Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 1 Epilogue


Part 1:

「Well, it really is a good feeling. Sensei should really try it out as well.」

“Shinozaki-san…..All the calls before have been about trivial things but calling when you’re drinking alcohol takes it a bit too far, don’t you think?!“

It was a certain evening at the end of June. I was, of course, on a phone call with Shinozaki-san.

「Rewriting the manuscript also ended, so the second volume is ready to go. The quality was magnificent as always and the sales will probably be through the roof again. It is a bit of a shame that there is no new heroine but there is no real need for one though since the little sister is even cuter than before. Just what I would expect.」

“Thanks for that, I guess….“

「I also wanted to call because of some interesting news but since I also wrote that in my email, you should know about that already. Rather than that, it’s party time. I’m sorry that we have to do that via phone call but cheers!」

“No, uhm, I have somewhere I got to go, so would it be alright if I would excuse myself for now…?“

「Hm? Ah, sorry about that. Did I interrupt you or something? That was rude from me. As an apology, I’ll teach you some other things the next time we meet.」

“How about you go learn something about common sense?!“

Voicing my frustration, I cut the phone call. However, my phone started to vibrate again shortly after.

“Again?! No.. this time it’s Mai….Yes, hello?“

「You! Just how long were you in that phone call?! How many times do you think have I called you now—-」


“Haaa….You’re just gonna call again like nothing happened?! Hello…..“

「H-Hey! Why did you suddenly hang up?! I wanted to congratulate you since I heard that you finished the manuscript for the second volume!」

“I-Is that so….Thanks for that then—-Wait?! How do you know about that?“

「If you’re in the same class as me, you’ll receive a lot of information! I will pre-order a hundred copies and you will sign them all!」

“As if anyone had the time to do that, you maniac?!“

Cutting that phone call too, I was about to put the phone away.

“It’s vibrating again…..This time it’s….Double Peace-sensei.“

Seeing the name, I decided to pick up for now.

「Good evening, Sensei! The release of your second volume was as magnificent as I thought it would be ! That makes your number one partner very happy, desu! 」

“Thank you very much….“

「I’m glad that it wasn’t missing the erotica this time too! You really have a talent for that, desu! Would you become a story-writer at our company?! Let’s create an eroge together, desu!」

“I wholeheartedly decline to write such brutal scenarios!“

「You won’t, it would be a pure love, desu! The love story would be about a girl that has to pay up her loans and becomes a maid for the protagonist, however as it turns out, the girl is actually the little sister of the protagonist. While being conflicted, the protagonist slowly succumbs and exploits the little sister.」

“I think that Double Peace-sensei should first and foremost look up the team pure love in a dictionary!!!“

Cutting another call, I threw the phone on my bed.

“…Shit, I don’t have the time for all of this….“

While tears were on the verge of coming out, I sat down in front of my notebook PC. Opening a new browser page, I searched for the results of the contest’s preliminaries. After that incident with Suzuka, I hurried to finish my own manuscript. Just like Suzuka, I managed to write it smoothly. I didn’t finish it in one evening like she did but I barely got it finished in time for the deadline.

“And, Onii-chan? Did you pass the preliminaries?“


Suddenly hearing a voice behind my back, I frantically turned around to see Suzuka standing there.

“Again, why are you always sneaking around like that?!“

“I knocked like always. And? On that page, the results are listed for the contest that you send your novel to, right?“

“….I was about to…“

Checking the results with Suzuka was a bit awkward but I still checked for my name nonetheless. On the page where the names of the people that passed were posted….my name was……there.

“….It’s there? M-My name is….there? Can you see it as well?“

“Yes, it certainly is. Without fault, it is th—-“

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! I did it!!! Finally, I did it!!!!“

Jumping up from my chair, I did a victory pose.

“….I understand that you are happy….but please calm yourself down for now, please.“

“As if I could calm down now?! This is the first time that I passed the preliminaries, you know?! After three years, my hardships are finally paying off!“

“Yes..but, there are still the second and third round you have to think about……“

Maybe because I was so excited, I didn’t hear anything that Suzuka said and continued to jump around in my room, screaming “I did it, I did it!“

Part 2:

A few minutes after that, I finally calmed myself down and realized that Suzuka was looking at me.

“And…..what did you come here for?“

“Haaa. I came to tell you something. There will be a signing session, so I’ll ask you again to help me there. Also, Shinozaki-san send me an email, telling me that an anime has been green-lit.“

“A signing session huh….well it makes sense since you’re so popular…and….eh? A-Anime?!“

“Why are you so shocked about that?“

“W-Well, I thought I had finally caught up to you a little bit after passing the first round of preliminaries….but you made the hurdle even higher now.“

“What are you saying? I told you countless time that you and me are one light novel writer. M-My novel is also Onii-chan’s novel.“

Still, I really want to debut with my own novel, you know?…..

“And Suzuka? What’s in that plastic bag you’re holding behind you?“

“Ahh, these are western-style clothes. I bought them for Onii-chan.“

“Eh? For me…?“

“When we went out together, our clothes didn’t match at all.“

“You really look at the weirdest things…..Still, just because of that?“

“It’s very important. I mean, the times when Onii-chan and I go out together will start to rise up now….“, Suzuka said while averting her eyes.

Was it just my imagination or did her face get a little bit red?

“I can’t help it, can I? As your little sister, I have to look after you. That is the logical thing to do.“

“Eh? W-Wait a second? What do you mean by our times when we go out will rise and that you have to look after me?“

“B-But Onii-chan, you love the little sister heroine that I wrote, correct?“

Ugh, saying it like this makes me remember it even more…

“That being said, you will write even more little sister events and such in your light novels, right? Like that, our chances with collecting data will also rise. Me too, uhm….I have to work with you since I am the target of your research….No, it really is a bother, you know….? But but…..“

“Target of your research….? And that little sister stuff….?“

…..Isn’t Suzuka making a big misunderstanding here…?

“You…, you’re not thinking of anything weird, are you?! It’s true that I like the little sister character in your novel but don’t just assume that I love the little sister attribute in general, okay?!“

“Eh? B-But, the novel that you passed with was a work about a little sister as well, right? You even said that you’d take references from my novel…“

“The only thing I took references from was the cuteness of the heroine Yuuka, not the little sister part! I even made the heroine a childhood friend instead of a little sister!“

And the background isn’t our modern day but a fantasy!


Judging from her reaction, she must’ve had another misunderstanding. It seems like I have to make that clear on my end for her to finally understand.

“Of course?! It’s not like I love the character because of her cuteness! Not because she is a little sister! Don’t just lump that in together!“

After all, I have a real little sister with Suzuka. To think that I would still adore the little sister attribute..that can’t happen…that isn’t allowed to happen!

“That’s why, there’s no need for you to look after me with weird ideas, okay? I don’t feel anything towards the little sister part in your novel, alright?“

Towards my explanation, Suzuka’s body just started shaking slowly.

“Fu, fufu, that’s right. Onii-chan is that kind of person after all. Always kind…and always upsetting.“

“U-Uhm, Suzuka-san?“



Surprised by her sudden outbreak, I shrieked back.

“Onii-chan, you have to pull yourself together a little bit more! If you keep up that stubbornness of yours, you’ll never take the first place in the contest!“

“Eh?! What do you mean!“

“Ahhh forget it, I feel like an idiot….“

Like that, Suzuka made her way out of my room. W-What? Did I say something that would upset her?


“Wah?! You still have something?!“

Just when I thought that she left the room, she came back immediately, which really surprised me.

“There is something that I forgot to tell you.“

“Something you forgot to tell me?“

“Yes, Congratulations on getting past the first preliminaries, Onii-chan.“


“There are a lot of other things I want to talk about…but I still am happy that you have gotten one step closer to your dream. Please do your best from now on as well. I will cheer for you.“, she said while looking at me with serious eyes.

Having no one ever tell me that they would cheer me on for my dream….I was….

“T-Thank you…“

I was really touched. Because of the fact that Suzuka was cheering me on, I felt incredibly happy.

“…Onii-chan…why are you crying?“

“Wha-?! I-I’m not crying!! Some dust just fell into my eye….“

“You really are easy to understand…Now go and win the grand-prize.“

…..She really had no restraint sometimes!

“Shit….you don’t have to tell me that! Is it fine though to cheer me up? I told you that I would stop being your stand-in if I won the first place, you know?“

“Of course I wish that you would always stay my stand-in, Onii-chan….“

But—-she continued.

“But, I wish for you to fulfill your dream even more than that.“

Grasping her hands in front of her chest, she seemed like she was praying. Like that, she made herself on the way out of my room with a “That was all.“ and I barely managed to ask one thing as she was about to disappear.

“Why…are you thinking that way…?“

Asking that, Suzuka looked at me with the kindest smile I had ever seen and said:

“That is obvious since I am Onii-chan’s little sister after all.“

Saying that, she quietly closed the door. While I was still shocked, the crazy beating of my heart filled the silence in my room.

……So Suzuka has such a cute smile….

“Eh….what am I thinking about?! Suzuka is my little sister, right?! Why is my heart beating so fast in regards to my little sister?!“

While still screaming “Ahhhhhhhhh?!“, I fell onto the floor. My smartphone was still vibrating on top of my bed but I didn’t realize that at all. I kept on rolling around in the middle of my room.

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