Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 1 Chapter 4

No matter what happens, I am your big brother!

Part 1:

“Morning already, huh?“

Looking at the sky changing it’s colors outside my window, I muttered these words in a dark tone. It was a certain morning on a school-free day and I was falling into a feeling of despair after having pulled several all-nighters. The reason for that was obviously the blank white document on the notebook screen in front of me.

“The deadline for the next Ryuusei novel contest is in another 4 days huh….“

..Even so, my progress is almost zero percent as one can clearly see…..No, I get it. If I don’t write anything, I could already give up now, that’s plain as day. No matter what happened, I always managed to finish something for the deadline. This time didn’t work out that easily though. Everything I started to write on, after a short while Suzuka’s novel came flying into my head. Always when I decided to keep on writing, before I realized it, the work already went into the [Rejected] folder. In the end, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it’d be impossible to catch up with Suzuka’s novel but it still put me in a difficult situation.

“Really….what exactly is the secret to the fun of her novel….“

I don’t even remember how often I muttered these words. Still, I knew better than anyone that I wouldn’t get an answer for my quest-

“What secret are you talking about?“


After hearing a sudden voice from behind me, I almost fell of my chair while turning around frantically.

“S-S-S-Suzuka?! You….why!“

Barely holding onto the chair, I saw Suzuka staring at me.

“I came to wake you up because breakfast is ready. What’s up with this over-the-top reaction?“

“N-No! It’s nothing! And don’t just enter my room without knocking first!“

“I did. And I called you countless times as well. I had no other choice since you didn’t answer me.“

I-Is that so? I didn’t catch that at all.

“Well, it’s great that you’re awake and all but what are you doing this early on a school-free day? And what exactly did you mean with that secret thing-“

“Now that you say it! I was speculating about the reasons why the things called beautiful girls go mad at boys all of a sudden and the principle of that world or something like that!“

“Why do you have to think about these perverted things, even in the morning.“, she said while her gaze changing into one that you’d use to look at filth but I didn’t have the time to let it get to me.

That’s because I can’t exactly tell her the truth about me wanting to find out why her light novel is so interesting.

“D-Don’t bother thinking about it. Rather than that, you said that breakfast was ready, right?!“


Deciding that I needed to calm down first and foremost, I accepted the facial expression that was directed towards me. Still, after letting out such a halfhearted reply, she didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving the room.

“Uhmmm, Suzuka-san? Is there anything else…?“

“No….Since Onii-chan is already awake, I thought I might as well ask him for advice.“

Unusually, Suzuka’s appearance somehow looked down, or even depressed. And her expression didn’t really emit a lot of happiness. Still, when she said advice, it must be about light novels….but what else might she need an advice on?

“Your deadline is getting pretty close, remember? And you still need my advice on something?“

“Yes. I know that I don’t have a lot of time left until the deadline but there still is something I feel unsatisfied about.“

So you’re trying to hold out until the final day? Really, just how much ambition do you have….? I don’t even have any progress I could boast about….

“And, I went to ask Shinozaki-san for advice again, When I did that….“

“When you did that…?“

For some reason, she stopped her words there. Her whole actions seem weird, really. I couldn’t feel her [I’ll do it] attitude at all today. On the contrary, she really projects a feeling of not wanting to do something.

“What is it? Ah, did she say something weird agai-“

“No, that’s not it. She gave me an advice like this….How about making a new heroine appear…she said.“

“A new heroine…?“

I couldn’t keep myself from repeating her words after hearing this outrageous advice.

“….Yes. Apparently, to make a lot of people interested, I would be better off adding a few original girls. Like that, she advised me to add another heroine besides the little sister.“

Truth be told, that really was a good idea since this is light novel were talking about. Especially in light novels, having multiple heroines is almost a must-have.

“Well…. I feel like this is the first advice that might be really useful.“

While I was contemplating, Suzuka seemed like her mood had gotten even worse for some reason.

“Does Onii-chan also think that a new heroine is necessary?“

“Hm? Yeah, I guess so, since we’re talking about light novels, it really might be a good idea to add some variety.“, I answered, having a decent knowledge of light novels.

However, in that moment I got an uncomfortable feeling in my chest. Since my brain cells were still half-asleep I couldn’t make out the reason for that.

“….I see…“

Barely squeezing out her words, Suzuka lowered her eyebrows. For some reason, her face looks really scared though?! Why does it feel like I stepped on a land mine just now?!

“Onii-chan…you idiot. But I still want to get praised by Onii-chan….“

“U-Uhm, Suzuka-san?“

Suzuka seemed to be muttering something but I couldn’t quite catch it because of her small voice. The only thing that clearly connected to my ears was the word idiot. Maybe because I hear that word on a daily-basis. While glaring at me, Suzuka sighed and continued.

“Still, this is a problem. Even if you say that, I have no idea on how to go about adding a new heroine. What character I should write and the such.“

“I-Is that so? I got it, if it’s something like that, I’ll do my best to help you out. I’ve read more than a dozen light novels until now. I have confidence in character knowledge.“, I said, doing my best to cheer up Suzuka.

I wanted got some favor points after all this stuff that happened recently. So, the most important thing about heroines is the balance, right? So, I only have to think about moe stuff that’s cool lately and the answer will come natur—“



Thinking about it for a second, literally nothing came flying into my head.

“Don’t tell me you can’t think of anything?“

She seemed to be saying “After saying all these ridiculous words?“ and I couldn’t help but start sweating, being faced with such criticism.

I couldn’t possibly go “Ahhh, I can’t really think of anything~ Ahahah!“ without risking my breakfast going to ruin because of her bad mood.

Wondering if I couldn’t come up with anything in the spurt of the moment, I forced my still lacking brain cells to work their hardest. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal at all….but I couldn’t just turn down my little sister while she was clearly suffering like that.

“Ah! T-That’s right!“

At that moment, I finally thought of an idea. If I can’t think of anything, then we just have to create something! Confidently, I turned around to face Suzuka.

“In times like these, you should just ask for someone’s opinion!“

Truth be told, this really isn’t such a great advice…but it’s the best plan I could come up after forcing my brain to work.

Part 2:

“You called me to ask for advice regarding your second volume, you say? What’s up with that?! I’m not happy at all about that! How can you say that after brutally smashing my pride to pieces?!“

“Sensei’s ambitious nature really surprises me, desu! Still, to think that I would be useful for Sensei’s work, I’m really happy, desu!“

“Onii-chan….. what is this all about?“

While sitting on my bed, Suzuka shoots cold gazes at me. At the moment, I had Mai and Double Peace-sensei in my room as well because I called them a few minutes prior. Since the both of us couldn’t come up with something, we asked a third party for advice. Thinking that calling them would be a good idea, I immediately executed my plan but—

“Let’s see….Nagami Yuu is a super sadist…..that looks down on other people just like a demon….yup“, said Mai while taking notes in her stalker-book.

“What should I do, desu? Should I just draw an ero-picture in your wall, desu?“, said Double Peace-sensei with a beaming smile.

“Maybe I invited the wrong people…“

“You might be right. Both of them have their own delusions on the advice you originally asked them for.“, said Suzuka to me with a small voice, making me remember just what exactly happened with them.

N-No, no, I retract my statement! We didn’t make the wrong choice…! I mean, Mai is the super professional light novel writer Enryuu Homura after all and Double Peace-sensei is a pro too……in making eroge…but still! They are experts in their own class. They are bound to give us some good advice, I’m sure of it! My decision is correct!

While I was about to deliver my train of thought to Suzuka, I noticed her cold gaze. I have to make this a success or her mood will never improve it seems.

“Uhm, like I told you before, I thought of having a new heroine enter the stage in my second volume but it just won’t click in me on what heroine to construct., you see. That’s why I thought that hearing a lot of different opinions would be useful.“

“Yuu, you… Thinking about stuff like that is what makes you a pro. And why ask me of all people in the first place? Asking your rival for help, do you have no pride at all?“

“Ehm, are we rivals?“

“Ugh…! Was I the only one that thought of us as rivals?! That sort of attitude really pisses me off….! B-But, isn’t it kind of cool…?“, said Mai with her face getting gradually redder while taking notes.

I feel like I already know exactly what she’s writing without taking a look.

“I see, it’s about a new heroine, desu. I look forward to that! If it’s Sensei we’re talking about, I’m sure that the new character will be pretty erotic as well! It will surely advance my imagination!“

“I’ll say this just in case but I’m not about to create a heroine for an eroge, okay?!“

“You’re really naive, Sensei! Light novel heroines and eroge heroines have no differences, desu! They are equally the playthings of the boys of this world, desu!“

“That statement has way too many problems!! Apologize to all the people that generally like these characters!!!“

Ugh….she’s supposed to be a pro….supposed to be….

“Well,I got the gist of it. Still, Yuu, you only called me because of that? I’ll say it upfront but I got my own deadline as well and I’m cutting it pretty close, you see? I have to review the manuscript for the 4th volume of Sukamaga after all.“

“W-Well, I feel sorry about that…. I’ll make up for it…but wait…huh? You came rushing the instant I contacted you, right?“

“T-That’s obvious, isn’t it? Did you think that I would decline an invitation from Yuu or something?! Researching you has a higher priority after all, so I can’t help it!“, she said, her cheeks getting flushed.

Really….if only she wasn’t a stalker……

“I also had some work to do regarding eroge but I abandoned that, desu! Helping my savior, Sensei, is more important after all!“

“Abandoned….is that really alright?“

“It’s totally fine, desu! Postponing the release date of an eroge is something that happens a lot after all!“, she said with a relaxed attitude.

Is that really fine….It’s probably not fine at all, right?!

“And Yuu, I’ve been wondering for a while now but who the hell is this blonde beauty here?“

“Ah, that’s right. This is the person that draws the illustration for my novel, Double Peace-sensei. And, Sensei, this is my classmate and professional light novel writer Himuro Mai.“

Completly forgetting to introduce them to each other, I quickly finished the introductions.

“Nice to meet you, desu! And Sensei! My pen name is Ahegao Double Peace-sensei, okay? The ahegao part is really important after all, so don’t just forget that.“

“No that’s pretty much impossible so I wish you’d go easy on me there….“

“Ohh, so you’re that famous illustrator…My pen name is Enryuu Homura but you can call me Mai if you prefer. You, too, have it heard huh..being called here so suddenly.“

“No, no, it’s totally alright, since I’m the number one partner of Sensei after all. No matter where I am, I’ll come flying here in an instant, desu!“

“Number one partner…you say?“

Somehow I felt like a vain popped in Mai’s head.

“Yes! Since I’m his illustrator, we’re basically creating the novel together and just a short while ago, he even asked me for advice, desu!“

“W-What does she mean by that, Yuu?! What’s this advice about?! Why didn’t you tell me about that?!“

“Well, that was a coincidence when we went to Akiba a while ago….“

I wonder if you can even call that “asking for advice“….

“You mean when you suddenly cut my phone call right?! Immediately after that, I made my way to Akiba and searched for you for ages!“

“Eh….? Searching…..without a real aim?“

“Of course not!!! Naturally, I marked down every shop you went too, including the light novel and game shops, the maid cafe and so on…“

Wait. Why do you mark down something like that?! I don’t remember ever telling you that?! Is it only me or did she get better at stalking me?!

“And I thought you suddenly disappeared! Why did you suddenly leave me behind?!“

If she says it like that with tears in her eyes, she really pushes me against a wall here.

“How would I know of that?! I can’t help it, can I! And I already apologized for the thing with the phone call! Why are you getting mad like that!“

“I’m still your number one fan, aren’t it?! It should be only natural for you to ask me first if you need help!“

“I don’t understand that all! And that number one fan thing is only self-proclaimed right?!“

“Ohh, so Mai is also a real-life tsundere, desu? Around Sensei are a lot of tsunderes I see!“

“I am not such a tsundere, though.“

After I was declaring my statement to Mai, Double Peace-sensei and Suzuka had a weird conversation.

“Hey, I’ll just say this bluntly but besides me, there’s nobody else in this world that really likes his novel! That’s why don’t call yourself his number one partner!“

“That’s pretty confident, desu! Still, I also really like this novel, so I won’t just give up the seat of this number one fan, desu!“

“Well said…Then, the one who’ll clear up Yuu’s worries will be the true number one!“

“A competition it is, desu! I like it! I’m getting excited, desu!“

In that instant, I felt sparks flying between the two, Mai with a serious face and Double Peace-sensei with her radiant smiling face. How did it come to this?

“Ugh….That huuuuuuuuuuuuuurts! Suzuka?!“

All of a sudden, Suzuka pinched my back, forcing me to turn around.

“…..I’m sure Onii-chan feels really happy, having such zealous fans like these.“

“Actually, they are your fans, aren’t they?!“

Whose fault do you think this is?! Damn….this isn’t a flow where we’d get a good advice out of it.

“And, what was it? A new heroine? Before starting, what kind of role should this new girl have?“


As I turned around, trying to ask for help, Suzuka just looked at me with a face that said “Please don’t look over here.“

“She doesn’t necessarily have something like a role. I have decided on the story outline after all….is what you told me, right? Onii-chan?“

“What’s that supposed to mean? So basically, she’s just a heroine in name but has no clear and important role. Is that it?“

“What do you mean by important role?“

“I’m done with this really, you don’t even know that, nevertheless trying to be a professional light novel author….Now listen, heroines only have meaning correlated to the protagonist, right? They are characters that have the potential to fall in love with the protagonist but always hide it. Of course, the readers always expect that, so the writer has to always keep that in mind or it’s no good.“

“Ah, I see.“

“Sometimes the ones treated as sub-heroines go and win against the main-heroines, or the ones that keep on clinging unto the protagonist until the very end, right? Since they had a possibility from the very start, they are popular with the readers.“

I only muttered “I-I see.“ as a comment to Mai’s explanation. I always had some sort of image before but being told in clear words like this really made something click inside my head. You might say what you want, she still is a pro after all. Mai also seemed to have understood that.

“Hehe, seems like you understand it quite well. Keeping these words in your head, creating a new heroine shouldn’t pose that much of a problem anymore.“, she said, seeming quite proud of herself.

“Well, I get the gist of it but I still don’t quite understand the crucial parts to making the character.“

“That doesn’t matter in the slightest. Besides the fact that you shouldn’t just make a character annoying, anything goes really. You can create a tsundere, a kuudere, an Ojou-sama, an older girl, a loli, literally anything goes.“

“Well, even if you say anything goes…. I still feel a bit lost.“

“That’s your job as a writer, right? Still, there are some methods to not make any grave mistakes….And? Want me to tell you? You, the super popular author Towano Chikai, will beg me? Hehehe“

Somehow it feels like Mai just got off really hard on that one.

“Ahhh I can’t help it then! Since I’m your number one biggest fan, I will do you the favor! Listen, that method is actually that y–“

“Ah, I understand, desu! You just have to write a character that you think is cute, Sensei!“

“H-Hey?! I was about to say that though?!“, said Mai after being cut by Double Peace-sensei with slightly watery eyes.

She really hates losing huh.

Cough W-Well that’s basically it. You just have to create a character that you’d personally think [Wow she’s cute].“

“Is it really something basic like that?“

“It’s not that simple, I’ll let you know. You never know what the readers are looking for after all. Well, researching the popular heroines at the moment might be an option but I think it’s also important to transfer your feelings of a character as a writer over to your readers for them to come to like the heroine for example.“

I-I see. I remember reading novels where I felt that [Heat] as you might call it.

“Because of that, I will have you tell me all about the heroines you liked so far!“

“So it was all just for your research?!“, I retorted as Mai opened her notebook.

“N-No, you’re wrong! This isn’t because I thought that this might be a good idea to track down the types of girls that you like or anything?!“

“You’re really easy to read, you know?!“

“I came here to give you advice, so of course I’d answer that!“

Ugh… she’s kind of right about that….

“Sensei’s fetishes?! That’s very interesting, desu!“, said Double Peace-sensei, jumping onto the conversation.

Still, to change [favorite type of girls] to [fetishes] is a bit questionable if you ask me?! Wait, this isn’t even the time to think about that. I have to fix the flow of this conversation! I’m the stand-in after all, so asking me for my tastes is not important right now and—

“Yes, you’re right. I am also quite interested.“

“You too, Suzuka?!“

Like I asked before, how in the hell does this help your research?!

“Well theeeen, since this is a good opportunity, let’s give our best to find out the tastes of Sensei, desu!“, Double Peace-sensei said while tightly forming a fist.

Shortly after that Mai and Suzuka joined in with an „Yeah!“

Of course, I tried my best to reject their plans but nobody felt the urge to listen to me…..Hey, hey, this is still my room you know….

“And, what now? What type of girl do you like, Yuu? I-Is it girls that are the same age and same class after all like I think they are?“

“W-Well, even if you ask me that so suddenly….“

…….Truth be told, I am a resident of the otaku world. I’ve read a lot of light novels and encountered countless beauty characters so of course I have my likes and dislikes. Being asked so straightforward still puts me in an uncomfortable spot though. After all—

“………“ “……… stare“ “…… excited

Being stared at from three different girls doesn’t make it easier to speak at all. I can feel a completely different pressure from when you’d talk with other boys about that topic.

“Now, now, Yuu, if you only keep quiet then I can’t collect any data on that.“

“So you really don’t have any intention to hide it after all!“, I raised my voice but I got interrupted when I wanted to continue.

“Can’t help it I guess, desu. He might be trying to deceive us after all.“

“Since this is Onii-chan, even if he’d try to do it, we would be able to see that instantly.“

The other two quickly commented with an “That’s true yeah.“

How is this becoming a common understanding so quickly, I wonder?

“Then what should we do? Should we search through his room for clues?“

“Your way of thinking really is turning into that of a stalker lately!“

“D-Don’t say stalker! I respect your privacy, you know? You won’t even realize when I’m following you and such!“

“Why don’t you just stop it all together then?!“

“Now, now, you too, please calm yourselves down, desu. I too would like to see the porn magazines of Sensei but I have a better idea at the moment, desu.“, she said as she tapped on a bag in her hand.

“Using this, finding out this fetishes won’t pose any problems at all, desu!“

“Now that you say it, I was wondering before but what exactly is in that bag?“

Looking at it, the content seemed fairly big. The bag seemed to be fit for long-distance trips.

“Fufufufu, I thought that something like this might happen, so I brought it with me, desu! It seems my precognition was spot on. Well then, little sister, might I use your bathroom for a short while?“

“Eh? Ah, yes. Just go down the stairs and you’ll find it on the right side….“, Suzuka answered with a perplexed face.

Going “I’ll excuse myself then.“, Double Peace-sensei left the room, carrying the aforementioned bag.

“What’s this about, I wonder?“, I wondered and it seemed like Mai and Suzuka thought the same thing.

Part 3:

After a short while, Double Peace-sensei returned. But, in that moment, we were all at a loss for words.

“How is it, desu? Does Sensei like cosplay like this, desu?“, she said with a smile, wearing a bunny girl outfit.

The bunny suit elegantly followed her body outline, her well-proportioned legs were wrapped in black webbed tights and from her golden-colored hair rose the most important items of a bunny girl suit, the rabbit ears.


While I was admiring the sight in front of me, Double Peace-sensei started posing while asking “Like this, desu?“

Because she was often leaning forwards doing her poses, the valley of her chests was clearly visible to me from time to time, attacking me with a fiendish appeal and I was—

“What exactly are you so fascinated by, Onii-chan….?“

All of a sudden I was called back to reality by Suzuka’s words and glare. Hearing her cold words, I felt a shiver down my spine.

“N-No, I wasn’t really….!“

“Ohoho, so Sensei was captivated by me, desu? Please, look even more, desu!“

As Double Peace-sensei said that without reading the atmosphere like always, Suzuka’s stare only intensified.

“W-Wait a second there! What clothes are you wearing?!“, said Mai while glaring at Double Peace-sensei with flushed cheeks.

“Eh? It’s a bunny girl suit though?“

“I can see that! I’m asking why you wear them!“

“To research the fetishes of Sensei of course, desu! By wearing them, we can find out his likes and dislikes judging his reaction, desu!“

“Still, just because of that….“

“Of course I’m embarrassed myself but bunny girl suits are pretty much a standard affair in eroge. And I thought that Sensei might enjoy something like this!“

“Wha-?! F-Fair enough, it’s very apparent that Yuu likes bunny girl suits but….“

“Wait! Don’t just assume all my tastes like that!“

Well….it’s not like I dislike bunny girls though….

“Right, desu? I saw Sensei’s natural reactions at the interview as well, it was very clear that you did your best! Well then, I think it’s decided that the next heroine will be a bunny girl, desu!“

“Don’t say any unnecessary things! How would I even introduce a bunny girl as a heroine?!“

“That’s not a problem, desu! Just make her enter the classroom as a transfer student wearing a bunny girl suit!“

“Not a problem, huh?!“

“Certainly, that might be a possibility.“

“Mai?! Why are you of all people agreeing?!“

“That sort of development isn’t that rare in light novels, you know? How about you make the protagonist see illusions or something like that?“

“Making the protagonist see the transfer student with a bunny girl suit is a bit over the top though?!“

“Ohh, so Mai understands it.“

“I am a professional light novel writer after all. You’re not bad yourself, though it’s kind of frustrating.

All of a sudden these two were on the same wavelength and I didn’t get a single thing at all.

“Onii-chan really is a hopeless pervert after all.“, she muttered, looking at me with nonchalant eyes.

Shit…. Since when did I turn into something so horrible…?!

“Never mind that! I can’t just introduce a bunny girl like that!“

“Ehhhh? Why, desu? Oh, might it be that there is something else that fits your taste even better?“

“That’s not the problem here!!!“

“No, that totally is the problem, desu. We are researching the types of girls you like after all.“

Ugh…Why did it turn out like this…

“I understand, desu. Since it’s come to this, let’s try out other cosplay to find out the attribute he likes the most! I brought a lot of cosplay clothes with me after all!“

“W-Wait a moment, please! So the contents of that bag were….“

“Yes, desu! I brought a lot of cute cosplay clothes with me from the company that we bought for reference! We thought that something like this might happen, you see?“

“Something like this is what exactly?!“

“I can’t really explain it, desu. It’s the sixth sense of a woman you might say!“

The sixth sense of a woman…..? How frightening!

“W-Wait a second. I get your final goal of finding out Yuu’s tastes but there isn’t really a reason to cosplay, right? Even if it’s the illustrator that’s doing it—“

“No, no, seeing his reaction live like this is much more convincing, desu!“

“But still, cosplay….“

“Ahhh, no need to worry, desu! Since I am his number one fan, I will take up the duty upon myself! Normally, I don’t do cosplay myself but if it’s for Sensei, I will do my best, desu!“

“W-What did you just say…..?!“, said Mai while her body was visibly shaking of anger.

“…..Yes. Yes that’s right. I totally forgot that this was a competition. Hey, you should have more clothes right? I wonder if I could borrow some….“

“H-Hey! What are you saying?!“

“You be quiet, Yuu! I can’t afford to lose here!”

Why are your eyes so serious all of a sudden?!

“Ohh, so Mai is fired up as well, desu! Why of course! I’ll lend you as many as you want! The first one who’ll make him madly fall in love wins, desu!“

“Yeah, I don’t mind. Since I’m his number one fan, I can’t afford to lose here! Suzuka-san, I’ll borrow your bathroom too.“

“If you want to change, the toilet is a bit…..How about you change in my room, it’s right next to this one.“

Going “Thanks!“, both Mai and Double Peace-sensei left the room.

“H-How did it come to this?“

“Huff…..It’s Onii-chan’s fault because he’s a pervert. To basically stare at them like this….“

“No, no, it was an irresistible force or something…! It’s not like I like the unparalleled bunny girl suit or anything like that!“

“Onii-chan you idiot….“, Suzuka said while breaking our eye contact.

Ugh, did you give up on me completely this time..? As I muttered these words in my brain, Double Peace-sensei entered the room again.

“Now, now, how about this, desu?“


The cosplay this time was that of a cheerleader. While the level of exposure dropped from before, her short skirt combo with her rolled up shirt wasn’t any less powerful. Maybe because she was a full-fleshed foreigner with corresponding looks, I almost screamed “It’s the real deal!“ while admiring it.

“A cheerleader outfit is always a safe option as well, desu! Judging from your reaction, my pick is correct! Your face really gives away your hot feelings, desu!“

“Can you not just read weird things out of my expression.“, I forced myself to voice my retort but it didn’t have any strength in it since I couldn’t keep my eyes away.

“H-Hey, can you finally move out of the way please…?“

Suddenly, I heard Mai’s voice. As Double Peace-sensei stepped aside, I could see the clothes of Mai as well.

“Y-You?! T-This….!“

“W-What about it? It’s not like I’m embarrassed or anything! L-Look at me for your heart’s content! At your number one fan!“

Bushing out her chest while her face was gradually even more red, she behaved exactly like a devil. Might one call this bondage? Her underwear was wrapped in black leather, goat horns were coming out from her head, her back was covered by bat-like wings and from her behind emerged a devil’s tail.

“What kind of clothes are you wearing?!“

“I can’t help it, can I?! You probably like that as well, don’t you?! I saw a lot of monster girl fantasy light novels lined up on your bookshelf after all!“

“Wha-?! How much did you sniff around in my room?!“

“I remembered everything that one time I was in your room!“

Since she wasn’t conducting any real stalker activities that time, I can’t really retort that. Even though I knew that this is really bad, I couldn’t keep my eyes from Mai’s clothes that had a succubus vibe to it. And the view of a red-faced Mai visibly shaking from embarrassment didn’t lower the sexiness at all. Additionally, her pose and movement really emphasized her chest in a way that wasn’t good for my heart.

“Y-Yuu? Your eyes are kind off scary right now….?“

“Ohoo, I didn’t know that your breasts were this big Mai! Sensei’s eyes are glued to them, desu!“

“N-No I wasn’t really?!“

“B-Breasts?! W-Where are you looking?!“, she screamed, covering up her chest area with her hands.

Even though she glared at me with upturned eyes, I still thought that she looked cute.

“Now then, please make your choice, desu! Which cosplay is more to your taste, Sensei?“

“E-Even if you ask me to choose….“

“Well, of course it’s me, right? I mean, your eyes were filled with such an intense heat while you looked at me!“

“No, it will be me, desu! In his mind, Sensei already pushed me down countless times, desu!“

“Can you not say things that make it seem like I’m being looked down upon please?!“

“Since this is a competition, you have to clearly announce the outcome, desu!“

“Since we’re just waiting on you, hurry up already!“

Being put into a corner like that, I was searching for Suzuka, hoping she would help me. In that moment, I noticed that she wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“H-Huh? Where is Suzuka–“

In that moment, my line was cut of before I could finish it and,

“……Onii-chan, please look over here.“

Hearing that familiar voice, everyone in the room turned their eyes towards the entrance of my room. Standing there was Suzuka. However, her attire was something completely unexpected.

“Uhm….but don’t stare too much……please….“

Suzuka was wearing gym clothes. No matter where one looked, they were just plain white gym clothes. On the top part that is…but she was wearing bloomers beneath that.

Her feet were wrapped with black knee-socks and she was nervously fondling with her hands while standing there.

“S-Suzuka-san? Why are you w-wearing these clothes….?“

“Oho, so the Imouto-san is also participating in the competition, desu? Imouto-san was already a beauty but it seems to be even more powerful since this is your big brother we’re talking about! You are a strong rival, desu!“

“I am, uhm…..since this is about collecting data for Onii-chan after all, I thought that I couldn’t just put the burden on you two alone….This is also the duty of a little sister….“, she said while sneaking glances over to me from time to time.

Looking at this sight I never thought I’d see, my power to think was completely taken away from me.

“B-But still, bloomers and knee-socks….?! To think that she would chose the two things that wouldn’t normally fit together in reality….!?“

“I wouldn’t expect any less, desu! The choice of bloomers that rules over the romanticism of men, how wonderful, desu!“

While I was spacing out, the two of them showed admiration.

“Hey, Yuu, what are you spacing out for…?“

“Ha?! No, I wasn’t really staring at her or anything?!“

“Muu, this is the result, I see. The gaze on this Imouto-san was the strongest of them all, desu.“

“No, I wasn’t really looking at my sister like that—“

“Ugh, yeah alright. Even I can agree to that after seeing this reaction…“

Hey, Mai! Why are you only honest in this situation?! Deny it please!

“Never mind that, Imouto-san, why did you choose these clothes, desu?“

“O-Onii-chan likes these clothes after all. And he really likes knee-socks.“

“I see! So you could clearly pinpoint his likes, desu!“

„Wha–?! Is this the strength of a little sister?! Did you know this tastes beforehand, Suzuka-san?!“

“Yes. Since Onii-chan likes clothes that focus on the thighs, it is pretty obvious that he would like knee-socks. And he likes big brea—–no, it’s nothing. Pretend like you didn’t hear that…..Oh, and he likes it when the girls have small brea–“

“I-I see! This is some important information!“

“I didn’t expect anything less from Imouto-san! Truly magnificent!“

Why are you two so amazed about all of this?! And Suzuka! Why are you looking so happy?! No rather than that, why does she know my tastes so clearly!! Ahhhh, forget it, there are so many things I could retort on, I don’t have any energy to do it at all!

“Oh, I almost forgot, desu! This is the win of Imouto-san. Though it’s frustrating, desu…“

“Muh….B-But, I can’t just accept this weird ending! This is just because of the surprise effect! We didn’t say that this competition was over with one round, so I demand a second one!“

“I don’t mind. I accept your challenge….Ah, of course, this is just for the sake of gathering data for Onii-chan as my duty as a little sister, so don’t get any weird ideas about that.“

After that, both of them left the room again. Feeling so left out of the current situation, I gave up on stopping this and dropped my shoulders in defeat. A short while after that, the contest of cosplays continued.

Goth loli, nurse, china dress, wizard, female knight, cat ears, school swimsuit, idol, office lady, shrine maiden, nun, etc……

They appeared in a variety of cosplays. Being overpowered by the unreal sight in front of me, my half-asleep brain cells couldn’t keep up and I ended up being swept along with the situation. Or it should’ve been until Suzuka appeared before my eyes, wearing maid clothes. At that time, I completely forgot about the other two and basically stared at her. I was thinking “I wonder what would happen to me if she’d call me [Goshujin-sama]…“

“O-Onii-chan… Why are you keeping quiet all of a sudden….“

“Muu, I guess that decides it, desu. This is our loss! It wouldn’t be fair to not recognize her victory at this point!“

“Ugh…this is really frustrating….! I guess information is the utmost principle in this world after all! I really have to intensify the research on Yuu, so be prepared for that!“

Barely listening to her voice, I kept on staring at Suzuka’s maid clothes. Of course, after returning to my senses, I realized my disgusting acitons in this incident.

Part 4:

“Well then, since we found out Sensei’s fetish, the research for the second volume is a huge success, desu!“

After the cosplay contest ended, we were talking when everyone finished changing into their original clothes. Double Peace-sensei said that while she was showing a wholehearted smile. Since her smiling face was pretty strong in itself, I could only answer a weak “T-Thank you very much….“

“Because this is Sensei we’re talking about here, the fact that the new heroine will be super duper cute is already written in stone, desu! Even the imouto character is pretty amazing, I wonder how this will turn out!“

“Yeah, you’re right.“

Suddenly, Mai also joined in.

“The imouto heroine already is this popular, so the new heroine will probably be on the same level….Even though it frustrates me.“

Was it just my imagination or did she look a bit happy there?

“It’s not just the imouto that stands out in Yuu’s novel, the big brother is also very cool. When the new heroine appears, that will only strengthen the empathy for him.“

“I see! So that was the aim all along! Just what I would expect, desu!“

“Fufu, it really is a crucial part to add a new heroine in the second volume of a light novel rabucome! Hey, Yuu? You organized all of this because you thought of that too, right?“

“Eh? A-Ah, yeah.“

Being suddenly asked something like that, I only fumbled some words out in panic. Still, what was that about? In that moment again, an uncomfortable feeling was somehow floating in my chest. I didn’t know why but chest did hurt for an instant.


While Suzuka was keeping quiet, I looked at her with a complicated expression.

Part 5:

After the two of them returned home, Suzuka and I were discussing about the research of today. Even though it was pure chaos, the answer that I received was a clear—-

“….Yes. It was very valuable. I will start immediately to put this research into the manuscript.“

….Not knowing how exactly this turned out to be such a good result but as long as the person in question is happy with it, who am I to disapprove? Though, in that moment, something came to my mind.

“Hey, Suzuka? Are you not feeling well or something?…“

“What do you mean by that?“

“No, I just got this feeling….“

“That is just your imagination. I am fine. I will excuse myself for now, though.“

With these words, Suzuka returned to her room…..What is this? I seriously felt that something with Suzuka was totally out of order.

“Ah, this isn’t the time to worry about Suzuka though.“

Remembering my own situation, I also returned to my own room. Although I was worried, I pushed these worries away and turned towards my notebook PC, where my manuscript was waiting to be continued. I didn’t have any time left either.

Part 6:

Ring ring ring ring, the sound of an incoming call entered my ears.

“…..Mhm? Did I fall asleep…?“

I slowly moved my body. My body was screaming for more sleep it seemed.

“Uhm…? What time is it…? No, rather than that, what day is it?“

I checked the date on my notebook PC. Of course, as always there was a white document reflected on the screen. Ahhh, I remember now, .I fell asleep.

It was a few days after the cosplay contest. It was a week before the deadline for the contest. Seems like I didn’t manage to write anything this night either. The feeling of hopelessness slowly crept up to me.

“No, I have to answer the call first….“

Checking on my phone, it was a phone call from Shinozaki-san. I certainly wasn’t in the mood for her usual blabbering but I couldn’t just ignore her either, so I forced myself to pick up.

“Yaaawn, hello?“

「Towano Chikai-sensei?」

A familiar voice. It sounded kind of different than usual though.

“What business do you have with me today…? I’m sorry about this but I’m kind of busy right now, so let’s talk another time, please.“

「What kind of easygoing words are you saying? Even though we already passed the deadline, I didn’t receive the manuscript. What is this about? 」

“Eh? Deadline…?“

「A few days ago, I received an email from you that you took my advice to heart and added a new heroine but after that I didn’t hear anything from you. Don’t tell me…you didn’t finish it yet?」


Being shocked by her words, my consciousness was forcefully woken up completely.

“What exactly do you mean by that?! Saying that you didn’t receive a manuscript?!“

「That’s my line. I was worried that you weren’t feeling well or something like that but it seems that I was wrong. For now, keep the explanations and just send me the manuscript.」

“I-I’m very sorry! I will check on that right now! I will contact you later…!“

「Hey, wai—」

Forcefully cutting the call, I left my phone behind and rushed out of my room. My destination was of course Suzuka’s room.

“Heeeey! Suzuka?! Are you there?!“

I knocked forcefully on the door, only to receive no answer. Opening the door nonetheless, I checked inside the room. Suzuka was….there. She was sitting at the table on front of her notebook PC. She wasn’t moving an inch, though. Looking closely, she was using her arms as a pillow.

“I-Is she still asleep…? Hey, Suzuka—“

As I was about to wake her up, I moved closer to her. In that moment, I realized a lot of A4 sized papers laying around on the table in front of her.

“Is this possibly the manuscript of the second volume…?“

Looking at the title, my assumptions were confirmed. If she had it already…why didn’t she just send it to Shinozaki-san…? For a moment, I felt the urge to just read it here and now but I managed to hold back my greed this time. Instead, I started trying to wake her up. Though, in that moment I managed to hit the table with my leg, scattering the manuscript on the floor by accident.

“Ah, shit…!“

I was hurrying to pick the pages up. Though, my eyes unfortunately fell onto a page that was lying there. In that moment I forgot myself and I couldn’t stop myself from reading it. It was the scene where two new heroines appeared in front of the protagonist. One was his classmate and stalker-like blue-eyed, blonde hair beauty. The other was an exchange student where the only thing that left her mouth were erotic words. The both of them were approaching the protagonist. Both of them were doing random panchiras and forcing their chests onto the protagonist, suddenly starting a conversation about otaku culture in the meantime. And the contents were only about otaku terms. All of a sudden, both of them were changing to maid clothes with no apparent reason.

“W-What the hell….?“

Reading that far, I couldn’t keep my doubts inside. The plot was just so bad. The conversation was going in all sorts of directions, the writing was similar to itemization and the characters weren’t consistent either.

“Did…Suzuka really write this…?“

This manuscript is just a pure chaos, is what I thought. No, that wasn’t the problem. It was—

“It’s totally boring.“

Even though I wanted to doubt my own words, it was the undisputed truth. Rather than that, I was wondering if this was really the continuation of that big hit of a first volume. I couldn’t see that at all in here….

“What in the world happened with Suzuka…?“

It was at that moment. Seemingly realizing that someone was there, Suzuka muttered a quiet “Ugh….“ before completely opening her eyes, looking straight at me after turning around on her chair.

“…? Huh?….Onii-chan?!“

Being clearly surprised by my presence, she stood up instantly.

“W-What are you doing there?! I-Isn’t that my manuscript?! What is this about?!“, she audibly screamed, her face getting visibly more red by the second, as I was trying to find an excuse.

“I-I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear! I was just trying to pick up the manuscript!! I’m sorry for looking at it! Sorry!!!“

“What are you on about?! And why are you even in my room, Onii-chan?!“

“Ah, that’s right! I had something to talk about! I just got a call from Shinozaki-san and she told that that you didn’t send her a manuscript even though it was already past your deadline!“

As I mentioned the deadline, she must’ve realized something.

“That’s right….I must have fallen asleep while trying to make it in time for the deadline. I was careless….“

“For you to fall asleep like that….Huh, wait? You weren’t working all night, were you?“

“N-No, rather than that, I have to apologize to Shinozaki-san for missing my deadline. On top of that, I have to finish the manuscript as well.“

Listening to Suzuka’s words, I got a bad precognition.

“Hey Suzuka…..? Did you perhaps struggle with the second volume?“

“W-What exactly might you be talking about?“

“Don’t beat around the bush. I can’t think of the possibility that the earnest, hardworking you would be missing a deadline.“


Suzuka didn’t say a word to that.

“Don’t tell me….were you troubled because of the new heroine?“


Seems like I hit the mark. Well, it is pretty obvious if you’d look at the manuscript. It felt like she was forced to write that.

“Yes…that’s right.“, she admitted.“Every time I decided on a character, I just couldn’t fit her into the story, being unable to write her accordingly. No….I don’t want write her is a better phrasing.“

“Don’t want to write her, you say…. You’re forcing yourself to write something you don’t want to?“

“I can’t help it. I received the advice to put in another heroine after all…. And Onii-chan was also of the same opinion….“

“You’re not technically wrong about that but still….“

“I want to write an even more interesting novel. I want my novel to be even more popular. To achieve that, I will do anything.“

Suzuka’s gaze was filled with determination.

“Listen, I know how determined you are…. but writing something that you don’t want to write is wrong, okay? I mean, aren’t you frustrated with that?“

“My frustration isn’t a big deal.“

“Of course it is! For quite some time now, you are staggering and your face is devoid of all color. You are sleep-deprived because you kept on writing on the manuscript! Ah, forget it! For now, rest, will you?! We’ll continue after you calmed yourself down!“

“I decline. I don’t have the time to do that. I already missed my deadline, remember? You already received a phone call from Shinozaki-san, right?“

“Keeping the deadline is fine and all…but the condition of your body is even more important!!!“

“….! I’m thankful that you are worried about me but writing an even more interesting novel is much more important to me!“

Maybe because she was getting more into it but her tone grew even more aggressive.

“W-Why…? Why are you going this far? You already wrote an interesting first volume. You should be satisfied with this…“

“I’m having these hardships exactly because I’m not satisfied with this. Besides that, don’t say things that you don’t really mean.“

“W-What do you mean by that?“

“The part where you said that the first volume was interesting. You don’t really think that.“

“W-What?! I really think that your novel is super duper interesting–“

“That’s a lie. Remember when I asked you for your opinion that one time, you said that it was just fine!“

Remembering back to that time, it’s true that I said something like that. I was just trying to hide my frustration, trying to hide my true feelings….They weren’t my true feelings. Panicking, I almost screamed at Suzuka.

“W-Wait! You’re wrong! That was a misunderstanding!“

“How could I possibly understand your words from that time if you use such clear vocabulary like [It’s fine]?“

“That was…. I just blurted out these words because I was frustrated that you passed me like that!“


In that instant, Suzuka’s face softened a little bit. Did she finally decide to trust me after my confession….?

“To think that you would deceive yourself to cheer me up now…I don’t need that.“

“I told you that you’re wrong! I really really mean it!“

“I will ask you then..but what part exactly did Onii-chan find interesting in my novel?“

“Heh? What part…?“

“If you want me to believe your words, Onii-chan has to tell me exactly what part was so interesting for him or else I can’t trust you.“

What part of her novel is interesting? That’s the question I’m currently struggling with as well. How can I answer her if even I don’t know the answer for myself?

“T-That is….“

“You really can’t answer me.“, said Suzuka while looking at me.“Onii-chan is always like this. Not caring one bit about himself, always worrying about other people….“

Muttering something in a small voice, Suzuka sat down in front of her notebook PC.

“Your worrying is unneeded. I will definitely write it. Even if I have to suffer, if it makes you happy……“

Starting to write on her keyboard, Suzuka facial expression was starting to darken. I don’t want to write it. I don’t want to write it but I have to write it. That sort of expression. Why…? Why are you making such an expression? I don’t want to read a light novel that you wrote with such an expression….

“Onii-chan. I’m sorry but could you leave me alone for now?“

And like that, I was forced out of her room. I understood that I had to make her understand. But I couldn’t. I painfully realized that there were no words that I could say to her now.

Part 7:


Having returned to my own room, I turned the lights off and was lying down on my bed. Even stronger than my helplessness from before, another heavy feeling was attacking me. Trying my best not to surrender to that feeling, I forced my eyes shut and started to focus on my thoughts.


But, it would be painfully convenient if an answer would’ve just popped up like that. I could hear the sound of my clock ticking. It truly felt like I would never come up with any words to lessen the burden of Suzuka and to comfort her…..How long was I doing that for? My head felt heavy from all the thoughts and memories rolling around in it. However, there was one memory that always came flying in between all of them.

——-I really hate Onii-chan.

It was a scene from a long time ago. The day that formed the relationship between me and Suzuka. I didn’t grow up the slightest since then. The same unreliable big brother from that time. The big brother that is unable to stop the tears from his precious little sister. Laughable….. Will I repeat the same thing again this time? Not being able to do anything while my little sister is suffering? Something like that….Something like that—

“Don’t fuck with me.“

As these word vibrated in my room, I rose up from the bad, opening my eyes. What I wasn’t able to do in the past, now’s the time to make up for it. I’m her stand-in right now. We are two people as one light novel author. No rather than that, I’ve always been her big brother! Being there for his suffering little sister as a big brother, that’s a fucking given!


Putting out the lights in my room, I looked at the clock. I thought that I was lost in my thoughts for a pretty long time but in reality only one hour had passed. Still, to think that I left my little sister all alone this whole time makes my incredibly mad….

Calm down, there are other things I have to do first.

“There’s only one thing I have to think about….“

And that’s the point what makes Suzuka’s novel so interesting. I can clearly say that the manuscript that Suzuka is forcing herself to write right now is just plain boring. The fun that was a crucial part in the first volume…it seems like it completely vanished. To convince Suzuka of that, I have to find the answer she is waiting to hear. I began to think once more. Rumbling around my brain cells to their utmost, I kept on thinking. What makes Suzuka’s novel so interesting….? I don’t know. No matter how much I think about it, I can’t come up with any answers. Still, even if I don’t know, there’s one thing that I can clearly say. The fact that the novel I read never gave of the feeling that Suzuka was forced to write this with a new heroine she didn’t want to add. Then, what is it that I want to read? What exactly am I looking for in Suzuka’s novel—

—-The truth is…that I really really love Onii-chan.


At that moment, a voice filled my chest. It felt like a strong impact. It was a line that the little sister of Suzuka’s novel, Yuuka, once said. The acts of a little sister that confidently approaches her big brother because she loves him so so much. And although he was overwhelmed, the caring, understanding big brother. The relationship between these too, and their flirty scenes were floating around in my head.


At that moment, I finally understood. What exactly I was looking for in Suzuka’s novel. Where the fun of her novel was coming from. The second my answer came, I was already dashing out of my room.

“I got it!!!“

“Wha-?! O-Onii-chan?! What’s wrong?!“

I entered Suzuka’s room without knocking or anything, surprising Suzuka, which was sitting in front of her notebook PC.

“I got it! The thing that makes your novel so interesting!“

“What’s this about so suddenly?! Calm down for now, please!“

Even Suzuka’s words couldn’t stop my excitement right now.

“Listen carefully! You didn’t send the manuscript yet, right?! This one is a failure! And, you just have to write the second volume like you wrote the first one!“

“I don’t understand! What are you saying, Onii-chan?!“

“You don’t have to suffer anymore because of a new heroine!“

“Like I said! I don’t understand what you mean, Onii-chan! Please explain yourself!“

Like Suzuka said, I relaxed myself a bit. Still, the excitement didn’t exactly vanish either.

“Alright. I understood why I thought of your novel as interesting. I realized that you don’t need a new heroine to make it interesting. You don’t have to force yourself to write one!“

“This isn’t really an explanation….Before, Onii-chan told me that it would be better to make a new heroine appear, right?!“

“Yeah, I won’t deny that. Still, that was before I understood the crucial interesting part of your novel.“

“What exactly is this crucial part?“

“That is……………the flirting of the siblings!“

“Wha.?! F-Flirting….?!“

“Yes. These flirty scenes between the two of them are the origin of the fun! It was already written in a few reviews, remember? That the little sister was incredibly cute and such. The cuteness that was generated from these flirty scenes is exactly what makes the reader think that your novel is interesting!“

And I didn’t stop there.

“That’s the reason that this manuscript of the second volume isn’t interesting at all! Having a new heroine appear cuts away on the flirty scenes! That’s exactly why there’s no reason at all to add a new heroine!“

I nodded at the explanation I just blurted out. Now she’ll have to understand….is what I thought and as I looked over at Suzuka, her cheeks were slightly blushing and she kept on staring at me.

“Y-You’re just saying that temporarily to make me feel better….“

“It’s not temporarily! How about we go back and look at some reviews then—“

“I don’t need any opinions from other people. The important one is why Onii-chan also thinks like that. P-Please explain!“

From that question, I felt like the atmosphere changed a little bit. But, I ignored that and instead focused on answering here with the truth.

“That’s because—“

In that instant, my excitement changed into chills. An important aspect came to my mind. I, too, do love the flirty scenes with the little sister. That is a fact. And I can assert that with my own words. Having moe characters is a basic principle of light novels after all. I wonder how it never came to my mind……Wait? Since the character we’re talking about is a little sister in this case, isn’t that a big problem for me…?

“Onii-chan…?“, Suzuka muttered, seemingly confused by my sudden silence.

Well, I was suddenly spacing out with cold sweat on my forehead. No, wait a second please. It’s not like I got a thing for little sister attributes, it’s just that I like the cuteness of Yuuka. The fact that she’s a little sister isn’t important here but it’s still the rock-solid truth. What would happen if I turned around to face Suzuka and said [I also think that the love-struck little sister the cutest ever!] ?

I’m pretty sure that the second I said that, my life would undoubtedly be over. No matter how I bent around the facts, Yuuka is still a little sister character. I wouldn’t be able to talk myself out of this.


Stopping me in my thoughts, Suzuka sighed.

“You really can’t answer me after all.“, she laughed, seeming lonely.“I know that you are saying that just to cheer me up, Onii-chan. But I don’t need your kindness right now. I certainly will write a new heroine.“

“W-Wait, Suzuka!“, I called out to her but she already averted her eyes.

No matter what I said, she kept on typing on her keyboard, suffering. As I saw that expression of her, I felt a sharp pain inside my chest.

Shit…. Why don’t you understand Suzuka?! My opinion shouldn’t matter in the slightest! What do I do?! What can I do to make her understand?! Why can’t I think of anything?! Can’t I think of anything at all?! Shit!!! Ah, forget it! I give up on thinking! I have to stop my little sister from suffering! I came her to save her, right?! …..That’s why, there’s only thing I should be doing right now!!!

I formed a fist with my hand and made up my determination.

“Suzuka! Please listen to me!“

“What is it this time? No matter what you say, I will—-“

“I want to read the flirty scenes between big brother and little sister!“

I firmly closed my eyes and waited for Suzuka’s reply.

“I, you know…I really think of your novel like a masterpiece! I want to write a novel like yours and win the first place of the upcoming contest! Until a moment ago, I didn’t understand anything!“

Now, it’s different.

“I completely understand it now. I thought of it as interesting because I loved the flirty scenes between the two siblings. I read your novel so many times because I wanted to see her love struck moments over and over! That’s the secret to your novel!“

I couldn’t stop myself anymore.

“That’s why you have to write the second volume just like the first one! You don’t need something like a new heroine! I’m fine as long as there’s a little sister heroine! I’m completely satisfied with that! That’s why I don’t need a manuscript which you write while suffering like this!“

I will say it. No matter how often. Because it’s never enough.

“I—–love the little sister!!!“

(TLC: He said little sister in a general form, meaning that one can interpret it as a general one, the one in the fictional novel or even Suzuka.)

That’s where I finally stopped my monologue. The only thing I could hear in the room was my own breathing. However, without having to hear it again, I felt my blood rushing to my head. That was because I realized just what I blurted out a few moments ago.

“N-No, that was…. you’re wrong…..“

I wanted to retract my words….but my embarrassment made it difficult for me. What I said wasn’t really wrong at all but the way I said it will surely produce misunderstandings. And because I was pulled along because of my excitement, I could only scream these few words back there.

“You’re wrong, okay?! I don’t like little sisters in general, I’m just saying that hypothetically , I like the little sister heroine Yuuka, okay?!“

Judging from the way I worded it, it wouldn’t be too off to interpret it as such. Of course, there was no way that that would be the case. I have a real little sister after all, you know? Still, I went and said these disgusting words?! It really was all over for me but still, I wanted to justify myself.

—-To like little sisters even though you have one in real life, there’s no way in hell that’s happening so relax.

—-Still, your novel is already plenty interesting, so there’s no need to make yourself suffer, trying to create a new heroine. You just have to write your usual flirty sibling scenes.

It happened at that time, as I was trying to make my words clear and give a clear explanation.


Somehow, her appearance looked strange.


Looking at it, Suzuka’s has gotten completely red and she only mumbled stuff with an unknown voice. She was staring at me intensely but she never said the words that I expected in this situation, like [That’s disgusting] or [Go die].

“U-Uhm, Suzuka?“


As I called out to her, Suzuka apparently was called back to her senses. This really didn’t seem like a proper reaction to my words prior to this.

“Onii-chan does…..? T-That is…..is that…..so“

“Well, I said it in a way that practically invites misunderstandings but I wasn’t really lying either. The fact that I really love your novel is an indisputable fact—“

“L-L-L-L-Love….you…say?! You….love….me?…..Onii-chan…..does?“

“Exactly! I love the little sister heroine that you wrote—–huh?“

Somehow, it felt like Suzuka and I were making a huge misunderstanding….No, it must’ve been my imagination…right?

“T-That’s a lie….! You just…..say it again….because you are…..so kind to me.“

“Y-You should be able to tell immediately if I was lying, right?! Here, look into my eyes!“

“F-Face is too close!!! It’s embarrassing so don’t come closer so suddenly….!“

As I moved in closer, Suzuka backed away a little bit. After arriving at the wall with her back, she looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“T-That’s impossible…..To think that Onii-chan would….someone like me….?“

“W-What’s your problem?! Your novel is unbelievably interesting! I said it before but I also want to write a similar light novel in the future as well!“

“Onii-chan…also has these fantasies?!“

“………Eh? I don’t think that I’m having fantasies though….“

Somehow I felt like we were both talking past each other. Is she really having a misunderstanding? I have to make her understand that I really think her novel is interesting from the bottom of her heart.

“N-Never mind that! For now, you have to believe me that your novel is already plenty interesting! You should be able to tell if I was lying to you!“

Stating that, I looked at Suzuka. Although her face was still red while muttering “Ah…Ah“, she returned my gaze with eyes still indicated that she was afraid. Her eyes that looked like gems were still leaking tears. After a short while, she seemed to have calmed down at least a little bit. That was clear for me. Although her cheeks were still a bit red. It might have been because she was practically staring at me…but somehow she looked even more cute than ever before which made me excessively embarrassed.

“Y-You’re really telling the truth?“, she asked for conformation.

“Yeah, really.“

“Really really?“

“Really Really. You still don’t believe me?“

“No, Onii-chan is not lying.“

It seems like she finally decided to trust my words.

“Thanks for trusting me, Suzuka. With this, are you finally satisfied? And….I have a favor to ask. Please write the second volume like you did with the first one. The readers, and I, will prefer that.“

“….something like that…“

Like that, her body seemed to have started shivering again….Might she be upset? Or is she disgusted about the things her good-for-nothing big brother just asked?

“Something like that—you’re not allowed to ask for that, Onii-chan!“


For some reason, Suzuka showed an even more unpredictable reaction.

“Onii-chan really is an idiot! Why didn’t you say so sooner? If you did that, I would not have had to worry so much! Onii-chan is an unchangeable Onii-chan after all!“

“No, uh, eh?!“

“For crying out loud! Please keep yourself together! I always tell you that!“

“I-I’m sorry?!“

I was certain that I would be yelled at for asking something like that, so I was more than surprised about her reaction. How the hell did this happen anyway? I totally thought that she would say things like [This is really making me sick. I don’t want to breathe the same air as you.], so I was mentally prepared to do my best to solve her misunderstanding….

“Ahh! Why am I so happy about this?! Haaaaa…..“

As Suzuka was wiping her tears away, she tightly hugged her own body.

….No really, what the hell is going on? Is it that? Did she think of me as so disgusting that she would practically force herself to write it anyway?…..I couldn’t think of any other possibility.

“Haaaa…..To think that Onii-chan would chose me over a new heroine……Ehe, ehehehehe“

Uhm….. What was it in the end? I just wanted her to understand that I love the little sister heroine….and that I don’t feel anything towards the little sister attribute at all……did that get through her? Well, Suzuka seemed to be happy, so it’s fine I guess. If Suzuka is happy, then I’m happy as well.

“Ha?! This isn’t the time to be doing this! I should rather rewrite the manuscript! But before that, I have to do this!“

As she said that, she took the manuscript she wrote before and threw it full force into the garbage bin.

“Uhm, if you’re going to rewrite it, we should at least ask Shinozaki-san for more time. I’ll try my best to ask her via phone. Maybe we can do something about the deadline and—-“

“No, there is no need for that.“, Suzuka said as I was about to return to my own room.“I will send her the manuscript shortly, no need to worry about that.“

“Eh? You’re going to rewrite it now, right?“

“Yes. I will rewrite it. During this evening.“

“Excuse me?!“, I shouted, being confronted with such vocabulary like [During] [this] and [Evening].

“What are you saying?! To write the manuscript of a whole volume in one evening is—-“

“There is no problem. I can’t hold myself back from writing right now.“

“B-But still, this evening?!“

Suzuka merely answered [It’s fine] with a smile as I was at a loss for words,

“That’s because, I feel like I have never been this possessed before!“

Part 8:

The rhythmic sound of Suzuka’s tapping on her keyboard vibrated inside the room. While sitting on the bed, I watched the profile of Suzuka. Why? Because she asked for me to stay with her until she was finished. At first I thought that it was impossible to finish a manuscript of one volume in one evening but…

Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap

Judging from the sounds, she really might finish it all today, it really troubles me. Suzuka really has another skill up her sleeve. Oh dear, just how much of a super human is my little sister anyway.

“Hmh~ Hmh~“

Seemingly in high spirits, Suzuka was humming while writing. This sight was a first for me.

“Onii-chan loves the little sister~~~“

“You’re wrong okay?! The character that I thought was cute just happened to be one with the little sister attribute!“

Shit…. she keeps on teasing me for a while now. Just what kind of punishment game is this? Still, at least she doesn’t think of me as disgusting and such.


She seems to really have fun writing the manuscript. Such a big difference from before.

“Onii-chan? You can go and take a nap if you’re tired, okay?“, she said without ever stopping her hands.

Maybe it was because of my stress and hard work these past few days but I was suddenly attacked by a fierce drowsiness.

“You must be pretty sleepy as well right? There’s no way that I can just go and take a nap alone.“

“I’m fine as long as I have Onii-chan by my side.“

“Still, I can’t just do something so uncool. Is there nothing I could help you with?“

“There is nothing in particular. How about you talk with me about something?“

“Talk with you?“

“Yes. I don’t care about what, just something different from my BGM.“

“Even if you say that…“

“Well then, tell me an old story. A story from we both were still small.“

Ah, from there, huh? Since I didn’t have any better story, I accepted Suzuka’s request. However, because I didn’t have a lot of memories from that time, I chose the one that came flying the fastest.

—–Talking about that, when did I first encounter light novels? Sometime in grade school in my first-grade if I remember correctly? I found them in a library, yeah.

—–At that time, I was so crazy about them, I used all the money I could afford to buy some. At one point my grades dropped and my old man went rampaging because of that. For the sake of being allowed to read them, I studied again. Ahh, in my life it’s all about light novels….

—–I can’t really remember the time before I encountered light novels… I think I was a normal kid. You were always an excellent child though…

As I was wrapped in my memories, I kept on talking about the past. For quite some time now, my consciousness was starting to fade away and I was yawning constantly. The sound of Suzuka’s tapping almost seemed to invite me into the land of dreams, my eyes started to get heavy.

—-No, no, don’t fall asleep now? What was I talking about? A story about our childhood. Yeah, we were always separated. You were very clever so you went to a private grade school and after that to your current prestige Ojou-sama middle school.

—-To you, I’m probably not a reliable big brother. There was not a single thing that I was better at. Even at light novels it ended like this…. Since it was always like this, I’m not really shocked….Maybe just a little bit…

—-Hey, you probably already forgot about it but…. that one time we were little, I made you cry….I don’t remember why…from that time, I made you hate me it seems….I’m sorry, Suzuka.

—-The reason that I like light novels this much…is probably because I want to be as cool as the protagonists in them. Because of that, at that time when I became your stand-in, I was really….really happy…

My consciousness was being pulled away. Am I still awake? If I still was, I had to keep the story going. For Suzuka’s sake….and also for my own.

—-Hey, Suzuka. I…..Did I become at least a little bit more reliable as a big brother….?

I felt like I heard a voice from a place far away. But I couldn’t make out what it was saying. I didn’t know…but I was happy. I felt like everything I did was rewarded.

And like that, my consciousness faded away completely.

Part 9:

“I finally finished it….“

Sending the finished manuscript to Shinozaki-san, I relaxed my body. The morning sun shone through the curtains and the birds were chipping. As I had declared, I finished writing the manuscript in one evening. Normally, that would be a pretty big feat. However, thanks to the [Onii-chan notes], I didn’t have that much of a problem. I looked at the notes that were on top of my table. They were the notes that I kept on writing since a long time ago. This volume is the 32nd one. To make sure that no one will ever see them, I locked them away. The contents were, as one would suspect, scenes and settings in which Onii-chan and I would spend time together.

The light novel that I wrote was just the novelized form of these notes…..And Onii-chan said that he thought of it as interesting. And first and foremost, he told me that I didn’t have to add another heroine, argumenting that he loved the little sister heroine. Does this mean that Onii-chan will accept my feelings…? As I thought about that, my eyes naturally wandered to where Onii-chan was laying, namely on my bed and only soft breaths escaped his mouth, indicating that he was still asleep.


Really, your sleeping face is just too cute. Isn’t this almost a crime? I can’t have any other women see your defenseless state. Onii-chan is really popular after all.

“I have to be the most careful about Himuro-san. Double Peace-sensei is also suspicious after all and even Shinozaki-san started paying attention to him as it seems. Not to forget about his Senpai at work, Esaka-san….and the girls of my school also know of Onii-chan…..“

What a trouble, so many rivals…. The first blunder was that I made Onii-chan my stand-in. For some reason, beautiful women keep on appearing near him. Just when I thought that I had a good reason to talk to him when I can’t normally be honest….

“Onii-chan is my Onii-chan after all. You can’t forget about that, okay?“

Sitting down next to Onii-chan, I whispered that. This is the only time that I can say things like that. I really hate that dishonest side of me…. But, isn’t Onii-chan a bit thickheaded himself? Even as I wrote such a novel, I thought that he would finally realize….No, it’s impossible. This is Onii-chan after all. This thickheaded personaliy is something extraordinary.

“Onii-chan, you idiot….If you thought it was interesting, you should’ve just said so from the start. If you had, I would’ve been more honest as well….“

….No, that’s also impossible. I’m sure that with this personality of mine, I probably would have exploded too, just like that time.

That time—-when Onii-chan and I were still in grade school. One day, when I carelessly shattered a very valuable plate that belonged to my father. Not knowing what I should do, I just stood there, shaking. At that point, Onii-chan came to me and took the blame for it. Even though he was screamed at, he still smiled to make me feel better. Nevertheless, I started crying on the spot, wondering why Onii-chan did something like that….and why I let him do that. As these thoughts were rumbling around in my head, I went and said [I really hate Onii-chan] in my confusion. Of course, these were not my real feelings. However, these few words caused a crack. After that, I became unable to tell Onii-chan my true feelings. Onii-chan seemed to avoid me as well. My personality was the cause of everything. I should be the one apologizing to him….. From there on, Onii-chan was immersing himself into light novels. I tried reading them myself to find a chance to make up but I could never really come to like them that much. Still, the notes that I took proved their worth. I somehow won the grand-prize at the contest that Onii-chan was always writing for. I have no real talent as an author anyway. However, I won’t ever lose to anyone if it comes to my feelings for Onii-chan. That is all.

“I will excuse myself….“

I snug to the arm of Onii-chan. To think that I would be this bold, it’s really unbelievable. However, it’s special now. That is because our feelings are mutual. Yes, mutual. Onii-chan likes the little sister wrote. And that character is practically myself. Meaning that Onii-chan really loves me! A perfect conclusion! I really like Onii-chan as well, I love him! One could call us lovers, no a married couple, no we are partners with the same soul! That’s why, the things that I will do now will be allowed. These actions are natural for lovers like us after all.


I slowly started to come closer to his face. Of course, to k-k-k-k-kiss him……But, to steal the lips of my sleeping lover is a bit unfair. It is regrettable but I will hold back on that for now. Instead, it will be fine to k-k-kiss him on the cheek…right?

“H-Here I go…“

Closing my eyes, I went closer with my lips….



Feeling the softness on my lips, I got even hotter. I slowly pulled away after a few seconds passed…..Finally, I finally kissed Onii-chan…. Even though it was on the cheek, this is the same ritual when you marry someone….Now we finally became a married couple…

“Ehe, ehehehe“

No good. I can’t have my face tense up like this. I let my body get loose and flopped onto Onii-chan’s body. Lying head-down on his thighs, I felt an incredible rush of happiness.


I couldn’t help but sigh out of happiness. At the same time, I was assaulted by a feeling of exhaustion and I was getting really tired. Still, it was a good feeling. After all, it has been such a long time since Onii-chan and I have been sleeping together.

“Goodnight…Onii-chan. And, thank you very much…..“

Saying my thanks to him, I slowly closed my eyes. Thank you….for always saving your little sister that can’t be honest with herself….

“Onii-chan, I really love you….“

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