that they were made by a professional illustrator because they were so well-made.”

“Runa-chan arrived at this level after only two years of drawing, desu. Seeing this happen, I couldn’t stop myself from shivering, desu. So prodigies like her really exist—something like that. Paired with Kino-chan’s skillful writing, Ambivalenz soon rose up to the top of the doujinshi industry, desu. After that, our relationship has gotten worse.”

“And why is that….?”

“Why…..even I do not know, desu. Runa-chan’s smile got colder and colder and every time we met, she got angry at me, saying [That’s clearly no good what you’re doing!]. While I was trying my best to catch up with Runa-chan, our relationship slowly transformed, desu. From rivals into enemies. In my case, I still want to be friends with Runa-chan but I bet that she doesn’t feel the same way.” Seeing Double Peace-sensei with a bitter smile, Suzuka and I could only keep silent. “Nonetheless, I won’t keep quiet if she insults Sensei like that, desu……and now that your retirement is on the line, I will give it everything I have, desu!” Finally, some light returned into her eyes.

Suzuka tugged on my sleeve.

“Onii-chan, is there really such a big difference between Double Peace-san’s and their drawings? I really think that her drawings are very good….” She said. Truth be told, I felt the same way.

Double Peace-sensei may call the Kanzaka sisters geniuses but I see her in the same way.

“Thank you very much, Imouto-san…..Hearing you say that makes me really happy but there is no mistake that there is a giant wall of talent between us, desu.”

Wall of talent—-these words reverberated in my heart. I really sympathized with her because it was the same for me and Suzuka. However, I shook my head to get rid of these thoughts.

…..This isn’t the time to feel down now.

“….If I may, I also believe that Double Peace-sensei won’t lose in terms of skill.”

“Mhm? Oh, thank you, desu! Of course, I don’t plan on losing here! Since Sensei is there for me, I am totally fine!” Double Peace-sensei seemed to have returned to her normal attitude as she said so with a smile. “By the way, Sensei, did you decide on what kind of doujinshi you want to make, desu?”

With these words, Double Peace-sensei brought up the main goal of today—our operation meeting. We had to come up with a plan in order to beat the Kanzaka sisters.

“….No, we thought that we really should listen to a doujinshi specialist, namely Double Peace-sensei, and ask her for opinion.” Consulting with Suzuka, this is what we decided upon.

Suzuka was one thing but even I wasn’t familiar with what was involved in creating doujinshi. Since we would never be able to beat the Kanzaka sisters without that knowledge, asking for Double Peace-sensei’s assistance was crucial.

“I see, desu. If it’s like that, there is a situation I really would like to draw, desu! There are certain fantasies I had while reading the second volume after all!” Saying that, Double Peace-sensei’s eyes started shining and she leaned forward.

…..I wonder. Normally I should be happy that she is so motivated but I get a weird feeling from this….

“A-And what exactly is that situation?”

“Ah! Since it’s come to this, I would like to explain it while we collect the data on it, desu!”

“Eh? C-Collect data….?”

“Of course, it’s research where I wanted Sensei and Imouto-san to participate, desu! Since Sensei’s novel is the original source of the doujinshi, I need Sensei and Imouto-san to help me out because they are essential for the novel too, desu!”

“Huh?! I never said that I took our relationship as the source of my novel though?!”

The novel was merely written while Suzuka was possessed so there’s no way that there’s any relation with us.

“E-E-E-E-Exactly! O-Onii-chan and I don’t have that sort of relationship……” Suzuka also tried to clear that up with the speed of a bullet.

“Now now! No matter how often Sensei may say that, you two are the perfect image I have in my head when I think about the siblings in your novel, desu, so I would kindly ask for your assistance!”

“W-Well, if this results in us winning against the Kanzaka sisters then I guess we could help out…..” Taking a glance over at Suzuka, I saw that she was nodding in agreement.

“Thank you very much, desu!…..Ahhh, it has been my dream to draw a scene about Sensei’s novel where I decide on the content….! Well then, let’s go immediately!” Saying that, she stood up in one motion.

“Go you say…..where are we going?”

As I asked that, Double Peace-sensei’s eyes lit up like I had never seen before.

“Naturally, we are going to the mansion where I live, desu!” She responded with overflowing enthusiasm.

….. I don’t really get why this would be so [Natural] but okay….

Part 2:

“This is my home, desu!”

After leaving the cafe, it was only a few minutes until we arrived at the mansion Double Peace-sensei was talking about.

“….So Double Peace-sensei’s home and workplace are both in Akiba…..”

“Haha it really is convenient, desu! When I decide [Ohh I want to play this eroge….] then I can just go out in my casual clothes and buy it within mere minutes, desu!”

“What’s with this setup like you’re going to a nearby convenience store to buy some sweets?!”

“Well, ordering by mail would feel wrong, desu~ I really thought that Sensei would understand.”

“Do you understand? Onii-chan?”

“As if!!! And why are you glaring at me like that?!”

While I was still feeling Suzuka’s glare, Double Peace-sensei opened the front door to her house.

“Now now, come in, desu!” She said as she entered.

While Suzuka and I were still standing in front of the mansion, she started whispering to me.

“We came to Double Peace-san’s home in the heat of the moment but I really have a bad feeling about this…..”

“W-Well, I do feel the same but this is for the sake of winning against the Kanzaka sisters….”

“….Onii-chan, don’t tell me that you are excited because you can enter Double Peace-san’s room now.”

“Wha-?! Of course I’m not!” But truth be told, my heartbeat accelerated a small bit because this was would be the first time I had entered a girls room other than Suzuka’s.

“….Muu, Onii-chan really is a pervert…..! Since we’re talking about Double Peace-san room, I’m sure that there will be tons of indecent things in there….I can’t let Onii-chan be influenced by that….!”

“No no no, there’s really no need for you to be so worried about that. Just a while ago, we went to her workplace, right? The only things she had there were posters after all….”

While we were still arguing, Double Peace-sensei returned with a “What are you doing, desu? Hurry and come in!”

Going through the hallway, we entered the living room. At first glance, it looked like a normal dining-room-plus-kitchen type of home. But—-

Cough?!” Seeing the whole room, I swallowed my breath.

The walls and even the ceiling were covered to the brim with posters (ero). Lined up on the drawers and shelves were countless figures (ero) and all over the place were big boxes (eroge). All in all, the whole room had a bizarre atmosphere.

“Wha—–! Wha—–!”

Just like me, Suzuka froze up in an instant, her face as red as can be. She should’ve experienced something like that at the eroge shop, but this was on a whole other level because everything was so cramped in a small space.

“How is it, Sensei? Does this get you excited, desu? Can you see the girly-pink atmosphere?”

“It’s true that I can see a lot of pink here but it’s clearly not that [Girly-pink atmosphere] you’re talking about?!”

“Well, I can’t deny that the eroge player-like atmosphere is definitely stronger than the girl-like one, desu”

“Could you not generalize that all eroge players are as crazy as you are?!”

“There are over 100.000 eroge players in this country that are surrounded by ero like this every day, you know, desu?”

That might’ve been a really scary remark but I didn’t bother retorting.

To think that even her room would be so….Double Peace-sensei-like. It feels like my brain cells are melting when I look at that sheer amount….

“…Hey Suzuka, you okay?”

“R-Rather than me, what about Onii-chan….! Being surrounded by all of this….what would happen if Onii-chan were to suddenly turn into a beast….! Well that wouldn’t be so bad….! But right now, it’s not only the two of us….!”

“Just what kind of image of me to you have in your mind?! I don’t have the time to enjoy all of this!”

I actually feel sick. Seems like too much ero can be bad for your health.

“Now now, why don’t you just sit down for now, desu. I prepared some coffee as well.”

Being urged by Double Peace-sensei, both Suzuka (whose face was still as red as a tomato) and I sat down at the table inside of the living room. I decided not to say anything about the fact that the cup she put the coffee in was adorned with ero drawings.

“B-By the way, what kind of research will we be doing here, Double Peace-sensei? And what kind of situation did you want to draw anyway….?”

“Fu fu fu, rather than explaining it, it would be faster to just act it out, desu! That being said, Imouto-san! Let’s go change our clothes, desu!”

“Eh? M-Me? A-And into what……?”

“It’s fine, desu! No need to be afraid! The fact won’t change that it’s a scene were the siblings are going to be all lovey-dovey with each other!”

“L-Lovey-dovey….Me and Onii-chan…?”

“Now now, no time to spare, desu!” Saying that, Double Peace-sensei pulled Suzuka with her towards another nearby room, giving her no chance to mutter another complaint. Although they firmly closed the door, I could hear everything that they were talking about.

—-W-What in the world is this? Does this really count as clothing?

—-Of course, desu! I have something even more daring if you would like to try that, desu?

—-I-Impossible! W-Wearing these clothes in front of Onii-chan….!

—-Hmm, this might be a bit too hard as of yet, desu? Maybe something more soft like this?

—-T-This is supposed to be soft…? And why do I have to wear something like that anyway?

—-These clothes are essential for the research I want to conduct, desu! I’m sure that Sensei will also like it!

—–Ugh….Onii-chan will…..?

…..What in the world is going on behind that door….?

“Sorry for the wait, desu!” With these words, Double Peace-sensei came back with a big smile on her face.

However, my eyes were pulled towards Suzuka who was standing behind her, fiddling with her hands.

“O-Onii-chan….?” She said with tears in her eyes and steam rising from her head.

That gesture in itself was really bad for my heart, but the main problem is her appearance! The clothes Suzuka was wearing—-cat ears with this new type of cat underwear.

Like the word entailed, she had a headband with cat ears on her head. She was wearing a fluffy bikini and she also had cat paw gloves on her hands and feet. Of course, the cat tail wasn’t missing either.

“Y-You—! What are you wearing?!”

“Of course, it’s a cat cosplay, desu!”

“Just that?! No, forget about that! Why is she wearing something like that!” I retorted.

As I did, she responded with “Because it’s necessary for the research, desu!” as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“The scene I wanted to draw was a soft SM scene, desu! The M little sister has to obey the orders of her S big brother….! Ahh, just thinking about it makes the blood rush to my head, desu!”

T-To think that people who get energy from their fantasies really exist….

“….Never mind that! What do you even mean by SM?!”

“Of course, it’s not only my hobby, desu! Doujin are products where you see something that would be very unlikely in the original. SM would be impossible in Sensei’s novel, right? That is why I expect quite a few of your readers to be quite happy about this!”

Ugh….! It really pisses me off that she isn’t exactly wrong about that….!

“Even if you say SM research….there is no way that the both of us would be able to do that! And this isn’t the time for that either!”

“No need to worry, desu. I’m not asking you to be completely serious! I wanted it to be a soft pure-love SM scene, desu! It’s fine as long as the two of you can produce an atmosphere like that. It doesn’t have to be R-18! R-5 would suffice!”

So you’re still putting a R Rating on them…..Normally, I would straight up decline something like that but the circumstances are hindering me from doing so. In the end, I was the one who asked her for help so I can’t just selfishly turn her down like that. The problem, however, is—

“T-These clothes…..to Onii-chan….Hauuu….”


“Nya?! W-W-What is it Onii-chan?!”

“W-Well even though this is for Double Peace-sensei’s research….if it gets too tough for you, I think it would be better to think about something else—-”

“W-What are you saying Onii-chan! It’s finally my chance to be all lovey-dovey in a rare situation like this—no not that!!! This is important research that we’ll need to do if we want to beat them!”

Suddenly being stared at with a threatening glare, my back straightened up with an “Eh?!”

“A-Are you serious…? This might get even more embarrassing than the things we did before….”

“E-Even more lovey-dovey than before?! ….No no, I am prepared for that! We are doing this to win the competition after all! This isn’t the time to be embarrassed!!”

So she’s willing to go so far to win against the two of them….

It seems like I was the one who wasn’t prepared for this yet.

“….I got it. Since even Suzuka is going so far for this….Double Peace-sensei, I’ll trust you to draw a doujinshi that will win against the Kanzaka sisters. Go ahead with your research.”

“Just what I would expect from Sensei and Imouto-san, desu! I might come just from the inspiration, desu!”

Ugh…the way she says that makes me scream out [She set us up!]…..N-No, this is just theoretical research….!

“B-By the way….what exactly does this [S] and [M] stuff mean…?” Suzuka asked with a serious expression……and steam coming out of her head.

Well, vocabulary like this doesn’t exist in the world Suzuka lives in, so that question was to be expected.

“Oho, so basically the meaning of an SM play, desu? Originally, these terms derived from [Sadist] and [Masochist], they refer to roles in sexual plays between two partners and—-”

“Oi?! How often did I tell you not to teach my little sister any weird vocabulary?!”

It’s still to early for Suzuka! ….No choice but to explain in a more roundabout way.

“Ahm, this SM stuff is important in a [Master and slave] relationship. S is the master and M is the slave. Being in a situation where you either receive or give out orders gives you erotic stimulation—-no, it means that you are lovey-dovey with each other.”

“O-Onii-chan gives me lovey-dovey orders…..” Suzuka was for some reason spacing out with flushed cheeks….I wonder if my explanation was bad….

“What a mild explanation, desu~ Wouldn’t it have been better to explain it the hard way?”

“N-No need for that! You still didn’t explain why she has to wear these clothes, you know!”

“Well, thinking about soft SM, the only thing that popped up in my mind was a [Pet and Owner] role play, desu. That’s why I asked Imouto-san to wear a cat costume.”

“It feels like I understand but somehow I don’t….? And what exactly does that [Pet and Owner] thing even mean?!”

“Basically, the cat is playing pranks on her owner and will receive [Punishment] and [Disciplinary training], desu! Of course, the owner will be Sensei, you know? That being said, if you would, Imouto-san!” She said and pushed Suzuka next to me.

Still nervously fiddling with her hands, Suzuka glanced at me from time to time. These actions paired with her clothes, not to mention Double Peace-sensei’s [Pranking cat] vocabulary made my heartbeat accelerate and the blood rush to my head.

“I-I didn’t ask you yet….but what do you think of these clothes, Onii-chan?”

“Eh? A-A-Ahm, uhhh, it looks super eroti—no never mind! I-It really fits you…..!”

C-Close! W-What was I about to say towards my real little sister!

It really fit her though.

“Really, the research has already started, desu. This isn’t the time to keep it on this level of flirting, you know?”

“I-It’s not like we’re always flirting, you know?! And what exactly do you want us to do anyway?”

“F-For now, it seems like Onii-chan should hold this” Suzuka said as she handed me something that resembled a rope.

Taking a closer look, it looked like it was connected to her collar—-eh? Collar?

“Exactly, desu. Next, Imouto-san has to cling to Sensei’s legs….Yes, just like that, desu. Wonderful!”

“No, well, what is this….?”

“The cat in the role of Imouto-san broke her owners, namely Sensei’s, favorite cup and will now be scolded, desu! Imouto-san’s role is to ask for forgiveness while Sensei is disciplining her instead!”

“E-Eh?! E-Even if you suddenly tell me that!” I was raising my voice in protest but in the meantime, Double Peace-sensei took out a camera and was completely absorbed in taking photos of the both of us.

“O-Onii-chan’s cat…..Pet…….I-I am getting scolded…..” Suzuka on her end merely muttered something under her breath as always.

F-For now, I have to do something or else….—-it happened when I thought that.

“H-Here I go….!” Suzuka started acting.

At first, she was merely sitting on the floor while looking up at me as if she was a cat in heat….. but all of a sudden, she came towards my leg and started rubbing her chin against it?!

“N-Nyaaaa…….” Letting out cat-like noises and before I realized it, she had an expression as if she was asking for forgiveness. “I-I’m sorry, nya………Onii-chan…..” She then said these unthinkable things.


In that moment, something like an electrical current ran through my whole body and my heart skipped a beat.

…..W-What is this feeling? W-W-W-What is thiiiiiiiiiiis?!

“Whoaaaaah! W-Wonderful, desu! Magnificent, Imouto-san!” Double Peace-sensei moaned as she drew something in her sketchbook.

It felt like a few of my brain cells burned off! …..C-Calm down, me! T-This is research! S-Suzuka is also giving her all here while swallowing her embarrassment! I have to pull myself together!

U-Uhm….It’s my turn to punish her….Punish her….Well, I can’t exactly spank her…..something more soft….

I gulped as I lowered my head…..Shit, I just have to become a character again! For Suzuka’s sake!

“….Really, you really like to play pranks, huh.”

Cutting out any useless thoughts out of my head, I said so towards Suzuka as I put my hand on her chin.

“Ahh, nya…..Onii-chan….?”

I proceeded to slowly move my fingers as if I was tickling her.

“Hya?! O-Onii-chan…..funya?!”

“Promise me that you won’t play any pranks on me anymore….If you don’t, then I won’t stop, you know?” Saying that, I continued to tickle her as her whole body started shivering.

“O-Onii-chan….! N-Nyan?!”

“Now, I’m waiting?”

“H-Hya……I-I won’t play any more pranks on you…..nyaaa!”

Being satisfied with her words, I tickled her one last time before stopping.

“Good girl…. But, since you did something really bad this time, there will be more punishment, okay?”

“M-More….? Onii-chan….”

Putting my hand now on top of her head, I started patting her. After all, when the punishment ends, there has to be a reward too.

“Funya…..Onii-chan….” Her cheeks started to get flushed and she narrowed her eyes, seeming really happy.

With this, I hope that she’ll behave like a good girl from now on but if not, then—

“Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Magnificent! This is the best, Sensei, desu!”

“Ha?!” However, hearing that scream of Double Peace-sensei, I returned to reality.

“Just what I would expect from Sensei, desu! A non-rivaled fiend! So soft but still S! Such a good balance! I’m coming, desu!!”Seeing her write into her sketchbook in such an enthusiastic matter, I returned to my normal self.

“N-No, this was just an act to make sure that your research would be a success, okay?!”

“Even so, that was superb, desu! That must have been your prime, Sensei! Now now, give in to your desires and push down your little sister!”

“As if I would do that in this situation?! …..Ahh, for Christ’s sake! S-Suzuka, are you alright?”

“Fue….? Onii-chan….?”

However, Suzuka merely kept on looking up to me with drenched eyes.

….Seems like the embarrassment got to her…

“Ah…. this is my utopia, desu! Originally, I wanted to try a lot of other poses as well but that scene just now was so unbelievably satisfying that my fantasies won’t stop, desu!”

“Even if you ask me that, there is no way that I could continue after all of this?!”

After all that I said and did, a sinful feeling assaulted me. Suzuka for her part was merely spacing out while letting out a weird “Ehehehe” laugh….

“W-Will this be alright for your research then?”

“Of course, desu! To be able to see an S Sensei and an M Imouto-san…..! Even though it was supposed to be soft SM, the fantasies that started flowing out were a hundred times stronger than when I used hard SM! Ehehehe!”

“Just how rotten can you be?!”

Even though I should be really familiar with her as a person, I could only drop my shoulders in defeat.

“….Shit. Well, if this can help you draw a good doujinshi, then that should be fine. W-With this, the research is finally over—-”

“Yes! Now let’s go to the next scene, desu!”

“N-Next?! We’re going to continue?!”

Without answering though, Double Peace-sensei once more pulled Suzuka by the hand.


“Now, Imouto-san, let’s change your clothes! Now you will be the queen, desu!”

Once more, both of them left the room.

“W-We’re still going to continue….? And, wait? Did she just say queen….?”

—-W-What’s up with these clothes? It feels like I’m being wrapped in a net…?

—-This is next on our routine, desu! Also, would you be so kind to take this?

—-Eh….this is? D-Don’t tell me I have to…..with Onii-chan….?

Hearing their conversation like before, I got a really bad feeling in my gut.

“We have returned, desu!

And, the second they returned to the room, that bad feeling was validated. What entered my view was Suzuka, wearing—

Black leather lingerie…..——Aren’t these clothes used in bondage?!

“S-Suzuka….! W-What are these clothes….!”

“D-Don’t look at me, please…! W-With these indecent clothes….!”

It makes sense that Suzuka would start crying when she has to wear these clothes. The impact on me wasn’t all that weak either…..And she even holding a whip in her hand….! Forcing Suzuka to wear something like this….!

“Double Peace-sensei! What are you making my little sister wear?!”

“It’s totally fine, desu! Since Imouto-san is a beautiful woman, she is looks even more cute in these clothes!”

“That is clearly not the problem here! To think that you meant [Queen] in a sense like this….!!”

“Since Sensei did such a good job before, I wanted to see some hard SM too, desu! That being said, this time the little sister will be the S and the big brother the M!”

In that moment, I heard a clicking sound from my wrists.

“Eh, aren’t these…..handcuffs?! W-Why ….?”

“To make you look even more like an M, desu! Now then, Imouto-san, please do as I told you!” Saying that she stepped aside and Suzuka once more entered my field of view.

“This is just research, this is just research….” She kept on muttering with a red face while coming closer to me.

“U-Uhm, Suzuka-san….?”

“O-Onii-chan….please don’t move….It would be bad if I were to hit you…..!” Suzuka said as she swung her arm.

Crack — a sound reverberated in the room as the whip hit the ground, making my whole body shrink.

“T-That sounds like it would hurt….I can’t use this near Onii-chan….”

“It’s fine, Imouto-san. This is merely a toy that artificially produces that sound, desu! It certainly won’t hurt and it’s fine if Sensei won’t move, right?”

“No no no no, don’t be lulled in by her words, Suzuka!”

“This situation is called [Because she loves her big brother so much, the little sister awoke to S] desu! Now, Imouto-san, let every frustration out that was built up because of Sensei!”

“O-Onii-chan….you have to pull yourself together a bit more….!” Crack Even though she was far from a queen in her daily life, she really got into this act quickly.

“Please pay more attention to the things around you!” Crack Her face seemed so red that it might explode.

“Why are you so thickheaded, Onii-chan!” Crack


“Why do all these women keep appearing around you the second I take my eyes away….!” Crack

…..Is it just me or are her movements getting more smooth by the second….?

“Not being aware of my feelings! Why is Onii-chan like that!” Crack

“W-Wait a second please, Suzuka-san?!”

“I won’t hear any excuses!” Crack

In a matter of second, there was a queen (Suzuka Ver.) standing in front of me.

“Haaa Haaa…..! This composition of S little sister and M Sensei, desu….! Magnificent…..!”

“Isn’t this getting a bit dangerous?! Would you stop her, please?!”

“Don’t look away! Look only at me!” Crack

“Hiiiiiiiiee?! S-Suzuka?!”

“O-Onii-chan only belongs to me! You understand that?!” Crack

“I-I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!” Not knowing exactly what was happening, I ended up apologizing to her.

……Y-Your eyes look very serious you know….? Are you sure this is just an act…..?!

“Ha ha ha! Well done, Imouto-san! What nice acting! Now, try to act out a [Call me queen!] scene, desu!”

“I-I want you to call me [Queen], Onii-chan!” Crack

“And continue with [Lick my feet] dog scenario, desu!”

“S-S-S-Since Onii-chan is a dog after all, he should just lick my feet!” Crack

“Would you be so kind as to return to reality already, my dear queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen?!” Since Suzuka was influenced by some kind of dark force, though, there was no way for my voice to reach her in the end.

…..Like this, we completely forgot our main goal of coming here in the first place and this situation continued for a few more minutes….

“Really, you siblings are the best, desu! I can’t stop my hand at all from all this excitement, desu!” As always, Double Peace-sensei didn’t lift her head as she just kept on staring at her sketchbook.

“I-I’m glad to hear that…..”

We somehow managed to survive Double Peace-sensei’s research – but just barely – and I ended up covered in wounds. It even feels like I received some sort of trauma.

“Something dirty like that…..! Even if it’s meant as research…..! But, a frightened Onii-chan wasn’t all so bad either….No no! But, him becoming weak like an M was new for me….” Having returned to her normal clothes, Suzuka was merely sitting on the couch, muttering something to herself.

Damn she probably won’t forget about this so soon….but if it helped Double Peace-sensei in drawing a good doujinshi….!

“Uhm, Double Peace-sensei?”

“Yes, what is it? Are you going to let me continue with my research, desu?!”

“Of course not?! …..No it’s not that, I wondered if this turned into good data….”

“Of course, desu! After seeing such magnificent scenes in real life, my fantasies won’t stop from gushing out, desu! I could even draw more than ten doujinshi with this!” Saying that, she showed us the content of her sketchbook.

Even though they were merely rough sketches, they were already top-notch and it really felt like Double Peace-sensei put her heart into them.

“These are….With these, I’m sure that we can beat the Kanzaka sisters….”

“Of course, desu! Putting this together with Sensei’s scenario, there is no way that we will lose, desu!”

Both Suzuka and I went “Eh?” after hearing her words.

“U-Uhm….what do you mean with scenario….? Didn’t we do this research so that you can draw a good doujinshi…..?”

“Of course, I will be the one responsible for the illustrations but the one who has to write the scenario is Sensei, desu?”

“E-Eh?!” Again, both Suzuka and I were at a loss for words.

“Why are you so shocked, desu? I mean, Runa-chan and Kino-chan are also putting their skills together, right? If we don’t do the same, there is no way that we can win, don’t you think?”

“T-That might be the case but…..then w-what was that research about….?”

“Ahh, that was a scene that I just wanted to draw, desu!” Hearing Double Peace-sensei’s words, my jaw dropped.

“D-Don’t tell me….we did all that just for your own benefit….?”

“Of course, desu? Doujins are ways for the illustrator to create scenes that they want do draw, after all.”

At these words, I glanced over at Suzuka, who also wasn’t sure what to say to that.

“……..Double Peace-sensei.”

“Hm? What is it, desu?”

“This design…..is rejected!!”

Announcing that, Double Peace-sensei went “Ehhh?!” in astonishment.

What did you think would happen?!

“A-Also, please inform us about that beforehand! There is no way that I—-no, that Onii-chan would be able to write a fitting scenario for something so indecent!”

“No, I am pretty sure that since this is Sensei we are talking about, he will surely manage to pull through with it, desu.”

“I-Impossible! S-Something like that…..!!” Suzuka cast her eyes downward with flushed cheeks.

“Uff……basically, Double Peace-sensei was planning on making me write a scenario to such an embarrassing scene….?”

“Well, Sensei would be more suited for writing it after all, desu. There is no way for us to beat Kino-chan in terms of scenario if ours won’t be written by the super-popular writer Towano Chikai, don’t you think?”

……Mhm, she is right about that to some extent. However—-

“Please say so from the beginning!!!”

The only thing I could do was cry out with a tear in my eye.

Part 3:

“What was up with that, really…..”

We were on the way home from Akihabara. While we were riding in the train towards our living area, Suzuka and I were reminiscing about what happened in Double Peace-sensei’s home.

After what happened, we decided that Double Peace-sensei’s [The sibling’s SM-like doujin] idea would be rejected. Although we had some degree of respect for her as she was indeed more invested in the doujinshi world than we were, writing a scenario to such a scene was still impossible. In the end, we decided that [Towano Chikai] would write a scenario and she would draw the illustrations for it. I thought that this would result in Double Peace-sensei being grumpy, but she responded with “Can’t help it, desu. The result of this research was still pretty useful and interesting, so I have to be happy with that!”

……So basically, we were the only ones didn’t get anything out of that….

“But well, it makes sense for a super-popular writer like yourself to write the scenario, I guess…..”

If only we could’ve realized that sooner….

“S-So there was a way to be lovey-dovey like that….. By the way, Onii-chan…..what do you prefer between S and M…?”

“H-Hey, Suzuka?! D-Don’t be influenced by Double Peace-sensei, okay?!”

“…..Ah?! W-What was I-?! N-No, it’s not like I wanted to find our Onii-chan’s preferences or anything….?!”

……To think that Double Peace-sensei would have such a bad influence…..I have to be more careful, for Suzuka’s sake as well….

“U-Uhm….T-That’s right, about the scenario!” She coughed once, as if she was trying to regain her composure. “If it’s fine like I always do it, then there won’t be a problem. This all started because of me, after all, so I think it’s better for me to take responsibility.” She said these comforting words with a serious expression.

Well, if we were to leave it to the genius Suzuka, then that alone would help our chances by quite a bit. However—the circumstances are a bit different this time.

After all, even if she writes it like she always does, we won’t now if that will be enough in the doujinshi industry. Also, this time it is a contest of sales, so it’s not enough if it’s interesting but it also has to [Sell] more than the doujinshi of the Kanzaka sisters. Not to forget that there is still one unsolved problem concerning Suzuka.

“Now that it’s come to this….there’s no other way…..but are you okay? Don’t you have preparations for your school’s culture festival soon? I’m wondering if you’re pushing yourself too much….”

With the fact that our summer vacation was about to end, the days will get more busy for Suzuka. One of the main reasons for this us that Suzuka’s all-girls school, Hakuou, has a culture festival at the beginning of the fall term. As the student council president, she has to be at school almost all of the time, and even has to stay very late after school ends. (Actually, that was the plan today too, but for the real author to miss out on our planning meeting was no good, so she took the day off)

Of course, knowing Suzuka and her superhuman status, I’m sure that she will pull through……although it still worries me.

“Are we still talking about that? Something of this difficulty is no problem at all” However, every time I bring up that topic, it seems to displease her.

If even the person in question says so, then the only thing I can do is to trust her and help her in any way possible, like household chores and such. She seemed to be really obstinate about making food herself, though….

“Rather than that, let’s talk about the scenario for the doujinshi. A-Actually, I gave it some thought….”

“Oh really? Is it alright for you to tell me?”

“Y-Yes. It is more like a general idea though….uhm….The siblings will go to the culture festival of the little sister’s school as a couple, and I want them to get all lovey-dovey….”

“…..Eh? Couple….?”

“U-Uhm! In doujinshi, you write stuff that normally wouldn’t happen in the original, right?! T-That’s why, uhm, I want to write them being a couple while they keep on flirting…..”

…..I-I see, it’s true that you wouldn’t see something like that in the original and I bet that a lot of fans would like to see that. As of now, they were all flirty already but what if they became lovers….W-Woah! If something like that existed, I’d go buy it for sure!

I was about to scream out “Sounds awesome!” but I stopped myself before I opened my mouth.

……W-Wait, calm down, me. This isn’t something that we should decide on the spot. I mean, Suzuka’s retirement is at stake after all so if we don’t think about this carefully, it might bite us in the ass later.

“I-It’s true that this might be a good idea but wouldn’t it be better not to immediately decide on that? This is a competition after all, and you’re not just writing your novel.”

“I-I am well aware of that fact. However, I do think that our chances are pretty good with this scenario.”

“That might be so but I’m talking about the one-in-a-million chance. I think that we should take some more time to think about it.”

As I said that, Suzuka looked me with a discontent expression and muttered “That is also true but…..”

“Your retirement is on the line here so let’s calmly think this through.”

“Eh? Ah, yes, thank you very much…..”

In that moment, Suzuka surprised me with words of gratitude and I answered “About what?” in return.

“I-If I had to give up on writing novels, you would be freed from your job as a stand-in….but you said these things…..”

“W-Well, that is a different problem…or something like that. I won’t be satisfied with such a conclusion and I would hate it if I couldn’t read your novel anymore…..”

“A-Are you worried about me….?”

“Y-You know, I am your stand-in and also your big brother, so of course I would be worried about my little sister. Although it might not be my right to do that…..”

“That’s certainly not true…..Ehehehehe” She started snickering as if her mood had improved.

Just before she got mad because I asked her if she was tired but now that mood is completely gone…what was that about? Really, I don’t get women at all…..

“Onii-chan is worried about me…..He thinks of my novel as special….Ehehe, ehehehe…..”

“W-Whatever! That is what I think, okay? The longer we think about it, the better! Double Peace-sensei even said that she’ll wait until the deadline as well!” Wanting to cover up our embarrassing conversation from before, I once more stated my opinion.

Suzuka also returned to reality with an “T-That’s right!”

……S-Somehow this conversation went into a weird direction but I got through what I wanted to tell her! Yeah!

“……..” “……..”

In the meantime, both of us were walking along in a weird atmosphere. However, Suzuka once more started a conversation with a “B-By the way….”

“A-About the culture festival at my school…..only at that time, we are allowed to bring outsiders in it seems…..”

“Mhm? But I thought that something like that is prohibited, since it’s a prestigious all-girls school?”

“O-Of course, only people who have an invitation. Girls from other high schools or graduates….A-Also, people from our families….”

“I see. With an invitation, huh.”

“T-That’s why I wanted to ask something of Onii-chan…..!” Suzuka looked at me with flushed cheeks and serious eyes. “W-W-W-W-Will you…..with me……”

“With you?”

“W-W-Will you……together with me……”

“Uhm, I don’t mean to be rude but could you speak up a little bit….”

“L-L-L-L-Like I said, uhm, will you go with me……..it’s finally my chance….! To get ahead of the others…..!”

It was obvious that she was putting a lot of strength into her body but, her voice just kept getting quieter. However, in the next moment, she seemed to have made up her mind and she looked straight at me.

“O-Onii-chan! W-Will you walk around the culture festival with me?!” With tears in her eyes and a red face, she said that.

“……….Eh?” At first, my mind didn’t manage to keep up with what just happened.

…….With Suzuka on the culture festival? Walk around together…?

Seemingly waiting for my answer, her body was slightly shivering. Seeing her appearance, it looked like she had just confessed to me—

—–What the hell am I thinking about?! I-It’s not like that, there should be a reason that she said that to me. There is no way that she would walk around the culture festival with me on her own accord. That only leaves…..

“U-Uhm, you mean for research….?”

“Eh?” Suzuka’s eyes went wide as she heard my counter-question. “N-No, it’s not like….Uhm….But….” Sneaking glances at me, Suzuka fiddled with her hands. “…….T-That’s right! To successfully write a good scenario for the doujinshi, I wanted to collect data on a lovers-like date at the culture festival!”

“T-That makes sense……..No, wait a second. I thought we cleared that up that we shouldn’t rush things like that—-”

“I-It’s fine! I do understand that Onii-chan is worried about me but a scenario like [A lovey-dovey date with Onii-chan at the culture festival] would be very good!”

“Your retirement is on the line here, are you really fine with that….?”

“No need to worry! As Towano Chikai, I will give it my best as always!” Seeing Suzuka so enthusiastic, my worries started to float away.

“….I got it. If you’re going so far, then I will trust you. Let’s beat the Kanzaka sisters with that scenario.” Seeing as she decided upon that, I, as her stand-in, had no reason to refuse.

As I said that, Suzuka’s face lit up and she responded with an happy “Y-Yes!” but I was more shocked because of what came after that….

“Let’s have fun walking around the culture festival as lovers, Onii-chan.!”

O-Of course for our research—she immediately added after that. Hearing these words while seeing her beaming smile, my heart skipped a beat.

….C-Calm down. It’s not like she’s happy that she gets to walk around with me. She’s only doing this to win against the Kanzaka sisters…..!

“Now then, let’s hurry on home and start planning for our date—-no, for our research!” While I was still trying to ban these thoughts from my head, Suzuka’s walking speed accelerated.

……W-Well, I guess this is how it goes. Suzuka seems to have made up her mind so I should be glad about that. Yeah. This research called [Going on a date with my little sister at her school’s culture festival] was frightening at first but it’s her retirement at stake!

As I steeled my resolve, Suzuka was calling me with “Onii-chan, hurry up already!” so I hurried to catch up.

However, that wasn’t the end of our conversation about the culture festival. It happened later that evening. After having done some housework for Suzuka, I was about to head back to my room. In that moment, I received a phone call from her editor Shinozaki-san.

「Towano-sensei? Do you have some time right now? You’re not masturbating, are you?」

“No matter how often I hear that, I still can’t get over this way of starting a phone call, you know?!”

「I have to ask that because you never ask me for help even though I’ve told you countless times that you can just come to me if you get pent up.」

“In what world would an author do something like that?!”

「It seems like Sensei is as shy as ever. Well it’s fine, I have two things I want to talk about.」

“Say so from the start please…..”

「One thing is about your side and the other is about our side. Which do you want to hear first?」

“I’ve got a bad feeling about both of them.”

「Well then, let’s start with yours…..Sensei, are you hiding something from me?」

“W-What’s up with that all of a sudden?”

「No, I should rather say you two, alright. I heard of it, you know? About the fact that you and Double Peace-sensei are working on a doujinshi.」

“Wha-?! H-How did you?!” I let out a loud voice by accident.

「Hmpf, so it really was like that. Double Peace-sensei seemed weirdly enthusiastic. Together with that information and my own sources, I deduced that.」

“W-What might you be talking about?”

「Too late. You suck at hiding things. No need to keep hiding it to hide it.」

…..Damn, normally she’s just a sex offender so why is she so sharp now….How bothersome.

「I’ll just say this beforehand but you won’t get permission for that. You are our star after all. Suddenly releasing a doujinshi written by the author himself would be a problem.」

“D-Did you hear about that from Double Peace-sensei?”

「No, this girl is way better at hiding things than you are. It’s no good if you underestimate your editor—-me like that. Taking guesses like that is a necessary skill after all.」

“W-What did you say?! I totally thought that you were a talentless editor who’s always drunk when she’s on the phone…..!”

「Wha-?! Is that what you thought of me?!」

“You weren’t aware of that?!”

「Damn…..well whatever. Rather than that, let’s continue from before. No permission to write your doujinshi. If you have the time to do that, then write some spin-off or something.」

“N-No, it’s not like that. T-There is a reason for that….”

「I don’t need to hear your reason. Our conversation about that ends here.」

Shinozaki-san ended that topic without giving me chance to explain myself. Of course I couldn’t just go “Yes, I understand.” here but she continued immediately.

「Now about the other thing, a certain institution reached out to us, wanting to request something from Towano-sensei and I would really ask you to take them up on their offer.」

“A-A request?! W-What’s that about?!”

「It seems to be a pretty high-level prestigious girl’s school where they managed to build up an otaku culture-type circle or something. The request came from there.」

“P-Prestigious all girls school? D-Don’t tell me….”

「Although they managed to get it started, a lot of girls aren’t familiar with otaku culture which is why they’re lacking members. That is why they decided to invite in a real author for an event, wanting him to teach them a thing or two about light novels.」

“No no no, as if something like that would happen…..”

「That being said, this event will only be on a small scale. By the way, we’re talking about the Hakuou all girls middle school here.」

“……………………” In that moment, I felt like my consciousness was about to leave my body but I managed to hold it back.

…..S-So it really was like that……!

「Originally, they didn’t mean to bring in such a super popular author like Sensei for such a small event. However, since we’re talking about a high society Ojou-sama school, we thought that the publicity might actually be a good thing so I kindly ask you to—-

“I decline.”

Of course?! As if I could do that at Suzuka’s school?! We’re already going there on a date for research!

「W-Why is that?! It’s an Ojou-sama girls school you know?! All other boys of your age would do anything to get a chance to get in there!」

“Do you merely think of us boys as wild beasts or something?!”

「You would be able to breathe in the same air as these Ojou-samas!」

“Would you stop trying to turn me into a pervert?! Anyway, I don’t want to! I will never do it! I wholeheartedly decline!”

「Why are you so stubborn?! I thought that you would be delighted.」

“Shinozaki-san too, why are you going this far?”

「My goal is to make every person in this world read Towano Chikai-sensei’s novel. That’s why I would really like you to take part in that event. If we were to sell your novel to the high society, your influence would grow exponentially I’m sure, and then even more people would read your masterpiece.」

“It’s true that this sounds like a good reason….”

「After Japan, it’s the whole world! In the future, Sensei’s novel will form the framework for our modern society! I’m acting like this because I believe in that.」

“Can you please not turn into a cult meeting?!”

「Hey, is it really no good? This is your chance, you know? Is there something I can do to change your mind? I would let you fondle my breasts anytime you want.」

I once more dropped my shoulders after listening to her words.

I’d really love to get the permission for the doujinshi. We’re talking about Suzuka’s career after all and I wouldn’t want to lose by default because—-

Huh? Wait a second? Isn’t this a good possibility to turn the tables around…?

Having caught on to that thought, I continued our conversation.

“….Shinozaki-san, you really want me to take part in that event, right?”

「Mu? Of course I do but it sounds like there are some conditions.」

“Yes. Give me the permission to work on that doujinshi. I just want to create one that’s all.”

「Wha?! T-That I can’t do. I can’t give you permission like that.」

“I beg you! I won’t release it in my name! We just want to release it via Double Peace-sensei’s circle! We won’t trouble you any further, I swear!”

「H-However……W-Why are you so desperate to create a doujinshi?」

“I-I can’t say that. But I beg you! It is very important for us! I will partake in the event just like Shinozaki-san wishes me to!” I lowered my head with my phone still held up to my ear.


Shinozaki-san kept quiet for a bit but I could finally hear a sigh from the other end.

「Can’t help it, I guess. This is a one-time thing, okay? And you promise that your name will not be publicized.」

“T-Thank you very much! I will promise that!”

「Really….I will trust you with that, okay?」

Answering with a resolute “Yes” I hung up the phone after Shinozaki-san informed me that we will discuss further details via email.

“Haaa……” Putting my phone on the table, I took a deep breath.

……I was really worried when she told me that we wouldn’t be able to work on the doujinshi but it somehow turned out alright… Still, now I also have to worry about the speech at the event. To think that it would be at the school Suzuka is attending.

“….Wait, isn’t that pretty bad all on its own?”

I said it so enthusiastically to receive her permission but I just now realized the seriousness of the situation.

….But, if I hadn’t gone so far, we would’ve lost the competition by default….Still, giving a lecture about light novels at Suzuka’s school is probably not going to end well, right? Additionally, there’s also our research date at the culture festival……

I felt the cold sweat on my forehead.

…..How do I even explain this to Suzuka….?—-is what I thought as it happened.

“O-Onii-chan! Are you there?” With that, Suzuka stormed into my room like she was being chased by something.

Part 4:

“Culture festival…..with Onii-chan……hooking arms in front of everyone…….make an appeal…..taking a picture together…..m-m-m-maybe even a kiss at the end…..! Ehehehehhe…..”

Tightly hugging my pillow, I rolled around on top of my bed.

Going on a culture festival date….! Having a dream of mine come true like this, I couldn’t stop from grinning. Making everybody see how lovey-dovey I am with my beloved big brother. Maybe we could even become lovers if I were to confess to him…..!

“Ehehehehehehehehe…..” Not being able to stop my drooling face, I kept on rolling around.

Roll roll Ehehehe Roll roll Ehehehehe Roll roll Ehehehe…..

“…..Fuuu” After having tasted this happiness, I stood up from my bed and walked towards the full-length mirror. My hair was a complete mess and I had the weirdest grin ever on my face.

…..Just how happy are you that you can go on a date with Onii-chan really….

“Very happy, of course! Ehehehe”

I do have a certain degree of self-awareness but I can’t help it because I am so happy……!

“No no no! Return to your senses already, me….!”

That’s right, I have other things to do now. It’s great that our date is set in stone now but it still is only a means for research in Onii-chan’s eyes.

……Originally, I just wanted to go on a pure date with him. However, at that time, I was too embarrassed and my head didn’t function as usual which is why I lied to him…..

“Haaaa….I messed up, didn’t I….It was my perfect chance too…..”

I just can’t be honest. Because of that personality trait, I can’t be the cute little sister in Onii-chan’s eyes that I want to be.

……Still, I really am giving it my best. When I asked him, it took me a bit to get the words out but in the end I pulled through. Looking at the me from before, this is something I should be praised for!

“In the end, I still faltered…..” Remembering my words made me feel a bit depressed.

…..No no no, I’m only starting! It won’t be long until I can muster my courage and confess to him, making us real lovers!

“Then we’ll eventually be a married couple…..! N-No, it’s still to early for that….! B-B-But! S-S-S-Sexual intercourse would be normal for a married couple….!

Seeing my quivering body and my bright grin in the mirror, I returned to reality once more.

Cough I cleared my throat.

“F-For now, this date will only count as a research, so I have to give it my best to get another chance.”

Although it is a shame, it could be worse. Thinking about it, we are doing this to beat those arrogant people, so isn’t this the best situation there is?

“Now, I have to create a detailed plan for our date-like research!”

While my PC was still booting up, my fantasies wouldn’t stop. I was about to open up my writing software when—-

“Oh? A mail……from Shinozaki-san?”

With a bing sound, I realized that I had gotten a new email.

What’s it about? Probably about the manuscript of the third volume I suppose. I am a bit busy right now though….I can’t just neglect my [Making every person in the whole world see how lovey-dovey Onii-chan and I are] plan after all.

“…..Wha-?! A-A speech?!”

I still checked to the content of the mail just to make sure and I happened to scream out as I saw it with my eyes.

…..Towano Chikai will give a speech at my school? Well, I faintly remember hearing about a club trying to get an outsider in…..and this was acknowledged by Onii-chan?

I was perplexed after reading the content of this sudden email. However, in the next moment, I was already on my way over to Onii-chan’s room.

“Onii-chan is coming to my school for a speech…..and there’s also our date event…..” I arrived at his room and opened the door without knocking. “Onii-chan! Are you there!”

“Uwa?! S-Suzuka?!” Onii-chan almost fell of his chair….. maybe I scared him.

Seeing Onii-chan react like a scared chicken like that, my heart throbbed because he was so cute—–this is clearly not the time for this!

“What’s this about a lecture that Towano Chikai will be giving at my school?”

“Ughh…so you already found out.”

Seeing his apologetic face made me almost scream out in happiness.

I have the sudden desire to protect Onii-chan for the rest of his life—-again, this isn’t the problem right now!

“Y-You’re wrong Suzuka! There’s a good reason for this! Actually—-”

With that, Onii-chan explained his reasoning for accepting. Apparently Shinozaki-san found out about the doujinshi and didn’t give him permission for it until he agreed to come to my school.

“I’m sorry for accepting without consulting you! Sorry! I didn’t have any other option though! With your retirement on the line, I couldn’t just let that happen……”

Onii-chan was seriously apologizing but it’s not like I was mad or anything. Rather, him having acted like that out of worry for me made my heart throb once more. I couldn’t be happier about that!

“No, Onii-chan. There was no other way. Also, we already planned that Onii-chan would come to my school after all…..Yes, together with our date, I’m sure that this is destiny!” I said so with confidence as I made a fist.

“…..Eh? U-Uhm, Suzuka-san?”

This clearly shows how strong our bonds are!

“Anyway, Onii-chan. I do understand that there was nothing else that you could’ve done. Rather, we should think about this speech.“

“Ah…Yeah, you’re right. I will be doing it at your school after all, so I have to make sure that I don’t embarrass you in any way.”

Even though it’s all my fault, he still is worried about me.

Onii-chan really is the best big brother there is….There is no way that I would be embarrassed because of him. We are talking about my beloved Onii-chan here, so I can say that with total confidence!

“T-That’s right. We have to think of a plan of attack for the lecture. I’m sure that they will ask you a lot of questions, so you will have to answer them in a way befitting of an author that loves little sisters.”

“Won’t that be a problem for your future student life at your school….? Well, that is also true of the date itself…..”

“I-I am not worried about that in the slightest! The bigger problem is making sure that your position as a stand-in won’t be figured out, don’t you think?!” Of course I want everybody to think that he loves little sisters but I couldn’t bring myself to say that out loud. “N-Now, we have to also take your lecture into consideration, so let’s think about what the girls could ask you.”

“Ahh, makes sense…..Really, this has turned into another bothersome situation, hasn’t it….”

Rather than bothersome, this is a big chance! I can totally use this a chance to be all flirty with Onii-chan!

“Still, it’s gotten pretty late already so let’s continue this discussion tomo—-”

“What are you saying, Onii-chan? We don’t have the time for that. You can never start too early with preparations so let’s conduct an operation meeting right now.”

As if I could go to sleep now! I have to make this the best culture festival ever for the both of us!

“W-Wait! Your culture festival is at the end of summer vacation, right?! We should still have plenty of time….”

“How naive, Onii-chan! It’s time for an all-nighter!”

“No no no! Calm down! I’m sure that you’re tired from all of this stress the past few days!”

It’s true that I am a bit tired but I completely recovered when he accepted my invitation for the culture festival!

“Alright, I will brew some coffee so please prepare everything.”

“Even if you say that….! Ah, wait!”

Ignoring Onii-chan’s voice, I went down the stairs with a fast pace. My body somehow feels hot but that’s probably because I am so happy right now. Leaving that thought behind, I hummed my self-created [Onii-chan Song] while I vowed to brew the best coffee there every was and will be.

Part 5:

Finally, my hellish summer vacation had ended. That being said, there were still a few things lingering in the back of my mind. Not school-related but the doujinshi competition and my entry for the light novel contest. However, the biggest problem right now was my lecture at Suzuka’s school. As her stand-in, I was more or less forced to give a speech at her school so there was no way that I wouldn’t be nervous about that. That being said, it was only going to be on a small scale. After having survived the signing session, something like this will surely be no problem at all—is what I thought until the day of the culture festival arrived.

“…..Eh? W-What is this?”

I couldn’t believe the scene that my eyes were showing me. The place where I was supposed to give my speech was at least two times bigger than my school’s gym hall. Additionally, it was still quite some time until it started but almost every seat was already occupied.

“No no no no, didn’t she say that the amount of people would be equivalent to a full classroom?”

“I’m sorry Onii-chan but a few days ago the circumstances changed a bit….”

While I was trembling of fear on stage, Suzuka apologized to me.

“At first, it was supposed to be only on a small scale but, uhm…..people found out that the famous author who would be coming is actually my big brother…..”

Apparently, they even tried to arrange a bigger hall but they couldn’t manage to do so in time.

“S-So your popularity managed to move almost the entire student body….?”

I shouldn’t have expected anything less from my sister. It makes sense because there is no way that so many people would come here just because I am a relatively popular author. Still….for it to end up like this is just….!

“Onii-chan, are you nervous? It’s going to be okay. As the student council president, I often talk in front of this many students, so this shouldn’t be any problem for you.”

“Our standards are clearly different though?!” Hearing these words from my superhuman-like little sister, I was about to cry.

Of course, it didn’t just end with that….

“S-So basically, this thing called otaku culture is something like a symbolic subculture. A subculture is, like I just mentioned——”

What you just heard was my own voice and you can probably imagine that it was shaking a tiny bit because I was nervous. Of course, I was currently giving a speech in front of the expectant eyes of countless Ojou-samas.

“I-In the middle of that are so-called light novels. They are novels who aim to entertain people in the same age-range as we are.”

The topic of my speech was of course [Light novels in the current otaku culture]. It might seem like a fairly easy topic to explain but we are talking about sheltered Ojou-samas here, so I had difficulties with explaining everything.

“One of the characteristics of the otaku culture are the characters, basically people in our stories, and I—no! We, as writers, are trying our best to make them seem as lively as possible—”

Although we wrote a perfect manuscript for my speech, my heart was beating like crazy. That was because this event suddenly became bigger than we had planned, and the sheer number of high-society students in here made my head spin. But, there was also something even more stressful than that!


As one could have guessed, I suffered under the constant displeased stare of my little sister who was sitting next to me.

Yes, even though this is supposed to be Towano Chikai’s lecture, Suzuka was on the same stage as me!

It seems like it was suddenly decided upon because we are siblings. Why?!

“Onii-chan, why are you spacing out like that. Please continue.”

“Eh? A-Ah, sorry! So, uhm, basically, we, as writers are giving it our best—-eh? How far did I read until now….?” Being warned by Suzuka’s quiet voice, I hurriedly turned over the page.

Hearing faint conversations in the audience, my face got hotter and hotter.

…Ah, damn! C-Can’t embarrass Suzuka here!

Having somehow managed to recover, I heard a faint “Please pull yourself together, Onii-chan” from Suzuka. After that, I managed to finish the speech without any problems.

“T-That will conclude my speech. Thank you for your attention.”

Finishing with these words, I received a round of applause from the audience.

…..Fu, finally over. Somehow, this felt less than a Towano Chikai lecture and more like a Nagami siblings one….but I’m glad that it’s done.

Letting out a big sigh, Suzuka voiced her gratitude with a “Thanks for your hard work.” However, she still wasn’t smiling.

…Yes, I know I know. The real deal starts now….

“Towano-sensei, thank you very much.” A student wearing glasses came up the stage and said that with a microphone close to her mouth.

It was a girl that was also working in the student council, named Hiiragi-san. She seemed to be responsible for the moderation of the lecture.

“Alright then, I would like to start the Q&A session. If you would like to ask any question towards Towano-sensei or President Nagami, please raise your hands—”

….There it is. My body twitched at the word Q&A. Yes, this is the main part. The part where I could just read off of the manuscript is over and from now on, I won’t know what questions will be asked. Especially, it front of so many people. Also—

“Hey, why do you also have to answer questions like me?”

“I don’t know. I assume that it’s because Towano Chikai is my big brother.”

So she also didn’t know about it until today. Well, looking at this situation, most of the people will probably only ask Suzuka questions.

“J-Just act like Towano Chikai would, namely that you love little sisters so much that you can’t cope with it….”

“Y-Yeah. Well, recently, I had some special training with that, so I’ll definitely be okay. Although I feel bad that you got pulled into this because of me.”

“N-No, I, uhm also get some perks if I get to be all lovey-dovey with you….”

“What do you mean by perks?”

“I-It’s nothing! R-Rather than that, I am okay, so please just focus on yourself.” For some reason, her cheeks were slightly flushed as she said that.

“—-Well then, would the people who have a question please raise their hands.”

In that moment, our moderator opened up the Q&A session. In that moment….



Simultaneously, almost every female student raised their hand, making me scream out in shock.

……So many people are putting up their—-wait, isn’t that everybody?! And everybody is looking so serious, as if they were competing with each other?!

“This is…..okay, we will start with you.”

However, our moderator Hiiragi-san was calmness personified. Looking over the hall, she pointed towards one girl and handed her the microphone.

“U-Uhm, I have a question for Towano-sensei.” The chosen girl stood up, looking quite nervous as she said that. “Towano-sensei, are you really Suzuka-sama’s big brother?”

“….Eh? A-Ah, yes. That is correct?” I answered, taken aback by that fairly normal question.

“T-Then, your novel is about a love story with a little sister….does that mean that you feel the same towards Suzuka-sama…?” But, this time it was a question that we had expected. Well, that question makes sense, I guess.

“U-Uhm….yes. O-Of course, it is not completely like in my novel but I do…..as a sister…..uhm…I do like her….?” Although we had practiced that answer, the content was still…..bad so I didn’t manage to get it out as smoothly as I had wished to.

…..By the way, Suzuka came up with about one hundred questions and answers and I had to learn them all by heart….

“B-But, don’t get any misunderstanding when I say like because—-” I thought of clearing that up so Suzuka won’t have to suffer from that but before I managed to continue…..


“E-Eh?! What?!” Hearing the whole hall scream in excitement, my body twitched.

“T-Then, when you come pick her up from here, is it because you love her?”

“Love her….it’s not like I can let her walk home alone so late and a big brother has to help his little sister.” Since that question wasn’t one that we had prepared for, I honestly answered what I thought. As I did….


Again?!— is what I wanted to scream out but I was interrupted by cries of joy from the students.

“Just what I would expect from Suzuka-sama’s big brother!” “President Nagami looks really happy!” “Suzuka-sama really is loved.” “Big brother is so cool….” “How nice….”

They were all saying these things with a fascinated expression.

No really, what is going on here….?

“H-Hey Suzuka….What happened with everyone…?”

While the whole hall was talking, I asked Suzuka in a small voice.

“W-Who knows? Maybe they got slightly influenced by this different atmosphere?”

For some reason, she turned away from me as she said that.

…..Somehow her face seemed to be really red and it looked like she was grinning…was that my imagination?

“Please calm down. Well then, for the next question—”

Once more, everyone raised their hands. Looking at that, it didn’t seem like [Slightly influenced]…..

“Yes. A question for Nagami-san.”

This time it seems like a girl older than Suzuka? Well, she looks like she’d be the same age as me or even older.

“What does Nagami-san feel about her big brother? Does she feel the same love as he does?”

…Again, why are you all talking about love so suddenly…. And how will Suzuka answer that? Well, she’ll probably manage to quickly answer that so that we can go to the next quest—–


…….Eh? W-What’s up with that response? That almost sounded like an affirmation?!

“Eh…that’s…uhm…” Suzuka looked troubled as she couldn’t get any complete sentence out.

In the next moment, the hall once more went wild.

“T-That Suzuka-sama is being bashful?! “Suzuka-sama is so cute!” “Ahh, how adorable….” “President Nagami….” “How nice…..”

Some things sounded really weird but….forget about that! At this rate, they’ll misunderstand. Should I help her out?

As I was about to speak up, Suzuka opened her mouth.

“I-I don’t feel that way….It’s just, I have to look after Onii-chan because that is my duty as his little sister…..”

Ohh, a well-thought of answer. Just what I would expect from Suzuka. I gave her a thumbs-up under the table so that no one could see.


For some reason though, Suzuka glared at me with tears in her eyes…..Why?

“Uhm….I have a question for Suzuka-sama’s big brother….”

The next girl that stood up looked a bit fickle.

“D-Does Big Brother-sama have a girlfriend that he is seeing right now…..”

After that question, the whole hall started getting noisy again.

“………” Even Suzuka’s body twitched in reaction.

Well, that question was to be expected. Even if they are all sheltered Ojou-sama’s, they are still girls so a question concerning love is nothing out of the ordinary.

“No, I don’t.” No other way to answer that. It’s the truth after all.

“I-Is that because you love Suzuka-sama so much?” We had also prepared for that question, so I had no problem answering that either.

“T-That’s not the case. Right now, my job as a light novel writer is very important and time consuming, so I don’t have the time to focus on other things like that. I wonder if I would even find someone.”

Yup….well-executed if I do say so myself. Originally, Suzuka wanted me add an “Because I have a little sister like her, I don’t need a lover” but that would be taking it a bit too far. It would definitely fit your character as Towano Chikai!— was her reasoning but I didn’t want to make her a victim in all of this, so I decided to change it up a bit.

“B-But, Big Brother-sama’s novel is a love story about a little sister, right? Keeping that in mind, I’m sure that it’s because you have these feelings towards Suzuka-sama that you won’t go out with another women…..”

“Eh? T-That’s….” I didn’t expect her to be so stubborn on that topic, and it was making me start to panic.

W-What should I do? I can’t really say anything against that but Suzuka would suffer if I were to be affirmative here.

As I was lost on what to answer…..

“It is merely a fictional story, so his feelings certainly aren’t as strong as the one of the fictional big brother. There is one thing I can say clearly though. Onii-chan loves little sisters so much that it’s clearly troubling him.”

In my stead, Suzuka said something tremendously bad.


In that moment, the hall got more noisy than it ever had before.

“Y-You! W-What are you saying….!” I asked Suzuka in a panic but she merely averted her eyes.

“I-I couldn’t help it, could I? Onii-chan was keeping quiet for too long….It’s not like I was trying to keep them off of you or anything?” She muttered something completely nonsensical as always.

No no no, what are you thinking Suzuka! With an answer like that, you’re basically approving of it! S-Saying that I like little sisters is one thing….but if everyone thought that I was a fiendish big brother that wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you, your position would….!

Trying to (somehow) fix the situation, I turned back towards the audience.

“I-I do like little sisters but I wouldn’t mind getting a girlfriend either!”

“Wha-?! O-Onii-chan, what are you….!”

Suzuka raised her voice in response, but if I phrase it like that, I’m sure that they will be satisfied for now!

Sure enough, as they heard my answer, they were all happily whispering to each other. Like this, they won’t think that I would lay a finger on Suzuka.

“U-Uhm, thank you very much for answering…..!” The girl that asked the question bowed once and handed back the microphone.

Uff, somehow I managed to get through that—is what I thought but….

“What kind of girl does Big Brother-sama like?” “I wonder if Towano-sensei would be fine with someone older than him?” “I wonder if she has to be like Suzuka-sama?” “Would it be fine if I were to talk to you when you come to pick up Suzuka-sama?” “…Can I call you Yuu-oniisama?”

All of a sudden, I was bombarded with questions. And all of them are about really weird things.

…..Well, it’s fine as long as Suzuka’s position doesn’t suffer.

The problem was—


F-For some reason, the person in question is glaring at me, looking super pissed off. Please put up with it, I couldn’t manage to come up with anything else….

“C-Calm down everyone. Only one question at the time—-”

Hearing the voice of our stressed-out moderator, I prayed that the time would go by faster so that I could be released from this hell.

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