Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 3 Prologue

Editor: Daxar


“S-Sorry for intruding….”

Slowly opening the door, I nervously checked inside the room. I am well aware that Onii-chan should be out right now but, for the one in a million chance that it will be exposed that I entered his room without permission, I can’t let my guard down. Having closed the door behind me, I looked at the currently empty bed with flushed cheeks. Although I was fighting my desire to just roll around in it forever, holding back for too long proved impossible and I collapsed onto the bed. Right after that, I took Onii-chan’s pillow and hugged it with my whole body.

Hauuu…..it smells just like Onii-chan, making my head spin of pleasure……

What I am currently doing belongs to my daily routine only when Onii-chan is out. Because I felt so hot doing it though, I couldn’t stop myself from rolling around while hugging the pillow.


I-I’m well aware that I shouldn’t be doing this right now but it definitely isn’t my fault!

….That is because even though I thought that the both of us would finally be getting closer since I made him my stand-in, it just won’t work out it seems.

It’s finally our summer vacation, so why isn’t anything happening! Of course, we did go on a date and a trip to the sea! But that was merely for our operation….

“S-Still, Onii-chan said that he likes my novel, so shouldn’t he have realized my feelings by now….?”

I tried to comfort myself with these words but that anxious feeling would not disappear. In that moment, my sight wandered towards the bookshelf in his room, specifically towards his light novel collection.

“D-Don’t tell me….by saying to me that he likes my novel, he merely meant to say that he likes light novels in general…..?”

Realizing the words I just spoke out, my whole body twitched because of the shock.

…..No no. No no no no….That shouldn’t be possible!

Feeling that my anxiousness only grew, I tightened my grip on his pillow…..but once that thought entered my mind, it wouldn’t go away that easily.

“T-That’s not the case, right? My novel is special after all….? Onii-chan…..”

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