Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 2 Prologue


“Haaaa…. why isn’t my relationship with Onii-chan not progressing…?

While rolling around in my bed, I tightly hugged my pillow. Three months had already passed since Onii-chan became my stand-in. I expected our relationship to drastically change, something similar to newlyweds perhaps, with lots of lovey-dovey flirty moments.

“Ugh….reality can be so strict sometimes.“

Truth be told, our chances to start talking to each other started to rise after I began to ask him for advice, right? Besides that though, our relationship from before didn’t change at all.

“I do understand that my ineptitude to become honest with myself is at fault here….“

But, Onii-chan said that the heroine in my novel was cute. Since that heroine is build upon my own character (when I’m honest that is), he should be able to fall in love with—-no, rather than that, he should just fall in love with me now! It would be totally OK if he would just k-k-k-k-k-kiss me out of the blue! Actually, I’d really welcome that! If he would just do that, I’d become the happiest person on the planet.

“Ehe, ehehehehe, ha?!

C-Calm down. Reality isn’t like that.

“Don’t tell me….does Onii-chan have someone he is already in love with….?“

Ha?! My heart almost stopped because of my thoughts. I should not think about these unhealthy thoughts right now! However, no matter how much I try to throw that thought out, it always comes flying to the back of my mind. Onii-chan has Himuro-san and Double-Peace around him, both of them have a strong charm. There’s also the possibility that he is attracted to them.

“And also, Onii-chan said there is no way he would like little sisters….

M-Maybe…is being his little sister a no-go? T-That can’t be right?!

“I-I can’t waver here! I have to act here or else—“

Jumping up from my bed, I dashed out of my room. I am the one that loves Onii-chan the most in the world!

“If only there was a chance to get even closer to Onii-chan….“

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