Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 2 Afterword


Thank you so much for buying this novel. My name is Ebisu Seiji. For the people that jumped into this second novel, the people that read the first novel as well, the people that bought the first and second volume at the same time to read them both, I didn’t really know how to give my greetings this time but I still wanted to thank everyone that took this book in his/her hands.

Now then, I am really glad that we safely managed to release the second volume of [Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai]. What did you think this time? I would be really happy if you enjoyed it.

As always, the little sister loves her big brother so much that she’s troubled by it but she can’t be honest with her feelings and the big brother that really treasures his little sister but doesn’t realize that. The end of their story is but long from over so I hope you forgive me on that if it might get a bit frustrating.

Talking about the title, it took me until the very end to decide upon it. After a long chain of coming up with one but still being turned down by the editor, we finally ended up with this one. How about we summarize it in one sentence—is something we thought in the end but will this turn out to be a success I wonder….Yes, let’s just assume that it does. (Change of thought it is.)

Leaving that for now, in this novel, my illustrator Gintarou-san produced some wonderful drawings this time around as well. As always, they were cute, beaming with life and often very erotic (that’s very important). Seeing these drawings for the first time is but only one of those moments where I think that I’m glad being a light novel writer.

Other than him, there are of course countless people that helped with this novel as well. Of course, to all the people that went so far as to even read the afterword like this, I thank you very much for your support.

That being said, I thank everyone else that helped me in releasing this novel and I hope that there will be an opportunity where we will be able to meet again.

4th of November, 2016, Ebisu Seiji.

8 thoughts on “Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 2 Afterword

  1. Thanks for completing volume 2 this novel!,

    how come i didn’t know that this novel was translated already. Thanks for Translating this novel.


    1. You’re welcome. I hope you like it so far! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, i like it, i was looking forward to this anime, but because of bad animation i put on hold watching this series while waiting the BD version.


      2. Yes, IT Hurts to see that the Anime suffered so much from the Quality even though the source Material is quite good


  2. Thanks for translating volume 2 at quite the fast pace (~1 month). The translations are also high quality with few typos / errors.
    Are you going to continue and translate volume 3+?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! If you see any typos / Errors please feel free to Tell me in the comments, I’ll correct them.
      Yes, I was planning to do continue, I really enjoy this series. I will have some exams coming soon, so I’m Not Sure If I can keep the 1 chapter per Week Quota but I’ll try my best


  3. Wow, I didn’t know somebody finally picked up this novel. The anime was really funny, bad to my eyes, but lots of fun.
    Thanks for picking up this.
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    Are you guys opened to other LN suggestions?


    1. Thank you! Well, suggestions never hurt (As long as it’s not licensed or nobody has picked it up yet of course) so we’ll at least consider it. However, since I’m the only one translating at the moment (others got RL stuff), I can’t promise anything.


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